2011 07 09 Surprise Visits And Replicated Mac And Cheese

Log Title: Surprise visits and replicated Mac and Cheese

Characters: Invisible Woman, Phantasm, Richenda Grey, The Thing

IC Date:
9 July 2011

Fantastic Four HQ - Super Gym

Brief Log Summary:
A curious Phantasm drops in unannounced into F4 headquarters to bring up some issues involving a certain god of War.
F4 takes it rather well. There is also Mac & Cheese.


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-==[ Super Gym - Fantastic Four HQ ]==--------

Just what the name implies, it's a super gym for the super strong. The weights are much more massive and some even have machines with huge hydraulics upon them for resistance. Most of the equipment can be found against the wall and all linked into a huge computer system to monitor the machines. The room itself is huge with large windows that look out over the city and ceilings that rise 12 feet to offer plenty of room for those uncoordinated ones.


The Thing

Obvious Exits:

[O] - Landing - 31st Floor Fantastic

Some would equate the Baxter Building to the living embodiment Mr. Wonka's Chocolate factory. Reed Richards may be a man of science, but he is also a man that has never let science limit his imagination. As such the Fantastic Four's home is a bit of a wonderland, the playfully titled, 'Super Gym' is one such area. First developed by Reed to give Ben Grimm a place to work out and safetly test his limits and his abilities, it's also been famously used by She-Hulk and Powerman during their tenues with the team. It's a room all about potential, as after his initial mutation, they learned that Ben's strange form could be strengthened with training.

Of course all the complex weight machines and exercise equipment is inert right now. Most a safely folded up against the ground. Ben Grimm is in the center of the room grappling with a nine-foot tall robot that has a clunky somewhat plan design that looks like it stepped right of the pages of a 1930's pulp magazine. The only thing adding any spice to it's appearance? A headshot of the Hulk with a black marker moustache and specs drawn on it covering the smooth dome of a face….

If Reed Richards is Mr. Wonka then Mike gets to be Charlie, but unlike the financially troubled, golden ticket finding waif, he is not sporting the worn attire of clothes that have been through one too many washings nor is he accompanied by a greying, moustached, hobbled figure of Grandpa Joe either. Instead he is quite featherly looking as he flys into the gym through the wall. Seeing Ben to be quite busy the purplish black bird flies over to one of the folded up pieces of equipment and perches there, waiting as Ben goes through his routine.

As the bird finds a place to perch on a piece of machinery, there's a loud *CRASH* that actually makes the glass ripple as Ben manages to throw the big robot to the ground and…. well he preceeds to start tying it up in what looks like a reverse indian deathlok, "Say it!" Ben demands. The Robot tries to struggle for a bit, but as it becomes clear that it cannot escape Ben's hold the autonmaton assents to it's defeat as it says in a tinny voice, "Hulk Stupid. Thing Much Better than Hulk! Hulk say Uncle!" Strangely, it sounds as if Ben himself might have recorded that….

"Darn Tootin' ya Green bum!" And that said he release the robot and pushes to his feet, "Terminate Program. Thanks for the work out H.E.R.B.I.E."

The bird's head tilts as Phantasm listens to the robot's response. "Does it have any other recordings or is that all it can say?" There is a flick of the feathers but he remains where he is perched while Ben gets back up. "I'm kind of amused by imagining you recording that one."

The Thing jumps, suprised by the voice as he thought he was alone. He jumps again when he sees it's coming from a bird. I mean yes he sees wierd stuff every day, but certain things always warrant a reaction, "Jumping johosaphat! What's wrong with just having the front desk buzz you in!" he clears his throat and says, "And I don't know what you're talkin' 'bout me recording that… that's done with sophisticated voice modulation softeware……"

Of course this is when H.E.R.B.I.E. helpfully chimes in, "Oh no Mr. Grimm… don't you remember recording that this morning?" The report of stone striking stone follows as Ben facepalms in defeat, "So what brings you up here today?"

The line of Phantasm's beak twists into a smile, a betraying factor to this not being a true raven. "It brings less attention to just fly in here than it does to fly into a lobby that has people in it." He spreads his wings, flying over to an empty space of floor before taking the form of his waking self, attire switched out to where a hoodie covers his lengthy hair instead of the knit cap. Unshifting shadows obscure several features as well as he shoves his hands into his pants pockets. "Also there's more of a chance of me waking up before the desk had enough time to get your attention. And who likes crank callers?"

"Yer luck you ain't Ms. Van Dyne yet… she'd totally insist on setting you up in some properly super heroic attire." Ben says she bends down to pick up the robot on the ground and throws it over his shoulder like a sack of pototoes and carries over over to an opening storage cabinet from wh ich several mechanical arms reach out and start disassemblying and storying the training partner. "So you didn't want to risk the front desk not telling me you waz here in time so you thought you'd just fly on in?" A beat, "Ok yeah that makes about as much sense as anything." He looks around and asks, "Hoping to make use of hte training facilities?"

Sculpted lips form into a smile, much more natural looking upon the now human figure. "I don't think costumes translate over well for projections. I imagine after I wake up and lose the fifth outfit she'd get the hint." He glances around to the equipment, considering it for a bit. "Maybe another time. When my body's nearby enough." His posture relaxes as he looks back over to the rocky companion, "I was actually wanting to bring something up about power quirks." He gives a curious look, "Is Reed in?"

"I'm afraid Reed's off on one of his super secret projects. He'll be back in a couple of weeks, but Suzie is gonna be in charge until he gets back. I'm sure she can help yah." He looks them to one of the wall consoles and walks over and pushes a few buttons, and a more complex interface unfolds from the wall, "So what kinda power quirks are ya talkin' about? Between Sue and H.E.R.B.I.E. I'm sure they can help yah figure it out." He then says, towards the council, "He Herb mind findin' Suze and seeing if she's busy?"

Susan Richards enters the room abruptly and looking concerned, her forcefield visibly in place. "Ben? Jarvis said there's an unauthorized person in…. oh. Hi, M…uh…"

With the news that Reed's not available, Mike's smile fades a bit as he tugs his hands out of his pockets, folding his arms instead as he considers the situation. "It's a timing thing. Too many coincidences for it to be just that." Mike glances over to the entering heroine and gives a nod, "Hey, yeah. Probably should have signed in. My bad." He gives a bit of a shrug. "Hi Susan."

Ben is of the opinion that most professional entertainers are prone to doing htings like flushing the drapes down the toilet at their hotel rooms, so really he's quite pleased that Mike is usually pleasantly conversant, "Or you coulda called too… but any way." He waves to Susan then and says, "He Suze, He wuz just telling me that he wanted to talk to Reed 'bout some 'power quirks' he's run into. I was thinking maybe between you and H.E.R.B.I.E. you could help him out?"

A tanned face peeks in the door, framed by casually mussed black hair. Impishly curious dark eyes sweep the room, catching sight of Susan first. "Ms. Richards? The… what'd you call it? Synthesizer? It says it's done," Chenda calls, her eyes wandering again. The second person they find is Phastasm. "Oh! It's /you/! And /you/!" she adds, catching sight of the massive form of The Thing.

Susan Richards relaxes once she recognizes Mike and says apparently to the ceiling, "Clear alert condition. Thank you." She looks back at Richenda before saying to Mike, "Maybe it would be better if you let us know you were going to stop by for a visit. The computer system gets a little … concerned." Her force field disappears completely and she walks back toward the door. "I don't know how much I can help, but I'd be happy to try. Should we head over to one of the labs?"

"The calling thing probably goes under the same reason as the not checking in bit." Mike replies, glancing back over to Ben, cracking a smile, "Time issues. And hey, at least I let you know I was here when I came in. I could have been a real jerk and gone all invisible and qui-." He pauses, glancing over to Susan for a few moments of quiet, "Um. Uh-" With the tanned face popping in the doorway he glances over to Chenda. The unmoving fixed cast of shadow from the hood hides what expression there may be around the eyes and nose area but the lips thin to a bit of a line. He glances back towards Susan, "You know her?"

The Thing is taken back at the young girl labeling him 'You' with such emphasis. "He look kid! I dunno what I'm in trouble for this time but I totally wasn't the one that did it!" He leans over to Sue and says, "Fer someone that's claiming this is a time sensitive issues, he seems to have trouble gettin' to the point quickly." Ben says cocking a thumb at the Phantasm. "I vote for moving to the labs, as long Reed's finally labeled all his doomsday buttons." He looks to Richenda, "But if something good is cooking in the synthesiser I vote that we get munchies first!"

Chenda draws back a bit in the face of that booming voice. "Um… I just meant that you're, well, /you/. The Thing," she replies. "And I don't know what's in the synthesizer. It just says it's done. If it couldn't talk, I wouldn't even know it was done." She gives Susan an apologetic look. "S'why I came to get you."

And she turns her attention to Phantasm. "Does she know /me/? /I'm/ not sneaking around in here," she says, having put two and two together.

Susan Richards smiles apologetically to Richenda. "Thanks, Chenda. Say, Ben, why don't you two go take care of the synthesizer and I'll take M…our friend here to the lab?" She's not sure if the Phantasm's name is public knowledge, so is trying to be careful… and not doing so well today.

Mike glances to the floor hiding the frown forming as Susan nearly lets the name slip. "This was more of a talk type visit. I've been out for too long so you're probably not going to get much from me popping into the lab." Phantasm replies, turning to glance towards Chenda, head tilting a bit, "It's not sneaking if I'm announcing myself in the process." He shakes his head, "You know, maybe I'll just stop by later. I got at least another night."

Susan Richards ohs at the incorporeal person. Keep forgetting about that. "Well, if you'll call ahead before stopping by, I'll make sure to meet you in the lobby."

"Actually.. if'n you wanna go strictly on Protocol Kid…. Crossing the thresh hold before asking to enter is sneakin'. It's why you've always gotta ask a captain's permission first 'fore comin' aboard a ship." Ben waves one of his big mits and says, "But I digress." He looks back to Richenda then and says, "Well thank yah for being all star-struck, but if you've meet and are comfortable around Suze, you've meet the super-star of the group then." Ben says with a crooked grin, "C'mon I'll help you get what ever is in the synthisizer out of there." He looks over to Susan and says, "Be right back?"

"The talking computer disagrees," Chenda points out, pointing upwards for lack of any better direction to point. "But I don't guess it matters if you're vanishing anyway, Mister M. Just remember that it never hurts to knock."

And back her attention goes to Susan and The Thing. The talking rockpile gets a smile. "I'm Chenda, and sure, glad to help. I just hope it's fast. I have to meet a friend back in Brooklyn in an hour. Thanks for helping me with the computer, Ms. Richards." And she vanishes back into the corridor, accompanied by the sound of footsteps hurrying away.

Mike glances towards Ben "To-may-to, To-mah-to." He drifts quiet as he watches Chenda make her way out before he glances over to Susan, "She's probably figured it out already but I'm not about to just give up on trying for some privacy."

Well Ben manages to help Chenda get what was in the synthesizer out and sets her up with a doggie bag and sends her to meet her friend in Brooklyn. Of course upon learning that the synthesizer was filled with a golden bounty of Mac N' Cheeze, Ben decides that Franklin clearly needs in on this action and you can hear him down the hall calling Franklin in to get himself a big bowl. He'll be back in a pose or two.

Susan Richards nods with an apologetic smile. "Yeah, I know. Sorry. I don't usually slip up that badly. If you want, we'll save some food for you."

Oooh Mac and Cheese! Spoon Phant- oh right, can't eat. Nevermind. "It's alright." He shakes his head, "I think Ares all but told her earlier." He glances towards the doorway. "Speaking of which, that kind of is related to what I'm wanting to stop by about."

Susan Richards nods. "Why did you want to stop by, if I may ask?"

Phantasm moves over to one of the walls of the gym, leaning against it without actually applying any pressure to the wall as he crosses his arms, frowning, "I'm not sure if it's a power thing or if it's something else but, on a couple of nights when I'm supposed to have the most amount of control over my ability, I'm finding myself going out of my way to go to certain places and finding Ares there."

Susan Richards stops and looks at Phantasm at that. "Really? Very strange. Have you asked Ares about it?"

Mike's head tilts up, which if the eyes were visible would probably show them to be rolling upwards, "Well, if I go with his explanation I'm relaying messages to him from his dad." He shakes his head, "But to add to that, when Chenda had me go with her to the mall and he was there while I was awake, he was calling me 'messenger' and referring to my other form in front of her."

Susan Richards winces at that and is yet AGAIN very glad that she's never had to deal with all of the problems that come with a secret identity. "Well, if it makes you feel better, Chenda seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders."

"I'll keep that in mind." Mike murmurs, tone still not happy as he glances towards Susan, "It's probably a lost cause trying to keep her from figuring it out anyways. Especially if she's hanging out around here. Buuuut back to the thing about getting drawn somewhere. What's your take on it?"

Susan Richards paces for a moment as she considers, then makes a force field surface to sit on like the edge of a kitchen counter. "It's a bit troubling, yes, but I don't think the intentions behind it are evil in any way. Granted, I have no idea what Ares' agenda is. Do you remember what kinds of messages you've been delivering?"

"I don't think he has an agenda." Mike comments, shaking his head. "Other than being annoyinginly persistent on the messenger bit he's not that bad. And I'm not really telling him anything other than 'I'm not a messenger'. Although at the mall he was saying I was acting like a herald based off of what was around me. I'll let Chenda tell you what he figured the message was."

Susan Richards ahs and nods. "Okay." She looks toward the door as laughter — Ben's and Franklin's can be heard very faintly. "I should go make sure they're not starting a food fight or something. When do you think you'll be dropping by?"

Mike considers it for a moment before giving a nod as he decides on the time. "Monday. I'll show up in person and crash here for it. That seems the best chance of actually catching when this happens."

Susan Richards says, "Okay. And if you want, I'll accompany you on your 'delivery'." Another peal of a child's laugh can be heard and she smiles to Mike apologetically. "I should go see what they're doing before they destroy the kitchen."

"Thanks, Susan." Mike nods, straightening in his posture He gives a bit of a hmm as he considers the end of the conversation. "Guess I misjudged how much time I h-" Maybe he did. But with the sudden vanishing act, he wasn't off by much.

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