2011 07 07 Attack Of The Lava Men

A normally busy intersection in the district of Harlem has grinded to a halt as three Lava Men emerged from a manhole. Reaching out in different directions, the creatures have already destroyed 8 motor vehicles and injured at least 4 innocents. People flee in all directions - except for those who are stupid enough to want to watch (and video capture) the event. Police are rushing into the area in hopes of quelling the threat, but their bullets have no effect on the assaulting magma based creatures. Creatures that seem to have no direction or goal, other than to wreak havoc in Manhattan.

At present, a fire truck from the 591st is rolling onto the scene (from the north). Spot fires have broken out in varied locations. Cars themselves are on fire and threaten to explode when the fuel tanks reach critical temperatures. There are two fire hydrants in the immediate area; both just down the block on opposite sides of the intersection. A police cruiser is pulling into the area from the south and three other officers (on foot) are rushing in from the east (1) and west (2). Above, news helicopters are capturing all the action as they orbit the scene.

It started out to be a typical day for Ben Grimm. Eat a big freakin' bowl of cereal, Do some reps on the Gravitational Elliptical that Reed made for him. Johnny is in Hollywood, Reed and Sue on a diplomatic mission for the Shi'ar. Ben was looking forward to having the place to himself, and that's when the news informs him that Lava Men are attacking harlem, "Terrific." Ben would comment as he charged up the old fantasiscar model…. since Reed and Sue took the most recent.

And So weaving between news copters, the Infamous flying bathtub deftly avoids entanglement, and Ben lurches over the side trying to land in front of the first of the Lava Men, "Eww…. and I thought I was fugly!." He looks over his shoulder to the firemen and cops, and other Civil Servants and calls out, "I'll try and coral 'em so you can put out the fires!"

Even though these three lava men may have never met the Thing, they know the 'enemy' when they see him. Their chins elevate and eyes peer at the passing of the flying bathtub. They all emit a bubbling growl and the first of the three (who seems to be in charge) says in a goggling molten rockish voice, "We destroy him!" as he points toward the landing Thing.

Then all three begin lumbering toward The Thing with their arms raising.

Ben grins just a bit. See, Reed? He totally knows what he's doing most of the time. Big blue eyes note the location of the nearest hydrants again, but he resist the urge to make a move for them lest the firemen need them. So instead, he figures he'll do this the direct way. "Oh yeah? You an' what army?" he says, and does what Ben Grimm does best… make it up as he goes and runs in to give the lead LAVA MAN! a good solid blow to the melon!

The fire truck comes to a halt and the occupants leap into action. Police acknowledge Ben's direction and begin doing what they can to handle the crowds.

Historically the Lava Men have been 'solid' enough to give a good clobbering. And luckily this still holds true. Better than them being more tar-babyish and Ben getting stuck in the molten lava.

The punch is delivered, the closest (lead) Lava Man is knocked backwards. Yet the other two close and attempt to grab Ben by the upper arms. Wanting to restrain him.

As impact is made and the lead Lava Man lurches back, Steam rises up from Ben's fist as a light singeing accompanies his opening clobber-salvo. As the other two start to tangle his arms and trying to hold him in restrain, Ben tries to react quickly. Raising up both fists and trying to bring them down to the pavement for a bit of a localized shock wave, hopefully before they can get a good grip on you! "Listen up chumps! I wanna know who sent yah? Does Mole Man have another wild hair that need's pluckin?"

The shock-wave topples the other two. But still within easy reach of Ben when they get back to their feet. The first/leader-like Lava Man says while standing, "None sent us. We were exiled by Molto. We come to destroy great surface dweller hero so that we can return to home glorious." then with a dramatic pause, he follows it with, "That hero will be you!" as he lurches forward in hopes of punching Ben in kind.

Well it's gonna sting, but Ben wants to keep them locked down, so he sets his feet and his jaw and takes the hit. "Well I'm flattered, but you just ain't ready for Ben Grimm, idol ta millions!" And even as he staggers back from the hit he reaches out with one of big four fingered mits and tries to snatch the Lava Man's extended fist. If successful, Ben plans to real him and lock him up in a full nelson and turn him into what he hopes is going to be a blast of firehose water. "I don't s'pose you guys can help my friend cool off can ya?"

The firemen have several hoses uncoiled in different directions. One however is ready to unleash a volley of ice cold water toward the Lava Men when Ben is ready.

That moment comes. Ben holding the lead Lava Man in a full nelson makes the perfect target for the water. The forceful spray comes and steam quickly erupts from the incredible heat of the menace. Heat is limited, and water is evercoming.

The other two Lava Men get to their feet and see that which unfolds before their eyes. Their companion begins to harden into igneous rock. They see this as dangerous and decide that they want nothing of it (at least directly). The Lava Man on Ben's left makes a break for the manhole from which they came. The other starts lumbering toward the fire truck.

It will take another round of water before the Lava Man that Ben holds to fully solidify.

Ben watches as one Lava Man goes running for the safety of underground, while the other heads towards the Firetruck, "Oh Crud!" He releases one arm from the hold, the other clinching as tightly of a half Nelson as he can. With his free arm he wrenches a parking meter free and flings it towards the other lumbering Lava Man's feet, hoping to trip him up long enough for the leader to finish hardening.

The parking meter slams into the back of the Lava Man's legs but doesn't trip him. It only serves to irritate him.

Then from the onlooking crowd, a girl runs into the scene. Her long legs are covered in what appears to be black leggings with a hint of yellow. Her torso is also covered in like clothing. Face unmasked, her blue eyes and classical face is surrounded by locks of curly blond hair. She seems to run straight for the Lava Man who slows and will look down to the girl wondering what in the world she's thinking.

In an unfamiliar accent, one that may reflect ancient times, she says in English, "That will be quite far enough." with her right hand raised and within inches of the Lava Man's burning chest.

Meanwhile, the stream of water puts the finishing touches on the solidification of the held Lava Man. While the other Lava Man reaches the manhole and glances back.

[OOC] Lava Men says, http://www.comicvine.com/magma/29-4558/all-images/108-206125/new_mutants_17_amara/105-1447474/

As the Leader solidifies, Ben releases him and runs to catch up! "Careful kid! These things are dangerous!" And a little bit simple, and perhaps a lot a bit crazy, but who's keeping score? He doesn't quite recognize the uniform as one of the Xavier schools, but he doesn't recognize stretches 'unstable molecules' fabric, "Hey! Ugly! Over here!" He says trying to get it's attention away from the girl…. Who ben is likely about to learn doesn't need his help in the lease in this situation….

The Lava Man turns. As he does, the girl touches the chest of the Lava Man and he turns from bright red hot to cold and solid igneous rock. The flame seems to emit from her eyes as she absorbs his temperatures. She then addresses Ben, "I thank you for your concern, Mr Grimm; though it is unwarranted. I am Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla, daughter of Augustus Octavious Julian Aquilla - senator of Nova Roma; but you can call me, 'Magma'!" then just as quickly as she states her 'codename', she becomes magma incarnate. Aglow with the rich beauty of the flaming maw of a volcano. Then she indicates to the other one, "Should we let him slip away and warn his brethren?"

Ben just blinks for a moment and says, "Wow.. that's a helluva thing…." He shakes his head then and quickly turns to head after the last Lava Man, "No ma'am… though they did say he wuz an outcast.. come of the surface to defeat a powerful hero so they'd let them back in…" he breaks into a lumbering run, "Tell you what I'll serve one up if'n you can cool it down Magma?" He asks this even as he dive tackles after the remaining Lava Man.

Bystanders ooh and awe at the appearance of the girl's innate power. Some are fearful, while others are excited. A guy may be overheard saying to a friend, "She's hot." and makes the worst of a series of puns to follow.

Ben leaps, tackles and rolls across the ground with the remaining animated Lava Man. Magma follows in kind, but she doesn't tackle. Instead she closes on the two and will say to Ben while reaching down to touch the Lava Man's shoulder, "I've always been a fan of yours, Mr. Grimm. Call it a girl's daydreams, but imagery of our teaming together was a fantasy of mine. For the basic fact that we were elemental in nature." - she refers to him being /Earth/ and her being /Magma/.

Then with the touch, the Lava Man becomes inert, solid and quite cold.

If Ben Grim could blush, he would, and it's clearly bashful benji coming to the surface now, "Why shucks, thanks fer sayin' so." Though of course, as Reed likes to point out, Ben isn't technically 'rock' but for his own edification, Ben's always felt the discriptor was close enough. "Well I'm glad you was here to help. These things are really hard to pacify without causing alot o' collateral damage…." And that said he pushes to his feet, and lifts the currently statufied Lava Man up onto his shoulder. "Reed'll prolly wanna have a look at these and make sure they are part of the same brood that runs with Mole Man or what ever he likes to do…" he looks to the young woman as he calls down the Flying Bathtub, "You're defiantly one of those helpful random Heroes I've run across. Defiantly more so than Johnny ever is. You ever need my help with anything, you just call ok kid?"

Magma/Amara seems proper in her speech patterns and demeanor. Her gestures are of a refined young woman even in her fiery form. Even moreso in her human form as it's revealed when she shifts back to the cooler version. Her blue eyes seem to admire the nature of Ben's skin and then she offers a smile when his gaze is met. She watches his efficiency and focus with curiosity and sees the direction with which he travels in thought and deed.

"It would be a welcome honor to work with you again." Her eyes avert to the crowd and she takes into account the location of the police - whom as a mutant will gladly wish to avoid. "Take care, and I do hope to encounter you again one day."

With that, she's off, darting away just as quickly as she came into the scene. Not giving the police the opportunity to pose questions or potential harassment.

The young heroine gets a wave as she retreats and then reality comes crashing back in on Ben. Shit. Reporters! Quickly he tries to load up the three inert Lava Men into the Fantasticar and tries to fly back to the Baxter Building before he finds himself answering lots of a question….

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