2011-07-03 Your Aim Is Off

Log Title:
Your AIM is off

Vision, Phantasm

IC Date:
3 July 2011

Streets of Chelsea

Brief Log Summary:
A case the vision is working on leads him to the Chelsea area where his mark is hiding out. Phantasm comes across Vision and lends an assist with the apprehending of the target. Teamwork. YAY!


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-==[ Chelsea - New York ]==---------

The Chelsea neighborhood takes its name from a single building, now demolished for a century and a half - the birthplace of Clement Clark Moore. Somehow, the artistic element never quite went away - anchored by the presence of the Hotel Chelsea, a residential hotel that's housed artists from Mark Twain to Stanley Kubrick to Jimi Hendrix (and, most notoriously, played host to Sid Vicious's probable stabbing of his girlfriend). These days, Chelsea's back in the center of the New York art scene, as art galleries have started migrating northward from SoHo.

Chelsea is, however, still primarily residential, offering apartments, tenements, and renovated warehouses as housing options. Most of the businesses here cater to the locals.

For the city that never sleeps, there is quite a lot of contradiction to that namesake in the wee hours of the morning. Most of the residents of the Chelsea area have long since turned in for rest, slumbering away. With the hours having turned the day to technically Sunday, what participants of the Saturday nightlife that held out to its last breath are now making their staggared steps back home. Chelsea is not immune to this as a couple make their way along the sidewalk, sometimes the street, towards where they need to go for the night. Assuming they're sober enough to recognize when they're home. Thankfully for those resting in their apartments. These two, although not the most agile of drunks, they are not the most boisterous leaving a trail of occasional guffaws and giggles in their wake. Unfortunately for the pair of drunks, they are prime targeting material for a mugging. And in this city, that's not an event hard to come by.

Resting upon the ledge of the roof of a nearby residential building, a purplish black bird watches quietly, occassionally fluttering to another ledge when the couple walk out of view of the last perch.

The Vision isn't one to go out and paint the town red, at least not anymore. Since he was rebuilt by Pym and gained his more ghostly appearance… and is no longer married to the Scarlet Witch, the Vision doesn't do many of the interesting things he once did. So knowing this, why is he out and about in Chelsea at this time of the day?

The Vision has been working a case for months now, which is what brings him to this section of Chelsea. The Ghostly, inhuman Vision stands on the edge of a rooftop of a several story-tall building. He's staring towards an adjacent building with bright, glowing eyes.

It is not long before the staggered motions of the drunken pair lead them towards the Vision's area, causing for the purplish-black avian guardian to find a new perch. With wings spread wide, the bird flies quietly over, making less sound than one might associate with a bird. If someone was inclined to know these things. As the bird lands, it seemingly does a double take to the figure standing next to him before glancing down to the drunkards below. People on rooftops. Weird. The bird glances back at The Vision once more, curiously.

The expression on the Synthezoid's visage is an odd one. Think of it as a blend of concentration and confusion. The glowing eyes of the Artificial Man glow a bit brighter as they actively, apparently, do something. The look of concentration and confusion drops and eventually the luminescence of the Vision's eyes fade to normal. The inhuman Vision's lips purse and a hand is raised to rub at his chin, "Curiouser…" He turns his head and looks down, eyes falling upon the inky avian.

As Vision's attention moves down towards the bird, the head cocks at about a 45 degree angle. His head turns to glance towards the building Vision was looking at before glancing down towards the drunkards.

The Vision knows the avian next to him isn't what it appears to be, or at least that is what all the sensory suites in him are telling him. However, a mysterious bird isn't at the top of his priority list right now. He turns his head, briefly observes the drunkards before his gaze returns to the window to the room that he was observing before. The Vision hrms and says out loud, "While distracted I seem to have lost my mark."

The bird's attention of the drunkards drifts away as they manage to figure out the door to their residence, allowing for the obligatory security cameras of residential buildings to take over for the evening. The bird's head tilts curiously once more as he glances back towards the building, "What's this mark for?"

The Vision responds almost absentmindedly, "A scientis-" He pauses before finishing and looks back down to the apparent talking bird. He knew something was different about the bird, "Or should I say, Rogue member of A.I.M. He prefers to take work home with him. Work I am interested in." He tilts his head slightly so it cants to one side, "What and Who are you?"

The bird pauses puzzling over the information as it gives a frown, glancing towards the building. "I am guessing the AIM you're talking about isn't AOL Instant Messenger," he finally observes, flicking his wings, "So, rogue scientist. Fun stuff." The tone of the bird's voice is indicative of it not really being considered fun stuff, "Phantasm. And it's complicated."

"Fun. Yes." Comes the dry response from the inhuman Avenguer. The Vision looks from the inky avian to look back at the building across the way. He grimaces and pushes aside his cape, "I am the Vision." He introduces himself. He elaborates, "This scientist is potentially dangerous, I seek to detain him for questioning." He ascends from off the rooftop.

The bird spreads his wings as well, seemingly ready to fly off after the Vision. Oh boy! An entourage! "What does he look like?"

The Vision stops his ascent and looks to where ever the bird ends up near him in the air. His eyes glow brightly once more and suddenly a flickery, transparent holographic image is projected in midair of a man of Asian ancestry. The image is only of him from the chest up. It rotates a few cycles before Vizh drops the projection. His eyes return to normal, "I know that his name is Kim. I have uncovered that his field of expertise is bioluminescence. He was or is attached to an AIM project that I am presently trying to uncover and stop."

The bird glances to the projection for as long as it's shown before giving a nod, "Alright, I'll keep an eye out for him." He looks towards the building. "He's in there?"

The ghostly Vision nods at the question from the bird, "As far as I have been able to ascertain; this is his primary residence and private lab. He has acquired most of the apartments on the third floor of that complex." As he speaks he gestures to a window on the floor in question. He continues, "I have every intention of making my move now. To capture him. AIM has been out of my sight for too long now. I am afraid they are up to something nefarious."

The bird looks towards the indicated floor and gives a nod giving a birdy frown at the mention of what's going on in his neighborhood. "Alright. I'll help as long as I can if you want."

The Vision draws his cape back around him and turns his head to regard the bird. His brow lifts a little and he inquires, "I am unfamiliar with you. I am not sure what it is that you can do to assist. I may not need assistance, if I catch him off guard." He rises upwards even more, points headfirst towards the building and floor that he had indicated and flies strait for the wall. He phases right on through to the inside beyond.

"Then worst thing you get is a wit-" The raven pauses as Vision is already moving, "F-" Giving a shake of his head he flies after Vision, having no regard for the approaching wall as he focuses on Vision, passing through the wall as well. When floor becomes present once more the bird lands quietly upon it. No clack of the talons on the surface and no sound of the wings rustling. He glances toward Vision giving a tilt of the head along with a birdy tilt of the shoulders. It seems he can do more than just talk.

The room that the two of them find themselves in is rather spartan. There's an old IKEA sofa covered in old copies of the Bugle and some empty Chinese Takeout containers. The Vision flies around the room, eyes glowing as scans the room. He flies through another wall, disappearing into the adjacent room. From Phantasm's point of view, he should be able to hear the sounds of rustling and a voice that is not the Vision's. There's a high-pitched, electronic squeal before a loud, thunderous crack. Moments later, the intangible synthezoid careens through the wall and back into the room the Phantasm is in. It looks as if he was thrown through the wall rather than flying under his own power. Vizh goes tangible just in time to slam into the wall they originally flew through to get into this room. Vizh mutters dryly, "It appears that I will not catch him off guard…"

The bird watches as Vision flies through and back in again, head tilting before he glances to the wall, spreading his wings, "Is he expecting two?"

The ghostly white Synthezoid raises a hand to rub at the back of his head. He grimaces and props himself back up with his other arm. He answers Phantasm, "I do not know. I thought he would not be expecting the one. He has some kind of weapon…"

The man from Vizh's holographic projection turns a corner from the room beyond the nearest wall. He strapped into some kind of super-sciency harness over his upper torso. He's wearing the 'bee-keeper' head covering of an AIM trooper. The harness is attached via cables to a pair of super-sciency gauntlets. The matte metal finish has dark spots on the knuckles of the devices. There's a high-pitched humm apparent as he turns the corner. The man says from behind the bee-keeper mask, "Now I am going to have to find a new home…" His tone is mock disappointment.

"Whatever you do, don't tell me how it should work." Phantasm murmurs towards Vision as he starts flying after the man in the suit at full tilt readying himself for a rather fast tackle all the while likely entering into a general chant of 'just a costume' within his thoughts.

The AIM Scientist thrusts his arms out in front of him and the humm gets more distinct. His arms are pointed at the prone Vision and the area around the gauntlets starts to glow with a yellowish aura. Kim grunts, "You know how long it took me to scrape up enough dough to afford these places? You don't care, I-" Kim's little rant is interrupted when the inky avian slams into the metallic harness. If Phantasm can feel pain in this form, it'll be like slamming into a car. The alloy the harness is made of is incredibly hard. However the man wearing the harness is not enhanced in any other way. So the force of the impact is enough to throw off his aim and send him tumbling backwards. A hole is blown in wall, sending debris to the rather vacant sidewalk and street outside.

The Vision phased through the floor in an effort to avoid the coming blast. He comes up through the floor again, eyes glowing. He asks Kim, "So that device… is that what AIM has been working on in the subway and sewers?"

There are some drawbacks to the way Phantasm's ability works. But the lack of the sense of touch, is not one of them at this moment. Also with the handy lack of knowledge to what the device does he continues NOT to look in the direction where the blast went as he brings a winged fist towards what bit of uncovered scientist there is to aim at. Preferably the face.

The 'Bee-Keeper' head covering of the AIM Scientist does not show the extent of the damage being done to Kim's face by the avian's 'fists'. The Bee-Keeper mask isn't known for protecting the head of an AIM Scientist from physical harm. Kim starts reeling, trying to scramble back up to his feet. He raises one of the gauntlets and there's another quick increase in the humming noise and a loud crack as a bright burst of yellow energy shoots out from the knuckles of the gauntlet towards the bird, "Get away!"

The Vision flies strait up into the rooms above. His sensors picked up other heat sources, indicating the sleeping form of others in apartments higher up. By now these heat signatures are scrambling out of bed and heading for fire exits or stairs. Vizh calls out to those he passes as he flies through the floors, "Please evacuate the building!"

The yellow burst of energy passes through the bird with little effect on the Phantasm as the bird brings his wing back, the uncharacteristc form of a fist formed in the wing looming threatingly over the scientist. "Stop or I'll MAKE you stop - Kaugh!" The bird threatens.

The Scientist's eyes are obscured by the mask, but if close enough they can be seen through the eye window mesh of the mask. The eyes are blinking in surprise, "Not possible. I could strike the Vision in his intangible form with my bioenergetic blasts. How are you doing this?" The Scientist continues to back up… that is until he slides himself up against the wall of the room. His head shakes in disbelief, "What are you?"

The Vision, by now, has flown back down through the floors of the complex and emerged from the ceiling. He floats down to the floor, "It's over, Kim."

Phantasm's heads tilts at this but his fist still remains up, still pretty much moving with the backtracking scientist. "Is that what those lights did? Huh." The bird shrugs but continues his positioning as Vision pops back down to get his word in. The bird nods to Vision, "What he said. Now where's the power switch on your suit?"

The Vision steps towards the AIM scientist with his eyes glowing. He's scanning the suit, "I am looking for a method to turn the device off. It is a rather complicated piece of machinery."

Kim grits his teeth behind his mask and shakes his head, "Don't speak so condescendingly about my work! This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is what I could get my hands on when I realized you were here. Now-" There's that humming noise now, it's gradually increasing into a crescendo of buzzing. The Scientist screams, "-Back off!" And a release of glowing yellow energy is made. This time rather than the energy being focused out of the gauntlets, the entire device seemed to glow with yellow energy. A burst of energy arced out in every direction. The wall behind the scientist shattered, the ceiling was blown out and debris falls all around everyone. When the blast radius reaches the Vision, Vizh is thrown backwards yet again. It seems the bioenergy being used is at a frequency able to affect Vizh in his intangible state.

As the light glows around and the knowledge of what it does affects biological type stuff. Or at least from what Phantasm figures it does from all the stuff Kim spouted out. Either way, bad luck for Kim, "Oh you so-" The raven starts pummeling the scientist's head.

Kim gets pummeled by the 'fists' of the Raven. Between every consecutive blow from the fists, Kim asks, "What. Are. You?!" After several blows, Vizh flies back into the room, avoiding the debris by phasing through it. The Synthetic Avenger, when close enough, reaches down towards the harness of the scientist. Vizh intones towards the Raven, "I found the off switch." The intangible hand of the Synthezoid becomes solid and Vizh grabs the harness and crushes the front of it in his powerful grip. The device is ripped off Kim and tossed aside. The cables connected to the gauntlets are severed and the ambiant hum of the device finally ceases. Oddly enough, the debris from above doesn't bury everyone alive. The debris that would have fallen on the trio was shattered into dust by the expulsion of energy.

And with each blow Phantasm gives a form of reply. "You. Tell. Me." As his winged fist lifts again, it halts as Vizh mentions the finding of an off switch and holds off from sending the last blow. "Oh good." He replies, giving a bird like smile before looking back towards Kim, "Are you going to behave now?"

The Scientist slumps once the harness is forcibly removed from his body. The gauntlets slip off of his hands. Vizh becomes tangible once again and reaches down and grabs the man by the shirt. He drags him up to his feet and Kim hangs limply in Vizh's grip. The Avenger says to Phantasm, "I believe he is going to behave now. Thank you for all of your assistance, Phantasm. It was a unique experience working with you… as impromptu as it was."

"No problem." Phantasm replies, the bird moving towards the floor as he ruffles his feathers, the bird turns its head, glancing towards the hole that was formed by Kim's activity, "Pleasure's all mine." He glances back towards Vizh, "Good to go on your own for the rest of this?"

The Vision hefts the limp scientist up over his shoulder like a sack of potatos. He does this with ease and with little visible physical exertion. He turns his inhuman gaze towards the inky avian, "I believe I can handle it from here, Phantasm. Take care, now." He walks over to the hole in the wall leading to the outside. Police and fire officials are just now arriving to take care of the mess. Vizh lifts up into the air.

"Alright. Later then." The bird spreads its wings and flies through the newly created hole in the building, vanishing from sight as it crosses over the rooftop of another building.

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