2011 06 07 Popeye The Raven

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Popeye the Raven

Phantasm and Richenda Gray

IC Date:
7 June 2011


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Birds can pack quite a punch in a fight. So can Richendas.


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-==[ Chelsea - New York ]==---------

The Chelsea neighborhood takes its name from a single building, now demolished for a century and a half - the birthplace of Clement Clark Moore. Somehow, the artistic element never quite went away - anchored by the presence of the Hotel Chelsea, a residential hotel that's housed artists from Mark Twain to Stanley Kubrick to Jimi Hendrix (and, most notoriously, played host to Sid Vicious's probable stabbing of his girlfriend). These days, Chelsea's back in the center of the New York art scene, as art galleries have started migrating northward from SoHo.

Chelsea is, however, still primarily residential, offering apartments, tenements, and renovated warehouses as housing options. Most of the businesses here cater to the locals.

Despite the relative quiet that has overcome Chelsea recently there are still random fluctuations to the amount of criminal activity that may come to the area. And tonight, with the majority of residents securely locked away in their homes and only the brave few treking the streets by themselves, tonight seems to be one of those times of fluctuation. Down near an alleyway, there are the muffled sounds of protest as a young woman, dressed in clubbing attire struggles with a man holding onto her. One decorative nailed hand grasps tightly at the hand wrapped around her mouth while the other is pinned to her side by the arm that's wrapped around her lower torso. But boy are the feet kicking! One heeled shoe comes off, smacking the brick of the wall across from her while the other is dangerously close to doing the same. The woman's fear is quite apparent as her eyes set wide as she glances towards a second figure who is watching the pair. Likely a friend of the man holding on to her based from his delighted smile.

Above, setting on the edge of roof edge, a raven watches, it's expression, much less amused.

Chenda Gray, who frequents the clubs from time to time to 'work the crowds', is making her way home. She's humming softly to herself, having had a good night for picking pockets.

She's coming up on the alley when she hears the struggle. The shoe is what gets her attention, and she flattens herself against the wall of the building, ducking and peeking carefully around the corner into the alley. She takes the scene in at a glance. "Animals…" she mutters furiously.

Well, it looks like she's the only rescuer around, and she might be a minor criminal, but she's above stuff like this. She points her fingers around the corner and quickly summons up a good flash-bang, meant to blind the would-be kidnappers. She aims it to go off behind the woman's head, not loud, but very bright, hopefully leaving her sight unimpaired enough to get away. "Run!" she shouts, careful to duck behind the corner again before it goes off!

The flashbang is quite effective. With the loud noise, the man holding on to the woman turns his head to look towards the sound as he's already stepping away from it, causing for his grip upon the woman to loosen ever so slightly. The woman's mouth slips away from the large hand, allowing for her to emit a hoarse scream. Something she's been working on for a bit judging from the sound. Her kicking still continues as the two men squint loosening the hold a bit more as she continues screaming, panicking.

The Raven's wings that were starting to spread out, start to fling up to cover the eyes. "Wha-" Disoriented, the bird plummets to the ground.

"Run!" Chenda shouts again, seeing that her trick didn't work as well as she'd hoped it would. The woman is too close to her attackers for the gypsy girl to risk a concussion blast! Cursing under her breath, Chenda dashes down the alley, grabbing the hands of the man holding the woman the most and yanking, trying to get her free. "Don't look back, just run!"

As the woman struggles and the man works to recover his grasp, the introduction of another woman showing up to grab at the man's arm is NOT what he's expecting. The grip does indeed losen, allowing for the struggling woman to fall to the ground. She starts crawling away. The second man, starting to recover from the flash takes note of Chenda and starts running towards her, hands raised to grab at her throat. "Mind your own @#$!ing business, you ^$#@!"

Lying in a rather uncomfortable looking position, the bird shifts his wings to push himself up. Squinting his birdy eyes he looks to the scene before shaking his head and flying towards the gathering.

Chenda yelps and ducks, not having expected the thugs to recover so fast. That was quite a flash she threw! She swings her fist from the shoulder, pistoning it into the first man's breadbasket if he doesn't move. "Yuck! Your dialogue stinks worse than you do!" she fires back at her attacker. "I hope you don't kiss your mother with that filthy mouth!"

The first man gives a grunt of pain as he shifts back with the attack to something he values quite greatly. Angry, and a bit sore, he reaches for Chenda. "#$@#!" The second man manages to hit nothing but air but with his growing proximity to the gypsy he's also reaching for her. "Oh I'm sure I can kiss a lot more fun things with it once we-" The second man ends up getting knocked to the ground as the raven flies into him with a preportionally unrealistic amount of force. "Watch yer mouth." The bird snaps.

Chenda's about to get sandwiched! She ducks and rolls out from between them just as /something/ hits the second man, knocking him away and to the ground. The gypsy girl blinks in surprise, seeing a bird not only crash into someone, but /talk/. "Whoa…" she murmurs.

But now's not a good time to think about talking birds. She snaps up her hand and releases a low-powered concussion blast, enough to knock the first man to the ground this time. "Oh, have a seat and cool off. I'll get you a bucket of ice water," she snaps, trying to rise to her feet.

The bird isn't quite talking as much this time around as he's standing on the second man's chest, wings balled into what look to be birdy fists as he punches the second man hard, smacking his head against the pavement.

The girl from earlier clings to her lost shoe looking to the scene as she gives a sob, the bird's head turns, glancing to her, "You heard her," he snaps, gesturing down the street, "run!" The woman looks to the bird, eyes widening as she starts screaming again, but running now. Ok, more of a hobble, but she's leaving.

With the shove the other man does end up on the ground. Eyes widening as he processes what's going on, he looks to her, "A @#$ing mutant!"

Chenda blinks again, but this time she doesn't hesitate. She hits the man on the ground with another concussion blast to get him moving. "Oh, a racist on top of a kidnapper… you and your family must have some /fascinating/ conversations at confession," she taunts. "Why don't you go talk to them right now?" She glances up, but the bird doesn't seem to need her help. He's going all Popeye on the other guy.

~ He's Phantasm the raven guy, he's Phantasm the raven guy, He's stronger than a raven 'cause he's a dreaming mavin, he's Phantasm the raven guuuuuuy ~ *ahem* As the second man starts to struggle to his feet, in what looks to be an escape in the opposite direction of the lady victim, he moves away, turning his head to give the most intimidating birdy glance he can to the first man. "Yep. Mutant. What of it?" The bird snaps, flexing his wings as he struts over. It'd probably be comedic if it wasn't for the fact the bird is talking and just beat up a full grown man. Either way the first guy is not having it. Two mutants against one guy, not quite so fun when he's the one guy. Scrambling to his feet, he starts running in the same direction as the second guy.

"Buh-bye now!" Chenda calls brightly after the retreating hoods, waving cheerily. That was actually kind of fun. It's not every day you get to kick butt with a talking bird, after all!

And speaking of which, she looks back in the direction of the talking bird in question. "Nice work. Do this often?"

The bird watches as the pair run off, eyes settled in that direction to make sure there's no backtracking. "Enough to know you don't. At least not around here." The bird replies. The form's feathered head tilts as he aborts his watch to look towards Chenda, curiousity not well displayed on his smaller figure.

"Can't help /that/. I'm not a local," Chenda replies, shrugging. "I'm staying over in Brooklyn." She looks the bird over, which doesn't take long. "I guess I'm not very good at it. But I couldn't let them kidnap that girl."

The bird gives a small nod, "Right." There's a hesitation before he adds in, "Kidnap." He turns his head, glancing away from Chenda. "Do you do that often where you're from?"

"There's really no place I'm from. I guess the road's the closest thing. Besides, I haven't been like this…" Chenda's words trail off and her eyes stare into the distance for a moment, her breath catching in her throat. Unconsciously, she hugs her elbows and leans back against the alley wall. "Like this for long," she finally manages to finish.

Phantasm nods, turning his body as he walks closer to Chenda. "How old are you? What of your family?"

Boy, his fists aren't the only things that hurt! Chenda's eyes slip shut, and she swallows visibly. "No family…" she whispers.

The bird pauses, looking to the young girl before tilting his head down. "About the same," He murmurs, glancing aside. "Well, uh thanks for stepping in."

"Something in common," Chenda murmurs softly. "My family… they were killed. Something blew up the circus they worked for…" She swallows. "Nobody got out but me, just because I wasn't home that night."

The bird nods, "My mom w-." He pauses, shaking his head, "Uh, that, sucks." The bird frowns, "What about friends?"

"We were carnies. No friends but each other," Chenda whispers, wincing and shivering. "I try not to think about it. I know one or two people, but they're not really /friends/."

"I'm not helping." Phantasm ascertains. It's not really a question the way he says it, more of an observation. He shakes his head, glancing towards Richenda, "Topic change?"

"Not really," Chenda replies with a weak smile. "Maybe something like your hero name? I haven't heard it. And with what you can do, a name's a requirement."

The bird looks over towards Chenda, before giving a nod, "Phantasm. Yours? Or was this your first?"

"Chenda, 'cuz that's my name. I don't really have a hero name… before now, I wasn't much of a hero." Chenda slowly straightens. "I guess I'll have to think of one now."

"Only if you make a habit of this." Phantasm replies with a shrug, "Otherwise you're just a concerned citizen."

"I get the feeling it'll become a habit," Chenda says after a long moment's silence. "It seems like there are a lot of bad people in the world. Making things harder on them can't be that bad of an idea."

The bird gives a slow nod, "Then you have a lot to think about." He glances around, "Where are you headed?"

"I've got a hotel room in Brooklyn, paid up through the end of the week. I guess that's as good of a place to think this over as any." Chenda rubs her eyes. "I'd better get back there while I can still see straight. It's been a long day."

Phantasm gives a nod. "Mind if I walk with you?"

Chenda glances back at Phantasm, puzzlement writ large across her features. "Don't you mean fly with me?"

The bird shakes his head before shifting, becoming more human like in form. The feathers turn towards jeans and a hooded jacket with the hood pulled low, obscuring the features of the face except for the angular jaw and lips. "No," the bird replies, voice becoming a tad more familiar as he goes with a general no-no with secret identities, "Walk."

"Oh…" Chenda murmurs, stepping back in surprise. "I don't guess I mind. This should make talking easier for sure."

Phantasm nods, keeping his head tilted down. "And you'll look a little less crazy than you would talking to a bird." He slides his hand into pockets, giving a nod, the shadow of the hood remaining on his features despite how he moves it.

"You obviously haven't talked to any of my previous teachers," Chenda ripostes, bemused. "You know, you sound kind of familiar…"

"Probably." Phantasm acknowledges, looking to Chenda to lead the way, "I can do a lot of voices. And a lot of forms."

"Could be," Chenda says, tentatively agreeing. "Popeye the Raven was cool, by the way. It sure threw those guys for a loop."

The hooded figure glances towards Richenda, shadows clinging fast to their placement despite the change in where the lighting would hit, "Popeye the Raven?"

"Popeye the Raven," Chenda confirms, chuckling. "Bluto would've been in just as much trouble as those guys. Who would've thought one little bird could kick butt like that?"

Phantasm chuckles, giving a nod, following alongside of Chenda as they've probably left the alley by now. "Probably why I prefer that form," he admits.

"Bet the ability to fly doesn't hurt, either." Chenda straightens her overalls, having been a bit too distracted to do so before. "I'll have to take the subway back into Brooklyn. That won't be out of your way, will it?"

"I don't think the form affects the flight. And it shouldn't matter. I'm not te-" The form vanishes.

And Chenda is left standing there, blinking at where the man just was. "Huh?! Where'd he go?" And a look all around shows /nothing/. "Whoa…"

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