2011 05 29 Fire Up The Grill

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Fire Up the Grill!

Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and The Thing

IC Date:
29 May 2011

FF4 building

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Johnny comes back from a little side heroics just in time to help decide what's for dinner.


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-==[ Fantastic 4 HQ - 34th Floor - New York City ]==----

This hallway has a nice decor, including marble floors, vases on pedestals along the way, and a small lounge directly opposite the elevators. Down the hall are numerous suites for the members of the Fantastic Force and some for their guests as well. A large painting of the original four members is displayed on the wall between the first two elevators, and a painting of similar size shows some of their dearest friends and family between the other two.

The hallway on the 34th floor is quiet quiet. But with the number of residents in this hallway being countable on one hand there is good reason. But as with all good scenes, silence is a short lived thing as the elevator doors bing open, granting a uniformed Johnny access to this floor. There is still the slightest bit of a shimmer to the air around him but that continues to fade as he walks down the hallway. Giving a bit of a yawn, he stretches his arms up. Man, what is it with summer time and fires?

Susan Richards is in the little public lounge area, enjoying a bit of peace and quiet while Franklin is watching a Disney movie and playing with toy cars. She hears the elevator's arrival and, not knowing who just arrived, guesses and guesses wrong. "Ben? I was thinking of ordering from Marconi's for dinner, does that sound okay to you?"

Quiet is, as it has ever been in the Baxter building, a fleeting house guest. Between Reed's experiments and Johnny and Ben's bickering, well really it's a wonder they can keep putting this place back together. The rumble of Ben's footsteps can be heard as he comes out of one of one of the side parlor's that are used for the od personal meeting or interview that Reed will give to science rags. In his huge mits a pad of paper and a sharpened pencil that look comically small in Ben's big hands. "Ok…. so I need to pick up the steaks at 7pm….." he says as he writes… hearing both Suzie's question about Dinner just a breath after the sigh of the opening elevator. It's followed by the SNAP of his pencil, "Aw what a revoltin' developement this is." He says looking a bit dejected at his pencil. Being able to change the topic to food helps, "Marconi's sounds great Suzie.. I love their tortellini."

Johnny glances around as Susan calls out towards Ben and then towards Ben. "This is the real reason why we order pencils in bulk." Johnny gives a smile before moving towards the kitchen area, raiding the fridge despite the topic of ordering out.

Susan Richards blinks and stands to find Johnny. "Hey, you're back. Wasn't expecting you." She plucks a fresh pencil from the cupful of them by the lounge entryway (partly there for aesthetics, partly there for Ben's sake) and offers it to Ben.

Taking the offered pencil, Ben offers, "Who you think yer foolin' Matchstick? I've seen stick the eraser end up your nose and light 'em on fire to make Frankling laugh before." Ben looks over to the large TV playing a disney movie that has the young Richard's rapt attention, "I tell you what… there's some super powers right there.. keep a kid entertained fer a few hours." He looks to Johnny then and says, "Yer still cooling off, what kinda shennigans was you up to?"

"The difference is I do that one on purpose." Johnny replies, pulling out a liter bottle of Coke. "Winter time, it's space heaters. Summer time, it's people grilling on their balcony." Johnny answers indirectly screwing off the cap, "Just lending FDNY a hand."

Susan Richards says, "Well, I'd say this calls for something a bit better than Marconi's. Let me try to get a hold of Reed… Ben, would you mind horribly dusting off the grill?" Of course, even though there's a Disney movie going, the word grill triggers a very young and very excited "Hot dogs! I want hot dogs!""

"Will I bust out my grill?" Ben asks, clearly retorical, "Of course I'll dust off the grill and fire it up!" He's actually pretty excited about this prospect, expecialy after Reed let him use the chasis of one of the old 'flying bathtub' model fantasticars that got decomissioned due to battle damage. They made it something of a buddy time project to make that into the most awesome propane grill known to man. Of course… that means it's taken them the better part of 5 years to finish it. Looking to Franklin he smiles and says, "Alright, Hot dogs for the big man!"

Johnny glances over towards Susan then towards Ben before occupying himself with the soda, "Throw a few more in for me." Cap taken off, Johnny starts chugging.

Susan Richards chuckles softly and goes to get Franklin settled again before activating the PA system set into the wall by the entryway. She keys it on and speaks into it.

"Alright! Lets get this thing fired up…" he looks to Johnny and says, "Hey matchstick, wanna help me get this thing up and runnin?"

Johnny holds up a finger as he works on finishing off the liter of soda on his own.

Finishing up the bottle, Johnny tosses it into the trash before giving a nod, "Sure." He gives a nod to his sister before he walks with ROCKY to go set up the grill.

Susan Richards shakes her head after Johnny and goes to retrieve the bottle and move it to the recycle bin before going to sit with Franklin for the rest of the Disney movie.

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