2011 05 28 99 Cent Menu Run Ins

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99 Cent Menu Run-Ins

Phantasm, Richenda Gray

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28 May 2011

Brooklyn Hazelton Mall

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Mike makes a new fan.


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-==[ Brooklyn Hazelton Mall - Brooklyn ]==------

Name a store, and it is probably located here. Fashion, electronics, music, books.. it's all here, complete with the big names. Quite simply, nothing less would suffice for the Brooklyn people. The Mall is two levels of shopping bliss for one and all.. the storefronts lining the walls in a large square, the center of which consists of a large plaza with adequate seating for all. Another ring of stores rests above the former ones.. a wide walkway circling the second level of the Mall. Escalators nearby ferry people to and from each level, and there never seems to be a slow moment in trade. Above, the clear blue sky is visible, as the roof is practically one large pane of a substance resembling glass, but ten times stronger.

A rather drizzly day in Brooklyn. At least Hazelton Mall is open, so if somebody wants to get outside they can pretend the weather's nice. And get a little shopping done while they're at it!

It's close enough to lunchtime that Chenda is feeling that all-too familiar feeling. The tantalizing scents from the food court aren't helping, either. Blending into the surroundings is all well and good, but very hard on the wallet, and one of the bad things about malls is that the prices on food could be better. She skirts the counters in a slow semicircle, looking over the menu boards and fingering the bills and coins in her pocket wistfully.

It's not often that Mike resorts to the food court. But after a Mick Drago brand autograph session set up over at the music store on the other side of the mall, there are times to be picky and this is not it. After a quick dart into the store's less than spetacular employee's only bathroom to switch out his stage level attire for his usual on the streets Goodwill threads and tucking his signature locks into the confines of his favorite knit cap, he emerges from an access hallway, meandering over to the crowded area. He wanders, looking from vendor to vendor, eyeing the prices on the menus above the cashier's head before wandering over to the Wendy's one. 99 cent menu for the win!

And coincidentally close by, Chenda finally stops at the Wendy's counter, slipping into line just behind a guy in a knit cap. The line's a bit slow, which very shortly has her bobbing up and down on her toes just to avoid standing still. It does help her read the menu, though; with her height of five-four, she needs to stand on tiptoe sometimes to see over others' shoulders.

Due to the crowded nature of the food court, there's a substantial line leading to the cash register, allowing for Mike plenty of time to do his internal debate of just what to purchase. Where to sit will be figured out later. As his head turns, he notices the moving of the bobbing Chenda and glances towards the woman curiously.

Chenda, who has by now begun alternating shoulders when she bounces up to peek over them, blinks and blushes as Mike looks back, but doesn't stop bouncing immediately. Which she should've done, as overalls aren't the best garment for pogo sticks, trampolines, jumping jacks, or anything else that involves bouncing. Her straps skip off her shoulders and gravity takes over.

Chenda stops bouncing at that, but casually, as if nothing was wrong. She leans around Mike to look at the menu again.

As the front of Chenda's overalls start falling down, Mike's eyes follow the fall of the fabric for a few moments before glancing back to Chenda's face. Shifting aside a bit to accommodate for her menu gazing. "Outfit's falling down." Upon the statement of the obvious, he glances back towards the front of the line, making a few steps forward to account for yet another person getting their order in.

Chenda smiles politely but makes no reply, as if she stands in restaurant lines with no pants every day. Until he turns around to face the front, anyway. Then she smoothly drops, grabs up her overalls, and straightens, tugging the garment back into place with one motion. Easing the straps onto her shoulders, she then leans around Mike again, as if she never moved.

Feeling the glance again, Mike turns his head to look back to Richenda, shifting a bit more to accommodate her view of the me- Oh fo- He glances towards Chenda, "Want to cut ahead?"

Mike shrugs, "One more person ahead of me's not going to kill me. I'll last an extra minute or two without a burger." If there is an accent to Mike, it's just a New York/New Jersey hybrid with oddly good pronuciation. "And it'll be one less person for you to peek over."

Chenda laughs easily, if quietly. "Peeking over can be a problem, yes! Thank you. Um, call me Chenda," she says, offering a small, strong hand with an interesting collection of calluses.

Reaching a hand to the smaller offered one, he gives it a shake. His fingertips and the space between his thumb and index finger showing signs of a lot of usage. "Mike." He offers back in terms of introduction as he drops his hand, stepping aside to allow for her to step in front of him. Catching a turn of the head near the front of the line, Mike turns his head slightly, waiting out the glance.

"Pleasure to meet you!" And she moves, doing a quick little pirouette around him to take the offered place. "Are you a performer?" Chenda asks, glancing over her shoulder.

Mike doesn't give a verbal answer to the question, waiting a few moments before giving a slight nod in response. "What'd make you say that?"

"Your hand. Not many jobs put calluses in those particular spots." Chenda grins impishly. "And I knew a guitarist who had the same ones, just on his other hand. Yours are solid enough for everyday playing, and nobody who doesn't do it for pay will practice that much."

Pale blue eyes fix on Chenda as she goes through her explanation, giving a slight smile at the end with a nod. "Caught me callused handed." He replies, giving a chuckle before nodding again. "The guitar's one of the newer instruments actually." He holds his hand open, gesturing to the space between thumb and index finger. "That might be more from holding sticks."

"Ooh… got me there. I didn't catch the drumstick marks," Chenda says, laughing softly. "I'm guessing you're a gig player. I've yet to meet a drummer who was a busker." She smiles. "I always wanted to learn to play, but I've got an awful tin ear."

Mike gives a bit of a nod, "More or less." As the gap in front of Chenda enlargens, he gives a nod towards the gap. "I make enough to be comfortable." His voice drops down a little, leaving the volume to where just Chenda should be able to hear, "Actually just finished an appearance over at the music store on the other side of the mall."

Chenda nods, listening… and her eyes widen, her lips parting a bit in surprise. She has the presence of mind not to shout, though. "You /did/? Oh, wow… I had no idea! And here I was asking you if you were a performer…"

"I'm… not exactly dressed like I was at the thing." Mike admits, glancing around. "Or introducing myself by stage name either. So, understandable."

"There /is/ that…" Chenda muses. Then something must've struck her, because she starts to smile and instantly claps her hand over her mouth, but she can't hide the mirthful twinkling of her dark eyes.

Mike's brow raises at the change of expression, head tilting curiously.

Chenda finally calms down enough to speak again. "Along with not recognizing you, I dropped my drawers in front of you!" she finally says, still keeping her voice down and trying not to laugh. "Fudge, you must think I'm the awfullest ditz…"

"I've been on tour." Mike replies, giving a shake of his head, giving a slight smile to the explanation, "I've seen worse. Trust me." He gives a nod towards the area in front of her as the countertop becomes visible from their place in line.

Chenda looks forward and giggles. "And the end of the oddysey is in sight." And back her attention goes to Mike. "So… would you sign something for me, so long as it wasn't here in this line?" No point in giving away a man who took pains to disguise himself.

Mike gives a nod, glancing to the counter. "Sure. Head to the music store around 5:30. Second session ends around 4 so any line should be gone then."

"Thanks. I'll be there." And the last person between Chenda and the counter steps aside to wait for their food. "And we're here! Mind company while you eat? I promise, I won't ask about the business!" She puts on her best puppy-eyed expression… not hard when your eyes are only a slightly different shade from that of most puppies.

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