2011 05 24 Is Reed Home

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Is Reed Home?

Human Torch, Beast

IC Date:
24 May 2011

Fantastic 4 HQ

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Beast swings by the Baxter building to pick up info on the strange man he met in the Pharmacy. Instead he gets Johnny and free Hostess Snack Cakes. We'll chalk this up as a win for him.


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-==[ Fantastic 4 HQ - 35th Floor Hangar - New York City ]==---

This is the top of the Baxter Building, the hangar of the world famuos Fantasticar. You can tell you're actually inside the humongouos 4s on top of the building due to the sloping interior of the room. There is an automatic door, opened via signals from the vehicle leaving or entering, and even some auto-timer buttons to open them for a short period for departing flyers. A pit area is against the far wall, and there is a full mechanics station there, ready to service any flying vehicle ever made, lacking only spare parts.

The hangar area is rather quiet today. Which is rather odd considering there is a Johnny still in it. Perhaps it's due to the lack of others there. Or perhaps it's due to him not actually working on anything. So, WHY is Johnny up there? With his uniform fully visible and the slight shimmer of the air around him from the heat he is still eminating as the hangar door closes. There is a reasonable explanation in this. In a weird extension of the 'it takes a crook to catch one', Johnny was doing the equivalent with fire. Namely putting one out elsewhere. Ah slow days.

Just his luck. He comes to have a quick meeting with Reed about the young man he ran into, and the Doctor is out. Given he cleared his schedule hoping to review the documents and see if he could offer any suggestions, Hank is left with a free day without any plans. So he's decided to wait. Thankfully the FF's resident A.I. that runs the building recognizes him as an ally to the team. Rather that sitting and waiting, he's had the A.I. direct him to anyone on site that he can kill some time with. But even The Thing, someone he's played poker with is out. So Hank wanders into the hanger area, sporting his trademark costume. His fedora and trenchcoat are hanging in the main waiting room for now. Hank notices the warmth as he walks in, and chuckles. "Well, I wish I would have brought a towel had I known I was going to be treated to a sauna."

At Hank's observation, Johnny's approach towards the door slows to a stop as he gives a smile, "With me around. People definitely don't have to worry about getting cold." Folding his arms across his chest he gives a nod to the blue mutant, "Looking for Reed, Hank?"

"Some of us already dont have a problem with getting cold." Hank notes with a wry grin. "But I'm sure you come in handy for roasting marshmallows." Hank crosses his arms and leans against the wall. "Sorry to intrude on you. Yeah, I was looking for Reed. But I understand he and the rest of the family arn't in at the moment. Did you get grounded or something, Mr. Storm?"

"Not grounded." Johnny replies, shaking his head with a laugh, "It's been a slow week. Reed and Sue probably took Franklin out while things stayed quiet. If Ben's not in he's probably out grumping about something." The air around him starts to shimmer a bit less. "I got bored so I tagged along with some FDNY folks so they can save some time. I just got hungry."

"Just making sure. You an Bobby are too much alike, so I have to assume the worst." Hank notes with a light nod. "And they didn't hire Super Nanny to make sure you didn't burn the place down?" Hank asked, teasing Johnny just a bit. He does remind Hank of Bobby, hence why he gets the little brother ribbing. "If you don't mind, I think I'll wait til Reed returns. If you don't mind some company?"

"I got a bedroom of asbestos instead." Johnny replies, "So, I can just hang out in there if I'm having a bad moment." With the request, Johnny gives a shrug along with his smile. "Sure. More the merrier. I was planning to head to the kitcehn and grab some twinkees." As the shimmer of heat goes away, he starts walking again, moving to the doorway. "So what are you here for? I don't think Reed's invented anything in the past day." He pauses, "Well, that he's remembered to tell us about. Maybe there's one being used as a doorstop somewhere in here."

Beast steps back, though you've ceased heating up the area around you. Nothing personal of course, just it's murder on his fur. "Oooo, Twinkees. You're a prince amongst men, Mr. Storm." Hank falls into step behind you and hrmming softly at the question. "Oh, I'm just here to look over Reed's work regarding a fellow mutant. I thought I couuld be of some help with the issues at hand."

"Can't go wrong with Hostess." Johnny glances towards Beast at the explanation, "Ah. I kind of recall there mention of someone Sue ran into. Phan-something." He mashes the elevator button, "That'd definitely have to wait. I think I'm the only one who hasn't really met him. Ben's pretty much acting as test dummy."

"That's likely him." Hank notes, with a tap to his nose. "Well, at least Ben's feeling useful. And there's little chance of him being hurt, given what he's made of. I should touch base with him again soon, been a while since I joined one of his floating poker games." Hank stepped into the elevator behind you once it arrives.

Johnny turns, stepping into the cab of the elevator before pressing the button for the living quarters. "Is he part of your group?"

Beast shakes his head. "I'm afraid not. Just someone I happened to run into at a pharmacy, who had an interesting medical case I felt I might be able to offer some assistance on." Hank notes, rocking on his oversized feet just a bit.

Eyes glance up towards the floor indicator before Johnny nods, "I'm sure Reed would love getting your input on this. And sharing whatever he's picked up." Johnny rocks as well, studying the indicators. Twinkee come on… TWINKEE…

"Well, I don't want to step on any toes. But I do have a great deal of experience with mutant genetics." Hank notes, though he knows that Reed is certainly no slouch in that area either. "I'm surprise he hasn't replaced the elevators with transporter pads." Hank jokes.

"Who's to say he hasn't TRIED?" Johnny replies with a snigger as the doors open, granting them access to the residential area of the building. He turns, heading straight for the kitchen area, "There are lines we even draw with him when here."

Hank offers a soft laugh and nods. "Point. Of course, if he had… he'd have to send a shuttlecraft for me." Beast is kind of riffing on the fact that he's technically Dr. McCoy as well. "Probably for the best. I know how individuals like us can have a habit of going too far with things."

"Also don't need to be giving my nephew any other ideas either." Johnny adds in, moving over to the cabinet to look through it. Where on earth is it? Where oh where? "If Ben ate the last of the Twinkees you will help me come up with a suitable revenge plan for him."

Beast hops up onto a stool as they arrive in the kitchen, leaning on the counter as Johnny hunts for the Twinkies. Hank's nostrils flair a few times, trying to see if he can locate the hidden snack treats. "I find revenge is a dish best served cold. So I'll ask Iceman to deal with him."

"He'd still blame me." Johnny replies with a sigh, although a mischevious smile betrays him not having a problem with this, "The whole controlling ambient heat thing and all." Reaching to the back he manages to locate an unopened box. "Guess only half a revenge. He left a box."

"Admit it, you love it. I'm sure he secretly does also. It's the whole brotherly relationship you two share." Hank chuckles, as he drums on the countertop just a bit. Hank perks up as you find the Twinkies. "Excellent. Now you'll have to find something for you." Henry flashes a wry grin, clearly joking about his intent to eat a full box.

The box lowers as Johnny's eyes narrow as there is the audible sound of the box being opened and several of the contents being poured inside of the cabinet. Johnny hands over the box containing one package inside left. "That evil Ben. He left only one."

Beast grunts, though there's still a playful smile on his features. "You're lucky I'm so flammable." Hank leans forward quickly, his hand darting inside of the box to yoink free the pack of Twinkies. "I should be watching my girlish figure anyway, I guess."

Johnny smiles before reaching into the cabinet to pull out the other packets, dropping them onto the counter as he does so. "Behold the power of a great metabolism, right?"

"Bingo." Hank taps his nose lightly as he unwraps the first packet, and offers a happy sigh as takes a bite. "So, what has The Human Torch been up to lately?" Hank queries, feeling like a little small talk while waiting.

"Fighting fire with fire." Johnny replies, closing the cabinet before he grabs a packet, ripping it open to stuff one in his mouth before continuing, the bulge of one cheek moving up and down with the words, "There was a car show last week so I went to that. Other than that, pretty quiet. By our standards."

Hank offers a light nod, as he quickly makes his way through the packet of Twinkies. "It's the quiet before the storm. Always is. You can bet when it's quiet, it's about to hit the fan soon enough. At least in my experience."

"Oh good." Johnny comments before taking another bite, "It was starting to get boring."

Hank chuckles just a bit at that. "Don't worry, you'll be up to your eyeballs in action soon enough." Hank licks his finger tips just a bit. "Thanks for the Twinkie. Hrm. Maybe I should stop back another time. Or I'll leave a message for Reed."

"Or you can just kick back and watch some TV while waiting for him." Johnny suggests, "Or until Ben gets back."

"Hmmm. I like your suggestion. So lead the way. As long as we're not watching your soaps." Hank pushes up from his seat at the counter, rolling his shoulders just a bit. "Lead the way?"

Johnny scoops up the remaining Twinkee packets, "Right this way…"

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