2011 04 30 The Daily Grind Plus A Rock

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The Daily Grind, plus a rock

The Thing, Phantasm

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30 April 2011

Daily Grind

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It would seem Mike's favorite coffee place is also a F4 favorite


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-==[ Daily Grind - New York ]==--------—-

As soon as one enters via the lage glass door, they can catch the scent of any of a dozen coffee flavors in the air. There are usually two or three servers on duty, ready to whip up any of the coffees on the large menu that hangs over their heads. A rope-lined queue snakes from the counter in a flattened S. Couches and tables line the walls, the tables fitting four each, though there are large tables near the back of the establishment. The tiled floor has tables that fit anywhere from two people to six.

Near the counter is a rack of old magazines and books that people can peruse while they're there, and for a small fee patrons can hook up a laptop to the wireless network and access the internet. Overall, it's the kind of place where people can go and buy a cup of coffee and be left alone if they choose, or not. The Daily Grind has the sort of atmosphere that allows for groups of people to come together, or for one or two people to relax by themselves. Like any good coffee house, it allows for most forms of relaxation.

Coffee coffee coffee. With the Saturday afternoon in full swing, this is likely one of the quieter hours for the Daily Grind with their regular clientelle tending to come around the mornings and evenings. Mike is not one of the sorts that come during the peak hours normally. Although at times he has been caught up in it when his schedule causes it to be so, he tends to come here during the quieter hours. Dressed down in his usual Goodwill shop purchased attire, hiding the signature locks of his stage persona under a knit cap, in what seems to be apparently a habit that Mike has formed, he is once again enjoying some reasonably quiet time at the Daily Grind. He has claimed the same table off to the side of the area. He has ordered the same black coffee and once again he is reading the same Poe bo- Oh hey. That's been switched up to something sporting the some really REALLY old style illustration of people upon the cover. There is also an untouched cookie resting on a napkin in front of him to break up the usual selection he makes. So you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! He turns a page before bringing his hand up to stifle a yawn.

Coffee. After age 30, the adult body looses the ability to achieve lucidity at certain points in the day without coffee. Apparantly this is true for rock men who's dense internal organs, while more efficient, still get tired when they've been up since 3am. Ben yawns mightly as enters the coffee shop, and when this draws stares, he starts to edge his way around the room looking for an open table. Finding a familiar one at Mike's table he pulls out a chair and settles, "Finally graduatin' from Poe to Ambrose Bearce?" Thing asks as he squints trying to read the binding. As a waitress pass he asks, "Hey, I don't s'pose I can get a coffee, black in the biggest cup you've got?"

With the mighty yawn of the rocky creature shattering the somewhat peaceful quiet Mike has associated with the shop around this time of day, pale eyes glance towards the doorway, watching Ben's approach towards his table. Glancing to the page number before closing it, granting a glimpse of the library tag, yellow cover and greek style artwork, Mike shakes his head. "Not today. Greek mythology instead." He gives a tired smile, looking to the well-known hero. "It seems that this coffee shop is a prime F4 hangout now. All I need now is to see Johnny and Reed at some point." He gives a chuckle, "So, how're things, Ben?"

"Ahh… welll my recomendation of Bearce remains." It's easy to forget in his plain speakin' two fisted approach to everything, that Ben has a college education, and actually /does/ ready and not just watch pro-wrestling and football. I mean those aren't on all the time. He waitres returns with a gigantic latee mug filled to the brim with Kenya AA dark roast. When it's set in the cupped palm of his hand it actually looks quite normal-sized. "It's a good place to stop walking distance from the Baxter Building. I hate feedin' the meter for the Fantasticar. How about you Mikey? How you holding out?"

"Duly noted," the man from the other end of the education spectrum, "Doing alright. Working on some new material, seems to be pranking season at the apartment again." He gives a slight shake of his head before lifting up his cup, "Few appearances here and there and then I just wander around for the evenings." He pauses to take a sip before setting the cup back down. "Oh and I got mistaken for a messenger by one of your sister's friends. The one we ran into at the graveyard."

"Truth be told, all I know about Greek Mythology is what Hercules tells me after he's been drinkin.'" Ben admits as he takes a sip of his his coffee and blinks blue eyes that shouldn't be this bleary on a Saturday afternoon. "Prankin' time at the appartment, need any advice? I'm pretty good at pranking the HotHead when he gets a bit big for his britches." Well point of fact, if someone where to keep score, Johnny's cleanly beating him, but there is no explaining that to Ben.

"Which is why I'm reading up on it rather than asking you." Mike offers in reply to Ben's assessment of his mythology knowledge, "As for Wade, pranking him back will only encourage him." He gives a mock sigh as he grabs for his cookie, "Although, I could take it as a sign he's starting to get back to how things used to be which isn't too bad." An elbow rests on the table as he uses the upturned hand on that arm as support for his head as he takes a bite out of his cookie.

"Well just keep in mind those things ain't always accurate." he leans over and whispers as if conspiratorially, "Fer instance…. Thor? Totally not a red head, and He don't have a flying chariot drawn by goats, neither." Ben nods as if this wisdom is sage like and then asks, "So who you reading up on then if you don't mind me asking? THis whojamawhutsis you ran into in a graveyard?" He asks as if this is something that's news to him.

"I'm not caring too much on accuracy, I just want to have a reasonably close idea." Mike replies, "And although a good idea, no." He shakes his head, setting the cookie back down, "Right now I'm looking up the messenger thing." He slides his free hand over his mouth as if to stifle a yawn, but continues talking, voice getting a tad lower should someone in the place be trying to listen in. "It was kind of weird. Almost like I was being just drawn to where he was and then the talk of messengers on top of that. Just weird."

"Trust me Mike." Ben says with a crooked grin. "Wierdness just abounds in this business." And that said, the Thing looks down at his coffee and deciding it sufficient cooled by this point quaffs it in a three gulps. "Ahhhh that hit the spot. Ok, so I'm probably already gettin' the details all jumbled in my head. So this guy thought you wuz a messanger right?"

Mike nods, glancing towards the book. "Took one look at me and asked what the message was. Which, I guess I could see if you consider the whole lyrics issue from the last album and how songs have a tendency to be a means to get out ideas but…" He shakes his head, glancing to Ben, voice lowering, "I was in bird form."

"Ahhh…." Ben says lowering his voice, "Ok I can see where some confusion might come from then yeah… That would be disorientin' I guess them god types are used ta animals coming up and talkin' to 'em all the time." He shakes his head, "I dunno still seems a bit wierd if you ask me." Though, as if he's one to talk. "Well you set this guy straight I take it? He doesn't think your mystical FedEx anymore?"

"I told him I wasn't a bird and I didn't know what he was talking about." Mike murmurs, eyes setting upon his book before glancing around the cafe, guaging how far away the nearest occupied table may be, "We probably should switch topics."

Thing snaps his fingers with an almost thunderous report, "Good call." He says with a nod, "So how's the music career goin? Got any big shows comin' up?"

Mike shakes his head, setting his hand on the cup again. "Nah." He murmurs, brow arching a bit to the loud snap of the fingers, "Between albums. Tour finished aways back. Still working on the material for the next one." He pauses before smiling, "We are going to be shooting a music video for one of the later songs we haven't introduced to the airwaves yet."

The Thing nods, "Well that should be fun. Good luck kid…" And as if on cue, the cellphone clipped on to his belt beeps and the Thing sighs, "Well that'll be Reed paging me. YOu take care ok Mikey?"

"Yeah sure thing." Mike replies, giving a parting wave as Ben gets moving. Ah life.

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