2011 04 27 Phantasm Gets A New Job Title

Log Title:
Phantasm gets a new job title

Ares, Phantasm

IC Date:
27 April 2011

New Jersey

Brief log summary::
Phantasm finds himself at Ares's home with no idea why.


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Tuesday nights are not really known for the crimetastic sprees. Likely due to people not leaving their homes unguarded. Perhaps it is this that brings the Phantasm so far from his central location as morning starts to ebb into existence once again. Or perhaps it is just that he is bending to the very nature that helps sustain his power now. Sleep. Dreams. A nonsensical thing interpreted by some but to others, a vehicle for deeper seeded meanings. Whatever the reason. The Raven has taken flight and instead of flying over Clinton, he flies over a home from a long time ago. Jersey. The quiet purplish black avian looks down, direction although not conciously determined, is set, leading him towards the view of a construction site. His descent starts well before he even sees Ares there. A curious turn of events this has become.

It's a quiet neighborhood. The roads are dark with only a handful of streetlights giving a faint glow to the way. It's late enough that most of the denizens in this quaint suburb are asleep in their homes. There's still the occasional road noise, or the distant bark of a dog asserting its territory in this late evening. But for the most part there is little of note to consider.

Then why has Phantasm been drawn here, or why have the fates so conspired to his visit. Who can say? Perhaps it's the lone man there in the heart of that small suburb. The single solitary silhouette. A large man, leaning forwards in the shadows in the middle of a home construction site. He's merely seated there upon a stack of plywood, leaning forwards with his fingers interlaced before him. Unmoving for now, yet awake even as the shadows shift and move subtly around him.

With the lack of sound that tends to come with any thing that is moving, the raven's approach is quiet. But the visual of wings quietly performing their duty as he lands on an exposed beam should be enough announcement of his arrival if Ares should be paying attention. It is assumed that he is as Phantasm folds his wings and cocks his head to the side in curious recognition. "Hello?" The bird's tone seems a bit unsure but other than the movement of the beak, the body remains steady, still, calm.

Then the man's rumbling voice is heard from the shadows, even as he stands up slowly. "What news carry you, messenger?" The god's tone is firm, calm, and what is more… presumptive.

There's a hiss and a raspy slithery sound as if something in the dark were awakening, but for now it does not speak, though the ebb and flow of the dark is able to be seen if one were to look closely enough.

With the response, the bird's head tilts again but towards the opposite direction. "Messenger?" Phantasm repeats, his tone moving towards the inqusitive nature, "I didn't really know you were going to be here when I started coming in to land."

A low chuckle comes from the figure who now stands in a wooden framework of what will most likely become a doorway. It's that man from before, from the cemetary, though he wears little of remark now save for jeans, a t-shirt, work boots. Though around him the shadows still move, and whatever voice they had before at least for now they hold silent.

"Then perhaps that is the message." For some reason this makes some kind of… sense to him. He looks to the side, and the construction site around him seems utterly mundane in counterpoint to the man. Sure it looks as if the land were blasted or burned, but the construction itself… utterly normal. "If you find someone who asks of you where I am, then you may relay such."

From the bird's blink, it could be assumed that it only makes to Ares. "I'm not quite sure what you mean by that but I'll keep that in min-" The Raven pauses, eyes squinting despite the need for it not being present. "Ooooooooh," the bird comments, "I have met you before. At the cemetary." He gives a bit of a chuckle, "Sorry, I didn't recognize you without that bleeding portal thing." Statements of the obvious are this raven's specialty of the day it seems.

"If you like I could bring it back, but the neighbors don't care for that sort of thing." Ares looks to the side one way, then the other. His brow quirks as a few thoughts drift by, one he chooses to give voice to as he murmurs, "Though, to be fair, most have already moved away."

The Greek God steps forwards and eyes Phantasm, his expression grim as he considers the avian before him. A tilt of his head is given. "So tell your story to me, messenger. There are no coincidences in this world, I would suss out what you are."

"That won't be necessary, I have the recognition now." Phantasm turns his head, watching Ares approach. His positioning upon the beam remains the same. "I have a lot of stories, but regretfully not all I'm inclined to share so quickly," Phantasm replies, "But, while in this form, this morning I found myself flying out to this area again for no reason with the added change of coming here. I'm not sure why. But I'm here."

"Now that's strange, a magpie uninclined to share." There's a half-smirk there upon his features, but then with a slight turn of his hand, a dismissive gesture he leaves it at that. "Keep your secrets to yourself then, messenger. So long as you serve your purpose." It seems as if whatever Phantasm has answered makes little difference to Ares. Then again he could just be certificable, if it wasn't for that way he appeared in the cemetary then most would probably think he's just a nut… even still.

"Well I'm not exactly a real bird either so strange is probably a good way of describing things." He lifts a wing, passing it through a beam in demonstration. Because although he's not wishing to share all those stories, it looks like he's perfectly fine with putting on a SHOW "Is this some Greek Mythology thing I'm going to have to look up next time I'm in the Library?"

Turning around, Ares walks back towards where he was seated. He moves back out of the dim light offered by the streetlamp near the sidewalk, and turns to retake his place upon the plywood. He leans forwards, resting his hands upon his knees and looking across the way towards the bird-like individual. "Divinity at times has a way of drawing individuals to it. Those individuals at times choose to recognize this compulsion in whatever manner best fits them. Choose what you wish, it makes no difference to me."

The bird gives a slight shake of the head, head tilting down. "Must be an opposites thing…" The head gives a tilt as he glances towards the sky that's slowly getting lighter, "Alright." He glances back towards Ares, "I should go. It's getting around that time."

No answer is given, perhaps enough of a dismissal was already evident in his words. Once again Ares returns to his calm state of simply waiting for the morning to come when he can resume his work on rebuilding his home. See, he waits til the mortals are awake, not wishing to disturb his neighbors. Clearly he's a thoughtful nice deity.

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