2011 04 05 Seeking Answers

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Seeking Answers

Black Widow, Namor, Wonder Man

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Midtown (39th & Park Ave)

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Natasha investigates the fall of Iron Man. Namor and Wonder Man are there cheering her on.


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It might be spring, but it's still a dreary day. The weather's not completely awful, but it's very much a 'cup half-empty' sort of day. This particular part of the city seems even more gloomy to Black Widow today, as she stands in an alley having a look around. It isn't her first look, and it's unlikely to be her last. Her expression is very sober, unsurprisingly, but she's staying very focused on finding any little thing here that might have been missed by herself or others investigating Iron Man's death. Finding anything new isn't at all likely, but there's nothing lost by looking again.

The whisper of the wind indicates the descent of Wonder Man. His attire, heroic with his dark red shades. His posture holds a pensive, somewhat reluctant stance. While his face wears the lines of sadness. Touching down some 10 yards from the Black Widow toward the street opening of the alleyway, his feet make little sound as they contact with the pavement. He also knows there's no need in clearing his throat, as she alredy knows he's here. So he remains silent as his arms cross over his broad chest.

Namor drops down from the skies, coasting easily first between rooftops and then between the buildings themselves. His arms are spread out to the side, one leg raised with knee bent so that foot is higher than the other as he descends. It's almost like he's using a parachute, although of course he's flying under his own power. Once Namor is almost to the ground his upraised foot comes down, so that both touch down on the street of the alleyway. He looks around, eyebrows quirked. "So this is where the great Iron Man fell," he muses aloud.

Natasha doesn't need to look up to know she has company, no. She may be focused on the walls and ground of the alley, but she never drops her guard. It's a moment after Simon lands that she looks his way to offer a nod, and then she looks upwards to watch Namor land. His words cause her lips to tighten briefly into a line, but then she simply nods to him. She often has a tight grip on her emotions, but she's particularly withdrawn at the moment. She does lead the team, after all. She lost someone technically under her command.

"So I checked the area trying to figure out what T was doing here. Yeah, there are several businesses and stuff, even a few - books. But what really stood out was the Mexican, Polish and Guantanema consulates are right down the street. You think he was having any dealings with them? Dealings that would want him dead? Or was this just a convenient place to hit him?" Wonder Man asks glancing around the alleyway trying to be super sleuth detective - when it's pretty clear he's shooting in the dark.

Namor looks up with interest as Wonder Man describes the various nations that have a presence nearby. Politicial dealings on a national level are something Namor understands well. Or did…who can say what the state of his memory is right now. "I would be astonished if any of those countries had the might to strike him down - especially here, in the seat of his own power." Namor's arms rise and spread out to indicate the surroundings - he probably means New York City as a whole. "But if the two of you believe it possible, perhaps I should be the one to investigate those avenues." Something strange is in Namor's voice now…almost eagerness.

As Simon lists some of what's around them, Black Widow purses her lips in thought. Her mind runs through the political climate of each of those countries. "It's unlikely, but nothing can be ruled out yet." she replies, then looks back to Namor and considers the man. "Are you fixed?" she asks him, skipping tact to learn what she needs to about him. It's an important consideration in including him, after all.

Namor returns Black Widow's look with an even one of his own. "Enough for your purposes." He replies after a moment. Then his expression softens the smallest bit. One hand is raised, palm facing Black Widow. It's not quite a gesture of surrender or apology, but for what Namor it's what passes as an attempt to placate. "You can count on me in this, Widow. Just as the Avengers once did when I was an official member. You have but to ask, and I will aid you and your team as I can."

Natasha arches an eyebrow upwards, at Namor's choice of reply. "My purposes tend to require one hundred percent, Namor. I never give less, and I never expect less." she says to him, though it's followed by a slow nod as she softens a little, too. "We're pleased to have your help, if you feel ready. The active team was already short a few before this."

Namor nods in agreement, then moves over to the other side of the alley, closer to where Natasha and Simon are standing. Looking about again, Namor finally turns to examine the skyline. "It is hard to believe that someone has brought Iron Man low," Namor admits, "Without anyone hearing or seeing what happened. By surface standards, Iron Man's armor was incredibly advanced and powerful. Even defending himself, he could have levelled this entire region. Could he have been caught so off-guard that there are no signs of such a struggle?"

Shaking her head slightly, Black Widow replies "I haven't seen autopsy results yet, or a suit diagnostic. It had to have been fast though, for him to not have sent out a distress call. I'll check cell tower and satellite records, for any sign of jamming when he fell here. If there'd been an EMP strong enough to get through his defenses, there would have been other evidence of it."

Looking skyward as Namor indicates, Wonder Man also considers options, "So he coulda fallen out of the sky…" is more of a pondering aloud sort of statement than a question. Then looks back to Natasha understanding that she has a clearer degree of detective in her blood than he has in his. He's definitely a follower and one of the many team bricks. Just here for the muscle, not the brains.

Namor nods in agreement with Natasha, then gives a more thoughtful nod to Simon. He watches Natasha silently for a moment, probably thinking the same thing as Wonder Man - that if anyone here can unravel this mystery, it's her. But as time goes on he seems to grow restless. His ankle-wings shift silently into motion and he rises a dozen feet into the air, looking down again. Namor scans the area carefully from this vantage. Then he finally speaks up. "Natasha, do you see anything else to be gained by searching here? What is our next move?"

"I doubt I'll find anything new here." Natasha replies to both the men. "It's been picked over. I need to download information from the suit, and hope it recorded something useful before going offline. I have to think there's something on there that will help. It should also give us some of his vitals at the time it happened." She frowns, then says "I just hate waiting for the reports we need, to get this done. I want to get my hands on whomever was responsible…" Her darkened expression says there will be violence, when that happens.

Seeing the closure of the moment, Wonder Man smiles and asks, "'Tasha, need a lift back to the mansion?" as his palms open and elbows flex in what could be interpreted as a low hug posture, yet he's still a few yards away from her.

Namor lowers a bit until he's only a few feet off the ground, watching Wonder Man with one eyebrow raised. He doesn't comment on the offer, however, instead assuring Natasha, "He will be avenged." He almost manages a capital 'a' in the word. Then he rises into the air once more, both hands pointed up, head tilted back and picking up speed rapidly, until he disappears into the skyline once more.

After looking upwards to see Namor retreat back to the sky, Black Widow lowers her gaze back to Simon. She manages a small smile for him, then nods. "Why not? Thank you, Simon." she replies as she walks over to let him lift her.

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