2011 04 03 Quoth The Raven Coo

Log Title:
Quoth the Raven, "Coo."

Phantasm, Invisible Woman, Spider-Man

IC Date:
3 April 2011


Brief log summary::
Spidey and Susan come across a burglar encountering an odd sort of vigilante


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Spider-Man says, "The place, rather. Bah on this machine my L key sometimes doesn't like to be hit."

Just as Hell's Kitchen may have someone watching out for it, Chelsea has one watching out for it as well. Sometimes. Ok, so maybe it's not a full time thing and kind of- Oh fudge it. Either way, the camera shall pan down onto this area of the city. As the latter portion of the night goes on and people have gone to their residences to rest up for the start of the work week tommorrow, there is a surprised shout and a clang of something metal hitting the pavement coming from one of the alley ways. The source of this sound is likely NOT one from of the regular 8 to 5ers out there. And it seems from what is coming from that person, they are likely not alone. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!"

Chelsea may have its own particular protector. But the city of New York currently has no real shortage of vigilante defenders. In fact one of them is in motion. Against the skyline it's hard to see him, especially in the dim light of the moon at night. The red and blue stands out during the day, but in the evening is nicely muted. Spider-Man /leaps/ from the side of a building, hurtling down down down, his flight arrested by the abrupt _thwip!_ of a webline being shot from one arm. His descent shifts into a fluid rising arc as he swings up, to land upon the front of a billboard with a light thip-thap. Only tonight he's trailed by a figure in blue if not red. A figure he's having a conversation with.

"No, no no no. No. I told you this last time after the shaving cream incident. I'm totally not going to another one of his so called 'partays'." Spider-Man rounds on the Invisible Woman as she approaches, lifting a bewebbed hand and gesturing with a finger. "He always figures out some way to turn it around and I end up the butt of the joke. Now I can take it as well as the next fella, but your brother is a stinker. Sue, ess-tee-inker." Then there's that shout from far below, off in the distance. It's enough to grab Spidey's attention as his spidersense starts to wail a warning.

"What's that?"

Susan Richards is indeed following Spider-Man and carrying on a conversation with him. She, however, has the luxury of not needing to use buildings to keep gravity from trying to pull her to the street below. And because of this, she's able to gesture emphatically as she talks with the wall-crawler. "I know, I know. Trust me, I practically raised the punk, remember? And if the party were for me, I wouldn't dream of continuing to pester you. But…" The shout interrupts her attempts to convince Pete to go to the party and she looks from the red and blue-clad man toward the street below and back. Then without so much as a warning to her companion, a very faintly blue forcefield pops into place around Spider-Man and the both of them zoom toward the street at WAY faster than 32 ft/sec.

With the power of convenient timing to avoid wasted panels as the focus is brought back towards the alleyway, there is a man, dressed in obligatory dark clothes and wearing a surprised look on his face as he bends towards the crowbar he has dropped. His eyes do not look over towards it as it instead focuses on an even darker figure, the form hard to determine other than it being rather small. Talons step forward into the minimal lighting as the form of a raven steps into view. The expression is still hard to make out but the view of the beak opening. "Coo." It says. It doesn't coo. It just flat out says it.

"You know how emasculating it is when you fly me places?" This is said sidelong towards Sue, and quietly even, though it's probably one of his 'jokes'. Spider-Man is brought down towards the ground with Sue and once they're settled there he /hops/ to the side to hang onto the wall of the alleyway, getting a higher and slightly different angle on the goings on before him.

"Hey, uh, fella. What's all the hub bub?" For some reason he expected something… else. His spider-sense is still clanging around his head spouting its warning, but there's nothing evident at the moment save for the raven, and the man.

Susan Richards doesn't reply to Spider-Man's comment, her attention already focused on the man in the street below. Before they close enough for Pete to jump sideways toward a building she disappears from view completely. Which way did she go?

The man grabs up his crow bar, lifting it up in order to swing towards the approaching raven before pausing, looking back to see, of all things a Spider-man, AND one of the Fantastic Four who has vanished. Oh can this evening get ANY better for this guy? "N-nothing!" He replies, lowering the crow bar behind his back, "I was just, going home." The raven cocks it's head to the side at the response before looking up towards Spider-Man, giving a shake of the head. "B&E."

"Did that crow just talk?" Spider-Man asks the obvious right off the bat. Then he holds out a hand, "Whoa whoa, wait a second spinach-chin." There's a twist of his wrist and suddenly a /thwip/ is heard as a burst of webbing splatters to the ground all over the man's feet and apparently keeping him there for the moment. "Hey Sue, did that crow just talk?" He hops off of the side of the wall, landing softly and soundlessly in a three-point stance, then straightening up.

A faint sigh is heard before both the crowbar-wielding man and the bird are surrounded by faintly shimmering blue force fields — the man gets a nice band around his entire torso to match the webbing on his feet to keep his arms still. The bird is given a different restraint, the forcefield looking like a gossamer birdcage. Sue reappears standing a few inches off of the alley pavement within a few feet of both now-trapped individuals. "Yes, I think he did." She assigns the avian a gender based on the voice, because there's no real way to tell the bird's gender at a glance.

With his feet being webbed to place, the man finds himself coming to a stop quicker than planned. Hands start waving in reaction as he works to regain his balance before they end up getting pinned down, the webbing providing him a weeble effect as he doesn't quite tip over all the way nor does he reorient himself upright either. It's kind of amusing to watch. Probably not so amusing to experience though. As for the raven he tilts his head to look to the cage and sighs, shaking his head. "Raven." He corrects, glancing to the cage that has appeared around him. "Also RIGHT here. And what the hell is this for?"

"This is a Dr. Strange thing." Spider-Man naturally jumps to conclusions, "Doc, come on out? Ha ha very funny, etc." He then turns to consider the Raven and tilts his head to the side, mirrored-lenses focusing upon the small animal. "You're his familiar aren't you? Or someone's familiar. Like in that movie." He makes the motion to snap his fingers as if he had a revelation, of course fabric doesn't allow this.

Susan Richards makes sure that the man doesn't fall over while answering the avian. "I'm hedging my bets. And if you want to argue semantics, a raven is a female crow. May I ask who you are and what's you're doing here?" The bird can clearly speak for himself, so she's going to let him.

The bird looks at Spider-man, head tilting before looking towards Susan. "Wrong. More of a breed not a gender." His head tilts back towards Spider-Man, "NOT a familiar." The head bobs back towards Susan, "Phantasm. And Not much. BIRD STUFF." The wing extends through the field to point towards the man. "He was trying to break into that store."

"Well," Spider-Man shoots a glance over towards Sue, then back at the raven that's casually having a conversation with him. "Whatever it is Heckle, I advise you not to argue with the lady. She has this tendency of winning them but making you think you wanted her to win all along. It's uncanny." He turns back, seemingly at a loss for some reason. Then, with an abruptness he just goes with it by saying, "You know, after I met Lockjaw I stopped questioning weirdness. So hey, good on you crime-fighting Raven fella."

Susan Richards glances at Spider-Man with an amused expression before looking at the Raven again. "Well, I do have to thank you for stopping the attempted burglary, though I do have to admit, I didn't realize vigilante like behavior was "BIRD STUFF"." And yes, she just made air quotes with her fingers.

"Please." The Raven murmurs waving his wing around in extra indication towards the ciminal who is convenently being quiet for this whole exchange, "I didn't lay a wing on him. He came into MY alley wanting to break into that store and I went 'What the f*** are you doing?" Weeble wobble man frowns, "What do you expect me to do! You used a Joe Pesci voice!" It's likely not possible for a real raven to smile. But this one does.

"Alright, this is too crazy even for me. Sue, you got your FF thingamacommunicabob? You get to call the cops. I'm gonna keep on heading over to the docks and see what I can see about the DD sitch." Spider-Man then turns back towards the raven. "Pleasure to meet you, if you, you know, like, exist." That having been said he crouches down before /leaping/ upwards, snaring the edge of the roof overhang looming over the alleyway. With one hand he pulls himself up and over, balancing on the tips of his fingers for an instant before he calls down, "And I am totally /not/ going to that party." With that said, he's gone!

Susan Richards tries to call after Spider-Man, but he's gone too fast. So she ends up just sighing before tapping at one ear to activate her communications device. She takes a moment to notify the police of the attempted burglary, then steps lightly off of the forcefield plane she'd been standing on to move closer to the avian. "So, do I call you Phantasm, or do you have another name?"

The bird watches as Spider-Man heads off before glancing towards Susan, "Party?" To the question he cocks his head, "Phantasm works when I'm like this." He glances towards the other person in the alley. "Nothing personal but I'm not really feeling the need to be sharing my info with you while he's hanging around, you know? Kind of seems like bad practice.

Susan Richards glances at the captured man again before crouching down and offering her arm to the avian at the same time as the gossamer birdcage disappears. "Sorry. I've never had the challenge of a secret identity to maintain, so I sometimes forget that others do."

The bird nods, glancing towards the wanabee robber before the view of the cage vanishing draws his attention. He hops a bit to the side, "Can see that being a problem. Gets tiring always being watched." The head tilts towards Susan, "Tell you what. After this guy gets carted off, If you still have questions we can go talk it over on a roof somewhere."

Susan Richards nods and straightens up again. "All right. I'll hold you to that." And with that she walks toward the still-restrained man and uses a series of force fields to free him of the webbing and cart him out to the main street at the end of the alley. She waits there with the man until the police arrive and lets them take him into custody.

As Susan waits on the main street, the Raven spreads his wings and flies from the alley. To a lamppost overlooking the waiting heroine and the bad-luck bandit. The wait is silent. It isn't until after the man is picked up does Phantasm let out a more realistic sounding caw to let Susan know where he is.

Susan Richards watches the police car leave, then looks up at the Raven when he caws and simply lifts off of the sidewalk to meet him. She figures it would be best to let him choose the venue for their pending conversation.

Giving a bit of a birdy nod, he spreads his wings and starts to fly, settling on the roof of a non-residential building. As he lands his form seems to enlargen slightly. Beady eyes survey the rooftop for a few moments before focusing once more on Susan. Wings spread out as he gives another nod. "Alright Mrs. Richards. Ask away."

Susan Richards follows the avian and looks around the rooftop before taking a seat lightly on the edge of the one of the large air handling units. She's not entirely used to hanging out on rooftops, but she'll make do to learn about this individual. " All right. May I ask your name?"

The bird smiles, cocking his head, "We're operating under this not becoming publicly known, right?"

Susan Richards smiles back, of course mentally noting how odd it is to see a bird smile. "You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to, but I promise that any sensitive information you offer will not go any further than you and me."

'Phantasm nods, "It's alright. I figure if anyone's going to know might as well be one of you guys, right?" The bird gives a slight laugh, shaking his head once more as his form shifts a bit more in size. "Remember that musician you ran into at the charity event?"

Susan Richards thinks for a moment then nods. "Yes…. wait. I thought your voice seemed familiar."

The bird tucks his head down in a bit of a nod, "Yes well sometimes the voice is different, sometimes the projections are a bit more lazy." He gives a bit of a chuckle, "Thing is, I'm not really here, here."

Susan Richards raises her eyebrows at that. Astral projection? Unusual and impressive. "So, that little birdcage I made was entirely pointless, wasn't it?"

Phantasm's head tilting as he struts along the roof, pausing to look to a can that's been left up there. "I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. Kind of depends on how the projecting's going I'd guess. Didn't really bother testing it out really. It's not like you were planning to attack me or anything right?"

Susan Richards smiles and nods. "I wasn't. I just didn't want you to do anything … untoward until we figured out what was going on. Though, if you want to test it, I'd be happy to help."

"It kind of depends." Phantasm restates, "Sometimes I fly through walls, sometimes I can't. Just nature of the dream I guess."

Susan Richards says, "So … you're physically in REM sleep right now? What happens if someone tries to wake you up?" She's clearly fascinated by this. "What happens to you there if something happens to you here?"

Moving over to the can a wing reaches over towards it, as it wraps the wing takes more of the appearance of a hand as the rest of the bird's body becomes more humanoid in form, devoid of the facial features. "If I wake up? Then the Phantasm goes away until I get in the right mindset again." The form shifts into regular human proportions as he walks over to a bin that's kept up here. Likely for smokers. How nice of building staff to allow such a thing, "And I don't know. You ever have a dream where you get hurt in it and it actually affects you when you wake up?"

Susan Richards says, "Well, no… " She smiles a bit sheepishly, "though I've seen several movies that imply it IS possible. Like Nightmare on Elm Street."

The figure chucks the can into the trashcan before glancing back towards Susan. The lack of a face makes it a bit hard to make eye contact, "I don't think my dreams follow the rules of horror movies marketed for teenagers." Phantasm shakes his head, "And I've done this without sleeping so it's not entirely dreams. Just easier when sleeping."

Susan Richards chuckles softly, looking down at the rooftop's surface. The featureless form Mike is currently employing is a little unnerving to her, but she doesn't admit it openly. "Interesting. You know, if you ever feel like testing your limits and whatever in a controlled environment, let me know. I'm sure Reed would be happy to help."

Phantasm nods, slipping his hands into, something. It's pretty much shadow, maybe there are pockets. Who knows? "Thanks. I'll think about it." There's a slight chuckle, "You're taking this well."

Susan Richards chuckles again. "Well, what can I say? I'm used to weird."

"Yeah I guess you would." Mike agrees, giving another laugh. "Talking dream birds aren't exactly the worst thing you've had to run into probably."

Susan Richards smiles, crossing her arms against a slight chill in the evening air. "Yeah… sorry to say you don't even really make it into the top five." That'll be a blow to the guy's ego, maybe. "How long have you been doing this… wandering around looking like a bird thing?"

Phantasm reaches up to scratch the back of his head, glancing up in though. "Um. 13 years, I guess?" The hand extends outwards, "I don't know when the bird theme popped up but that's about when the projections first started."

Susan Richards ahs and nods. "It's a useful form, I have to admit. Though… ravens aren't exactly all that common in New York. Any chance you can switch it up a bit? Maybe … try for a red-tailed hawk? I'd advise against pigeon as there are real hawks in Central Park now."

"I don't read much about birds," Mike admits, "I think the raven form's more to do with what I read than anything. But um." He pauses head tilting, form starting to shift back into the Raven, "Could probably see if I can try that. Although," The beaked form glances up and gives a smile, "If I keep the raven form it'll be easier for you to figure out when it's me."

Susan Richards smiles. "Oh, I don't know. Saying 'squawk' instead of actually squawking is a pretty good clue."

"Or using a Joe Pesci voice." Phantasm replies, giving a nod of the head. The bird fluffs his wings, "Any other questions?"

Susan Richards considers for a moment, then looks at the raven. "Not really… unless you happened to see which way Spider-Man went."

"He said something about heading over to the docks and a DD sitch." The Raven replies glancing up to Susan, "Was he talking about Daredevil? If so I'd say Hell's Kitchen."

Susan Richards ohs and stands quickly. "Yes, that would be Daredevil. I wonder if I should go offer to help." Since she's got the evening free of Franklin duties for a change.

"Nothing wrong with checking. " The raven replies, "I'm betting that place has a bit more activity than Chelsea anyways."

Susan Richards smiles at the raven. "Well, this DOES seem like a one-bird area." She looks a little apologetic about the joke and then prepares to take her leave. "You know how to get in touch with me or any of the Four, right?"

The Raven smiles, "Fly over to midtown and go to the big building with the big fours on it?"

Susan Richards ohs and hehs. "Well, besides that."

"Um. Other than that or just randomly running into you than no." The Raven replies, "Although, I guess I could just get your contact information from the coordinator at the charity." The bird's head tilts, "I don't think you'd have problem getting my info if you contacted her."

Susan Richards nods. "That would work. Or you could call the front desk of the Baxter and ask for me. I'll make sure they know to expect your call so you don't get screened out."

"That could work too." The Raven agrees, "I guess I should ask which of the names you'd be putting on that approved call list."

Susan Richards hehs at that. "Which would you like me to put on the list?"

The raven considers, head tilting. "Probably Mike Hannigan. Then I won't have to wait til I'm all birdified to swing by."

Susan Richards nods. "True. I'll make sure your name is on our approved list. And don't take too long to st… actually, would /you/ like to come to Johnny's birthday party?"

The bird's head tilts curiously, "P- Oh what Spider-Man was talking about? Um. Sure? He a music fan?"

Susan Richards smiles. "I know he is, but I'm not sure what style of music he prefers. But really, you'd be there as a guest, a friend of the family. No need to toss your fame about."

"Oh good." The bird replies, "Kind of hate that stage name." The head tilts again, "When and where?"

Susan Richards tells Mike… or his Raven-avatar… Ravatar? when and where the party is being held. "Oh, and so you know, Johnny's parties almost never fail to be very … interesting."

At least he's not taking the form of a blue ca- Oooh sorry Beast. The bird's smile widens, "I love a good party. I'll be sure to be well rested so I can show in person."

Susan Richards smiles. "Sounds like a plan. See you then, if not sooner."

The bird gives a nod, flapping his wings as he lifts up, "Alright! See you later!" Giving another nod he starts flying off, before just flat out vanishing from sight. Guess that could work instead of the bird form as well…

Susan Richards blinks. That's one way to travel quickly. Then she remembers mention of Daredevil and Hell's Kitchen, and departs as well, moving at an extreme pace again. Hopefully the two men haven't gotten themselves in over their heads yet. They're good at that, after all.

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