2011 03 30 News Aftermath

New York Police Chief Esposito appears behind a podium, ten or more microphones reaching out to capture every word. This appears on all TV stations and radio stations nationwide, and is done in public for any New York residents. He begins his statement: "Iron Man, who's identity we will not be revealing at this time, was found deceased in the alleyway between 39th and Park Avenue. His body was found by the owner of the bookstore at that corner, as he was making his way to the store from the parking garage. The body is currently in the morgue, awaiting autopsy. We have no further information at this time." As the shouting of the reporters asking questions begins, the chief politely responds that there will be no time for questions now. Astute viewers will notice that a member of SHIELD well recognized to heroes and villains alike is standing next to the top ranked policeman. Nick Fury is dressed in a more somber get-up than usual. Formal black pants, black shirt and black tie are seen, with a (you guessed it) long black trenchcoat. He has a frown on his face, and leaves the room with the police staffers.

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