2011 03 29 News Death Of A Superstar

New York TV is interrupted abruptly. An older man, commonly known to city residents as the backup anchor for this station appears behind a desk. Grim face matches grim words. "Ladies and Gentlemen. I want to apologize for interrupting this program but we bring you some dire news. Let's go straight to our scene reporter, Laura Jimenez."

The camera cuts from studio to street. Standing in front of the camera is a woman in her early 30s, with long dark brown hair and brown eyes. She holds her left hand to her ear, pressing in on the earpiece to receive transmission. Her right arm holds a microphone with a blue and black Channel 4 logo on it. Hearing the anchorman's cue, she nods and looks up at the camera. "Thank you Henry." The cameraman seems to pan slightly left, and focus blurs and refocuses quickly. Several feet behind the reporter is yellow police tape and six or seven NYPD crouching, squatting, and bending as if to search for something. She continues, "We have confirmation at this hour that the victim found in this alleyway behind me is none other than Iron Man, the famous superhero known for his membership in the Avengers, as well as his bold and brash attitude." She stops, as if there is nothing more to say, but presses slightly harder, and hears someone giving her more cues. "The police are not giving us any details as of this moment, except that Iron Man was in New York to speak in front of the U.N. Security Council. We also hear that an autopsy, due in a few days, will tell us much more."

Ms. Jimenez seems to wing the next part. "Obviously there are a lot of people shocked and upset at this news, Channel 4 will be bringing you the most up to date information tonight at eleven." The camera seems to be lowering, as if to finish the report, however, the TV station does not cut back to the show immediately. For a quick moment, anyone watching the broadcast will note that behind the reporter and slightly to the left is a sheet covering a body, and extending out of the side of that sheet….is a red, armored arm. The program resumes.

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