2011 03 29 Attack Of The Chatty Cathys

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Attack of the Chatty Cathies

Phantasm, Daredevil

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Hell's Kitchen

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Mike runs into some unpleasant people from his past. Daredevil pops in to help him out


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-==[ Hell's Kitchen - New York ]==--------

Some people call this area the Lower West Side; some people who want to talk it up call it Clinton. A few particularly unwise types call it West Midtown, but they'd better not do that where anyone can hear. Everyone else calls it Hell's Kitchen.

The congested streets are dominated by flat-faced, boxy buildings, three and four stories tall. Between some of them run alleyways - some wide enough to park a car in, some too narrow to give space for anything but ambushing a passerby. The slow transformation of much of the rest of Manhattan into a playground for the wealthy has met its match in the underworld here, which has a vested interest in keeping Hell's Kitchen and its inhabitants poor and desperate as a cover for its own activities, and in the danger of merely entering the neighborhood. After all - though other cities are better known for them lately, Hell's Kitchen is one of the places where street gangs began.

With a cool breeze running through the streets, courteousy of the wind tunnel like effect of the closer placed buildings, it is not that uncommon to see people wearing jackets outside in Hell's Kitchen. For one Mike Hannigan, he is not differing from this commonality as he too is wearing some of his warmer attire. Thrift store coat in place and with his trademark locks stuffed away into his knit cap, his appearance is far from his onstage persona of Mick Drago. Nope. No musician here. Just another one of your typical city dwellers. One that's not really heading to any of the residential buildings for the night. Instead he takes a turn, pausing in front of a run down building that USED to be residential. It seems even Hell's Kitchen has some standards for what classifies as a home. What little they may be. Hands shoved into his pocket, he lingers. Simply looking to it with a small frown.

Of late, Matt Murdock has been harder and harder to get a hold of while Daredevil has been sighted more and more about the rooftops of not only Hell's Kitchen but the greater Manhattan area. Whatever reason the Man Without Fear has to be in this neck of the woods is unknown, but he sits ensconced in shadow upon the steeple of a nearby church. He's listening to the sounds of the evening, sniffing at the air, searching for something.

As Mike looks to the building, two figures exit from the side of a nearby building, exiting into the alley. Tall, typical thug types who likely never made it past high school education wise. But unlike other lucky souls, their career paths are likely not of the noble type.

The musician's study of the building lingers on a bit more before he shakes his head, a soft hum of a melody coming from his throat. Distinct. But not quite a commonplace one. The sound of a can being kicked in the alleyway disrupts however. The clang of it hitting the ground enough to draw Mike's attention away from the building and instead look to the direction of the alleyway. His hands slide out of his pockets. Feet instinctively shifting as well due to years of conditioning to this type of scenario.

The situation unfolding down on the street certainly has Daredevil's attention, but he's not about to swing into action over assault on a can. Instead, he shifts his weight slightly and focuses unseeing eyes on the distant figures around the abandoned building.

Perhaps Mike could have gone the other way. But being that it's better to see things coming rather than be surprised by them coming from behind, he maintains his position. Adjusting his stance bit to at least seem casual, he turns his head as if still looking to the building but focuses more on what he sees in his periphiral vision.

The two men do not seem all that concerned with keeping a low profile, the one who kicked the can earlier adjusts his path to kick the can again. But even their noisy trip down the alley comes to an end once they exit out into the sidewalk area. The one who wasn't abusing the can is the first to notice the stray person hanging out near the abandoned building, "Goin' to save ya some trouble, kid. Whoever ya lookin' for, they ain' livin' there no more. An' ya better get movin'. Ain' tha best place fer people ta be hangin' 'round."

Daredevil doesn't appear just yet, instead moving away from the steeple out onto a stony parapet so he can lean forward and get a radar image of the area below him. Curiouser and curiouser.

Considering the emergence of the people from the alleyway, there's not too much indication to stress by any means. Yes, a bit of alertness, but all in all, no panic. "Just looking." Mike murmurs, "But I'll just le-" He pauses, a glance towards the pair turning out to be a bad choice on his part as a sense of familiarity washes over him. A sense he's not really enjoying at the moment as that familarity ties in with one of many unpleasant memories. His pulse quickens as his brain is already signaling for adrenaline to be released.

Mensa rejects or not, even the one who was speaking earlier does not miss out on the pause. "You'll just what?" He prompts, stepping closer. The inquiry is enough to get his friend to glance over and allow for him to display that of the duo he's likely got the better memory. "Well what d'ya know…" He steps next to his friend, "Looks like boy'o 'ere came home. Hello Mikey."

Definitely interesting. Definitely could become an altercation. No altercations in Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil could just let it slide since it doesn't look that bad, but he won't. He soundlessly drops down a floor and then one more. Closer to the street now, still hidden.

At the utterance of some variation of his name, Mike blinks. A bit surprised as one foot shifts.

"Mikey?" The other thug repeats, looking down at Mike a bit more carefully now before his brow lifts up as well. "Ohhh, that one. This is getting better and better. And we didn't have to go out for this either." An aside glance is given towards the other, "Any restrictions this time?" The other, which we're just going to nickname 'skinny' so we can tel the NPCs apart, shakes his head, "None at all. Have fun Biggie."

Daredevil has left the building he was hanging off of now, instead he's at street level. But he's particularly good at stealth, so he keeps to the shadows and only moves when he's certain nobody is watching. He's not far from the small group at all now, billy club freed from it's holster and in his hand.

Mike gives a step back, bending the knee a bit as he adjusts his weight once more, "Oh come on, I'm sure we could just talk this over a few be-" Mike ends up leaping out of the way as Biggie lunges at him. "-k maybe not." Mike slips into a bit of a quieter mode as he works to keep an eye on the both of them, "Why do you guys always insist on doing this? What's the point?"

The creepy thing about what happens next is how Daredevil isn't there one second and the next he is. As though springing out of nowhere, the silouhette of the man in the devil costume is seen raising the billy club into the air and attempting to bring it violently down upon the place where Biggie's neck joins his broad shoulders.

"Kid, don't think you're winning so eas-" Skinny starts to reply before the new threat appears. Giving a shout of surprise he reaches into his pocket quickly to withdraw a switchblade. Wait a minute aren't those ille- Oh right. Thugs aren't exactly law-abiding sorts. Biggie manages to get enough of a glimpse to do two things. One, move. Two, get hit. But in the shoulders thanks to his movements. "WHAT TH-?!!"

Mike is a bit surprised as well by Daredevil's appearance. Yes, he's in Hell's Kitchen, but what are the odds he'd be running into him anyways? Taking a step back, he lets Daredevil have his way with Biggie. Oh sure. Don't mind him. He's just going to be over here min- Catching a glimpse of Skinny's actions he moves over quickly to give a less than artistic but rather effective kick to the guy's hand, knocking the blade away from the thug before he could make use of it. "CHRIST! WHAT IS IT WITH PEOPLE AND $#3027$INGKNIVES?!"

Daredevil can hear a switchblade being 'activated' from three blocks away, so he's entirely aware that the other goon just brandished one. He's even ready to start defending himself when the would-be victim is up and kicking and joining the fight. He doesn't have time to concern himself with that right now, however, as he narrowly avoids a punch to the face by leaning back and attempts to slam his knee into Biggie's ribs.

While Biggie tangles with Daredevil, using what little sense he has to avoid being punched as much as he can, Skinny finds himself rather peeved off at the lack of knife and ends up pointing at Mike, "You're going to regr-" "Yeah yeah like you weren't going to jump me already." Mike snaps, eyes narrowing as his hands are readied into fists. "And it's NOT 'Mikey' you @#$#3027" The performer ends up throwing a punch towards Skinny which ends up getting deflected to the arm.

Daredevil is losing patience for Biggie. Thugs ought to take less time than this to be knocked down. So he pulls out the stops, going for a few pressure points - namely cupped hands slammed painfully against both of the man's ears at the same time.

Ouch. Yes. That would do it. Letting out a cry, Biggie brings his hands up to his ears, stumbling forward.

As his first strike gets deflected, Mike finds himself dodging one of Skinny's punches. "Would you prefer Dra-?" Skinny starts to snap before Mike slams a fist into his face. "Shut up!"

Daredevil glances sidelong at Mike and Skinny, curious as to what their banter is al about. Spider-Man just makes strange pop culture references, after all. With a shrug, he lifts his knee up towards Biggie's jaw in order to lay him low.

Being that Biggie is STILL IN PAIN he's not really so focused on the incoming knee. With the contact, Biggie ends up falling back and landing hard onto the pavement. Uh yeah, he's not moving. Skinny however is, actually following Mike's request as he's focusing more on throwing another punch at the musician. Mike moves to the side, avoiding the strike, but finding his cap getting snagged in Skinny's return on the swing, causing his head to turn a bit from the force of the cap getting pulled off. With the combined effects of the buildings' wind tunnel effects and his lengthy hair, Mike finds himself temporarily blinded. Skinny, finds him more distracted with the visual as he laughs, "Wow, a Chelsea boy now."

With Biggie out of the picture, Daredevil turns around to watch the altercation between Mike and Skinny. He doesn't jump in straight away, nor does he disappear. Instead he stands and 'watches'. Entirely perplexed. He's not sure what is going on, but he's getting his bearings …

Mike reaches up to swipe away at his hair, stepping back in case Skinny's taking any opportunistic shots at him. He needn't have bothered as Skinny's laughing slowed him down on taking said opportunity Mike's very well able to see it when Skinny throws another one and is able to dodge. "One more time…" Mike warns, "One more."

Daredevil rolls his eyes beneath his cowl and speaks for the first time, "Enough of this." That said, he throws the billy club at the side of Skinny's head. It's not hard enough to do lasting damage, but it's definitely going to cause pain or even unconsciousness should it strike home, "Chatty Cathies. Pft."

Either Skinny is taking this as a request or he's just on a roll because wouldn't you know it, he throws yet another p-. He falls down. With the anticlimatic end of Drago VS Skinny (Wooh. It's about time, Daredevil. Geez. ;) ) Mike glances down towards the fallen form, then over to where Biggie is lying down, and then over to Daredevil. "Thanks."

"Ngh." Daredevil grunts in response, moving over to pick his billy club off of the ground from where it landed after hitting Skinny. He holsters it and grabs the unconscious Skinny by the arm, dragging him over and dumping him alongside Biggie for when the authorities show up. That done, he glances sidelong at Mike, "Do I need to knock you out as well?"

Mike glances down to the other two forms, holding up his hands showing them to be holding nothing as he shakes his head. "Nope. Would have walked away to begin with had they not started all that." He glances around the ground, looking for his knit cap. Oh there it is. He lowers his hands to go retrieve it.

"Uh huh," Daredevil says, remaining still and silent for a long moment. There are all sorts of grudges in Hell's Kitchen so he's not about to go investigating one that seems pretty run of the mill. So, he looks like he's about to take off …

Mike picks up his cap, swats it and puts it back on, starting to tuck his hair back into it. "Thanks again." He glances back to the unconcious figures, brow arching as he looks to the one who identified him. "How the hell did you-?" He murmurs, pausing in the thought before shrugging it off, turning to head in the direction of… yep. Chelsea.

And should he look back, Daredevil is gone.

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