NEWS - Nypd Charity Benefit Exceeds Expectations

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NEWS: NYPD Charity Benefit Exceeds Expectations


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March 20th 2011

The Hilton - New York

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News article on a charity event


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NEWS: NYPD Charity Benefit Exceeds Expectations
On the 19th of March, a charity dinner was held at The Hilton - New York in an effort to raise funds for the many programs that the department has come to offer.
"With the economy the way it is, everyone's feeling budget cuts," states Deborah Hannah, the organizer for the event, "And there are a lot of programs that the department gets involved with that have found themselves on a shoestring budget as a result."
There has been consideration for adjusting the funds to where the programs could get more money from the limited budget but it has been determined that in order to achieve that, it would require a department wide pay cut to even be possible.
"There is no way we could do that to these people," Mick Drago, former drummer to the ill-fated band Greysong and now solo artist, states, "They're already understaffed, likely underpaid for what risks they take on a daily basis. So cutting pay would be like giving them an undeserved kick in the ass. But the programs are needed too so what else is there to do but try to raise the money some other way?"
Drago, along with other celebrities, boasting of names such as Susan Richards, Ben Grimm, and Natasha Romanova, participated in the event, providing entertainment in various forms to those who paid to attend the $500/plate dinner. Managing to sell each seat, with a number of the celebrities also purchasing into the dinners, 140 plates were sold raising over $70,000 in plates alone.
"The great thing is along with the money from the plates, we managed to get some rather generous pledges to provide additional funding later on." Hannah states, "This may be a big city but when something important is in danger, people will step out to help."

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