2011 03 19 Charity Dinner

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Charity Dinner

Black Widow, Invisible Woman, Charles Xavier, Lillith, Vision, The Thing, Phantasm

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19 March 2011

The Hilton - NYC

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It's a list of New York's Who's Who hobknobing for a good cause.


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-==[ Lobby - The Hilton - New York City ]==-------

Not allowing its exterior to outshine itself, this large and ornate lobby seems busy all hours of the day and night. A long counter with various stations for registering, check-outs, local travel information and special services allows guests twenty four hours a day attention. The staff here is always friendly and gracious. Antique tables set with lively green plants, share spaces with deep soft leather couches and chairs. The Hotel bar is open at all times and seems to be a favorite for buisnessmen. The lobby ceiling stretches upwards, the glass enclosed elevator banks lifting and desending in the center, the many suites stretching in a circular fashion around the lobby below.

The Hilton within the Theater district is not lacking when it comes to classy adornments. Along with the green of the plants there is some additional greenery in the form of some St. Patty's day decorations around the bar area and the front desk. Perhaps placed to appeal to those who may be checked in this weekend for the sole purpose of scheduled St. Patty's day festivities. Or perhaps it is a call out towards what is going on towards one of the ballrooms. Doors open, it is very much glitz and glamor as some of New York's elite are attending a charity dinner meant as a fundraiser for one of the many law enforcement related charities out there. Along with the pricey dinner, guests have also been treated to music from a few music acts. Wow, do New Yorkers know how to throw a charity dinner.

Having finished his set with music, Mike-err, Mick Drago is making the rounds, dressed up by performer standards, black jeans, a black shirt, and an unbuttoned black jacket. Ok so it could use some work but at least his shoulder length hair has been pulled back into a neat ponytail and he has forgone the stage makeup. His friend and former bandmate, Wade Shaw, has wandered off somewhere. But he'll likely turn up again when it's time to head home.

While these days Black Widow doesn't go out of her way as often to get all dolled up, as current leader of the Avengers she felt it important to attend. She'd considered wearing her costume, but it is an upscale event. Instead, she's left the spandex at home in favor of a form-fitting red gown and heels. It's a look she wears well, and with utter confidence. She's left her hair loose, and chosen a few fairly modest pieces of diamond and ruby jewelry. She carries a matching red clutch that isn't so tiny as to be unable to hold any weaponry, but certainly isn't hiding anything large caliber.

She's been making the rounds, not being very hard to recognize even when out of costume, talking to various officials in a sort of 'touching base' manner. She's also getting a little tired of answering 'So, where's Captain America these days?', though she's so far managed to remain very polite about it. She has a glass of champagne in one hand and it's not her first, but it takes a lot more to affect her than it does most other humans.

Susan Richards is attending as well, and chose very much like Black Widow did. Her gown is a simple, classy sleeveless dress in royal blue silk, a shimmering white lace stole keeping her shoulders warm. She is also doing the meet and greet thing, the simple silver necklace and hoop earrings glinting when she nods hello at someone or other. Unlike the Avengers' leader, though, she isn't carrying a beverage or a purse.

Instead of champagne, Mike has managed to aquire a bottle. The label upon the dark glass declaring it to be Guinness and considering the lack of other bottles like it around, likely a special request from the bar. Having undergone another few rounds of someone stating that their daughter or son may listen to their music, or asking how he feels about people he knows being victimized (Really, is that a hard question to answer?), he drifts closer to the side of the gathering, taking the moment to down a bit of his beer. As his bottle sets back, he glances around the room, his attention does set upon Susan for a few moments in the scan and then end up looking towards Natasha curiously.

Really, Natasha used to spend a lot of time playing social butterfly. Granted, it was usually so she could get close to someone for purposes of espionage, but it's still something she does well. Eventually though, she does find herself gravitating towards the other heroine in the room. There's a smile offered towards Sue, as she makes her way over. "Are we having fun yet?" she asks with a smile, her English only slightly accented.

Susan Richards smiles a hello to Natasha and answers with as much sarcasm as she can fit into the polite social setting volume level she's speaking at. "Oh, but of course. I couldn't /imagine/ any place I'd rather be right now." By this point she grinning in an attempt to not start laughing at herself.

Curiousity can be a great motivator when it comes to drawing someone into the grouping. And sometimes it's more to do with the view. If one were to ask Rich and he were to give a truthful answer, there is no shortage of good views within the direction of the ladies that is for sure. Moving towards the pair, he does catch a little bit of Susan's response. Honestly, just an overheard thing, not quite easedropping if you haven't even settled into position is it? He manages to supress a chuckle of his own, as he gives a slight nod to the pair in greeting. "Ladies, I don't believe I have had the chance to greet you two yet tonight, much less thank you for being here."

There's a chuckle and nod in reply to Sue's words, and Natasha looks sympathetic. It's so much easier to enjoy these events when she's pretending to be someone else. For some reason, it just doesn't feel like a holiday is she's still herself. "It could be worse, Sue. You could have Reed here doing the public relations." No one wants that. No one. The young man approaches them then, and she turns to smile at him. "Good evening. No, I don't believe you have."

Susan Richards hehs softly at the mention of Reed, who as luck would have it, is home minding Franklin — which probably means the boy is running amuck while his father contemplates something sciencey. She then turns to look at Mike as he approaches, and would know by his attire if not by the fact that she'd seen him performing with the band earlier that he isn't one of the typical charity-party sort. "I'm glad we could be here. Most charity events that send invitations are just excuses for pomp and circumstance. I could tell that this one was different."

"Very much so." Mike nods, glancing to the event as a whole before looking back to the two, "Although, I figure for some on the list, it is still pomp and circumstance. I do think the appearances of you two have been a big help with enticing some of the more wary potential donors to at least purchase the plate." His smile widens, "But, if all it needs is for a little bit of a song and dance number to get people to help out, I think it's worth it."

"Ultimately, they're all here to be entertained." Natasha replies with a smile. "Whether it's with the music, the food, or the schmoozing. But as long as they're paying, it's worth the time. I can't say I haven't been entertained, even at the cost of several dozen drunk men thinking I'm going to be swept off my feet by them." She doesn't really look bothered by it, though.

Susan Richards nods her agreement with both of them. "True." She wasn't raised into this level of society, so it's still sometimes a little foreign to her. "Well, as long as the goal of the fund-raising is achieved by the end of the day…" And then she realizes she doesn't know the man's name and offers him her hand. "Sue Richards, by the way."

"Several dozen?" Mike repeats, cracking a smile as his drink goes neglected a bit longer than usual, "Any classic lines used?" To the offered hand from Susan he glances over to her, taking it in his to shake. "Mike Hannigan," he replies, opting not to use the stage name this time around. He gives a slight chuckle, "If anyone should be having to introduce themselves of the three of us, it's probably me."

Black Widow looks a little mischievous, and replies to Mike. "I'm not really sure. After a while, I see their lips moving but all I hear is static." She too offers him her hand then, and says "Natasha Romanov. Nice to meet you, Mike. I enjoyed the performance."

Susan Richards looks to be about to say something when someone across the way catches her attention. "Excuse me, please." She smiles politely but genuinely to Natasha and Mike, then starts across the room toward whomever she noticed.

Mike gives a nod towards the departing Invisible Woman before glancing back towards Natasha, giving a bit of an amused look, "Perhaps the walls are messing with your reception if all you're getting is static. Have you considered moving your arms around to get a better signal?" The bottle in his hand tilts slightly, providing a bit of illustration to the suggestion without actually spilling a drop.

Who's that individual over there? You see him, right? The one wearing the three-piece suit, green four-leaf clover lapel pin and has his hands shoved into his pockets? Why, that Wallflower is Victor Shade, the holographic alter ego of the one and only, Vision. The inhuman Avenger is in his civilian guise and he is certainly looking as uncomfortable as he could amongst all the dressed up hubbubbery.

Lillith enters the hilton wearing a off the shoulder black dress that hugs her body, her hair is loose and wavy and she completes the outfit with black heels and a simple diamond necklace. She looks around the place, taking in the surroundings.

Black Widow nods towards Sue as she excuses herself, then turns back to Mike. "I think it's more that my brain is filtering them out, which would make it a neurological issue. I'm not sure waving my arms around would help all that much." she replies, entirely casually. "I'm not complaining, mind you. I'm pretty sure I've heard every possible pick-up line over the course of my lifetime."

"And now I have to protest that you're being a bit unfair with that last sentence." Mike replies, "For it makes me curious, but it ends up being a variation of the one thing you never ask a woman if you wish to live long."

An older, distinguished gentleman rolls into the lobby, escorted by two other gentlemen in suits. They approach the counter, the older one in a wheelchair, the other two walking. The first man may be recognized by some as Charles Xavier, a premiere expert in the field of genetics, and a chief proponent of Mutantkind. He speaks up to one of the staffers of the Hotel, "Excuse me, sir. Our conference room — is it ready?"

Lillith is working the room, smiling and nodding to people as they greet her in turn, during her travels she has managed to get a flute of some liquid or another and is currently sipping it.

Susan Richards talks with someone momentarily, having ended up near the doorway from the banquet room out into the lobby. She hears a slightly familiar voice and glances out to see the Professor there. She steps out to say hello while she has a chance, pulling her white lace shawl a bit higher onto her shoulders. "Professor Xavier?"

Natasha considers for a moment. "Oh, I'm pretty sure I'm right." she says to him after a sip of champagne. Then again, she's had a far longer lifetime than many others. The way he phrases the other comment causes her to smile some again. "That's true. We can be very protective of our ages." Not that she really hides hers since joining the Avengers, but she also doesn't advertise it.

"Sometimes it is best to just let a question remain unspoken." Mike considers, a cursory glance around the room revealing a few newer persons. "It looks as though we have not gone past the 'fashionably' late time window yet."

Charles turns to Sue's voice and crafts what might be perceived as a smile. At the very least it's a polite response. "Hello, Mrs. Richards. How are you today," he asks, reaching down to smooth out wrinkles in the blanket covering his legs.

Susan Richards smiles as she steps closer to Charles. "I'm doing quite well, thank you. Are you here for the police officers' charity banquet?"

Lillith has turned to see Susan and Charles talking with each other, in the mean time she wanders over to Mike and gives him a nod, "Nice party here and it's a good cause is it not" as she looks at him.

Black Widow looks around as well, her sharp eyes picking out the familiar in the room despite all the people. She mmms, then agrees with "I tend to forgive law enforcement of all stripes any tardiness. There tends to be good reason for it." She smiles then on spotting Vision's civilian persona, and waves towards him.

"It was not meant as a slight by any means." And speaking of one of the latecomers, one does walk up to Mike and Natasha. Turning towards Lillith he maintains his smile, "That it is." He offers a hand out towards her. "Mike Hannigan."

Charles Xavier pauses a moment, eyes glancing at all the rest of the people present, and replies to Susan. "Ahh. No. I am here to discuss the reopening of my school with my lawyers." He smiles and his head tilts slightly to the left as he continues, eyes locked on Susan's. "Is Reed well?" he asks.

Lillith takes the hand and shakes it, "Lillith Black; It's a pleasure to meet you". She takes a sip of her drink.

Black Widow turns towards Lillith when she joins them, and smiles. "Hello." she says to the woman as she studies her for a moment. "I believe we've met before."

As Lillith takes a sip and Natasha takes over with introductions, Mike allows for his hand to drop while the other brings his bottle of Guinness up to his lips.

Susan Richards ohs and nods to Charles. "I hope that goes well, then." She then smiles. "Reed is doing well — he and Ben are at home with Franklin. I asked them if they wanted to accompany me, but … well, you know how Reed is around crowds."

Charles Xavier nods to Sue. "That I do. Tell him I said hello. Susan, I have more pressing matters to discuss with you, if you have a moment," he questions. He lowers his gaze slightly, and eyes move off-center as if he were staring into nothing. Susan receives an image of Charles in her mind. He quietly intones a query. "Susan, Prince Namor came to me two days ago saying he had no memory. He asked me for help. I need the biotechology lab in the Tower; it is superior to anything I have in the mansion."

Hey when you are a celebrity it's often somewhat expected, even accepted to be fashionably late. Of course when the celebrity in question is Ben Grimm you can bet that being fasionably late is anything but intentional. That said, Ben apparantly has cleaned up pretty well. Tailored and cut to hang perfectly on his massive form is a crisp black tux, which causes Ben to move like he's incredibly self-concious with every step. "Man… I hate this Monkey Suit…" He says as the host shows him into the ball room where the event is being help. Seeing Suzie, Ben makes his way towards her trying to get to the safe island of familar company. He almost jumps as a server cuts him off to offer a glass of wine…."

"Gah! Oh um… no no thanks.. no wine…" When she says she can get him a mixed drink from the bar, Ben snaps his fingers and says, "Um… how about ya bring me a dirty martini with two olives." There… he's just ordered a stiff drink that won't make him seem like a schlub from Yancy Street. He makes his way behind Suzie and says, "Heya Suze… I made it!" and then mutters somethung under his breath about Reed owing him. He looks up when he sees who Susie is talking to and says good to see you Prof!"

Ben Grimm is hard to miss, of course. Natasha looks over towards him, and gives a fond smile. It does look like an interesting little group there. She turns back to Mike as Lillith moves off again, then asks "How long have you been in the industry?" Music, she likely means.

Mike looks back towards Natasha upon her question. "That would depend." He answers, "The moment I started focusing on music or when I started getting paid decently for it?"

Susan Richards blinks rapidly for a second, still not entirely accustomed to the professor's … less common method of communication. Her confusion is clear, and not just because of the expression on her face. She thought Reed had already started running tests for Namor in an attempt to figure out what caused the memory loss. Could they have butted heads? Again? Hmph. Men. Of course, her brief and mostly amused disdain for mule-headed alpha males doesn't dampen the clear thought: "Of course. Let me know when you'd like to stop by, the lab facilities are always available."

Ben's arrival of course CAN'T go unnoticed, and with a apologetic smile to Charles she hurries over to meet Ben at the door leading from the lobby where she'd been chatting with the professor into the ball room proper. "Ben, you made it."

Ben looks very thankfully to get intercepted by Sue and lead back to where she is chatting with Proff X. There is a sigh of relief, and then a smile of reconition when he catches Natasha's smile. "Heya Natasha!" Ben probably means it to be a discrete gesture, but his rumbling voice rolls across the room like an avalanche. Immediatly making him cringe and look at Natasha apologetically. "So Chuck, how ya been? Runt and Elf haven't been messing up your Mansion have they?" HIs pet names for Logan and Kurt Wagner.

"When you started." Natasha clarifies with a chuckle. "Success is a very relative term, isn't it?" she says then. Some of her attention remains on the others, of course. Just curiosity, really. "I love watching Ben try to make it through an evening in a tuxedo. Is that cruel of me?" she muses aloud.

"Very relative." Mike agrees, head turning to glance in the same direction as Natasha, "That would put it at around nine years." Eyeing the tuxedo he chuckles, "It is a bit odd to see that type of attire on someone of that-" He frowns, trying to come up with the right words to describe it. "Complexion and size. Doesn't seem comfortable."

Charles Xavier furrows brows at Ben's nicknames. He will never understand that level of relationship with his one-time students. It's best that way; a frienship developed into a professional relationship and old days are gone. "Hello Ben, ahh, if it's Logan and Kurt you speak of, I have not seen either in some time. Logan is off doing his own thing as the consumate Lone Wolf and Kurt is in England with his other team." He turns to Susan, replying to her statement on the level of telepathy. "Thank you. I appreciate it."

Susan Richards smiles and nods to Charles. "Of course. Have a good evening, professor." She then looks up at Ben with a smile. "Are you ready to go schmooze a bit?"

The Thing clears his throat as Chuck dresses him down a bit on his informality, "Sorry Professor. I guess that would explain why they haven't come to the game in awhile. If you hear from 'em let them know Grimm was askin' 'bout them…" His blue eyes float to Natasha then as he mentions her amusement at his discomfort. They narrow as if considering how he might get her back for that…. of course those same eyes widing in mild horror as Susan looks up at him and he says, "Schmooze.. um.. yeah I guess so…." Might as well get the hurting overwith soon.

"I'm sure he's not comfortable in the least." Natasha replies to Mike. "This is not his venue. You're welcome to join me, of course, but I really should say hello." Her empty glass is set on a passing tray as she heads towards the others.

"Hmm?" Mike glances to Natasha and nods, the beer bottle remaining in his hand as he has neglected to drink from it much while talking to the Black Widow. "Oh sure. It'll be interesting." He follows along as well. Heading towards the interesting crowd.

Susan Richards smiles up at Ben, putting one hand on his wrist (because he's a bit tall for her to reach his elbow) to lead him into the ballroom proper. She smiles as Natasha approaches, knowing that having friendly faces around will only help make Ben less uneasy. "See? This'll be easy peasy, Ben."

Ben clears his throat and nods, "Natasha, you look lovely as always." See? Ben's being all diplomatic. He nods to Mike who seems to be mingling with her, "Nice to Meetcha, I'm Ben Grimm." he looks down at Susie as if for confirmation he's doing this right.

Along the way, Natasha does look towards Professor X and smiles to him. Not really wanting to talk shop in these surroundings though, she says "Give me a call soon? I'd like to chat." Then, her attention moves back to the others. "You are so sweet, Ben." Natasha replies with him with a bright smile.

"Mike Hannigan." Mike supplies in response glancing to the man in the wheelchair. There is a bit of a pause before recognition sets in. It seems that Mike has an easier time remembering the appearances of women and walking rock piles as opposed to handicapped bald men. Who knew? But still, proponent of mutantkind. That gets a little unvoiced mental yay in Mike's head. He smiles, "Thank you for coming."

Susan Richards gives Ben a chance to say hello to Natasha before saying in an almost apologetic tone, "We need to go say hello to a few people, and then we can come back and catch up. Okay?"

"Nice to meetcha Mike Hannigan." Ben says with a nod of his head. As Susan starts to tug him off to to mingle with others, his Martini arrives he looks to Mike and Natasha and says, "Get the young lady another drink and keep her company so she don't get bored." He leans over then and says to Susie, "You're gonna tell me people I'm s'pose to reconize right?"

"Of course, Sue." Natasha says, then chuckles to Ben's discomfort. "I'm sure you'll be fine, Ben. Don't try too hard to not be yourself. You're great."

"Just do what's comfortable." Mike adds in, sweeping back his jacket to show the less than dressy decorum of the jeans and tee. Musicians. Hah.

Susan Richards nods to Ben. "Of course." So that's what she does, leading Ben in a circuit around the room, introducing him to people with all of the grace and skill of one born to this escheleon of society, and shielding him from the people that would be less than complimentary. This is gonna take a while.

And eventually Ben settles with some of the boys in blue (cops) and red (fireman) that have shown up tonight, and Ben is able to be left safely in there company, so Susie can get back to proper mingling and schmoozing.

Black Widow watches them go, and chuckles a little. "Poor Ben. I think he'd rather be anywhere else. And that includes off in a battle somewhere." Actually, she's pretty sure he'd rather be in battle than a lot of places.

"I can understand that feeling." Mike murmurs, watching as Susan does what she does best and disappears into the crowd with a giant rock man. Mike works on his own disappearing act when it comes to the contents of his bottle. It only takes a few 'sips' as he's accustomed to drinking. A passing waiter's tray soon has a bottle placed upon it and Mike slips his hands into his pockets, glancing to the crowd. "Unfortunately sometimes you're going to have to do some politicing to get some needed things done. I'm not the best with that type of stuff but I even know that."

Black Widow mmms quietly. "I've done my share of it." she says to him. "Politicing, I mean. A necessary evil, but the Avengers have a unique sort of standing. It means knowing how to play nice with others."

Mike nods, "I'm still working on it. Have to relearn some things." With their current placement putting them in view of a certain bar, the wait time for a replacement bottle is not that long. After giving a nod of thanks to the waiter, he glances back to Natasha. "And what about you right now? Dreaming about being elsewhere?"

Black Widow looks around them. "This isn't too painful for me." she replies with a slight shake of her head. "It's my first black-tie even since taking over the team, so if I wasn't here, I'd probably be doing paperwork." she says then with a smile.

"Ah." Mike grins amusedly, "So more of a lesser of two evils thing."

"Something like that." Natasha replies with a chuckle as she takes another glass of champagne from a passing tray.

The bottle tilts as Mike takes another drink of the beer, growing quiet for a few moments. His attention shifts as he hears a familiar voice going "Drago!". Glancing over to see Wade looking right at him from a mass of guests in the need of schmoozing, he cracks a sigh. "Looks like my break is up." He smiles to Natasha, "Again a pleasure to meet you. Please excuse me." Beer in hand he sets forward to rejoin his friend and former band-mate.

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