2011 03 13 Meet The Fantastic Family

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Meet the (Fantastic) family

Namor, Ben Grimm, Mr. Fantastic, Fantastic Woman

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Fantastic 4 HQ

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An anmesiatic Namor 'meets' the Fantastic Family


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-==[ Fantastic 4 HQ - Trophy Room - New York City ]==-----

This part of the 32nd floor of the Baxter Building is taken up by a vast trophy room of sorts, containing all manner of artifacts from throughout this world and others which the Fantastic Four have acquired at one time or another in their various adventures, here on display and in plexiglass cases with small labels. Near the door is a large, palm-size red button. Artifacts here include Dr. Doom's mask, a large horn from Atlantis, Skrull weaponry and uniforms, medals awarded the Fantastic Four in the Microverse, Psycho Man's emotion controller, a damaged and inert DoomBot, and any number of other more or less identifiable relics.

The Thing
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[O] - Fantastic Four HQ - 31st Floor

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Namor stands in front of the horn from Atlantis once again, although he seems more interested in the little plaque detailing where it was found than the instrument itself.

Mr Fantastic comes in from Fantastic Four HQ - 31st Floor Landing - New York City

Mr Fantastic has arrived.

As Namor broods in the Trophy room, specifically over the Atlantean Horn, muffled voices can be heard from the hall, as well as a heavy set of of footfalls. As the automatic doors open with a sigh and a rush of air, Ben's distinct voice starts to echo into the room, "So that's when he says he doesn't have the wings on his ankles anymore! And then I though you could like test his DNA or sumthing, maybe see if there's some answer in there as to what happened to his memories or who futzed with him?"

Namor turns at the sound of voices, then raises an eyebrow at the sight of Mr Fantastic. He doesn't remember meeting him (but then Namor doesn't currently remember anything before the last two weeks). But Mr Fantastic's picture hangs on the walls on a few places in the building.

Alongside Ben is the thin form of Mr. Fantastic. he's nodding as ben fills him in on the situation. "I see…Well, I can certainly try." As the pair enters, Reed gives a tight smile to Namor, just warm nough to be freindly. "Hello, Namor. I'd ask how you are doing, but Ben's filled me in a little bit on what's happened."

Namor returns the greeting with a nod. "Indeed. Everyone seems to think you can help me…" He casts a quick glance at Ben before returning his attention to Mr. Fantastic. He takes a few steps forward, then slowly holds out a hand to Reed.

"Yeah did the seasprayer I set up on the work out equipment make it so you could us it? WOrking out the old muscles is always good for jogging the memory right?" Ben asks, hopefully. Of course nothing else has worked up til this point. "If anyone can help you it's probably Reed yeah. Smartest man alive." Ben says with a proud statement of fact on behalf of his friend, "I've been thinking too, maybe if Reed gives you a clean bill of health we might wanna go looking to get you back to Atlantis and see if that helps your memories."

Mr Fantastic takes the monarch's hand and shakes it. "Of course, Namor. We'll do whatever we can to help you. Ben's right that Atlantis might help regain some memories from familiarity. Another thought is just immersion in sea water in general, that was what restored your memories last time. Have you treid that yet?"

Namor blinks as if surprised, but then nods slowly. "I have - in a manner of speaking." He hesitates before explaining, "I…swam in the waters of the Pacific Ocean before I came to New York. But I was only immersed for a few seconds. Can you tell me more about this 'last time'?"

Ben blinks and rubs his chin, clearly, he'd already forgotten about 'last time' Or he ws on Battle World at the time…. or.. he just fergot. "Well… yanno that's probably something worth trying…"

"The first time we encountered you," Reed explains, "Johnny found you wandering the streets of New York, a homeless man with no memory. After we cleaned you up and shaved off your beard, we recognized who you were from the photo records of the second World War, when you were a member of the Invaders. When we immersed you in the Atlantic Ocean, you regained your strength and your memories. It's certainly worth a try since the ocean rejuvenates you."

Namor nods in agreement. "At this point I'm willing to try anything." He looks down at his own feet, thoughtful. "And this 'last time', did the water also restore my wings?"

Mr Fantastic shakes his head. "Your wings weren't missing last time. It's rather disconcerting that you don't have them now. Let's go to the med lab so i can give you a full examinatino and maybe determine how your wings were removed."

Namor nods in agreement. "Lead the way," he replies, holding a hand out to indicate the door leading back to the hall.

It's only a short walk to the medical lab. And once Mr. Fantastic has Naomr lying down on an examination table, he puts a scanning device over the Atlantean monarch's head. A greenish beam of light envelops Namor's face and Reed goes to examine the wingless ankles more closely to look for any surgical marks left behind.

Susan Richards has connected.

Namor lies on the table and does his best to sit still as he's scanned. The skin over his ankles is unbroken, without signs of of marking. But the bones underneath are different - scans show extra bones, especially where the wings once attached.

Susan Richards is standing well out of the way of the high-tech equipment, knowing that she'd just be in the way. She's tried to stay within Namor's line of sight, though, to offer a bit of reassurance.

Mr Fantastic frowns as he examine's Naomr's ankles. "Fascinating. The wings were removed without any surgical scaring or marks…." he hasn't noticed Sue's arrival yet. "Hmmmm…I'm going to take a skin sample, if that's alright, Namor. It will sting a bit, but there won't be any lasting trauma."

"Of course," Namor replies, trying to relax his legs now. He sits up at the waist to better see what Mr Fantastic is doing, then turns to glance at Sue.

Mr Fantastic stretches a hand out to grab a pistol-like device from one of the benches in the med-lab. He presses the tip against Namor's ankle where the wings would be and pulls the tigger. There's a sharp sting as a small patch of skin is cut away by the mechanism, but a soothing beam of light is then emitted. The light is an energy beam that helps sterlize the wound and create a synthetic covering. Within seconds, there's no evidence of where the sample was taken from. Reed takes the skin sample and places it in a a scanning machine, activating the analysis process.

Namor takes that as his cue to relax completely, swinging his feet off of the table and then sliding so that he's perched comfortable on the edge. "I've been reading reports and archived news stories of — well, of myself." Namor still finds it a bit odd that there is so much news out there relating to his own history that he doesn't remember, and it shows in his voice. "It appears that before my…disappearance, I had started a company. Oracle, Inc. At some point I should contact them, to see if they have any additional information about my condition and how I came to be this way…"

Susan Richards steps closer once Namor's sitting up so she can join the conversation.

"That would be a good idea as well," Reed says as he punches in a few commands on the control system then turns back. He sees Sue standing off to the side and moves to her side. "Hello, Sue. I didn't hear you come in."

Namor looks between Reed and Sue and back to Reed, tilting his head slightly to one side. But he shakes his head slightly and then speaks up. "Well? Anything yet?" Seems while Namor's memories may be gone, some aspects of his personality are still there.

Susan Richards steps over to give Reed a brief hug, keeping the gesture modest. She knows Namor's memories are currently gone, but she doesn't want to flaunt her marriage in front of the man regardless. "I get the feeling that the machines only go so fast, Namor. Sorry."

Mr Fantastic nods. "It will take another few minutes for the analysis to be completed, Namor. Just be patient." He goes back to sit next to the examination table. "It there anything else you might remember? Any clue or scrap of a memory?"

Namor shakes his head. "Nothing before two weeks ago. I awoke in the woods, somewhere in Oregon, with no memory of who I was, where I came from, or even how I got there. Yet I could speak - English, and other languages that I now believe to be Atlantean and Lemurian. I could remember how to read, how to wear clothes and hunt for food…and how to fight." He clenches a fist at that word, then relaxes, before snorting in frustration. "It was only through happenstance that I discovered I could breathe water as well as air!"

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