2011 03 04 Rogue Returns

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Rogue Returns

Rogue & Havok

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Xavier Mansion

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Rogue gets back from walk-about and runs into Havok


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Alex Summers, dressed casually in jeans, t-shirt, and flip flops is found within the rec room lounged upon a sofa watching the news with the clicker in his right hand, a bottle of beer in his left.

Rumor has it that his team, X-Factor, recently went through some crap in Washington. They took out Sinister's 'Nasty Boys' and then went on 'hiatus' (broke up due to the stresses involved). He and Wolfsbane returned just yesterday to the mansion and the professor has given them freedom to lurk.

Rogue isn't quite so simply dressed. She's got on jeans, sure, with heeled boots to match her black v-neck sweater and wrist length gloves. Dark hair with the white streak is loose, a bottle of juice in her hand as she wanders on in. She's been rattling about the east coast a bit as of late, wanderlust still pecking at her.

Drawn away from the switching between Fox and CNN, Alex looks over to the new entry and says lackadaisically, "Hey." just as he pushes the power button on the flat screen to kill the feed.

There's an arch of her brow at Fox, before she's finding a seat to slide into, one leg hooked over the arm of the chair. "Hey yerself." Green eyes slide over him, having heard the rumors.

The bottle moves from drinking to his right hand. Elbow of his left upon the back of the sofa. Two fingertips press into his temple as his head leans toward that hand. "How's Blue Team treating ya?", Alex asks striking up casual conversation about her current position among the X-Men.

Rogue shrugs. "It's a team. Ah've been wanderin' about a bit lately. Gettin' some travel in, not lettin' any grass start growin' around my feet. How ya doin'? Ya don't look too bruised up, so that's good."

"Pretty good." Alex says with a slight nod of his own affirmation of status. Then shifts it back to her with a question, "Where you been 'wanderin'?" asking of her adventures.

A gloved finger toys with her hair, wrapping white against black leather. "Along the coast. Went an' checked out the coast of Maine, took a little jump down to Salem for all the touristy stuff. Just here an' there."

"See any witches?" Alex asks, thinking he's funny but knows nothing of the coven known as the 'Salem's Seven' or all the other threats that exist within that countryside.

Rogue snorts. "Only the self-styled goth kind, Ah think." She's a fine one to talk, in her almost all black today, right? "Still, there were neat tours an' history, an' fun shops an' stuff."

"Sounds nice." Alex notes, actually contemplating the normalcy of it all and how much of an appeal it is to him presently. "So was it a vacation or you thinking of getting out?"

"Vacation. Ah get restless, time to time. But really…Ah don't know where else would be home, after here. There's still so many things to finish." Rogue shrugs, finger letting her hair go before she's opening her juice.

Alex seems to ponder something before speaking again. Takes a drink and then asks, "Finish?" as if he's curious as to what she's implying. The bottle is sat upon his jean leg, still in hand, but will make a circle of wet on the cloth.

"There's always stuff to finish. If ya want it on the grand scale…seein' us all have a place in the regular world. Well, ya could have one, but ya know what Ah mean, right?" Rogue gets a little flustered, drinking jer oj.

Oooh, she means the 'big Xavier picture'. Alex lets out a half smile, silent expulsion of air, and nods, "Oh yeah, that big picture." But he's not inclined to go down the standard pissed off Alex road and bitch about how the world sucks ass. Instead, he keeps quiet.

"Big." Rogue says, mocking herself a little even as she flushes a faint pink. "So, ya restin' up, plannin' out what ya wanna do next?"

A slight shift of posture and a thoughtful inhale precedes his comment. Alex notes, "That's exactly what I'm doing. Doing the whole 'reflection on my big picture' sort of thing and deciding whether or not X-Factor is salvageable. Or if I want to salvage it."

"Anythin' is saveable. If ya want to save it bad enough." There is the fortune cookie wisdom of Rogue, as she looks from her bottled drink to the handsome Havok again.

"Fingertips run though his hair on the left of his head to the back only to scratch or rub the back of his head while his eyes avert downward and to the right while he processes her words - knowing them to be true. "Yeah. Wanting it bad enough. Ya know, it's hard to know my real motivation of leading X-Factor… because I wanted what Scott had or because Lorna was there. Now, neither matter much."

Rogue frowns. "Alex, honey. Don't do something because of Scott. An' Ah know Ah don't have any siblings, let alone one like Scott. But… you should go after what appeals to you, not somethin' ya want because he's got it." She pauses, lips pursing slightly. "Sorry ta hear 'bout ya an' Lorna."

History, it's definitely one thing that the X-Men have with one another. Rogue probably knows just as everyone else that Havok and Cyclops are just as on again and off again as Havok and Polaris. One day everything is peaches and cream, the next it's conflict and angst. At this point, Alex has resolved to disregard both situations and says, "Yeah." as if he half agrees and understands as he adds a slow nod-nod followed by a sigh.

But instead of dwelling, he says in an upbeat tone, "Hey, so. You're back and stuff." trying to cast the conversation her way.

Rogue laughs, shaking her head. "Oh no, honey. Ain't no pryin' into my life. Ain't much worth pryin' into anyhow. Went to a bunch of little towns, some bigger ones. Did the history and tourist thing. That's it."

"Awe come on." Alex pleas for dirt. "How can I live vicariously through you if you're not with the dirt.", then he finishes off the bottle and begins to shift his weight forward with the intent of standing.

Her head tips back, shaking side to side as she laughs. "There /is/ no dirt, Alex. Ah just wanted some time alone, take in new sights. Talk to some strangers, pretend Ah was normal. It's not like Ah could be pickin' up men in bars!"

"That's too bad.", Alex says in humor with a smile, "Then again, you'd break any guy you got hold of." And with that he starts moving as if he's going to be in trouble. Heading for the exit while laughing.

Rogue winks, a smirk curling along her mouth. "Well, anytime ya think you're feelin' up for a try, Alex…" She lets the joking tease drift off. "See ya later."

His hand strikes the door facing as he replies while exiting, "See ya around." and with that he disappears into the depths of the mansion, escaping darker thoughts.

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