2011 03 04 Double Secret Amnesia

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Double Secret Amnesia

Namor and Wonder Man

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Daily Bugle

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Namor causes a disturbance that draws Wonder Man's attention.


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Reports go out of a disturbance at the Daily Bugle. Code Blue. Not an unusual occurrence given the notoriety of the paper and the number of super-villains (and heroes) that have a connection to the place. But tonight Spider-Man and Daredevil are nowhere to be seen, the Fantastic Four haven't shown up yet, and neither have any other likely heroes who would be capable of handling such an emergencies.

"Code Blue. Sweet." Says Wonder Man as he departs Avengers Mansion via his own flight power. He's been needing some 'outside' time and real life encounters as the 'Gauntlet' has gotten old and in need of repair.

Zipping through the buildings, Wonder Man closes on the building in question. His red ionic eyes, hidden behind shades, scan for smoke, fire, or the specific issue during his approach.

No signs of smoke or fire, but the issue becomes pretty obvious once Wonder Man approaches. The front doors to the bugle have been smashed open, one completely off of it's hinges and tossed to one side. A uniformed security guard lies motionless next to that one, and after a quick look it might seem as though he was tossed out from the inside, causing the damage to the doorwat. But no time to dwell on that - shouts and cries come from within, then a tremendous crash.

Wonder Man flies directly through the main doorway with the intent on intercepting the 'threat' within. With one hand forward, the other back in a fist, he intends to close on whom or whatever is causing the problem and put it to a quick end. When he sees the target (if the target is apparent), he'll yell, "Hey Ugly! Pick on someone in your own class!"

Namor stands in the lobby of the Daily Bugle, feet wide apart with arms crossed over his chest. Not in his usual attire, but still recognizable. Around him is chaos - reporters scripting on notepads, photographers snapping pictures, along with a a token onlooker gaping. The security desk is overturned, wires and monitors and a hapless receptionist strewn all over that side of the room. "Bring them to me — now!" Namor thunders. "I will not ask again!! BRING ME" he cuts off, whirling as Wonder Man makes his heroic entrance. "Whowho are you?"

It's a threat of epic proportion… It's Namor of Atlantis. The one who would conquer the surface world, who would bring the invasion of the undersea kingdom, who could sink ships with the flick of his finger, raise typhoons with a thought, and summon forth the Kraken. Oh, what a conundrum, what should Wonder Man do?

With intent written all over his face, Wonder Man reaches to grab the chest attire of the Sub Mariner yet not throw the punch just yet (but maintain the cocked position). His feet will hit the floor and his challenge is this, "I don't know what your problem is, Namor, but you'll stand down or I'll take you down."

Namor grabs at the hand clutching his shirt and tries to free himself. When he can't he tries harder, and even harder. It's a strong grip - maybe not as strong as the Avenger's, but close, and that's pretty rare. "Unhand me! I'll - wait, you know my name?" Namor's manner changes in a moment from angry and imperious to curious. Thoughtful. "Do we know each other?"

Then there's the internal moment of 'crap, I'm not gonna get to punch anyone' that crosses his face as the grip relaxes and Wonder Man starts to put things together, "Not well. But we've met. Lemmie guess, you've got double secret amnesia." which is presented as a humorous slant to his question as he's citing an episode of Futurama.

Namor swats Wonder Man's hand away (after it's already released him). "It's no laughing matter!" He grates. It's about this time that sirens begin to sound from outside. "Bah!" he shouts, shoving past Wonder Man to step outside of the door to the Bugle. "Imbeciles!" he shouts, then storms back inside. "They'll ruin everything!"

After the release, the swatting away. Wonder Man watches Namor pass then seemingly pace as a caged animal would (returning back inside), Wonder Man says, "Dude, chill. I know just the guy for your condition. But you've got to calm down so no body gets hurt, capiche?"

Namor does actually calm down, staring at Wonder Man. "Very well," he agrees, a touch reluctantly. "These fools," he gestures at the reporters, "Won't - or can't - help me. Who is this person you know?"

"Ant Man. He's got the corner on brains in our bunch and he can totally build some anti amnesia ray that'll fix your noodle." is answered by Wonder Man in a lighter, yet informative tone. "He's back at the mansion - so how about you and I jet over there and look him up?"

Namor's expression turns dubious, but he nods. "I suppose it won't hurt to have one more technician working on my condition. I agree to your terms - now, how far is this mansion of yours?"

"Bout 36 blocks north." Wonder Man answers as he glances around with a thumbs up indicating that the situation is getting resolved without any further incident. Then back to Namor, "How about we fly there?"

Namor's expression falls slightly. "I can no longer fly," he murmurs. It seems his memory's not all that was lost. "It's only through archives and NEWS REPORTS," he casts another angry look at the bugle before heading out. "Perhaps you could, ah…give me a lift."

"It'd be my pleasure." Wonder Man says with a smile as he joins Namor in his exit and will address any approaching police with a handwave indication that all is well. "Do you prefer the piggy back or the one arm lift?"

Namor shrugs. "Whatever - just make it fast." He pauses, then adds in a small voice a grudging, "Please."

In an attempt to be as least embarrassing as possible, Wonder Man ferries Namor to the rear lawn of the Avengers Mansion where the Prince of Atlantis will be shown into the mighty halls in search of Henry Pym.

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