2011 02 03 Chance Encounter

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Chance Encounter

Karma and Mike

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Karma and Mike meet


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It's early evening and the weather outside is not what one would call friendly. It's a mixture of snow, sleet and ice. It's enough that most people are trying to make it quickly and safely home, or for those who's homes are far enough away to find shelter elsewhere.

This is what brings Xi'an Coy Manh to Jack's Pub. She is not one who frequents pubs or bars often, but this early evening she finds herself slipping into the warm and dry establishment. She's dripping ice and slush and for a moment all she does is stand near the door, while she tries to shake herself free of the cold and damp.

"Sacre mere." She murmurs to herself, "I wish it to be spring soon."

The weather does indeed have quite a downside to it. With the cold air coming into the bar, it's not all that pleasant to those who were unwise enough to choose seats in close proximity to the door. A head turns, glancing to the offending entrant before glancing back to his drink. Seated a bit further away, taking up a table that usually would be for four but currently is allowing for one, Mike's thrift store jacket and knit cap remain on. Signature hair tucked away as he sits, a hard bound library book resting open as he stabs at a potato wedge resting on a plate before him. A glance is given up towards the door as well before he looks back to the book, jabbing the piece of potato into his mouth for consumption.

As she brushes her coat clear of the clinging snow and ice, Xi'an of course, becomes aware of the offended looks from the people closest to her. She can't help but look vaguely apologetic as she offers a quiet, "Pardon moi."

When her coat is as clear as it can be the Vietnamese woman will glance around, showing a bit of uncertainty as she considers what to do. She's definitely going to stay for a bit to see if the weather clears, but what to do. Her dark eyes flicker towards the bar and then towards the tables in turn. The man with the knitted cap and jacket are given a quick glance but the book is what really draws her attention.

Deciding to strike it towards the bar Xi'an makes her way towards one of the bar tenders, and asks in a polite voice, "Excuse moi, do you perhaps have hot tea available? Or perhaps coffee?" The server bobs his head in acknowledgment and takes off towards the back to fill Xi'an's order. While she waits for her drink she turns again to glance around the establishment. Probably debating where to sit.

There is a feeling one gets when someone is looking at them. Mike has gotten this feeling many times but it comes with the occupation. However, in a quiet environment such as this, away from the context and the attire that would merit the ones he's accoustomed to, blue eyes glance back up towards Xi'an. His chewing slows for a moment, giving a slight nod in greeting before glancing back to his book. Setting his fork down to reach for his coffee.

Once Xi'an's tea has arrived she'll politely thank the server and take saucer and cup with her to an empty table. The empty table that Xi'an chooses is not terribly far from Mike's table either.

When he glances up at Xi'an, the dark-haired woman will offer a faint smile, and when close enough a polite, "Bonjour. Hello."

Once at her table she'll set the cup and saucer down and then wrestle out of her soggy coat. The dripping article of clothing is placed upon the back of an empty chair, likely to dry a little bit before she braves the elements once again.

Mike nods again, "Hello." Reaching for the coffee, he picks it up for a little sip before setting it back down on the table. His other hand reaches a finger over to turn the page and smooth it down, "Nasty out."

Before Xi'an settles in her seat she'll withdraw a cellphone from her coat pocket. It's one of those types that are a combination of PDA, phone and smart-phone in one. She'll gingerly place it on the table top and then tuck herself into the chair. Her fingers will wrap around the warm cup of tea as she considers the phone on the table.

It's only as Mike offers his remark about the outside, that her gaze will be drawn back towards the man and his book. "Oui, yes, it is. I am ready for spring to find it's way to New York City. I think rain is preferable to snow, sleet and ice, non?"

Mike gives a chuckle, glancing to his plate as he secures his fork once more, "I can agree with that. Having the streets clear, empty lots no longer piled up with extra places for people to hide behind…" He stabs another piece of potato, "Rain's the melted, warmer cousin to that trio."

As Mike speaks Xi'an is quick to take a very small sip of her tea. It's only at his mention of people hiding that Xi'an's expression turns slightly puzzled. "To hide behind? I cannot say I find people hiding behind large snow drifts when I am out."

It's clear from her statement that she's completely unaware of who she's speaking with. She is not one who keeps tabs on the famous and infamous and when dressed as he is, it's easy not to realize one is speaking to a famous person.

"Perhaps they hide very well." Mike quips back, shaking his head as he glances towards his book, "But, at nighttime I'd suggest to think of those large people sized snowbanks as makeshift alleyways."

With tea cup half raised to her lips Xi'an once again considers Mike's words, thoughtfully, "I suppose they could be made into makeshift alleyways." With another sip taken the cup will be placed back upon the saucer, as Xi'an's gaze darts back towards the book.

"May I inquire as to what you are reading?" The dark-haired woman asks politely enough, "

Mike reaches over, resting a finger along the page to mark his place in the book before flipping it closed, revealing the protective covered image of a raven over a blue background. A slight swatch of yellow labeling indicative of the book being from a library, but to those who are familiar with how the New York public library does their labeling, not quite using the same type of print or paper. "Complete stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe."

Upon sight of the book cover Xi'an can't help but obviously recognize the author and his work, and when Mike states the title, she'll offer a nod as she smiles faintly, "A good author and book. I have always tried to install in my younger siblings the enjoyment of reading, but they are young enough yet that they simply endure it."

And then realizing that she never introduced herself, Xi'an of course, says, "Pardon moi, I never introduced myself. I am Xi'an Coy Manh."

"Mike Hannigan." Mike offers back, the volume of his voice allowing for the name not to carry much further beyon Xi'an's ears. He cracks a smile as he sets the book back down, opening it up, "Library was pretty much my primary source of entertainment growing up." Eyes glance towards the pages, "This one is my favorite."

"A pleasure to meet you, M'sieu Hannigan." Replies Xi'an promptly and politely.

The tea for now is forgotten at least to drink, but it is still continued to be used as a heat source, as Xi'an keeps her fingers wrapped around the sturdy little cup. "I have often brought my siblings to the library when I used to visit it myself." There's a brief look of sadness that touches her features before it's banished away, "I believe I could stay within the library for hours, and not find myself tiring of looking at the books."

"It is a way to loose track of time," Mike agrees, giving a nod, "I didn't have any siblings so I didn't have the task of trying to get others into it."

"Oui, it is a way to lose time." Xi'an comments in agreement and at Mike's response about not having siblings, Xi'an can't help but offer that faint smile, "That is a shame. Siblings are truly a gift." Her words are quietly spoken but loud enough to carry towards Mike and his table.

Glancing towards the man again and then at his book, Xi'an states, "But truly I am sorry. Please read your book." She'll glance towards her cellphone and shake her head in dismay, "I should be leaving very soon myself. I pray that the wind, snow and sleet have lessened while we have talked."

She'll finish her tea in a few hasty sips and then she's once more rustling in a coat pocket. She'll withdraw a small leather wallet and begin to count bills as she settles her tab for tea.

"Well, Maybe next life." Mike murmurs to the comment regarding siblings as he gives a slight wave, "Nice talking to you. Stay warm out there."

The money is dropped on the table with a sizable tip as well, as Xi'an cocks her head slightly to the side. She may have heard the murmur from Mike but it's clear she didn't hear exactly what he said. At his wave she'll also offer a friendly wave as well, "Merci. You as well for when you brave the outdoors. Bonsoir. Good evening."

And with that said she'll pull on her damp coat and tuck her phone, and wallet back into her pockets, before she heads for the door. She'll glance at the people settled closet to the door, offer another look of apology, and then pull the door open only enough to slip herself outside.

While the door wasn't opened long it was enough that it causes a rustle of cold air to zip around the room, before being smothered by the warmth.

The End

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