2011 01 19 Retribution Failure

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Retribution Failure

Hyperion, Power Princess, Ares, Wrecker, Thunderball, Pile Driver, Bulldozer

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Ares shows himself and is engaged by Hyperion


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Clearly this city block has seen better days. It was only minutes ago that Hyperion and the Power Princess were seen walking along the Lower East side looking for a good place to eat when out of nowhere the Wrecking Crew decided to show up. Canting something about retribution or payback for recent defeats <see bbnews about the defeat of Pile Driver and Thunderball>, the full team of the Crew attacked with intent.

The villains weren't ready for what came to pass. They wholly underestimated the power of Hyperion and never imagined that the Power Princess was any good in combat. Boy were they wrong.

As it stands, Hyperion and Power Princess are standing in the middle of an intersection. The intersection has been drastically changed. Impact craters in the shapes of human figures are filled with the four members of the Wrecking Crew. Unconscious and badly beaten, the villains are down for the count. Street lamps have been torn asunder, empty vehicles cast awry and wrought from the battle. While police have moved the crowds back half a block and other emergency crews are entering the area to take control of the situation.

Hyperion, standing akimbo, looks to the Power Princess, "Good fight, my love. It is always a pleasure to gaze upon your prowess in combat."

Power Princess is still pissed. It was supposed to be a quiet evening out away from PEGASUS, to enjoy a nice meal. And now?

"I've broken a heel." She glares at the badly beaten (arguably: abused) villains. As the EMTs and police hurry in to take over, she considers kicking one of the incapacitated men in the groin. Just because. In fact she is walking over to do just that when a female EMT brushes past her to make sure said villain is still alive and begin checking his vitals. It's all that saves the man's… dignity. She slips the broken shoes off. Somehow she managed to beat down villains in a miniskirt, a bikini top and a trench coat. And only break a heel. No wardrobe malfunctions to be seen. That'll be what the media reports on to be certain.

Walking back to Hyperion she finally smiles. "So.. shall we attempt dinner for a second time?"

Of course it's only moments after that question is asked when there's a loud and harsk /KRAKABOOM!/ of thunder shattering the air. No clouds in the sky, just the hazy grey overcast of winter. Yet then it comes again, an ominous and shattering, /KRAKOOM!/ of rumbling rolling thunder.

Suddenly in the middle of the road amongst the emergency vehicles a swirling and writhing mass of ball lightning manifests. Blackened smoke filtering out of it in wispy tendrils as it grows larger and then in the next instant it explodes with a third and final, /WHARUMMMMMM!/

A burst of smoke or fog slices over the area, a shockwave made visible. Once visibility returns it reveals in the middle of a several inch deep crater a lone man on bended knee with bowed head. He looks up.

Hyperion's eyes are taken from his approaching companion and averted to the presence of the ball lightning, the disruption it is causing as people flee, and then the appearance of the new arrival.

Hyperion notes as he lifts from the ground, "I believe we're going to have to try again, after we dispatch this new threat." - And with that, Hyperion streaks (flying) toward the new assumed threat. His left hand reaching forward, intending to be used to steady the target by the throat, and his right hand recoiled ready to deliver the punch when within range. Hyperion's cape flutters behind him just above his one straight and the other slightly bent legs. And like a streak of yellow and red, he will be upon the new target in the matter of a second.

Power Princess looks up at the seemingly rolling thunder. No clouds. Her eyes narrow in suspicion and she looks around. She does not even flinch as the ball of lightning appears. It's close enough she can feel the latent static electricity generated but she doesn't blink. As the figure appears, she is the surprising voice of reason, "Hyperion. Hold..!"

Still carrying her ruined high heels by the straps with her left hand, she pads barefoot toward her partner and the new arrival. "Let us at least determine the nature of this new unexpected arrival before we pummel him into submission."

A red and gold blur slices across the distance to /slam/ hard into the rising figure of Ares. The great hero's hand grasping the god by the neck and propelling them both backwards at an amazing speed! Debris is sent scattering in their wake, shattering windows and pockmarking buildings in their wake. They crash through an SUV, a sports car, both /exploding/ with the impact.

"So Hades strikes without delay. Good!" Ares' voice is somehow loud, heard over the chaos and the carnage, echoing with reverberation and causing what glass is not shattered to hum. "I will have my vengeance!" And even as those words fall from the god's lips, swirling blackened smoke and blood seem to snake over the man's form, covering him with an intricate suit of arcane armor that flickers with eldritch power.

The fist snaps forwards, and an armored gauntlet somehow manages to _catch_ it in one large hand. "Let it begin here then." and then…

/WHOOM!/ as the two crash hard into the side of a building.

The words of his love are not 'unheard', however it's too late for Hyperion to abort his assault. Though her words may have given him reticence in his blow, allowing Ares to catch the impending fist. Which may be the undoing of Hyperion on this very eve.

The armor is noted, the words of Ares, and the catching of his fist suggest to Hyperion that his initial actions were correct. So instead of halting, his eyes alight with atomic energies and he releases their deadly beams toward the God of War. All the while, part of the building's wall begins to collapse around the two.

The words of his love are not 'unheard', however it's too late for Hyperion to abort his assault. Though her words may have given him reticence in his blow, allowing Ares to catch the impending fist. Which may be the undoing of Hyperion on this very eve.

The armor is noted, the words of Ares, and the catching of his fist suggest to Hyperion that his initial actions were correct. So instead of halting, his eyes alight with atomic energies and he releases their deadly beams toward the God of War. All the while, part of the building's wall begins to collapse around the two.

It is with his attack, Hyperion returns in kind, "Then it /is/ a fight you want. Allow me to accommodate your wishes."

Power Princess sighs. The one time she is not, personally, spoiling for a fight and Hyperion is off charging through the city like a bull in a china shop. Unhurried, she follows the trail of destruction along its straight-line course, all while watching the two begin to duke it out. Boys.

Blood and shadow coalesce amongst the rubble, forming a large circular onyx-like shield upon the fallen god's arm. It serves to deflect enough of the beams away from their target, sending the brilliant ruby beams slicing through the floors above. "No, creature! It is not a fight I want. It is _carnage_ it is /MAYHEM!/" And when he says that a great armored gauntlet draws back, unleashing a blurringly fast strike at Hyperion's jaw.

Should it connect he will rise slowly from the creaking rubble, not pressing the attack for now, but instead roaring with a voice that shakes the walls, thrumming with rage and with grief. "Were you the one! Were you the there when they burned my son! Tell me it is so and I will end your suffering quickly!"

Being struck in such a manner - with a force that knocks Hyperion back into the side of a nearby mini van. Hyperion touches his jaw where he was struck and smiles thinking that he's found someone he can really open up on. But that smile quickly fades as his expression turns to concern and question.

Floating up and away from the crumpled mini van, Hyperion lingers two feet off the ground, both legs straight, toes pointed downward. His arms loose, but slightly bent at the elbows and hands rising as if he's soon to do something, but unsure as to what. Though, instead of another assault, Hyperion asks, "What are you talking about?" as he realizes that there's more to this fight than just a fight - which he would have been more keen upon. But there's always the villain soliloquy that all hero must endure.

Power Princess watches the two and walks closer as the two break apart with the blow landed on Hyperion. "Who are you?" She is looking at Ares at the moment. She's been impressively self-restrained so far. But she is going to get really angry in a moment if this doesn't stop. And then everyone's gonna be sorry. "Before we destroy the rest of this city, identify yourself."

Slithering tendrils of shadow writhe and grasp at the ground as the armor seems to breathe upon the god's form. Small spattering droplets of blood fall from the joints, only to hiss and steam as they contact with the earth. Ares brings the shield up before him, snapping it into place with military precision as he casts his hand back. A great long-bladed spear seems to form around his hand, a dark thing seemingly carved from the ribcage of a great creature.

"Now you feign innocence." His voice is no longer the booming voice of command, it is malice made to sound and dripping with rage. "Now that you find I will not be as easy prey as a child. His name was Alexander. He was the son of War. It is his name I will shout to Olympus as I stand upon your corpse."

Yet his words, his movement is arrested when Power Princess steps in the way. His eyes narrow, the spear held at the ready. "I am Ares, God of War, Now of Olympus." He looks between the two warily.

Hyperion pauses, yet stays at the ready. He considers the answer of the man which claims godhood and questions, "What do you want here, Ares, God of War?"

Power Princess regards Ares, "Ares, God of War. I am Power Princess. This is my man, Hyperion. We are members of Squadron Supreme. We seek to protect this city and this world from injustice - such as that you speak of. We had nothing to do with the death of your son and would have sought to prevent it had we known and been present. Whether you believe us or not, I do not care. But you will not continue to attack us without consequence or wasted energies upon the wrong targets."

The shield is held in hand, unwavering. The glowing red eyes of the god before them shifts between the two of them, barely perceptible to anyone except for beings such as them. The spear tilts back, shaft resting upon the ground as he straightens from his crouch, the shield resting at his side.

"If what you say is true then there is no blood to be had between us." His tone is level, gravelly, filled with a promise of the grave and edged like a blade. "If you lie then you only delay your death. I /will/ find the truth." But for now that should serve as he does not move to attack again.

Seeing that the threat and potential battle that promised to be epic has passed, Hyperion descends and touches down onto the ground to the left of the Power Princess. His arms cross over his broad chest and though disappointed, Hyperion asks, "This person, or people who took your son's life, any leads on their whereabouts or who they may be?"

Power Princess moves to stand beside Hyperion, letting him ask his questions as she regards Ares in silence otherwise. She doesn't smile; it isn't a happy occasion. Even she can sense the pain and anger in the man/god for the loss of his son.

The rage seems to drain from him as he realizes that these two are not at fault for what has passed. There is a sense of utter control, slipping over his manner as he draws full rein upon that wild anger of his. He takes a deep steadying breath, armor creaking faintly even as more debris from the shattered building falls behind him.

"The one responsible is my uncle, Hades. I know exactly where he is and shall face him soon." Though he may have accepted their intentions for now… the armor and weaponry remain manifest, no chances taken.

"Then you should take the fight to him, not to the innocents of this wondrous city." Hyperion notes as if Ares didn't already know. Then as his arms unfold, Hyperion feels that the conflict is coming to a close and his feet will lighten as he once again begins to rise but only an inch or two from the ground.

Power Princess looks to Hyperion and comments, "You did attack him first." She shakes her head, "You did not take the time to address him and determine if he was friend or foe. Only attack." It's something she would do. Amazing it didn't happen this time.

Perhaps he feels it is not worth arguing about, as this is not furthering his goal at the moment. He squints at one, then the other, and slowly the armor fades from him. At first the plates and chain flicker, becoming misty once again, then slowly they dissipate until after a time only what is left is an older man looking haggard and grim.

A nod is given towards Hyperion, then to Power Princess, almost something akin to a bow. "My fight is in the underworld. I will make ready." That having been said he starts to step forwards, out of the rubble… and past them.

With a glance to the passing Ares, Hyperion hears the words of his companion and suppresses a smile. Though he offers no words in contradiction or agreement, instead he asks, "Italian?" following upon the previous conversation of dinner.

Power Princess regards Ares and nods. "Then we wish you fortune in your journey and success in your battles, Ares, God of War." She turns back to Hyperion. "You owe me a new pair of heels." It's his fault they're broken.

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