2011 01 18 Keeps On Rolling

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Keeps on Rolling

Spider-Man, Stilt-Man, Big Wheel

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Hell's Kitchen

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Stilt Man and Big Wheel try to steal something, Spidey prevents.


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Middle of the night, overcast, - when else do the criminals come out - somewhere in Midtown. Metallic telescoping legs reach upwards of 250 feet toward a torso of the same silvery metal. The feet beneath stand atop a ledge of one of the older buildings giving Stilt-Man a vantage of the 30th floor. His shielded eyes peer through electronic enhancements that allow him visualizations beyond the normal visual range. Peering through a window, he seems to be focused on one thing within the room beyond. The room is darkend, unoccupied, and business in nature.

At this time of night the city, if not asleep, is quieter than it is during the day. There's still the traffic noise, the drone of distant barges in the river, an errant helicopter thup-thup-thupping its way out of Manhattan. It's the time of night when most of the denizens are settled and in bed for the next day.

For Spider-Man, his night's just getting started.

It began with him swinging past a tall apartment building. Pausing only long enough to give a wave towards some shouting college kids as they hollar,

"Hey Spidey, way to go!"

"You're the best Spidey!"

. o O ( Kinda nice to get some recognition for once. Careful Parker, down that path lies a swolled up noggin. Then again, not so bad to… the heck? )

His flight is arrested by catching sight off to the side, little more than a large silhouette standing in front of the mirrored glass of a skyscraper. Spider-Man shoots out a second webline, letting go of the first to rapidly alter his trajectory, sending him flying through the air in the direction of that tall weirdness.

Stilt-Man maintains his voyeuristic vigil. He doesn't move, so inside that mechano helmet of his are processes being processed, ideas passing, and perhap him considering option A, B, C, or D. Either way, he's oblivious to the swinging spider.

Of course that's the moment when Spider-Man appears right behind him, hanging upside down from a dangling webine attached to a flagpoe. His voice lifts as he says, "Heya Stiltsy," Spidey's just out of reach, but close enough to be heard pretty clearly. "I'm sorry if somebody forgot to tell you, but I'm patrolling this route these days. If you like we can wait for somebody more your speed to show up to bust you. Like Mighty Mouse, or Under Dog, or the Human Torch."

Turning at the torso, his legs pivot so that the Stilt-Man is able to face Spidey squarely. "Spider-Man. Haven't you something better to do than harass hard working, decent people?" which is said in a slightly annoyed voice, as if he was being disrupted or taken away from something important. Both arms cross over his chest in defiance.

"Well actually kinda yeah, but just you know… here I am swinging about doing my own business when I see this known criminal guy stomping around in power armor. Albeit, goofy power armor, but power armor nonetheless." Spider-Man tilts his head to the side as he considers the tall fellow, "What are you up to Stiltsy? Any way I can convince you to take off the suit and settle down?"

A smirk graces his lips and the sound of a scoffing humph is emitted from Stilt-Man's throat. "It's none of your bees-wax, Spider-Man. Can't a guy just go out for a evening stroll without having some sell proclaimed Super-Hero show up to give us a few /words of advice/? Please, just go on about your business and if I need you I'll give a yell. Something like, 'help, Spider-Man, help'." <the latter said in a girlish voice as if Spidey saves damsel's in distress.

"Yeah, uhh. No, can't really. But hey if you like I can just call the cops and they can check out if it's okay to go strolling with a few tons of crazy strapped to your legs," With that said, Spider-Man does indeed pull out a cellphone, though it seems a touch strange looking in some ways.

It flips open and he hits a button, then a few more. He then gives a small, "Heh. Psylocke sent me email. That's so cool." He hits another button.

"Seriously?" Stilt-Man says in a put off tone. Then the exposed part of the helmet (mouth are) is shuttered as he begins to say, "BW, Let's roll this Spider…" and no longer can his voice be heard. On the contrary, a hissssssing noise can as three tiny holes in his armor release a knockout gas in his general area. Gas that could knock out Spidey if he stays close.

In other news, below on the street, Big Wheel is seen rounding a corner and gets half a block away rolling toward the building that Spidey and Stilt-Man lurk. Missile launchers are extended from either side of Big Wheel's axel and are taking aim at Spidey.

"See now I can beat you senseless free…" Spider-Man starts to say even as he gets a whiff of the gas. Perhaps on purpose, perhaps not, he lets go of the webline and abruptly /drops/. Falling, falling quickly, Spidey's form dropping faster and faster. He shakes his head a few quick times… and then when it seems like he's almost going to reach the point of no return…


A webline shoots out and to the side, arresting Spidey's fall and converting that kinetic energy into speed. He twists through the air, another line firing as he starts to get a bit of altitude. "Alright, now I'm annoyed."

That's when the two micro missiles are released and start streaking toward the falling and then swinging spider. Locked on, they are. Moving at incredible speeds. The micro missiles can shatter reinforced concrete and put a dent in a tank. They have the intent of drawing close to Spider-Man and then exploding casting a shockwave up to 20 yards away.

Big Wheel continues to zoom toward the building that Stilt-Man stands upon. Stilt-Man disregards Spider-Man's fall and turns back to the window in question. His fists penetrate the window, telescoping within.

Spider-sense _howls_ in Spider-Man's mind as the twin missiles follow after him, dual contrails streaking after across the sky. Perhaps the gas has made him lose a step, or perhaps he even made the mistake of underestimating the two villains. Whatever the case, he's fully defensive right now, the fight dictated by the attackers.

He darts through the air, cutting a clean arc through the sky as the two missiles home in. He abruptly lets go of the line, dropping down as he narrows his body's silhouette to make the drop all the faster. The two missiles burst with a loud /WHUMP!/

The shockwave sends Spider-Man falling… falling, to SLAM hard into an industrial air-conditioner and roll across the rooftop where he comes to rest for the next few moments.

Stilt-Man's body is propelled into the room, his legs extending a few more feet giving him the ability to reach what ever he was investigating earlier.

Big-Wheel is heard slamming into the building wall with which Spider-Man landed, rockets fire and spikes extend from the boarder of the wheel to allow him to begin his ascent. He'll reach the top in a matter of seconds <next round>.

Propping himself up on his elbows, Spider-Man wipes a forearm over where his mouth would be behind his mask. His eyes narrow, though to look at him one couldn't tell. He flips to his feet quickly and says low, "Alright, no more Mr. Nice Spider."

Before Big-Wheel gets there, Spider-Man's already leaping up both hands reaching and grasping the wide spigot of a water-tower that perches upon the edge of the rooftop. He kicks back with one boot and causes a deluge of water to start spilling out straight at where Big-Wheel should come up. There's no witty remark right now, he's already moving, leaping to the side. Whether the water tower is some prelude to an attack or a distraction is hard to tell.

Ten feet before the Big Wheel reaches the edge of the building, water begins flooding down over him. There are many questioning curse words as he tries to modify his ascent only to be cast backwards by the pressures. He hits the afterburner button and causes him to fly outward from the building and upward some 20 yards above the rooftop. This is a problem, because when he reaches the apex of the ascent, he is over the middle of a street and will freefall down. Big Wheel is not at all happy.

Meanwhile, Stilt-Man has pilfered what he was going for and starts to retract from the window. His torso and head emerge and he begins to rotate to investigate the scene beneath. Within his arms is a small safe (1x2x1ft) which has been ripped from the inside wall.

It's right then, right there when Big-Wheel is at the height of its arc. That's when Spider-Man strikes, both webshooters lift to fire weblines straight at the bottom portion of the Big-Wheel. When it hits its apex he /yanks/ hard upon the lines to try and pull the bottom half of the wheel towards him, in effect turning it on its side so that when it hits the ground far below… it hits on its side instead of where the shocks should be.

Gyros are a great thing, not the food (albeit they too are pretty good) but the mechanism that keeps a spinning object upright in opposition of gravity or other forces. Luckily, the Big Wheel has them and they resist the pulling of outside forces, namely Spider-Man. However, he's not without considerable collateral damage.

With Spidey's pull, the Big Wheel is cast downward at a higher rate and at an angle that produces a heroically favorable effect. The wheel strikes the ground hard putting a dent in the pavement. It skips, then losing control, the Big Wheel careens into the side of another building - crashing through the front windows and shattering the unoccupied interior. That coffee shop will never be the same again, and the Big Wheel is temporarly out of comission - until he can get unstuck.

Meanwhile, Stilt-Man sees the going's on and the potential loss of his partner in crime. Instead of rendering aid, he turns and will make a striding attempt at escape in a perpendicular fashion down a side street.

There's a quick burst of webbing sent to the back of the coffee-shop, just to try and put a further obstacle in the way of Big-Wheel getting out of there, time is what's needed. Hopefully that'll buy enough for him to get back or for the cops to show up.

Without any further hesitation, Spider-Man spins and breaks into a run. Even before he reaches the edge his arm shoots up and a web-line fires, helping him lift right off of there and swing after Stilt-Man. He's pushing for speed now, hurtling himself bodily forwards, at times almost throwing himself through the air like a spider-projectile in a race to catch up to the tall adversary.

Stilt-Man can run upwards of 55mph when he gets in a straight line and going. This is his intent. He wants to escape. Stepping over and onto various vehicles that are parked on the side of the street. Crushing the hood of a taxi cab and missing the street lights or anything that may extend overhead.

The Amazing Spider-Man has at times been able to surpass that speed, but his speed is dependent on a lot of things and some of it is just plain luck. He lets go of a webline giving his leap just enough of an arc so he can barely make it over a gravel rooftop. He dives off the edge, shooting out another line to catch a radio tower and /snap/ himself forwards like a zipline, hurtling between the large iron legs of it. He swings alongside a skyscraper, letting go of the line yet then breaking into a sideways run along the windows of that building, jumping off at the last moment as he loses momentum. All of those tricks, all of those little acrobatic gimmicks he's picked up over the years to help him get through the city, he's digging deep for them right now.

The island isn't that wide, and Stilt-Man is running westward toward the Hudson and Jersey. He passes through Hell's kitchen, passes a few brownstones and then suddenly the western bank with it's piers that jut out into the river where small watercraft are moored. He steps onto a boat, crushing it and pushing it into the depths. His other step then extends deeply into the water of the Hudson finding footing and not letting him tumble forward.

"All out of roofs," He murmurs to himself as he lands at the last brownstone, so close. He needs a second, something. Spider-Man's gaze slices to the side and he espies the emergency barrels that line the roadways. Two weblines shoot out, thip-thwap and attach to a pair of them. Like a red and blue David getting set for a goofy Goliath, Spider-Man uses his considerable strength to /heave/ and swing those barrels full of sand around once… twice… then _hurtles_ them straight at Stilt-Man. Maybe it'll be enough to make him lose a step, to lose balance, to give a chance for Spidey to make his way to that villain as quickly as possible.

Stilt-Man never saw them coming. Never imagined that Spidey would throw anything at him. He's slammed hard. Causing him to fall foward with a huge 'kersplash!' into the murky depths of the Hudson. Sinking within the dark waters, Stilt-Man's shiny suit disappears from sight.

No no, not that easy. Not this time. Spidey lands heavily upon a two-seater paddleboat, balancing precariously in the middle of it between two terribly surprised tourists. His voice lifts, "Sorry folks, remember to tip your parking attendant."

That said he /leaps/ off into a nearly perfect dive over into the water. /SPLOOSH!/ He swims quickly, like a… like a spectacular spider-fish! Hard to see in the murky water, but one benefit of the river, the knockout gas probably won't work too well. He swims down after Stilt-Man, trying to find a gleam of steel in all the muck.

The depths of the Hudson reach to 100 feet (shipping). And upon its floor Spidey can see the glow of Stilt-Man's illuminated half face behind a clear shield that provides protection from drowning. He's laying on his back and seemingly struggling with activating his power armor - tapping upon his left wrist's control panel.

The glow of the control panels definitely help. He swims over in that direction, bubbles of carefully controlled exhaled air drifting back over his shoulder as Spider-Man moves. He draws up behind the fallen and takes up a position to try and force open the cockpit to get the villain free of the armor and clear of danger.

With Stilt-Man on his back, in the depths, the 'behind' is difficult. Subsequently, Spidey will notice immediately that grabbing hold of the armor is nigh impossible. It's cling resistant - frictionless coating (an anti-Spidey measure). And hand holds aren't readily available.

Stilt-Man will notice the proximity of the spider and look up at him with a scowl. In addition, there's no safe in sight. It too has sunk to the unseen depths. There's a noise emitted from Stilt-Man. Obviously words as the villain tries to speak under water, but it is only projected in muffled unintelligible utterances. Essentially a warning. Another button is pushed on the console and the power suit seems to spark to life. This will pose an immediate danger to Spider-Man in subsequent seconds; if Stilt-Man is able to grab him beneath the waves, the Spider-Man drown.

And almost as if in return Spider-Man issues a warning of his own, but this time it's from him drawing back his fist and slamming it hard into that dome of a cockpit though perhaps the effort isn't to break it open like some big egg shell, but more to send a loud, 'WHONG!' of sound echoing back and forth inside that cockpit. He's able to tread water at least for now, trying to keep ready for whatever tricks the Stilt fellow might have ready.

And a resonating 'WHONG!' there is as Stilt-Man is seems to cringe with the horrendous noise produced within his dome. The look on his face reveals the trauma imposed while both arms reach upward toward Spidey trying to grab and or fend off the attacker.

A kick of his legs moves Spider-Man just out of reach, but he's sure to remain enough within view to hold up a bewebbed had to waggle a finger back and forth at the fallen supvervillain, as if admonishing him. Then the attempt at sign language continues as he points straight at Stilt-Man, then jerks a thumb towards himself as if telling him, '/You/ are coming with /me./'

The extended legs of the fallen Stilt-Man retract rapidly and he begins to roll over to his left. He'll use his arms to raise up onto the bottom of the river to face Spidey. Once erect, Stilt-Man shakes his head and looks as if he's about to cut his losses and make for it.

And with that decision made Spider-Man thrusts with both legs, pushing himself into motion to start swimming around Stilt-Man, and with each circle the blue and red fists begin to fire over and over into the globe helmet of the height-accentuating supervillain. He's trying to hit the pilot inside with another /WHONG!/ and another… building up to a crescendo of sound where hopefully the man will finally give and pop the canopy.

The attack does cause Stilt-Man some grief, but only serves to cause him the desire to flee. His legs suddenly telescope driving his torso upward and out of the water 100 feet above. Even as they're telescoping, his right leg takes a stride forward clearing some distance from Spidey, but the left is still within reach - albeit frictionless.

The lack of air is starting to get to him, especially after all that exertion of moments ago. Spider-Man kicks his legs, starting to rise upwards, steadily upwards. It seems like an eternity even though it's only a handful of seconds. It's enough time for the Stilt-Man to start to get some distance from him, and once Spidey breaks the surface he has to take a few moments to lift his mask from his mouth. He's breathing heavily, coughing, spitting out the brackish water. He turns in place, bringing up an arm and a web-shooter to aim at the retreating villain. He keys the trigger…


Only to have it fail to fire.

Annoyed, Stilt-Man wants nothing more to do with Spider-Man. He lost his prize, he lost the fight, was knocked over like some domino, and some of his equipment will need repair. He is last seen striding away across the Hudson to rise upon the Jersey shores.

Meanwhile, Big Wheel remained stuck within the coffee shop. Police arrived on the scene to apprehend the villain and take him away for processing.

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