2011 01 17 Swinging Into Action

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Swinging into Action

Spider-Man, The Fixer, The Eel

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Seaport, Manhattan

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Spider-Man foils the Fixer's plans.


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The middle of the night. New York never sleeps. Especially the shipping district. Here, there is always something going on. Container being moved here, another there. Ships linger against piers as they are being loaded or unloaded. Business as usual. The highest structures (cranes) loom over the area and perform their tasks from hundreds of feet above.

Work is suddenly disturbed with a series of events. First of which is a man is seen running across the deck of a cargo ship. Running for his life. Behind him is the Eel who yells, "Oh come on, you're running?" who subsequently discharges a bolt of electricity that not only strikes the fleeing target, but also illuminates the area. That illumination distracts a crane operator who hits a lever which causes half of the shipping container to break free (it's clamped in four places - two are released). The container swings downward toward the ground, toward workers 100 feet below who all look up in terror seeing their lives flash before their eyes. The container does NOT fall, but it may if something isn't seen to it asap.

Two of those workers leap to what they think is safety, however they find that they've jumped in front of a tractor trailer (semi) which then cuts to the left to avoid them and drives directly toward the edge of the pier. Where the front left wheel jumps the railing and then comes to a stop as the cab of the semi dangles over the edge. The trailer of the semi saves it from falling, at least for now.

At first it was that tingling agitation of Spider-Sense. Just a steady humming flicker at the back of his mind to let him know that something… was up.

Flashing through the air, leaping through a smooth somersaulting twist that he extends fully for, The Spectacular Spider-Man reaches out with one hand and fires another webline. It snares the corner of a building and arrests his fall to snap him forwards at great speed. Giving him just long enough to shift direction in the way of those flashes of light.

With a light thip-thap of sound, Spider-Man lands upon the lip of a building, being able to get a good eyeball of the situation as it begins to occur. Crouched on the edge, balanced on the balls of his feet with his elbows on his knees, he's got almost a front row seat for the mayhem.

"Oh boy." No pithy comment for now. It's madness down there and he has to react quickly!

Leaping into the air his webline /THWIPS/ to snare one of the cranes, giving him enough of a swing to get over towards the endangered one and its shipping container. He lands upon the arm of the crane, and hopefully before too many people notices his arrival he starts to web up a make-shift support or cradle for that container to hopefully make sure it doesn't fall. If that gets down the next priority is the trailer and the driver.

Behind the Eel, several yards atop the cargo ship. A shipping container has been opened and within the assumed light from an arc welder is cast. Giving irregular and random illumination to the immediate area.

The Eel himself closes on his fallen and electrified target. Just to inspect that the once fleeing man is unconscious. He smiles behind his mask once he's assured that there will be no more running and then turns his attention to the going's on atop the concrete of the docks. He takes note of all that has unfolded below.

However, the arrival of the Spider doesn't bode well for his mood. He calls over to the open shipping container, "Fix, we've got company!"

The arcing of electricity stops and the Fixer emerges from the container to see what's going on. His shadowed eyes spy the web slinger and says, "Take care of him. I'm almost finished here."

Below, the semi teeters on the edge of falling into the cold waters of the bay. The metal strains to maintain coheasion. Workers, seeing that the driver is in need begin to rush over to the semi to render aid. But they won't be strong enough to stop the semi from falling in moments to come.

His web-shooters fire a steady stream of fluid, serving to give that container long enough for the men beneath to get clear. "Move it fellas, this won't hold forever!" No need to be quiet now that the bad guys have seen him. A quick glance is shot over in their direction, then his eyes snap to the semi.

For now the heist is on the back-burner. Right now that semi-driver is the most important thing to Spider-Man. Leaping off the crane in almost a swan-dive, he shoots out a webline then snaps his arm back to /zip/ forwards, hurling his body towards the endangered truck almost like a Spidey projectile. He lands with a roll, coming to his feet almost instantly and running towards the cab. "I got this guys, you get clear. Call the cops!" Sure chances are they've already been notified, but no harm in making sure. In the next few moments it's clear Spidey's going to try and tear that door off its hinges and then spider-line that guy out of there, hopefully before the truck teeters over the brink.

The Eel replies to his cohort, "You got it, boss." while looking down at the tractor-trailer Spidey just landed on. The mask is distorted once again as he smiles and charges up for another blast. Standing at the railing of the cargo ship, the Eel has a clear line of sight of Spidey below. Taking the advantage, the Eel releases his electrical charge. Casting it toward Spidey - but he really doesn't even have to hit his target, since his target is in contact with significant amounts of metal beneath his feet.

Meanwhile, the workers come to a halt seeing Spidey and hearing his words. It's not every day that someone gets to see a famous super hero.

While high above, the crane operator is radioing in that Spider-Man secured the shipping container, but they're still in need of help.

There's that blazing clarion trumpet of his spider-sense suddenly /wailing/ in his head. The door's already off its hinges, the webline's already fired attaching the driver to Spider-Man. Yet then in that moment the webslinger's head snaps around to focus fully on The Eel.

"Hang on, buddy!" That's all the warning the driver gets as suddenly he's _yanked_ out of the cab and is flyyyying, trailed along behind Spider-Man as the wallcrawler /Leaps!/ for that crane's cabin. The vigilante's flight is aided by twin weblines firing, smacking wetly upon the windshield of the crane even as the world below explodes with a burst of electrical power. /ZZZAaaaAAATT!/

Trying to swing the driver up and into the arms of the worker up there, Spider-Man snaps out a quick request, "You get this guy outta here, I've got to deal with the catch of the day." That said he backflips off of the crane to perhaps dissuade Eel of firing at the crane itself.

The Eel curses behind his mask at missing the bug. He moves to the right (away from the crate that the Fixer is in) and leaps atop another shipping crate to get a better vantage point (also to clear out of any direct attack that may be coming).

While within the shipping crate in question, more arcing of electricity can be seen and heard.

Off in the distance, sirens are heard.

The crane operator sees to the truck driver's needs. While many eyes watch from below.

"Yah know, here I was hoping it'd be a quiet night," Spider-Man lands upon the edge of one of those containers, closer now to Eel and his comrade. "Here I had my copy of The Real Housewives of New York Season 1,"

He /leaps/ to the side, snaring one of the long crane cables and kicking it into motion so that it aids him in swinging just a smidge closer while he maintains an evasive posture. "Had my box of gourmet cocoa. And what spoils it?"

Abruptly he's now dangling upside down over Eel, looking upon the villain with those reflective lenses in his mask, "A low-rent Electro and his sidekick. I mean really, and Electro's not what you'd call swank by any means."

This infuriates the Eel. Who takes a random swing at the spider. A swing that arcs with electricity (not projected, contact damage). "You'll pay for that!" is yelled as the Eel lashes out.

It's just enough of a tingle of spider-sense that Spidey's able to twist and drop to the ground ducking under the punch while at the same time lashing out and upwards with a boot heel straight to the fellow's sternum, "Probably not as much as you paid for that suit. But then again, you did overpay."

Making contact with an electric eel…. The Eel is struck. But being charged means that Spidey will stand a chance of feeling the reciprocal of the kick. Contact will provide an electrical shock of several million volts (like a suped up stun gun).

Though, the kick will also send the Eel flying backwards into the nearby wall of another adjacent shipping container. With an OOF, the Eel will be pissed off, slightly injured, and will want payback.

/ZORCH!/ Spidey's kicked back by the whip-crack snap of that electrical discharge. It's enough to send him flying backwards and over the edge of that container skidding and falling to land… right in front of The Fixer's container.

He shakes his head, trying to snap back to the here and now. "Note to self, touching electric eels is bad." He looks up and in that slim moment of realization he adds, "Oh, hey Fixer. Don't uh, suppose you'll surrender?"

The Fixer is located in the middle of the shipping container. Between the Fixer and Spider-Man is a tracked vehicle about the size of a Smart Car. The vehicle rolls forward into the light under the Fixer's control. Atop the vehicle is a rocket, so the vehicle itself is a rocket launcher. The rocket is about the size of a stinger missile.

The Fixer wears a grin as his right hand taps into the console mounted onto his left wrist. "Greetings Spider-Man. So glad you could join us on such a brilliant occasion. Allow me to introduce to you the Gamma Mark 8, rocket propelled missile. And yes, you heard right, /Gamma/. By my calculations, this missile will explode and release enough Gamma Radiation into upper Manhattan that will cause significant mutations and give the Avengers something to occupy themselves with while my associates handle phase two of this evening's mission. It's too bad you won't be around to witness Phase 2. It will be spectacular. Yet, your death will be even more-so."

With the conclusion of his diabolical speech. He pushes a button that projects a cone of Sonic Energy toward Spidey. It's projected from the right mount upon his chest armor. The sound can rend soft metals and is significantly loud and disorienting. If he hits, Spidey could be blasted into next week.

As the villain starts to rattle off his plans, Spider-Man's already sliding back… sloooowly back and a little to the side. He gets his elbows under him to prop himself up and then the flashing lights begin to fade. Another short sharp shake of his head is enough to get him back fully aware just enough for the tail-end of the speech… and then the Fixer moves to fire the sonic-ray!

There's a double /THWIP!/ heard as he fires both web-shooters, aimed at the techno-villain's boots and seeking to _yank_ the man's feet out from under him even as Spidey rolls to the side, narrowly avoiding the WHUM-WHAM! of the sonic ray slamming into the ground beside him and shattering it into debris.

Snapping up to his feet, Spidey takes a quick instant to try and get a handle on the bad guy's plan. He lifts his voice, "You know I'm getting tired of you tech guys. First Tinkerer, then The Eel, and now you. Would be nice to fight someone like Luddite Man, so nice. Tinkerer's plan was way better than yours by the way."

Spidey's webbing strikes the boots of the Fixer. While the blast of Sonic Energy strikes the deck of the ship, it begins doing damage. Then with the pull of the webbing, falling back of the Fixer, the sonic ray strikes a nearby container, then fires directly upward into the lid's edge of the container the Fixer was emerging from. However, being a cone, the sonic attack also strikes the tracked missile launcher. Causing it to misfire.

With a loud beep, then the missile's rocket's projecting FOOOOOOOSH, the missile streaks from the launcher into the sky above the docks.

The sonic emitter cuts out. The Fixer, on his back but seeing the happenings, begins to laugh, "hahahahahahahah! You have failed Spider-Man, Failed!"

"No!" Spider-Man turns, twisting abruptly to follow the blazing flaming path of the missile bursting forth from the container and streaking up into the sky. It's a split second decision, has to be made before the rocket is too far gone. It all happens in a blur.

For the wallcrawler time seems to slow down. He turns quickly, one splay-fingered hand snapping up to fire a glob of webbing at Fixer. First step. Buy some time.

Then he has enough time to take one step… moving in slow-motion, the rocket seeming to get farther and farther away… another step… he leaps, reaching to plant a foot on a fragment of container… another step and he is leaping into the air.


A webline fires, the snapping tendril slicing through the air to latch onto the side of the missile even as it lifts up up up. Now dragging its human cargo of Spider-Man, dangling upon that thin web. He swings along madly behind it, then the line starts to snap as the kiss of the rocket's engine flare begins to burn it. There's another /Thwip!/ and another as he secures a line each time one is damaged and slowly begins to make his way closer to the weapon of mass destruction. Already the docks are receding smaller and smaller behind him.

Spider-Man pages: The webbing is mainly because he assumes Fixer has a kill switch and would throw it to kill him on the rocket. not enough webbing to stop him from escaping.

Behind the wayward careening Spider, the villains reunite and make their hasty retreat, intending to flee the scene with utmost haste.

Beneath, police cruisers scream onto the scene. Emergency crews will handle the cleanup.

And in front of Spidey, the missile, streaks northward with the intent to strike the Upper East Side.

With a straining striving pull of both arms, Spider-Man's able to draw himself inexorably forwards and finally attaches a sticky-fingered grip upon the housing of the rocket itself. There's little time for finesse, just enough time for Spider-Man to look at the weapon briefly

. o O ( Smart, real smart Parker. Hey I know, let's reenact Dr. Strangelove, brilliant. Ok, think Pete, think! Been looking at a lot of schematics lately. Propulsion, payload, guidance… warhead would be about… here. )

With the proportional strength of a spider, Peter Parker reaches out and tries to free the housing from the side of the rocket. All the while the wind whips past him, threatening to tear him off this madhouse ride.

The cone of the missile holds the explosive and radioactive stuff. Twisting and rending does little more than bend or dent the metal. Instead, unscrewing the nose cone would be a better idea.

Beneath, the Lower East side streaks by. Bystanders look up to see a blur of blue and red propelled by flame streaking through the night sky.

The hurtling vigilante works on unscrewing the nose cone, trying to be aware of any possible countermeasures in place and hopefully trying to find the piece of equipment or wiring that would convey the electronic signal for detonation.

Focusing fully on the task at hand, Spider-Man enters an almost zen-like state as he loses sight of anything else. It all becomes a moment of effort in a workshop out in the sky with a wind whistling by… albeit a very very strong wind. "C'mon… c'mon."

Once the nose cone is unscrewed, which seemed to take hours (mere seconds). Wires are revealed that connect the cone to the body of the rocket. Wires with plugs. That any guy with a masters in electronics would know that if the wires are unplugged, the nose cone would be rendered inert. However, the missile/rocketry part will continue to fly until it reaches burnout and crash into the East River near Queen's Hospital (based on trajectory).

Little Italy streaks beneath.

Rapidly, the webslinger unplugs those wires each in turn, no time for easy movements it's all quickly executed. He does enough to make the nose cone harmless as an explosive, then suddenly he looks around to take in his surroundings. Whatever is said is lost due to the lashing wind cutting around him… and the Comics Code.

As the rocket continues its flight, Spider-Man tries to do what he can to make sure it'll reach that river shifting his weight sharply and trying to give it a strong kick to at least adjust its altitude just enough. Once there's water whipping past beneath them… _that's_ the moment he'll let loose and try to drop off of the hurtling projectile.

Over the water, doing Mach 1.5. Just a few things dot the surface. Two bardges, a ferry or three, and the midtown bridge.

The missile careens off into the distance as Spidey leaves the projectile. It will eventually make a splash down, harmlessly, in the East River (later to be recovered by Doctor Octopus whose secret base is beneath those dark waters).

Falling, falling. The webslinger lifts his arms and fires his webshooters, trying to create a hasty web-chute to arrest his fall. He's able to slow his descent so at least the impact won't be fatal. Looking down he sighs softly to himself and says, "The river. Again. Man the stink never comes out."


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