2011 01 17 News Seaport Scuffle

During last evening, the southern Manhattan seaport underwent a chain of events that witnesses have yet to agree upon. However, they all agree that Spider-Man arrived on the scene and saved the day.

Accounts suggest that two, yet unidentified super villains were present aboard a cargo ship performing some nefarious schemes when a series of unrelated and potentially deadly events unfolded.

It started with the collision of a hoisted shipping container with the side of a ship. Which caused the container to come partially unhinged and dangle dangerously above dock workers. Suddenly a tractor-trailer careened out of control and nearly leapt over the edge of the pier into the icy cold waters beneath.

That's when Spider-Man arrived to put right all that was precariously wrong. He was able to secure the dangling cargo container, save the truck and driver, and even enter combat with the super villains.

Yet, that wasn't the end of the situation. What witnesses call a 'missile' was seen streaking away from the cargo ship with Spidey in tow. Other reports came in throughout the city of seeing what they claim was a missile flying just above the skyscrapers. Either way, no explosion was detected and before investigators could examine the scene, SHIELD arrived and took over.

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