2011 01 14 News Lava Men Attack Repelled

Daily Bugle News: Lava Men Attack Repelled
headline by Sammy Strokes

Grant's Tomb was rocked this morning when Lava Men emerged from beneath the city streets. Police responded to the flood of 911 calls and did what they could to repel the attack.

It wasn't until the famed Avenger, Wonder Man, arrived on the scene that headway was made. Directly engaging the Lava Men, Wonder Man was able to punch his way to victory using not only his fists but also utilizing a water truck to cool the six molten men. This placed the creatures into suspended animation and gave SHIELD special division the opportunity to capture them.

After the battle, Wonder Man was on hand to make a few statements:
-"I'm glad I was available to help. Never know what damage those Lava Men could have done. They're a menace to peaceful living. Oh, and kids, don't do drugs and make sure to catch my new movie coming out next month, "Mortal Conflict 7" Straight to DVD."

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