2011 01 11 Something Wicked Prologue Synopsis

An account of the events that led up to the Something Wicked storyline.

  1. At the end of Inferno, Illyana Rasputin was de-aged and restored to her pre-limbo adventures. She was then reunited with Colossus and sent back to Russia to grow up like a normal little girl.
  2. This left a vacuum of power within Limbo.
  3. Belasco returned to Limbo and took over.
  4. Magik turned 12 and during some random farm accident, she opened a teleport portal and fell into Limbo. There she was confronted with all sorts of demons and subsequently Belasco.
  5. The corruption of Illyana restarted and 3/5ths of Illyana's soul was placed into the Medallion. (3 out of 5 bloodstones)
  6. Belasco used Illyana as a gate to port several demons out into the world to acquire artifacts to further his goals.
  7. Illyana started to realize what was happening and that her world was threatened, so she rebelled.
  8. Magik (Illyana Rasputin) appeared within X-Factor Headquarters (Washington, D.C.). She required help fighting off Belasco’s demons. The team repelled the demon attack.
  9. Monet and Karma volunteered to help Magik collect some sort of mystical key that would help prevent further demon attacks.
  10. During the adventure, Magik was injured and while returning home her teleport disk malfunctioned. Karma and Monet arrived back on Earth 616, however Magik returned to Earth 982.
  11. Monet was lost in some far away place and then abducted by Spiral <see Monet's entry>
  12. Karma was able to return to X-Factor.
  13. Due to her injuries, Magik was unable to return to Earth 616. Therefore, Monet was stuck on Earth 982.
  14. Over the next few years and working from Earth 982, Magik would work to try and expel Belasco from Limbo and secure the dimension as her own.
  15. Eventually Belasco was routed into another infernal dimension and Magik claimed Limbo.
  16. Finally Magik was able to control her inter-reality teleportation enough to return Monet back to Earth 616.
  17. Magik then discovered that she had accidentally helped Belasco by expelling him from Limbo. She learned that Limbo was his prison and by sending him to another infernal plane, she released him.
  18. Belasco then resumed his plan and took over one of the many planes of the Abyss where he intends to release a horde of demons upon Earth and claim Earth as his own.
  19. Magik learned of his treachery and through her teleportation/transdimensional/temporal ability would begin to research a means of stopping him. She discovered one reality (Earth 4893) where she had successfully pulled a certain group of heroes from other realities and they were able to stop Belasco. This then became her plan, to follow the recipe that the other future revealed.
  20. Now Magik leaps across time and space to secure various heroes and bring them to Earth 616 to defeat Belasco's threat.
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