2011 01 09 A I M In The Subway

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A.I.M. in the Subway

The Vision, Black Widow

IC Date:
January 9, 2011

Abandonned Subway Tunnel, NYC

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The Vision and Black Widow investigate mysterious power drains in an old subway network.


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There's always something going on in the world… and there's always something that requires an Avenger's attention. The Vision was monitoring various radio and communication frequencies back at the Mansion when he came across a curious one from New York's Public Works division. A section of their power grid was being drained of an abnormal amount of electricity. This drain had been occuring for a few weeks and the division had yet been able to spare the manpower to check out the problem. The Vision took it upon himself to investigate. Clearly he was bored. With a quick messege to all active Avengers about what he was doing, Vizh was off to the sewers and subway!

Abandoned subway? Sewer? What's not to love about that? Noting the message from Vision, Natasha's realized there's no reason she can't go along to see what's happening down there. With a call to his comm, she's let him know she's joining him and then she too is off. Of course, she'll need a more traditional way to reach the area, but she's pretty good at that.

With the Black Widow coming along with him, Vizh decides to take a Quinjet that has been modified to travel underground and through tunnel networks. What a coincidence that the Avengers can do that, right? Besides, the two Avengers could definately use the sensory equipment and other special tools that a Quinjet can store and provide. The vehicle was piloted to a deserted section of the subway system and then parked on an old, unused loading area.

Once the two of them are outside of the Quinjet, The Vision stands there on the old concrete and brick and intones, "Curiosity has gotten the better of me, Natasha. Perhaps investigating power drains is below us, but it has been a quiet day thus far." Vizh's featureless eyes grow brighter in intensity as scans commence.

It's so nice being Avengers. They really do have some of the bestest toys in the world. Natasha's certainly happy to take advantage of the equipment to get as much intel as possible before hoofing it. It's a sewer. She may be willing to do whatever's necessary for the job, but that doesn't make her eager at times like this.

Black Widow looks around them, at the old architecture. "Curiosity isn't a bad thing." she notes to him. "And why shouldn't we look? Lord knows some really unpleasant things hide in unexpected places. If we have the time, better for us to find the unpleasant things than someone less able to handle it." She meanwhile uses more mundane, though exceptional, senses to tell her what they can of the area.

Before leaving the Quinjet, both the Widow and Vision would have noted that there were dead spots in the scans of the immediate area. This wasn't unexpected, really. It could be passed off due to electrical interference or lead-lined areas. However, once outside the Vision's own scans of certain spots near by seem blacked out. Vizh utters, "Curious." However as Vizh is looking through mechanical sensors… Natasha's own human senses will note the obvious: Several dozen yards away, there is illumination coming from a cooridor. The maps did not indicate that any area in this vacinity was presently being utilized by Public Works.

There's a glance towards Vision, at his pronouncement. "Although," notes Black Widow, "One might argue this is exactly the kind of place people might choose for a hideout. If they hadn't been too greedy with the power, they might not have flagged it at all." She nods then towards the corridor. "That way, perhaps?" she suggests.

The Vision turns his head and his eyes dim as the scanning is complete. His gaze is directed to the lit cooridor down the way. He purses his lips thoughtfully and then nods once, "You are quite right, Natasha. Perhaps I rely to heavily on my sensors and simply should have looked around, hmmm?" He heads in the direction of the cooridor, "Interestingly enough that area is darkened to mine and the Quinjet's various scans. If it is being used for nefarious purposes, perhaps there is some form of technological shielding." Also if Vizh would have opened up his ears a bit more, perhaps he would have heard noises coming from the direction of the cooridor… noises a machine or vehicle would make.

Natasha chuckles quietly. "Why? I've got those senses covered pretty well. We each focus on our part. It's more efficient that way, isn't it?" She considers, her head tilting slightly to the side. "Do you hear the machinery coming from there?" she asks him then, her voice kept low.

The Vision lifts up off the ground as he lowers his mass to the point of intangibility, "Indeed I do." He answers her. Once aloft, Vizh flies a little faster towards the cooridor that has become their focus. As he flies he says, "Perhaps you are right, Natasha. This area is being used for a purpose other than its original intent." As the duo get close, the head of the cooridor can be seen. 'Road Blocked' signs and other barricades have been erected at the mouth of the cooridor. It doesn't look out of sorts for the area. However, the signs of life are out of sorts. A couple of figures can be seen behind the signs. These figures are clad in greenish-yellow environmental suits with their heads covered by what would appear to be, beekeeper-esque masks.

Natasha remains floor-bound, but her steps are quick and light as she also heads towards the corridor. Her route tends to favor staying in the ample shadows. She says quietly into her comm, so that her voice doesn't need to carry at all, "Should we announce ourselves and wait for them to attack, or just take them down and apologize later if they're feds?" she asks. History suggests she prefers the latter of the two options.

The aloft Synthezoid flutters higher into the air, towards the ceiling of the cooridor. He intones quietly into his own communication device, "I feel we should observe and take stock in what exactly is going on, form a plan and then act." He pauses as he gets above where the barricades and suited individuals are. The Synthezoid utters, "A.I.M." into his radio to the Widow.

Or, they could do that. Natasha smiles, then replies into her comm "You're right." She, too, takes some time to study what little she can perceive of what's going on from her available vantage points. When Vision fills her in on the who, she sighs quietly. "Hated them when they were Hydra, still hate them as AIM." she mutters. "Anything you can hack without being spotted?" she asks him then.

The cooridor that is occupied by A.I.M. is abuzz with activity. The ghostly Vision starts recording and broadcasting to Natasha what he sees down the way. The sounds of machinery or vehicles is, infact, advanced construction equipment. Suited agents of A.I.M. mill about with tools, tablet computers and a rare few carry sidearms. The individuals at the barricade carry a rifle of some sort. Vizh utters over the radio, "I am trying to breach their firewalls, but it is taking considerable effort."

What is the futuristic construction equipment doing? They appear to be helping in the construction of some structure in the middle of the cooridor. A miniature tower of some sort connected via hoses and cables to a bunch of clear, elevated cylinders. The construction equipment looks like a backhoe, combined with a bulldozer combined with arms ending in hand-like manipulators.

Futuristic equipment working on some sort of tower? That's never good. Natasha considers, her lips pursed. She continues her way along the corridor as much as possible with the least chance of being spotted, then says at a vaolume barely making it past the comm "Take your time getting around the firewalls. We have the time to do this right, while they don't know we're here."

The Two AIM sentries aren't really performing too admirably at their job. They're not really paying much attention to the seemingly vacant subway tunnels outside of their own tunnel. This allows Natasha free reign to skulk about. This also gives Vizh plenty of time to work at hacking into AIM's LAN. It takes several moments but Vizh's efforts start to bare fruit.

The construction equipment and AIM agents working on the tower are working at a fast pace. It appears that the tower and several other ancillary pieces of equipment has been jacked into several breaker boxes… which would explain the drain in power that Public Works noticed.

Vizh utters into his radio, "Mentions of experiments. Something about bio enhancements."

Natasha does plenty of skulking. It's one of her best skills. She stays below the unimpressive radar of the thugs, noting as much as she can about the place. Of course, she keeps close attention on the men regardless just in case. Should they note her, there will be a jolt of electricity for them both.

"We both know their stellar record with bio enhancements…" she replies to Vision. "Let me know when you feel you've gathered as much information as you can, and then we'll do some sabotage."

A grunt from the Vision is heard over the communication link between the Avengers, "I will continue my efforts to hack through their files and download what I can. I will run those efforts in the background. I think now is an opportune time to break things." The Vision remains close to the ceiling of the tunnel as he flies past the barricades, over the initial AIM sentries and heads towards where the construction is going on.

"I am always happy to break AIM's things." Natasha replies to him, a smile obvious in her hushed tone. "Care to do the honors, and I'll hit them from behind?" Anything Vision does will certainly draw the guards' attention away from the corridor, after all. She prepares, drawing a bead on the guards and waiting for the right moment to strike.

The Vision says over the comm, "Very well." and flies so that he is positioned over one of construction devices. The Ghostly Synthezoid increases his density to his near maximum and drops out of the air like a load of bricks. He resolidified in an upright stance, heels jutting downwards. Vizh slams down heavily into one of the construction machines and the front of that machine crumples like a soda can under the Avenger's heels. Shock and Awe is what the AIM operatives feel at first. Then they spring into action. The person driving the equipment that Vizh destroyed evacuates and others on foot begin to arm themselves. The few that were armed, converge on where Vizh appeared.

Black Widow is ready to strike when Vision makes his presence known, and she's immediate when he does. There's the crunch of machinery, and that moment of shock and awe is accompanied by a set of stings hitting the corridor guards to drop them. She won't even wait for them to finish dropping before she's bounding over them to find her next target and strike. More stings if she can't reach any yet, but otherwise she's very quick to try to drop them in the more traditional way.

Laser fire stabs out at the inhuman, ghostly Vision as AIM operatives get their hands on laser cannons and guns. With Vizh still at a very dense level of mass, the laser fire doesn't do much more than sting him. He lessens his density enough to move. The Vision's eyes turn red as solar energy is diverted from his crystal. Beams of solar power fire from his eyes and Vizh sweeps the beam around in a wide arc. AIM Operatives drop to the ground, ducking the beam or they, or their weapons, get blasted back by the beam.

The two operatives that Widow strike at first do, indeed, drop to the ground. Her stingers are aimed true as a few more operatives are dropped before they realize what's going on. A few AIM operatives start to turn their guns to the Widow as she gets within a few long strides of them. The remaining construction equipment, two vehicles, turn their massive wheels and start to move in Vizh's direction.

Natasha doesn't ever hesitate as she rushes the operatives. Her eyes follow their body language, using it to predict the path of their weaponry and not be there when it strikes. They are not her real target, though she does strike any that come within reach. Her real target is those electrical boxes they've tapped for their experiments. Sure, there are probably breakers, but she reckons blasting them will send some massive feedback into that machinery. Her sting is on full power for that, of course.

The construction equipment bare down on the Synthezoid quickly. Their arms thrust out towards the Avenger and their digits snap together like claws as they try to strike down Vizh. Vizh ducks one thrust appendage, allows one appendage to pass through an intangible part of his body and then grabs the remaining two arms as they strike out at him. Vizh's eyes light up again and the Synthezoid sheers off one of the arms he is holding with a precision blast of solar power.

AIM Operatives begin evacuating, it seems. By the looks of the cooridor these people weren't ready for the experiments that Vizh mentioned to begin, let alone defend it. The breakers are easy to target… and even if the Widow's stings do not strike exactly on target, there's another blow-up-able machinery connected to the breakers to do the trick.

It's probably not a healthy thing to admit, but Natasha really likes blowing stuff up. It's not often that she gets to do a lot of the damage, since others on the team are so much better at it, but the exploding machinery makes her smile. It doesn't slow her down though, since there's still a lot to do here. She isn't too worried about Vision, considering what a professional he is, so she focuses on her section of things to destroy.

With most of the AIM operatives more interested in getting away than in trying to stop two rampant Avengers, Black Widow only strikes at a few in passing to knock them out. It would be good to have people to question later. Assuming the whole place doesn't go up with them still inside. Most of her attention continues to be on the machinery, and especially the computers. The more she can damage their ability to pick anything out of them later, the better.

The Vision goes completely intangible and the arm that Vizh is holding forcefully drops to the ground, as the AIM operative controlling the machine tries to wrench it from the Avenger's grasp. The Vision flies up off the ground and then towards the driver's compartment of the futuristic device that is now missing an arm. he phases through the front windshield, there's a loud clang from inside and Vizh effortlessly flies out the other side. The other device's arms drop to neutral positions as its driver bails from the driver's seat and tries to make his escape. Laser fire ceases coming from AIM… as all of them are concentrating on the escape effort. Most flee through side tunnels, others flee out the front entrence. The Vision turns his attention towards the half-complete tower in the middle of the tunnel. He purses his lips and hrms thoughtfully.

Black Widow takes a few more shots at the men fleeing, then also turns her attention to the tower in order to study the thing. Not that she doesn't remain aware of any other movement nearby, just in case someone decides to be stupid. "Hm." she remarks, echoing him somewhat. "Should we try to move any of it, or just secure the area and call in SHIELD and Stark to pick through it all?" she asks, looking to Vision for his thoughts. "I'm thinking us moving it would be more annoying than calling the authorities and letting them do it."

The Vision nods in agreement with the Widow, "I am inclined to let SHIELD or Tony or Hank pick this stuff apart." He turns his gaze from the tubes and hoses attached to the tower and looks to the Widow, "Call me lazy. I think we did the hard part. They get, what I assume, is the fun part."

Continuing to look around them, Natasha purses her lips before agreeing "That would be best. We should sweep the place for any unpleasant surprises, though. You know we'd get nothing but headaches if there was an accident. Otherwise, I'm happy to let them handle it." She smiles to him, and asks "Check for signals and any connections with the outside world still active?"

The Synthezoid's eyes glow bright white as scans start up again. The computer hacking that he had started before the fracus continues with more concentrated effort, "I am working on closing the connections to the outside world as we speak. It does not appear that these people were completely prepared for us. They were not anticipating someone coming across their power drains… or care enough about the power drains." He shrugs his shoulders and closes his cape around him. He turns his head to look at Natasha, "I will finish up here. I will meet you on the Quinjet after I make sure the closed circuit cameras I have found are dealt with."

While Vision looks his way, Black Widow sets about looking her way. In particular, she's checking for any self-destruct mechanisms that might hurt workers when they get down here. Once done, she nods to him. "Alright. I'll take some readings from there too. I suspect we'll get more than we did when we got here." There's another brief look around the place, and then she's headed back through the corridor as she signals SHIELD and Tony that there's something interesting to see, and where they can find it.

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