2011 01 06 Stretching Their Legs

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Stretching Their Legs

Power Princess and Hyperion

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Skies Above Manhattan

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Power Princess stops to say hello to Hyperion before she goes shopping.


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Found above the city, Hyperion hovers several thousand feet above street level observing the world beneath him. He may be day dreaming, reflecting upon his own world - his past, and may be wondering what it all means. Or he's just up here enjoying the day. Regardless, his yellow cape blows in the wind - cast to his right.

It's not typical to find a woman flying around Manhattan. Then again what's typical about Manhattan? Power Princess is not currently dressed in her armor. Rather she is wearing.. not a lot for one flying but it's enough with her leather trenchcoat wrapped about her. She has little trouble finding Hyperion and closes in on him before slowing down and coming to hover perhaps ten feet away.

Hyperion notices her approach, and will close the gap to take her within his arms. "Hello my love." he will say before kissing. The wind shifts, casting his cape directly behind.

Power Princess smiles and embraces Hyperion, "Hello. You left early. Did you wish to remain alone?" The wind whips her coat about not unlike a cape itself.

He'll not let her go, but he'll open their embrace so that she remains held within his left arm and they'll both be able to look out over the city. "Not alone from you. I just wanted to stretch my legs. PEGASUS seems cloistering, and you were so peaceful in your sleep."

Power Princess shifts to hover beside him and smiles. "That's what you always say. Even when you're sneaking off to play poker with the rest of the boys." She smiles faintly, "But yes, the installation is rather stiffling, especially being underground."

Looking back to her, his blue eyes play over her face and he smiles, "The sun in this world loves you." bestowing a compliment of an otherworldly nature. Also revealing once again the feelings he has for her in the simplest of expressions, his penetrating and loving eyes.

Power Princess smiles, "You're a flatterer. But thank you." She looks up at the blue sky. "The sun here does seem to be warmer than ours. It's a welcome change." She smiles, "And what about you? Have you found your needed solitude?

"I've missed my Tower of Isolation. But not to escape, more because it was a reflection of my people. And here in this world, the Eternals are alive. Still, I've not taken the time to find common ground with them. They are…. their own beings and so removed from this world, except for the few like Sersi who doesn't seem to … I don't know how to answer your question. The world is different, and ours is dead. Fitting in is going to take some time." Hyperion adds, reflecting upon his own people, his station, and wondering how to fit into this new world.

Power Princess smiles and rubs his back for a moment. "We are in a new place and it is different. But it is our home now that we have no other. Time will blur the lines between old and new and we will find our place here. As for solitude, you can find it anywhere. I have noticed that many of these people are isolated and alone even while they're milling about in shoulder to shoulder crowds below us. You will find what you need in time."

Looking down at the city below, "It's definitely not Cosmotropolis." <the alternate version of NYC>. "But you're right, it'll do. And from what I can tell by your words, you have already found serenity within the transition." he finally notes looking back up to her.

Power Princess nods in agreement, "It can never replace what we had but it will give us reason enough to move forward." She then shrugs, ".. I suppose…" She then says dryly, "I have found…shopping." It is hardly serene but it is enough.

"Finally." Hyperion says with a smile, "I can't believe it took you this long." and adds a verbal jab about not being a normal girl.

Power Princess looks at him and arches a brow, "Finally? We have not been given that much free time before these recent holidays." She elbows him in the ribs. A lesser man would cry like a little girl that she just broke a few of those ribs. Hyperion's one of the few men able to deal with her strength.

Hyperion chuckles and puts in a request, "Boots.. you should go boot shopping." as it may be something he likes, and would like to see her in.

Power Princess considers, "I will then. I found these just yesterday. I like them." She unfastens the tie of her trenchcoat and offers him a view of.. well.. her rather skimy attire. And those 5 inch patent leather heels.

A much appreciative Hyperion eyes the new ensemble as he "oooh my. Now that's what we're talking about. It isn't every day that a man has renewed vigor within the woman he loves. But with you, it's every second of every day."

Power Princess looks amused, "I am so pleased to know that I remain… interesting.. to you." She shakes her head, "I was going to go shopping and decided this was as good an outfit as any. Besides, you like it when everyone turns to stair at the seven foot tall Amazon."

"At /my/ seven foot tall Amazon." Hyperion corrects adding possession to the theme of the moment. And it is definitely something he enjoys - to have her looked upon with such allure brings him happiness and pride in some male sort of way.

Power Princess shakes her head, "If you were any other man, I would punch you across the city.' Her tone amused now. No man owns her. Or ever will. But she doesn't mind letting Hyperion have dreams. No others though.

A renewed glint within his eyes, a broad smile across his face, Hyperion knows that he's the only man. "Then my love, do not let me dissuade you from your pleasures. Enjoy your day among the peoples of our new home." Hyperion notes, allowing her the gate with which to part and find her shopping experiences.

Power Princess smiles, "One day you will come shopping with me. And you will regret you ever encouraged me to consider it." Fortunately they have their own bank accounts or he might just learn what it is to be mortal and suffer a heart attack. She leans close and kisses him and then drifts away. "Do not be gone too late tonight." And then she turns, flying down toward the city.

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