2011 01 04 City Flights

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City Flights

Warpath and Surge

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Xaviers then Manhattan

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James and Noriko train and then go into the city for dinner.


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Warpath is found in his costume, sans the swanky mask, seated in the middle of the matted floor. Legs crossed, eyes closed. Hands resting on his thighs and turned upward. He maintains a meditative posture finding his center. His hair falls freely down his back.

Noriko strolls into the gym wearing the same exercising outfit as usual, she glances around briefly and notices Warpath in his meditating, or whatever. Nori walks towards him with her arms crossed, a small smile on her lips. Perhaps over the fit she seemed to be having during their match yesterday?

"Hey, muscles. What is that you're doing, exactly?" Noriko calls out as she stops a few feet away from the large man.

"Sit as I do." he says without opening his eyes, though his right hand motions to a place on the mat opposite him. His voice is peaceful.

Noriko blinks slowly and then bobs her as she moves to sit cross-legged in front of the man, "Alright.". She places her hands on her thighs, palm up, but keeps her eyes open as she looks at Warpath.

James begins to speak, maintaining the quiet and peaceful tone, "Yesterday you did well. You took instruction and made use of it. Now that you've had time to reflect, what would you have done differently?"

"Never decided to do that without my powers?" Noriko laughs and shrugs slightly, "I mean, I have no business in a fist fight with somebody like you. If it came down to it, in a real world situation, I'd have to try to run, or find a way to distract you at least, until someone came to help me."

"How fast can you run?" He asks as his eyes finally open, returning to the present moment and being fully with Noriko.

"With or without powers?" Noriko tilts her head to the side as James finally opens his eyes to look at her.

"With." James replies as he's formulating things within his head, pondering her application of powers or no powers.

Noriko hmms softly, and glances towards the track, then back to James. "If I can get into open space outside? Roughly 400 miles an hour. Or better. I don't get to put that to use very much. I probably need to see about working with it in confined spaces too." She shrugs slightly.

"So it takes you a bit to get started? It's not instant, nor can you stop instantly?" James asks wanting more detail.

"It takes me a few seconds to get the energy focused but once I do, it's zip, off I go. And uh…My power is electricity, not superspeed." Noriko peers pointedly at Warpath, "Stopping when you're going 400 mph is uh, a bit of a task all by itself, trust me."

"Is your uniform padded or armored against road rash?" James asks in a curious and concerned tone.

Noriko rolls her eyes at that, "You are so not funny!" She shakes her head, "I have yet to eat a face full of concrete, and I have no intentions of starting anytime soon."

"It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when." James assures and gives an example, "Just like dropping a cell phone. It's not if you drop it, it's when because you will eventually. And I'm pretty sure you don't want scars. So we need to work on getting you a suit that protects you."

With a grimace and a sigh, Nori nods, "You're right." She snickers, "Especially about the scars." Shaking her head, Noriko adds with a grin, "Great. Now I've got a faceplant to look forward to in my future!"

"Yesterday, Logan suggested when going against the likes of me, without powers, you run like a girlscout after seeing a snake. I think that is your best option. However, you have powers, and that's what we're going to see about utilizing today. Any questions before we begin?" James suggests and queries.

"Just wanted to make sure that you're okay with something. If you're immune to electricity or something, I am totally sneaking into your room and cutting off your hair one night." Noriko grins as she rises to her feet, "Should I start with the weak old lady setting?" Noriko turns one arm over revealing a small dial and a gauge, and she moves her hand to twist the dial, and then repeats the action with her other hand.

James smiles, watches her stand and doesn't answer as he's plotting his next move. The 'begin' is now and he moves forward to grab at Nori's midsection with his right hand with the intention of using her waist as a torque point so he can spin her away from him and not get a clear shot. Thus setting himself up for his next attack (from behind).

Noriko is distracted with uh..running her mouth and fiddling with her fancy gauntlets as Warpath stands, says begin and reaches for her, "Uh-What!" She stammers and moves to jump backwards a bit too late. Nori calls out loudly, "Hey!" as she's grabbed and spun around.

With her back to him, with his first hand still on her hip (in front) James will then place his other hand on her upper back, he'll attempt to double her over and then lift her off the ground. He'll state, "Surprise attacks are always the worst."

Noriko gets bent over as he presses against her back. And then lifted into the air. Damnit! She pulls one hand away from clenching pointlessly at the hand wrapped around her and thrusts it behind her, hopefully in the direction of the large frame holding her up. As tiny blue arcs of energy begin to race up and down that arm, a weak blast of electrical energy is shot from her hand. Yeah, it's just /slightly/ above stunning little old ladies level.

James is blasted, nothing but static in his attic. There's a chuckle as he then tosses her forward onto the mat. "Well, at least you hit me."

After the toss, he'll take a step or two back giving her space.

Catching herself on her hands and knees as she's tossed forward, Noriko scrambles to her feet quickly, "Of course I hit you. You're about the size of a barn, how could I miss?" With a quick twist of one wrist's knob she turns and fires another blast in James' direction. Perhaps enough energy to stun a professional human athlete.

James turns on his heel, torso out of the way. But that's the problem with electricity, it arcs to the nearest fixture, and James is that fixture. Had it been any other normal energy blast, it would have zipped by.

The energy courses through him, some of his hair is lifted, but he shows no signs of pain or sensation.

He reaches down, grabs the mat, and 'waves' it toward Noriko. If it were a street or sidewalk, it would be so much cooler, but in this case, the mat is lifted and could send Noriko up and back.

Noriko mutters quietly as the blast seems to have no effect and she twists both of the knobs to exactly the middle of the dial as she eyes James. That resistance better not suddenly poof, she thinks, and then…Hey, what is he doing…And she lets out a little shriek as she has a wave stretchy, padded mat coming towards her, and promptly flies up into the air a small bit and falls right on her behind.

Cursing loudly, as she remains sitting on the floor, Noriko thrusts her hands at the man again, the arcs of electricity moving up and down her arms flashing brightly as she fires off a pair of mid-powered blasts at the man.

James maintained hold of the mat, it's rubber/foam/leather, what does rubber do?

With the mat in hand, James rushes forward, ripping it off the floor and closing on Nori with the intent of enveloping/covering her since she's right where he wants her, 'on the ground'.

Noriko screams loudly in frustration as she realizes the obvious fact that yeah..stretchy mat. Rubber. She scoots back back on her behind and then scrambles to turn on her hands and knees and then rise her feet, but she stumbles in her panic, dropping back onto her knees as James rushes towards her.

James will use the mat as a huge blanket tossing it over her and then leaping over to stand on the open end to sandwich her in. He then begins to talk, possibly muffled through the mat, "When fighting an energy projector, the best thing to do is get them off their feet and unable to attack. If you're an energy projector, the best thing to do is get far enough away from the target and blast away, keeping your distance."

Oh god. Really? Wrapped up in the training mats! Noriko struggles to ger herself free. Probably an exercise in futility, but what's she supposed to do? And yeah, Warpath is pretty much right, but come on, and she calls out loudly, "I didn't even finish getting set! And I KNOW that!"

Warpath steps off the lip of the top mat, takes hold and tosses the large sheet off Nori and mostly back into place where they were originally. He stands over her, large boots near to where she was nearly squished, "You did great. You hit me twice. Once was a given because I was holding you, the other… most people never get that second shot in."

Noriko glares up at Warpath as she climbs to her feet, blue electricity crackling up and down her arms, "I did /great/?" She shakes her head quickly, "I didn't even do anything to you!" She stakes a few steps backwards, grumbling.

"That's not really the point. Other than being able to call you Sparky." James smiles with that notation and continues, "Had you hit most anyone else, you would have probably won the battle. Me, I'm an exception. I have the ability to shrug off most attacks."

"The 'ability to shrug off most attacks'? Well, jeez, didn't you just get the super super-power set." She offers. Noriko grins and quickly flicks both dials to about 3/4 of all the way and fires a pair of streams of lightning at Warpath. Aside from the just the electricity, the blasts would probably have enough force to knock through a brick wall.

James is hit, the energy output still isn't strong enough to do any significant damage. His uniform, made of unstable molecules, allows the attack to pass through without being scorched.

He smiles, "That tickled."

Noriko glares at the man as she crosses her arms across her chest. "This is ridiculous. I demand a new sparring partner!" Blue lightning is still crackling around her gauntlets and now most of her body, because of her arms. Nori shakes her head slowly, "This is so not fair, and you know it."

"Tell me, will you ever be equally matched in a fight?", James puts the situation, or any situation, into perspective and continues, "No. Even when the Hellions went against the New Mutants, we may have been matched in power types, but the Hellions still cleaned their clocks."

"Unless I get into a fight with umm..somebody else who eats electricity, no. It's probably almost always going to be way in my, or my team's favor, or way /not/ in our favor." Noriko shrugs and nods slightly. And then she asks, "How many fights did you guys get into?"

There's a pause of regretful reflection, "Quite a few." and then leaves it at that.

James says, "About 'Sparky', I think I like Nori better, maybe Blue on occasion."

Noriko tilts her head at his answer and then grins at the next bit, "Good! Blue is okay, Sparky just..sounds so kiddish. It doesn't sound right coming from anybody except Mr. Logan. Do I get to call you Gigantor?"

James smiles, "I've been called worse.". Then looks toward the exit and back to her, "We doing this again, or you got something else in mind?"

Noriko scoffs, "What's the point in doing it again? Unless you just like beating up on me!" She turns to look about, then back to James, "I don't really know. You got any suggestions?"

"We could totally get out of here. Go somewhere, see something, do something… whatever. I feel cloistered." James answers as he starts walking toward the exit.

"Works for me, I guess. I'm up for anything. Nothing else to do, and I'm tired of losing fights." She chuckles quietly and shrugs, "Want to head into the city or something?"

"Get your coat." he says as he leads on. "I'll meet you in the front." and will break from her after the elevator.

James will be found by his jeep wearing boots, jeans, a black tshirt and pulling from the back space of his jeep a black leather jacket.

"My coat?" Bah. Noriko goes up to her room and changes her outfit and walks out the front door of the mansion about fifteen minutes later. In her usual dark dress, black shirt, jeans and shoes. With a black leather jacket that is obviously multiple sizes too big for the girl.

As she walks up he's putting on his coat, takes notice of her and then withdraws a leather thong from his jacket pocket and begins gathering his hair into a pony behind his neck.

"So, what's the plan?" Noriko calls out as she approaches the man. The big jacket serving to cover up most of her arms, except the fingers.

Finishing the tie, he smiles, "City." is his answer and then steps into her personal space with the intent of scooping her up (under her knees/arms/behind the back) and then will leap into the air taking flight.

Blinking as James steps close, Noriko calls out, "Hey!" as he scoops her up. "What are you doing, I can wa-" And then he leaps into the sky. Really? "You can /fly/, too?" She shouts excitedly. "Well jeez, just color me green with envy," Nori giggles as she clutches at the man with borth hands.

James smiles as they lift rapidly into the clouds. It's evening, so no worries with the spotting of flying mutants above Xaviers. But the clouds make it doubly so.

Once reaching 1000 or so feet, he says, "Oh, did forget to mention I could fly?"

Noriko swats one hand at the man, "Yes, you did! And you know it." She laughs as she looks around with wide eyes, "Where are we going?"

Turning south, the city can be seen on the horizon (45 miles away). James nods in the direction they're now traveling, "Manhattan offers a whole lot more entertainment than Salem. I'm sure we can find something to get into."

"I bet it does!" She shakes her head as she clings to James, "Why didn't we just, um, you know…" She laughs quietly, as she exclaims, "Drive!"

The smile gets larger, James notes, "Because when you drive, you can't do this." and he increases speed and moves in smooth but erratic curves and spirals.

"Oh my god!" Noriko screams quietly, "Stop that!" She looks around and..down. "Do you even know how high up we are? I would totally be a red spot on the ground!"

He pulls up again with a chuckle, "I wouldn't let you fall." and continues in a path toward the city.

Noriko mutters an uh-huh as she jabs a metal finger at his chest, "Sort of like how /I/ wouldn't do a faceplant? Or do your little suggestions not apply to yourself, gigantor?"

James taunts, "Are you one of those girls who likes to play it safe, stay on the straight and narrow?" as he wobbles side to side in shallow bobbs for the fun of it.

"Hey! There's nothing wrong with playing it safe." She clutches tighter as James sways from side to side. "And /sorry/ this is my first time, you know, flying without a..um, PLANE?"

The city rapidly approaches. Northern outskirts, burgs pass beneath. Their tiny little lights of the houses, freeways dotted with thousands of vehicles.

James comments, "You'll remember the first time forever."

Noriko peers down at the city, and she gasps, "Wow…" And then.."I am so not even going to touch that comment. You are horrible!" Nori exclaims.

James laughs, "Oh you totally went there, I didn't. I was talking about flying. It's you who has her mind in places it shouldn't be."

He cuts to the right and then down toward the expanding city below. He'll not descend below 500 feet.

"Oh, no you don't. You're a guy, that's totally on you!" She laughs loudly as she turns her attention back towards the city below them as they near the busier areas.

Morningside Heights/Harlem, Upper Side and Central Park. He slows his flight, "How about we do a once around, show you what it looks like between the buildings in downtown then find Chinese?"

Noriko peers around at her surroundings as they fly over the city, exclaiming quietly every few moments. At James' question, she answers, "Sure, and Chinese sounds great."

Through midtown, James weaves between buildings traveling around 30 miles per hour and maintaining around 300 feet (30 floors) or raising some when taller buildings come into question. Circles the empire state, then Chrysler building and then downtown to trump towers and so on. It's quite the site from the unique perspective. He then circles up and travels into Chinatown where he'll land in a back alleyway and set her down gently.

Growing excited as they circle some of the important buildings in the city, Noriko shouts into the wind, "This is actually pretty fun!" She giggles, and bobs her head as they touch down, and she's on her feet again. "So, do you have any /other/ powers? I mean, you're probably like the most gifted person at the school, aside from the telepaths."

"I can run pretty fast." James answers casually, "No where near as fast as you, though."

Sounds of fireworks nearby, other Chinatown foo, smells of various spices and the such assault their senses as they exit the alleyway.

"Uh-huh, but you can probably /control/ where you're actually going more than me I imagine, I think that'd maybe be more useful." Noriko giggles as they walk along, "See! So, you've got strength, speed, flight and your hard to hurt? Why aren't you a superhero yet? You could go join the Avengers or something!"

People tend to get out of the big indian's way as they move down the sidewalk toward an assumed destination. "I was thinking about that X-Factor team, really. But I think I'm better suited to work with someone who wants to help people outside the confines of the government."

"Ohhh. I heard about them a little bit." Noriko bobs her head at the mention of X-Factor, "They like work for the government, don't they? I haven't heard anything about them at the school yet though."

The two find a restaurant and have Chinese. Soon thereafter return home and go their separate ways.

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