2011 01 03 There Were Demons Here

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There were demons here?

Karma, Wolfsbane, Havok

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X-Factor HQ

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Havok and Wolfsbane confront Karma on recent events.


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The hallway that leads into the guest quarters holds an almost rank and putrid smell to it - so great is the smell that sensitive noses could possibly catch a clear waft of something unclean outside of the guest area. Beyond the smell in the hallway, the hallway itself looks marginally undamaged, perhaps with only scratches, claw marks and some small dents here and there, giving way to the battle that was so recently fought. As one draws closer to the room that Xi'an has unoccupied the signs of battle become much clearer, as does the stench.

The door has obviously been forced open, the dresser that was once in her room lays in a shattered heap, and there are shards of broken pottery scattered throughout the area.

For Xi'an herself she can be seen going from the hallway to her room, and back and forth, as she tries to clean up -some- of the mess the demons made of the guest room itself.

Having entered from the hangar bay, X-Factor mingles into the kitchen and notices right off that something is amiss. First Rahne will smell it, then people will notice various markings and the such all about.

Havok says in his commanding tone, "Someone's been here, and may still be here. Everyone, spread out. Rahne, come with me, we'll check on Xi'an."

Then moments later, coming up the back stairs, Havok and Wolfsbane will present themselves at landing looking down the hallway to the shattered door and Xi'an pacing, "Xi'an!" he'll call, "What's going on?"

Wolfsbane said nothing about their mission on the way back, just watching Alex and Lorna a little sullenly from behind them while others acted as they often did. Only upon returning was it evident something had happened while they were gone.

Even still, as Wolfsbane went into full attentive mode with Havok, she couldn't help but scoff under her breath toward Lorna, "He asked for me this time, no' ye." Then she was tearing up ahead and calling out, "Shan? Shan! Somethin' smells off up here!" And she spots the other woman cleaning.

The handful of dresser she was transporting to the hallway is immediately dropped when Havok and Rahne appear. Turning to face the two, Xi'an exclaims, "M'sieu Havok! Rahne. You will not believe what has happened!"

Sensitive noses might also smell a bit of blood mixed with the other scents as well, especially they're closer to Xi'an's room. "Illyana was here as was her demons, and the monstre demon Sym. Can you believe? I had thought after what had happened in New York that we had lost Illyana to being a child once more, but non, she was here." This is probably the most animated Xi'an has been since she's been here.

Havok is vaguely familiar with the name Illyana; and the reference to the Demons of New York indicates to him Inferno - which is clear in his memory. His expression turns dark as he considers the consequences of another demon attack, and if they still linger within the house. He turns and says over his communicator, "Gang, Xi'an says Illyana, codename Magik and several demons were here. Check EVERYWHERE, under beds, in closets, any dark shadow. If you detect anything, call out."

Several acknowledgements are returns over the com and he then says to Rahne, "Keep a nose out. Demons have a habit of lurking." and he'll move into the guest room of focus. He's going to do a little additional checking while Rahne and Xi'an continue talking.

"/She/ was here?" Wolfsbane exclaims, the surprise clear in both tone and expression as she half-crouches in preparation for more, but with Shan going about cleaning some things up chances are better that things are over and done with. "But why? An'..nevermind, I can guess how. Scrying. Are ye well?" A small shiver passes though her.

Turning back toward Alex a moment, she nods. "If I find any, they'll no' be lurking verra long." Though, Alex moving into the room first stops her from following right away.

"Oui, she was here." Xi'an replies to Wolfsbane's surprised sounding question, "I cannot say how, but she was here." As Xi'an speaks she'll step out of the way for Havok to easily enter the room. The room itself looks like it took the worst brunt of the attack, with the broken furniture, and similar stench inside. There are a few blood spots on the rug though it's clear that Xi'an doesn't appear injured in the least.

"I do not believe the demons are here any longer. Illyana managed to push the big one, Sym, back into a portal and return it to Limbo. When the stepping disc closed the rest of the demons were gone. I tried to ask her why she was here but she responded in Russian. I could not understand it." She raises her hands in disappointment and also worry, "I do not believe Illyana was well. She was bleeding and look beat upon. I believe she may have been delirious or simply concussed, which is why she responded in Russian versus English."

Havok scans around the room, searching for various clues and trying to map out the conflict in his mind. Very serious, he remains quiet while processing and listening to Xi'an's account of the scene. He kneels down to look upon the blood spots, but does not touch.

Wolfsbane pokes her head into the room to have a look and let her senses do their thing, frowning at the scenario Shan lays out. "She looked older again? I think Limbo has ways o' playin' with time differently than here." There's a nagging concern tugging at the back of her mind as she turns back to her longtime friend. "If I had t'guess I'd say she's fightin' with S'ym for control there…again." From the way she says it, that sounds bad.

Even though Xi'an has moved some things around, thanks to her partial clean-up, she hasn't touched the blood spots at all. The room is fairly easy to read. Demons from the hallway attempted to enter the bedroom, the dresser was used to block that attempt for a time, and then the demons breached the doorway. At Wolfsbane's words, Xi'an nods her head in agreement, "Oui, I agree, my friend. She appeared to be a similar age to us. From what, le diable - the devil, Sym said it appeared to be just that. Illyana did not speak much before we both attacked the demon. I tried to possess the demon but I could not. Demons are different psychically." Shaking her head, she then continues with, "And after that Illyana took him and the rest back to Limbo with a portal, at least, I am assuming she took them back to Limbo."

Glancing at theh guest room, Havok and then Rahne, Xi'an says firmly, "We must save her if it is truly her. We cannot leave a friend behind."

Havok stands, looking to the girls and then touches his head piece and says over the com, "Val, could you put in a call to Excalibur? Get Kurt on the horn. We need to find Amanda Sefton."

Something is replied (Rahne will hear the answer, "Will do. I'll have him in 5 in the communication room.").

Then Havok will follow with, "We'll use magic to find Magik." to the girls and over the com at the same time. Indicating that he's got a plan.

"O' course we have t'help her," Wolfsbane agrees, but she leaves off anything further about it as she looks back to Havok as if to wait for him to decide. "Right?" And then the request is made for the magical help, leaving her to nod a couple times as she grows quiet again. For the time being she inspects the hallway further, but it sounds like they'll be moving shortly.

Xi'an looks between Havok and Rahne, but once it seems it has been decided to help Illyana, Xi'an looks relieved. "I know I am not part of your team, M'sieu Havok, but I wish to help. I cannot possess the demons in Limbo but - but, this is a teammate. I wish to go. I am sure I can help in other ways." That was definitely a statement, yes, but because Xi'an is who she is there's still a question behind her statement.

Exiting the room, Havok replies as he passes into the hallway, "I'm sure the Professor taught you more than how to use your abilities, you'll be fine." and then will start walking down the hallway after confirming that Xi'an is welcome on the mission - what ever it may be.

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