2011 01 03 The Return Of Magik

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The Return of Magik!

Magik and Karma

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X-Factor's HQ / Guest Rooms

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Demons attack X-Factor HQ


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Players: Magik (emitted by Red) And Karma
X-Factor Headquarters


Screams! Horrific Screams of creatures beyond that of imagination echo through the halls of this mansion. Blood curling laughter, horrific resonance of shrieks, demonic voices.
It's 4am. X-Factor is off on some mission (summoned away just 5 hours ago) and the house /was/ quiet.
Thudding upon the floor as things walk about, skittering sounds, scratches upon the walls, gigglings and then a voice so distinct that resounds, "Illy, Illy, I'm coming to find you. And when I do, I'll rip your arms and legs off just like you've done to insect wings."

Xi'an, for her part, was sound asleep in a guest room within X-Factor's Headquarters. She could have offered her aid to the team for their current mission, but truly, she didn't want to overstep her bounds. So because of that, here she is, asleep in a guest room.

It's however at the horrific sounds that Xi'an immediately awakens, and with a jerk upright the young woman rolls out of the bed, and calls out, "Sacre mere! Leong, Nga, what is going on?" Is her initial reaction, as she's still half asleep, and she's used to always making sure her siblings are safe. Realization comes in a matter of seconds as she remembers where she is, X-Factor, she's here to visit Rahne - her siblings are still missing.

Moving towards a chair she grabs her neatly laid out clothes and pulls them on, and once dressed, she'll move towards the door to the bedroom. Easing the door slowly open so she can peek outside, Xi'an can't help but whisper, "Sacre Mere - What is going on?"

While putting on her clothing, the horrific noises still resonate through the walls of the compound. Slitherings, skitterings, chatterings, scratchings, and flitterings. Noises that make one's skin crawl. Then there's the smell that Xi'an will note as she makes her way tot he door. A smell of putrid, of sulfur, and burnt skin. It wafts from beneath the door as she comes to realize that something just passed outside.
It's is then as she opens the door to peek outside the room that she hears something in her closet, something that lands with a thud and falls to the side bumping against the door.
Yet, before she's able to turn and look, she sees what she hoped to just a few yards down the hallway, and it sees her.
Undescribable, the creature with 20 black eyes, red and black mottled skin, turns it's bulbous head upon a thick neck to look at Xi'an. A maw of jagged teeth is revealed as half the head opens and it screams the alarm. Its four foot tall body writhes, six grotesque and twisted appendages begin flailing to try and move the worm like form. They don't seem to have function, yet the creature begins to writhe toward the cracked door.

The putrid and brimstone stench causes Xi'an' to wrinkle her nose in disgust, but she's dealt with worse things in her life, than a horrible smell. And while her attention is caught for a moment by the sound coming from within her closet, it's the beast outside that captures her full attention. For a long moment all Xi'an can do is stare in shocked horror, at the ugly disgusting creature. It's however when the creature starts to approach her door and herself, that Xi'an recoils, "Non! You will not get in here!"

Recoiling away from the door the young Vietnamese woman slams the door shut and looks around the room, surveying what she has to use. The dresser. That will do. It only has a few of her own things in it, so it should be light enough for her to move, but hopefully strong enough to keep the disgusting vile creature occupied for a brief moment. Moving quickly towards the dresser Xi'an will grab the end of the dresser and heave it towards the door. She'll also glance towards the closet, she's sure she heard something within there, but for now she's busy enough with moving the dresser to go investigate -that- previous sound she heard within it.

WHat she wouldn't do for a communication device right now.

Moving the dresser is no problem, and just in time too as the door is slammed against as she affixes the dresser to its new location. More skin crawling screams are heard from the other side of the door, screams of denial and alarm - alerting the other creatures within the house that it has found something. Then the scratching upon the door threatens to tear through it in a matter of minutes.
But then there's the closet…. the door opens outward, as it does, a familiar form falls from the darkness within. And with a thud, the girl hits the floor. Blood from her beaten form seeps into the carpet. Her blond hair matted with that very sticky substance reveals two tiny red horns protruding from within, yet they seem to be recoiling within her head. Her face, half hidden is bruised and cut. The once shining silver armor, now tarnished, is falling in pieces from her body, evaporating as it strikes the floor. Revealing a half nude lithe form. The form of Illyana Rasputin. The only coverings she has is a torn costume that resembles that of the New Mutant days (black and yellow). No SoulSword in sight.
Her right arm pushes down on the carpet trying to lift herself. Her dark yellow eyes look upward toward the other being within the room, a dark and intense look - one that is intended to threaten - is initially seen, but it fades as she notices Xi'an.

When the screaming begins again Xi'an can't help the faint shiver that runs through her, nor the fact that she quickly crosses herself, as she turns back to survey the room. She understands she only has so many minutes before the creatures bust the door down. Weapons. She requires weapons. Dashing over to one of the tables holding the lamps, Xi'an will pick one of the lamps up and throw it at the floor with enough force to shatter it, but not enough force to shatter it in small pieces. Rooting through the pieces she'll find a shard that's large enough to do damage, but still retaining one smooth edge that she can grip firmly.

Her dark eyes then move towards one of the chairs within the room, and she straightens intending to head in that direction as well. Before Xi'an can make it towards the chair the noise within the closet is heard yet again. As the door opens Xi'an can't help but fling a hand outward, readying her own psionic powers, as she snaps, "You will not take me, demon-spawn - ?!"

It's obvious she expected a vile creature to pop out of the closet, much like the ones in the hallway, and so when Illyana falls forth, Xi'an is once more surprised. "Illyana? But - I had thought you were -" Gone? Regressed in age? After all isn't that what everyone told her had happened to her former teammate after the Inferno that was New York City? The surprise is shorter lived this time and so upon seeing the state of Illyana and her wounds, Xi'an grabs one of the light blankets from the bed and rushes toward the girl, "Illyana, what is going on? What is happening? These demons, they are from Limbo?"

In a weakened voice, yet filled with the inner anger and determination, and in Russian, "Sym; he tries to take Limbo from me. This will not happen, not while I live." She then spits blood and saliva into the carpet as she continues to get to her feet.
A voice is heard from outside the door, it is the voice from before, "Come now, princess. Surrender and I'll make it quick and painless. Well… as painless as I can. You know, it's so hard to control the pets."

When Illyana speaks in Russian, Xi'an shakes her head, "My friend, English. You must speak English. I cannot understand - " At the demonic voice coming through the door, Xi'an will pause in what she was about to say, and glance towards it. She understood that just fine, that's for certain. As Illyana struggles to her fee Xi'an will reach out to help her up as well. "You need clothes. We may not be the same size but I believe we are close enough." And so saying that Xi'an will quickly rustle in the closet that Illyana fell from and pull out a pair of stretchy pants and a shirt. It may be a tight fit, but at least she'll be clothed more than what she is now.

Offering the clothes to the blonde, Xi'an continues, "I cannot say if I can possess your .. the demons, but I will try. If I can control them I can at least hold the immobile and we will have less to fight. I do not think the dresser will block the door for much longer, not if they are calling for reinforcements, if that is what those horrid screams mean."

Illyana, now upon her feet doesn't seem to regard the offerings of clothing, she is more concerned with the demon on the other side of the door as her yellowed eyes (though becoming clearer) calls to the creature in English this time, "Bring it!"
With that, the door is smashed inward breaking over the dresser. Outside in the hallway, Sym seems to slouch forward (being 7' tall) to look into the room. All around him are various shapes of demons. Creatures from the pit with their distorted bodies, twisted into foul shapes. They all peer within and seem to bare the same smile that Sym offers, a smile of success blended with 'we're about to eat you.'.
Sym chides in a sickly deep voice, "Here we are, come to play; oh and look, more friends to defile." he notes looking upon Xi'an with his dark red eyes.

At Illyana's disregard for the clothes, and really, for her own injuries, Xi'an can't help but shake her head before dropping the clothes. At the 'bring it' Xi'an can't help a faint smile to touch her lips, that saying is so much like Illyana, all force and determination.

Once the door is blown open Xi'an will snap, "You will not take our souls, demons!" And with that said the dark haired Vietnamese woman will focus her will and then lash out with her psionic based powers. She's focused her attack on Sym and while she may not be able to take control of him in the end she must try. She understands he's the leader and perhaps if they took the leader down, Illyana will be able to regain control of the lesser demons. And even if her possession does not completely take effect, perhaps it will be enough to throw Sym off his game.

So alien, filled with disgust and dark energies, Sym's mind is too far removed for Xi'an to take hold. However it does have some effect. Sym gets a strange and curious look on his twisted face and even reaches up to touch his forehead with his vial clawed hand. (not the hand that holds Illyana's SoulSword.) This gives him pause, time enough for Illyana to act.
Illyana lurches forward. The demons around Sym get a look of fear on their faces as Illyana screams her assault. They've known the pain their former mistress can bring and fear it even on the Earth plane. They too recoil as she lunges over the dresser grabbing for the SoulSword and Sym's throat. "I WILL KILL YOU!" she screams in her Russian accent.

A hand goes to Xi'an's forehead as she forces her will outward even more, but already, Xi'an realizes she's lost. Only once before has Xi'an ever been able to control a demon, and that was only a partial demon, in the form of Illyana and that was with the aid of Xavier before.

About the same time that Illyana screams her oath to kill Sym, Xi'an also yells, "Illyana, I cannot! I am sorry!" And with that said the dark haired woman staggers away almost retching from the touch of Sym's mind.

It will take Xi'an a handful of seconds before she can find her balance again, but when she does, she'll once more pick up the shard of pottery that composed the lamp she had previously broken. She may not be able to possess the demon, but that doesn't mean she can't hurt him, or them for that matter. A chair is also snagged with a free hand and dragged along with her. If she can't get them psionically she''ll just have to bash them to death? Do demons even die?

Making contact, Illyana pushes and screams her own battle cry.
Behind Sym a 'stepping disc' opens. And with the momentum of Illyana and the off balance Sym, the girl is able to push the demon into the hole. Joining them, other demons not wanting to be left behind, leap into the portal which will remain open a few more moments. During all of this, demons hiss and growl.

The smaller bands of demons are Xi'an's prey, as she swings the chair with all her might, intending to mow as many of them down as she can. She'll do this several times all the while keeping an eye on Illyana as well. When the blonde and the demon Sym find themselves falling towards and then into the stepping disc, Xi'an hesitates. Should she follow? If this is truly Illyana, then she should, but what if there is more to play than what she can see? Likely there is more happening than what she knows, but still, if there's the remote chance that this is truly her former teammate she will not leave her behind.

"Illyana - wait!" Xi'an yells, and then after that second or so of hesitation, Xi'an will move to jump into the disc as well. It's not like she's never been to Limbo while she was on the New Mutants, but normally she has some form of back-up.

The portal closes just before Xi'an can reach it. The corner where floor and the wall will be her landing pad.
A silence falls over the location, no hisses, no screams, no growls. Just the sounds of Xi'an.

As the portal closes before she can reach it and as she lands against the wall and floor, XI'an can't help but snap, "Non! Illyana!", the first hint of frustration and despair edging it's way into her voice.

Xi'an will stay crouched there for a few moments longer before she finally rises upward, staring at the hallway, and listening to the deathly silence that reigns around her. "I do not understand what has happened, but I promise you Illyana, I will find out and we will save you. We will not lose you again."

The End!

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