2011 01 02 Discovery Of Strength

Log Title:
Discovery of Strength

Professor Xavier & Warpath

IC Date:
Jan 02, 2011

Xavier Mansion

Brief Log Summary::
James wishes to learn more about himself, makes an appointment with Xavier and they test James' abilities in the danger room.


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Standing in the middle of the middle of the danger room, James quietly waits for Professor Xavier to arrive. The room is in its default metallic form, no special environments. James doesn't have the means to turn it on.

In his costume, the blue black body suit, his hair is pulled back into a pony so it'll stay out of his face. His fists grip, then relax, then grip - over and over, with anticipation revealing a slight nervous twinge. Something he always gets when around Professor Xavier; A remnant of the past.

When Xavier does enter, he does so in the control room high above the actual danger room arena. He is not training today. With him are multiple manila folders that seems infamously attached to him being as he walks throughout the halls, one more than likely containing a profile for the man below. Him blue eyes focus on James as he approaches the edge of the window, activating one of the microphones with one of many buttons to the side. "I see you are timely as ever, James," announces his former instructor. Xavier plays with a couple key components of the Danger Room, evidence that he is getting used to the advanced technology, and then he returns to the microphone. "Are we ready to begin?"

James snaps to, looking up at the window and seeing his former headmistress. His answer is sharp and formal, "Yes sir, I am." in response to him question of being ready. And he resists the urge to look around, leaving it to his ears in case he's already started the sequence.

The sequence does not begin immediately, Xavier continuing to go through programming and authorization codes above. After a couple brief seconds, the silvery gleam of the Danger Room walls begin to dust over and remove a lot of the open space around James. He is in a house, one that is not upkept and is plagued with antiques. "First, your strength level," says Xavier. Him words are brief and to the point, and afterwards the walls around James begin to close in. Each second creates a tighter space for him to move.

Arms abduct reaching out toward closing walls. Muscles flex as his hands resist the pressure. His jaw tightens and he gives it all he's got. That pressure can reach 90 tons if that's what he wishes to inflict. His eyes remain sharp, looking in various directions while doing this exercise, seeing that he's not to be attacked from elsewhere.

The walls, although old, are quite resilient. James' strength, however, gives him enough leverage to tear through the walls with little effort. Watching above, Xavier starts writing in a journal and notes information given by the Danger Room's session results. The walls begin to retract as slowly as they began. There is a cracking sound, though, that gets louder after every returning inch. If James were to look up, the ceiling was beginning to fall fast.

Catching the ceiling, James will have no issue with the weight if it is equal to that of a standard ceiling of a house. He'll easily toss it to the side if it's an option.

If there were somewhere to throw the ceiling, it would be an option. But alas, it is not. The ceiling does weigh considerably more, as if something were pushing it towards James. But that is of little consequence as the walls begin to close in once more, with angles created almost impossibly so. "You seem to be in quite the bind." Xavier says, adding fuel to the flame and giving James something to think about during the beginnings of his session.

Seeing he's unable to cast things aside, the walls closing in again, he decides that it's time to get serious and go on the offensive. Instead of resisting the pressures, he'll make an attempt to tear through them. With the effort reflected in his voice, James will try to grab, instead of palming, the ceiling, twist and rend. Ultimately, with the intention of tearing the house apart.

Xavier continues to write his findings as he observes the session below. He does not nod, nor does he smile, but there is a blink that comes from him watching James tear a building nearly in half that holds similar to either. Debris and rubble fall to the ground around him and dust settles into the air. A curious telepath presses a button and a flashing light can be seen in the distance. It is small and the faint sound of something can be heard - it is getting brighter and louder.

Looking through the settling dust, his vision is drawn to the light. Instinctively his arms raise, forearms crossed in front of his turning face as he braces for impact.

In but a few seconds, the lights and sounds can be deciphered as a sports utility vehicle. Its speed is close to fifty miles per hour, and it falls into the session with the intention of ramming whatever is in its way. Currently, James and debris are in its way. And then the debris begins to fade slowly from sight. "There are children inside that vehicle, James. You must get them out and secure their safety before someone is harmed." The car swerves slightly as if an intoxicated driver is behind the wheel.

Hearing his warning, "Got it." he intones and instead of allowing the car to possibly impact him, James leaps into the air, taking flight and cutting toward the back of that vehicle. His intentions are simple. Grab the vehicle's frame (both sides) and lift slightly (getting the rear wheels off the ground) as he slows it progressively so as not to give anyone inside serious whiplash. That's his intent.

As James takes flight, the car begins to speed up. Now, its speed is close to eighty miles per hour, increasing by every passing second.

As long as the vehicle doesn't break 150mph, James won't have issue catching it. He does however see the danger increasing with each passing second so he makes haste to carry out his plan.

The vehicles does manage to break 100mph before James is able to capture its rear. But the driver is still pressing down the gas, not allowing for the car to be set down.

James will hold the vehicle as he looks right or left while coming to a steady stop, still holding the vehicle's rear off the ground. He's intend on finding a wall (to place the vehicle facing into), or a lake (to set the vehicle in the shallow part), or something he can use terrain wise to limit the vehicles potential forward momentum.

There are no walls surrounding James - the walls once torn down now dispersed into thin air. There also are no lakes or nearby water.

Then it's going onto its side. James gently rotates the vehicle to the left so that he can place it onto its side. Thus limiting the potential for insane forward momentum.

The kids inside are thrust to the side, two of them falling head first into a window that cracks. Their pain is noticeable from the screams and curses thrown at James, and a trickle of blood is even more so. Xavier makes an assessment and jots more information down on paper.

James will then move to the front windshield of the vehicle and dig his fingers into the top frame of the glass so he can pull it out. "Hang on. I'll get you outta there."

Seconds later, he peals back the roof and exposes the children within. They’re happy that he’s saved them and they latch onto him for but a brief second before the scene fades and James finds himself back within the metallic confines of the danger room.

Xavier states, “One more test, James, and then we will be done.”
A nasty looking blaster weapon emerges from the wall. It locks aim on James and Xavier’s voice comes over the speaker, “Brace yourself.”

James raises both arms in an X over his chest. He drops a food back and braces. His face bears a determined look – ready for the assault.
Then from the weapon’s emitter, a beam of red concussive energy is projected into James’ forearms. The concussive force starts off weak, but will rapidly increase in intensity. This is to test James’ resistance to damage.

James is able to resist 100 tons of force or energy equivalent before taking damage. When the intensity reaches these levels, James steps to the side and allows the beam to cast onto the far wall.

Xavier shuts off the beam and states, “Very good, James. Thank you for your time.”

Hovering up to the window, James replies, “You’re very welcome, Professor.”

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