2010 12 30 Sparky

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Surge and Warpath

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Xavier Mansion

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James and Noriko meet


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James Proudstar finds himself in the kitchen sifting through the refrigerator. He's bent at the hips, his large frame blocking most of the view of the fridge interior. Boots, jeans, and a red/black based flannel shirt adorn that frame. His thick long hair is pulled back into a pony which trails midway down his back.

His stomach growls.

Noriko walks into the large kitchen with an idle glance about. She stretches her metal-clad arms up over her head with a yawn. Blue hair helps make her stand out even more, and she's clad in almost all black. Loose jeans, small shirt, skating shoes, choker. She makes her way towards the fridge, and eyes the large man for a second with a shake of her head. Wow, that's a big guy.

Nori tilts her head to the side and calls out, "Hello! Are you new? I don't recall many folks your size…"

There's a huh noise from his throat as he rises and turns. He stands around 6'8" to 6'10" in boots, easily. He's quick to smile as his voice relays her remark, "My size?"

A hand is placed on the countertop. Which is followed by, "I'm James, not really new, but not old either. Actually, just visiting"

Wow. Bigger than she'd thought. Noriko beams up at the man and waves a gauntleted hand towards him as she moves closer. "I'm Noriko! Or, um, Sparky, if you were over a foot shorter and really hairy. And grumpy. And older." She shakes her head slightly with a giggle, her blue hair swaying.

Nori moves to hold her right hand out towards the man. "It's nice to meet you! And, well, I was a student before.." She trails off slowly and shakes her head, "Anyways, I just got back the other day. Mr. Logan was even nice enough to be standing around on the porch waiting for me."

His voice, though low, has a calm tone to it. His demeanor also presents with peace (not aggression) even though he is taller than the average bear. "What about now? Student?" James asks about her current status with the team or the others within the house.

"Yep, I'm still just a lowly student." Nori bobs her head with a smile and continues, "I did graduate from the basic schooling stuff before though." She moves to lean against the counter, crossing her gauntlets across her chest, "Mr. Logan is probably just going to make me continue the classes so he can harass me. But he only does it because he cares!"

"Basic stuff? So you're in college?" James asks then takes note of the gauntlets, curious but won't ask as that could come off as rude, and they may be some weird bondage thing that the girl is into, so that too could be awkward.

"I'm actually not sure." She falls silent for a moment, thinking, "Mr. Logan just said I had to continue with classes, we didn't get much farther than that, yet." Noriko grins up at the man, "What about you, part of the, um, team? Let me guess! Super strength!" She shakes her head, giggling loudly.

The smile returns as James nods slightly, "Just a little. But I'm not a member of the team. I was a former student of Ms Frost's at her Academy several years ago. Now I'm lurking, hoping that one day Logan will see a use for me."

Noriko bobs her head and asks, "Academy? Sort of like this place?" With a slight shake of her head, Nori peers up at the man, "Big guy like you? I'm surprised you're still waiting." She pauses for a moment and glances down at her arms, then back up at the big man, "And..if you've got a um, laptap, cell phone, ipod…Anything like that. And it starts to die a lot quicker than normal." She hmms, "Totally not my fault, promise."

There's a curious look on his face with her final remark, his eyes returning to hers and will leave it be. He follows with her query, "I lead a team called the Hellions under Ms Frost. We were misguided, at most. Which may be the reason Logan is holding off on my advancement. I'm sure he feels my loyalties are to her more than to the team."

He then realizes that he spoke too much, "I'm sorry, that was more than I should have said."

"Wow, you had your own team?" Noriko tilts her head to the side, "Did you go on missions and stuff?" She shrugs her slim shoulders at the last bit, "Hey, what is this, if not the one place everybody can be pretty much open with each other?" Nori smiles at the man, waving one hand in the air dismissively.

"Yes, and yes. And I do agree, but we just met and your blue hair, pretty eyes and welcome smile are disarming." James remarks casually giving an excuse as to a possible motivation of why he shared. Though he continues without segue, "Do you eat?" which is accompanied by a grumbly in his tumbly.

"Of course I eat! I'm not robo-girl." She grins playfully at the man as she continues, "I mean, sure. The blue hair, metal arms, and the fact that I'm Japanese. I get it." Noriko reaches out to swat at the man's arm as she moves to stand next to the fridge, "Were you going to make something?"

"I thought I was, but I'm thinking Harry's. They've got some pretty good burgers. You game?" James asks after being swatted. He's definitely stronger and more solid than the average bear.

Bobbing her head, Noriko smiles, "Sure, sounds good. You buying?" She laughs softly, "You got enough muscles there, James?"

James grins and there's a silent chuckle, "I'll buy, and drive.". Pushing away from the island he moves toward the exit. "Come on Sparky."

Noriko calls out loudly as she moves to follow, "Hey! You've got to be shorter, and able to beat me in a fight if you wanna get away with calling me Sparky!"

Outside the kitchen door, James turns and will reach down with both hands in an attempt to take Nori's hips. In this attempt, he intends to lift her in such a way, then twist so that she's inverted and held aloft, face to face.

Then, if successful, with a smile and in a peaceful but pleased voice, "You mean I'd have to best you in a fight?"

Nori is walking along behind James when he turns, and well, she wasn't really expecting that, "Wha…Hey!" And she reacts a bit slowly. Yeah, she's upside down in the air now, with her metal-clad hands gripping at James' wrists as he hands hold her up by her hips. "What are you doing!" Noriko gasps out loudly, staring him in the eyes as her blue hair hangs freely down towards the ground.

"Put me down, you big ox!" Nori exclaims then starts to giggle, her body shaking slightly, "And yes, that's what I mean!"

"Oohoho." James says with a tone of winning and a smile of confidence, "So does that mean I can call you Sparky?" while still holding her aloft with the amount of effort it would take to hold a sheet of paper.

Noriko pffts as she squirms a bit in the man's grip, "This so does not count, and you know it." She grins at the man, "A round on a mat, with rules, and maybe you can call me Sparky."

There's a second of contemplation, then he nods, "After the burgers." and he will rotate and lower her to the floor, feet first. Then start his movement toward the door.

Remaining still for a moment, Noriko laughs quietly, then jogs a stretch to catch up, "Like this is going to be fair. James the giant, against Noriko the little japanese girl." She says with a small smile as she walks alongside James.

The exit is found and subsequently a black jeep wrangler without a roof (just roll bar and front glass).

James comments in route, "I'm pretty sure you're just talking yourself down to make me underestimate you."

Noriko oohs as they approach the jeep, "Yours?" And then she chuckles, "I wish, really. Though I do imagine you're curious about the gauntlets!" She grins as she glances at James, "And I don't know what you can do aside from lift people up."

"I'll show you later." James notes about his own powers then follows with his query, "I was wondering about those, do they give you a focus for your power?"

Pulling out keys (on a ring of several), he starts the jeep, indicating potential ownership. It's not the newest vehicle, probably 2000ish, but well maintained.

Chuckling as she climbs into the passenger side Noriko offers, "Um, something like that." Nori sighs and shrugs slightly, "They stop me from wrecking everything around me. I wouldn't really be safe to be around without the gauntlets, or being doped up on pills."

Putting it into gear after she gets settled, James asks, "So if you were to take them off, what would happen?", curious about the extent of damage involved.

Looking down at her lap as the jeep is put into gear, Noriko answers, "I'd be fine for a couple of hours. Then I'd start to have some side effects. Little things. Talking fast, having trouble staying focused, my nervous system starts to act funny." She looks up with a small shrug, "Once I get to ten hours or longer, is when it gets dangerous."

"Good, then it's not like a cast that you can't take off and when you get an itch you'd have to stick a coat hanger down to try to reach it." James makes lite of the gauntlets with a grin.

"Ah, no, I can take them off, for a shower and what not. Just a little paranoid about not having them on, you know?" She smiles and shakes her head slightly, "I suck electricity out of things. Everything. Whether I want to or not."

"Which is the reason for your warning about cell phones, earlier.", James puts things together with a nod as they pull out on to the road and head toward Harrys. "But no risk to the Jeep losing power since you've got them on?"

Noriko shakes her head with a laugh, "No, no, most things don't get drained that much, unless I'm around them constantly. When my power first manifested though, lights, televisions, stuff like that used to flicker in and out." She smiles, "I don't have that problem anymore, at least not recently…"

"So what about you? You've told me about your powers and that you're a Japanese girl, which I could have guessed. What about you, what makes Sp**, Noriko special?" James asks, stepping beyond the power draining, the power talk, while the wind whips by during their 5 mile ride to Harrys.

Noriko giggles quietly as she turns to eye James, she reaches her hands up, holding them in the air, "What doesn't make me special!" She says with a grin and then bobs her head. "I mean, I was never the best student, or the most creative kid, but.." She shrugs slightly as she lowers her hands, "I got picked to lead most of the group exercises when I was at the school before, and I /will/ take care of my friends. People tend to like me, and I like most people."

"That's a good enough answer, for now." James says with a grin then a passing glance her way before turning his attention to the parking lot of Harrys and pulling in. The jeep is parked and shut off.

Hopping from the jeep, Nori starts to make her way towards the building. She turns towards James with a grin, "What about you, buddy? What makes you special, aside from the giant's blood running in your veins."

Stepping from the Jeep, James notes, "I don't believe I am. Only girls with blue hair are." and begins walking to the door. And he continues in a playful tone, "I heard that they have this special blue gene, even if it does come from a bottle, that makes them unique in their own way."

Laughing as they approach the door, Noriko says, "You have no idea how true that is. I get more comments on the hair than I do about the gauntlets." She continues to laugh as she moves to open the door, "It's always kind of surprised me, but ever since I tried it the first time, I've loved it." She reaches up with one hand to run the metal-clad fingers through her hair.

James grabs the door, opens. It's doubtful that with the Indian's presence/size that anyone in the restaurant/bar will make a comment, plus it's established loosely that this place has often seen the likes of mutants in the past. So, entering isn't an issue, nor is taking a booth. One where he slides the seat back and the table forward, she's skinny, she doesn't need all that extra space on the other side.

After the drink/food orders are taken, it gives them time to continue, "What have you been doing since you were last at the school?"

Smiling as they enter, Nori bobs her head as the orders are taken and rests her arms on the table as she focuses on James again, "Well, I was living in the city. And, basically…Absolutely nothing. I found a coffeeshop whose owner was really nice to me, despite my um, you know. He gave me a job and helped me get a place to stay." She shrugs slightly, "What about you? Stumbled upon the school, or were you on your own for a bit?"

James interjects when she says 'my up, you know', "Blue hair?" in a teasing tone but lets her finish and then he answers, "I needed some time. Our team had personality issues and things just went south. Miss Frost wasn’t really helpful. So I went home. Back to Arizona to spend time with my family – which didn’t work out too well, refocus and return to my search for my spirit guide."

Nori giggles quietly at the comment about her hair and shakes her head as she finishes. Then tilts her head as she listens, "Oh." She mumbles, curious obviously but deciding not to pry. "That's kind of rotten of her…" She nods her head at the last bit, "Your family doesn't mind…you being a mutant?" She pauses, blinking and also asks, "I guess that's some..culture thing?"

"My people see mutation as something different than a genetic problem." James answers, clearing the way to expand that topic and giving her time to process it.

Noriko falls silent for a moment, looking distracted, before speaking quietly, "Problem?" She laughs hollowly, "My father didn't see it as anything. 'Mutants don't exist.'" Nori shakes her head slightly, sighing as she looks away.

"Sorry. I understand that many are faced with much adversity when it comes to the mutation. My people see it as an expression of our spirit guides. I would imagine that your spirit guide is an electric eel channeling an electrical storm.", James says and tries to bring comfort to the otherwise sensitive subject.

Smiling again, Noriko giggles softly, "An /eel/ oh, man. Now I really hate my power." She groans softly and rolls her eyes. "There's gotta be something else." Nori grins and looks back to James. "What's your spirit guide?"

"The Thunderbird." James answers reflective of his guide. "But you shouldn't underestimate the eel. It is a majestic animal whose cunning and strength are reflected in its' very nature. Slipping through the water, stalking prey…" he illustrates by moving his right hand slowly across the table toward Nori, "…then strikes with lightning quickness, discharging and stunning the target.", and with his final words, he grabs her upper arm so that she may feel the sensations of his touch as opposed to grabbing the gauntlet.

Nori nods slowly, "A thunderbird? That's not like a real animal, is it?" She shakes her head, laughing as she listens to his attempt to make an eel sound better. It's still an /eel/!" She exclaims and then jumps as he grabs her arm. "Eels are slimy and creepy looking." Nori hmms, "Though they do taste good, I guess. Do you like sushi?"

James smiles, settles back into his side of the booth then notes, "I'm more of a cooked meat sort of guy. Though not adverse to eating anything raw." He leaves the questions for later, real animals, eels, perhaps she should look for her spirit guide.

Nori drums the metal fingers of one hand atop the table as she nods, "Most Americans seem that way. They don't mind sushi, but they don't really like it. Used to eat it all the time back home." She frowns and shakes her head, "Back in Japan. This is home now." She notices him ignoring her question, but doesn't force the issue.

"So, how've you been getting on at the school? Make any friends yet? I haven't met many of the others yet. Just Claire." Noriko smiles as she asks.

"I've not been around much lately. The people I did know, like Rahne, are gone now. I spent some time in the city with a girl, doing boy girl things and well, that came to an end. Did some tracking, and decided to stop back in and see if the Professor needed me to do anything.", James answers and follows with, "And then I met you."

Noriko nods as she listens, and then blinks at the 'boy girl things' and opens her mouth, but closes it without speaking, nodding again. "Tracking, huh? I bet Mr. Logan is impressed by that." She says, and then asks, "Did you get a chance to see the Professor yet, or no?"

"No, he's away on business from what I understand." James answers and covers up for the OOC aspect of Xavier being uncast. He continues, "Our senses of smell, Logan's and mine, are pretty strong. Tracking is something that my father taught my brother and I."

"Oh, I see." She nods at that, "Mr. Logan seems to have strong everything, when it comes to senses. I'm not sure it's possible to sneak up on him." She laughs at that. "He's a little gruff, but I like him. And he likes us, even if he tries to act like he doesn't sometimes."

"He likes you?" James smiles and has asked in a teasing tone, "I didn't think he liked anyone."

"See! That's what he wants everyone to think, it's just a show, though." Noriko bobs her head with a grin, "Should've seen him, he even came out to wait on the porch for me to show up. And gave me his little gruff routine." She chuckles quietly, "He taught me a bit about you know, normal fighting. Which you're going to see, if you want to call me Sparky!"

"When I pin you to the mat, you mean?" James replies with a confident tone and visual as he places one of his arms across the back of the booth and maintains eye contact.

Noriko snickers, "Probably, but we'll see, I guess." She peers at James, "Must be nice, just being able to bully everybody because you're so big!" She shakes her head, "I'm going to have to find somebody with super strength or something to beat up on you, aren't I?"

James ponders that a moment and answers with the slight shake of his head, "No, I'm confident you can do it yourself. You seem to have it in you."

"Thanks for trying to give me some hope, I guess." Noriko grins as she leans back, "Have you done it yet? Gone a round with Mr. Grumpy himself?" She shifts her attention to James' big arms for an instant before looking back to his face.

James reaches back with both of his arms. Taking his hair in hand, he removes the leather thong that binds it into a pony and then lets it hang freely behind his head. "No. Look forward to it. I'm sure I've a lot to learn from him." - the leather thong is placed in his jean pocket and his arms return to where they once were.

Watching the man loose his hair, Noriko giggles, "You should give some of my hair dye a try." She tilts her head to the side, the blue hair swaying with the motion, as she continues to eye James, "I think he could teach everybody a lot. About more than fighting too."

James starts to believe that Nori speaks of Wolverine in a certain tone, so he queries, "Do you have a crush on Logan?" with a toying grin.

"Oh. My. God!" Noriko gasps loudly, her head shaking vehemently as her cheeks turn bright red. "Are you kidding! He is /old/!" She continues to shake her head, "Ohmygod, ohmygod. You are crazy!" Noriko starts to laugh loudly, lifting her gauntleted hands to cover her face.

James chuckles at her resistance to his suggestion, "Oh, my mistake, I was hearing all this talk about him as 'old teacher, the subject of school girl fantasy.'."

"That is crazy. Who said that!" Noriko continues to giggle, lowering her hands back to the table. She shakes her head one last time and smiles, "And for your information, I do have a crush on somebody. And I think you'd be surprised." She rolls her eyes skyward before adding with a grin, "And before you waste your breath, don't say 'Who, me?' or anything like that!"

"I'm the last person anyone has a crush on." James says in denial with a grin, "But, since you say I'd be surprised, tell me who."

"No! Since you'd be surprised, it's a secret." She laughs loudly, "And, oh, really? Mr. Big, Tall, and Muscley doesn't have any admirers? Didn't we already gloss over a bit of 'boy girl things'?" Noriko grins at James.

"Yeah, but she took off." James references the girl in his recent past. "She was a little too flighty and immature for her age. So it's a good thing."

"Oh? Was she a mutant, or just a normal girl?" Noriko leans forward onto the table as she asks, cupping her chin in one hand.

"Mutant, yeah. She could make things explode." James answers with a thoughtful grin to perhaps things she made explode which could have been a blast.

"Oh, jeez. Make things explode?" Noriko shakes her head slowly with a frown. "And I thought /my/ power was pretty useless aside from hurting people." She pauses, before asking, "Does she go to the school or anything, or what?"

"Nah, she spent her time working in the city for people who weren't on the level.", James answers reluctantly with a sour taste in his mouth. Then switches back, "So who's the crush?"

Noriko frowns slightly at that wondering who James was getting involved with and then laughs, "Come on, it's a secret."

James smiles, nods and leaves it well enough alone. They share their meal and eventually return to the mansion to go their separate ways.

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