2010 12 28 The Mystery Of The Crazy Dragon Lady Who Randomly

Log Title:
The Mystery of the Crazy Dragon Lady who Randomly Hates Dumpsters

Chimera, Cloak, and Dagger

IC Date:
28 Dec 2010

New York

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Cloak and Dagger investigate a police scanner report. Chimera did it. Then there's a dance number.


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What do superheroes do when they aren't out superheroing? If they're Cloak, they sit in the dark in their crappy apartment and listen to the police scanner. Cloak's room is completely empty, except for a mattress and a bean bag chair. Wearing his namesake garment, he sits almost completely still, as if in a trance. In the background, the scanner continues to crackle and squawk, with the occasional string of police jargon. For New York, it's a pretty quiet night. Really no need for him to go outside if the only crimes happening are traffic offenses. Which for the last two hours, they have been.

And, of course, Cloak's cohort in crime-fighting is taking full advantage of the reprieve … by napping. Dagger is downright passed out on the couch, leaving the tall, dark, and ominous one to do all the heavy lifting this evening. She hasn't even bothered to kick her shoes off, for that matter; she, like he, is still in full-costume … just bundled in a blanket. It's been a busy couple of days otherwise and she's more than willing to catch a catnap when she can. Like now. Before craziness happens.

The police call begins innocently enough for it is just a simple noise complaint. Something not really even worth a squad car unless enough people start calling it in. And this is exactly what starts happening. Quickly this insignificant call seems to be getting a little bit more serious. Now there is talk of shots being fired and someone being chased. Hmm. Maybe this might be call that might warrant some attention before it escalates even further. It -is- a quiet night.

Meanwhile at the scene of the crime, a tall masked and costumed blonde woman is strolling into a dark alley after her prey. "Come out and come out wherever you are," chimes in Chimera as she scans for where her friendly neighborhood drug dealer ran off to. This particular drug dealer has been ratting out on his friends and his friends were not happy to hear this. In fact, they were so unhappy that they resorted to hiring the individual known as Chimera to put an end to him. Apparently collateral damage is not a concern of theirs.

Although it's impossible to see, especially since he's by himself, Cloak's face becomes rather cheery rather suddenly. An audible 'whoosh' happens as he springs to his feet, his cloak billowing with his sudden movement. He stands near the scanner long enough to get the details of the location, and then opens the door to the apartment's main area. The rickety old door creaks loudly as he makes his way through it, but his footsteps are silent. Since he's been sitting in the dark for hours his eyes are completely adjusted, allowing him to make his way through the sparsely-furnished apartment without upsetting anything. "Tandy?" It doesn't take long to locate her on the couch. "Wake up turd, we've got work to do."

"Dun wanna go to school-" Tandy mutters through the sleep-fog and attempts to pull the blankets over her head. Two seconds later and it hits … and she tries to remain buried. "Brat. All I needed was five more minutes," she laments, huffing out a breath. But she knows full well how insistent he can be and she grudgingly gets up and stretches, shrugging the sleep off as quickly as she can before teleportation is imminent.

This world that she now finds herself in can be quite strange, but the people here are just like the people she had found across dimensions. They are still vengeful, hateful creatures who throw money at their problems. And this just suits the greedy Chimera just fine. She can -work- with vengeful, hateful people with too much money.

Her prey is somewhere down the alley, hiding with a gun clutched in his hand. His mind racing to just who this crazy blonde chasing him even is. Chimera, on the other hand, cares little about the question of who and cares more about the question of where. She raises her left gloved hand up and makes a sock puppet motion with it. "What do you think chompy? Do you think we have him cornered?" Chimera makes her puppet hand nod yes before holding the hand out in front of her.

Tendrils of green energy begin forming around her hand until they swirl into the shape of a dragon. "You should just come out now, my friend is simply dying to meet you," says the borderline psychotic Chimera.

Cloak doesn't give his partner-in-crimefighting any chance to discuss the matter. With a swift swooping motion, he wraps a portion of the cloak around her, and suddenly the two are gone. Almost as suddenly, they're somewhere else. Somewhere near a police car. The rookie cop appears to be following procedure to the letter, waiting on backup to arrive before he heads toward the gunshots. Or maybe he's just skeered. Either way, he jumps like a startled cat as the duo appear beside hime. The sudden appearance of the King and Queen of the C-Listers doesn't appear to do anything to help his temperment, although his hand quickly finds its way to the top of his holster.

Cloak skips the greetings, and gets right to the heart of the matter. "Which direction?" The police officer looks at Cloak as if he were made of cheese and yelling gibberish, but he seems to quickly appraise the situation. "Over there, towards the alley. Backups gonna be…" He doesn't get the chance to finish before Cloak is running towards the aforementioned alley.

Poor rookie. Not only does he have to deal with their sudden appearance, but the fact that the luminous Dagger is literally stepping *out* of a cloak that doesn't have a lick of substance to it. She also looks rumpled and somewhat cranky while she re-orients herself. As the direction is given, she tips the poor fellow a wave and is soon off as well — with a helpful, "Backup's gonna be too late!" for the cop. She sprints full-tilt toward the alley while simultaneously trying to straighten out her serious case of bed-head. It's not very effective.

Oblivious for now to the c-listers coming to stop her own c or perhaps d list shenanigans, Chimera is caught up in this moment. The sirens from the rookie's car are ignored in a similar way. Hmmm. Now if I was a scared drug-dealer, where would I hide? The blonde pirate scans the area for possible hiding places. Maybe behind those barrels? Or maybe that dumpster? Oh who cares let's try the dumpster.

Chimera focuses her attention and points her left hand at the metal dumpster threatening and then unleashed the green kinetic dragon on her hand towards it. The pure force of the energy made solid dragon smashes the dumpster inward and causes a gaping hole to be left after the dragon disappears. Darn, he's not in there, but there is only so many places to hide in this alley and this criminal is just about to run out of hiding places.

And this is the scene that Cloak walks into: a crazy lady with dragons punching holes in dumpsters. "Wang Chung!" As witty remarks go, it's not very impressive, but the cold, gravelly, monotone, way in which he says it is definitely enough to creep a pirate out. Especially since he says it while running, cloak billowing around him in all directions. Only the vaguest of outlines can be seen of the body underneath the garment even though it's completely open. He's completely immersed in shadow. Only a portion of his face is visible, and that portion looks a bit unsure how to proceed. "Hey… dragon lady… stop making your dragons… do stuff."

Dagger's not too far behind, launching into a flip and landing lightly on her feet just to one side of Cloak. At an oblique angle, she looks … almost like a proper heroine with a hand-on-the-hip pose and everything. With crazy hair. She puffs out a breath, grimaces, and reaches up to fix her hair before glancing at the source of the crazy dragon. … and the damage done by said dragon. She makes a bit of a face and motions, daggers manifesting and glinting at her fingertips. "Right. What he said."

Ooh, she was so close to finally nabbing that mouse of hers too when Cloak and Dagger show up. She turns to meet their acrobatic entrance with a wide if not slightly maniacal grin. "Looks like more mice have come out to play." So is -this- what law enforcement in this dimension actually looks like. Hrmph. Things might have just got way more exciting than hunting down a simple criminal. "Time for the main course, chompy." She says to really herself while she now aims both hands at the do-gooders. This should be an easy enough test for them. Not one, but two swirling dragons begin to appear around Chimera's hands. Her grin widens slightly as she sends the dragons spiraling towards the pair in no fancy flight pattern, but in a b-line.

"ZIG!" Cloak calls out as he vanishes into thin air. The dragon goes right through the cloud he leaves behind. He apparently has faith enough in Dagger's ability to avoid the projectile, because he doesn't so much as cast an anxious glance in her direction. He rematerializes closer to Chimera, off to her right. The alley doesn't give much in the way of room to maneuver, so he's only a couple of feet from his newfound adversary. "Bitch! Cut that out!" To his dramatic, attention-getting movement, an equally dramatic flourish is added. He grabs one of the sides of his cloak, and sweeps it up toward his face, Batman-like.

"You know, this isn't going to end well for you. I'd really suggest- hey!" Dagger's daggers are set to 'stun' and are flung at Chimera without hesitation when the dragons are turned their way. The daggers are of the 'seeking' sort, though that rogue drug-dealer may wind up being an inadvertent — if unseen — target. An answering "Zag!" is called for Cloak's 'zig' and the woman's quick to spring into action — quite literally, as it turns out. She flips back, attempting to put some distance between herself and those dragons with some contortion thrown in; she's not just fast but flexible, giving those creatures a run for their money if they, oh, try to attack. "What the /heck/?"

Chimera actually blinks in surprise when she sees (or doesn't see) where Cloak goes next. What?! He can teleport at will in this dimension, but she -can't-? That's not fair! She -must- get answers out of him one way or another. When Cloak reappears right beside her, Chimera is distracted enough to lose concentration and her dragons dissipate quickly which would be much to the rookie cop's and his car's relief. The blonde piratess is also so distracted and infuriated by Cloak's teleporation and comment that she doesn't even see 'stun-daggers' heading towards her until its too late. Ooh. This is going to hurt. "Not fa—" The youngish (atleast by looks) criminal is in for quite the catnap.

Unfortunately for Chimera, Cloak is within punching distance. But fortunately for Chimera, he's also within catching distance. Also fortunately for Chimera, he seems to be more in the mood to do the latter. "Easy there, crazy lady. Just let the daggers do their thing." He takes a cautious half-step towards her, looking very wary just in case.

It's at this point that the drug dealer decides to peak out from his hiding place. Unseen by Cloak, he looks around the alley, gun in hand.

The daggers are wicked things in their own right, even if they look pretty. In most targets, the temperature of the blood plummets to near freezing and disorientation is the norm. Wooziness, hallucinations, all manner of odd effects can occur — though it always varies by person. So, whatever Chimera's feeling? Dagger has no control over it beyond the strength she put into the living light weapons. Incapacitate, that's all she aimed to do. "We need to find out what she's up to and /why/," Dagger remarks after a moment, looking first from the crazy chica and then up to her cohort. El drug-guy isn't immediately noticed.

Chimera already experiences some of the daggers some of those side-effects due to her interdimensional travel and dealing with dimensional spirits, but she definitely has not experienced the incapacitating wooziness before. She does fall and is caught by Cloak. The six foot blonde raises her left hand, but she doesn't hold it in a threatening way. Atleast she holds her hand not in a threatening way to Cloak or Dagger. "You weakling. You are the one who is going to be dinner." Chompy says to Chimera or really Chimera says to herself. Hallucination matched with already self-delusion is not a pretty combination. Chimera procedes to glare icily at her own hand before finally dropping unconcious.

And now Cloak has a woozy space pirate to deal with. "Don't worry lady, we're going to make sure you get a really nice shrink. Or something… " He looks down the alley at his partner, his face inscrutable as always. "We could do that… or I could just have a little snack and she'll never bother anyone again." He looks back down at the semi-helpless woman "It's not like anyone's probably going to miss her."

"No. No, and no," the latter two being helpfully pre-emptive. Dagger crosses her arms over her chest. "And that just makes it /worse/, Cloak. Don't even start on that line of thinking." Stern? Dagger? She can pull it off a little. "She needs help. And we don't know why she was here or what she was up to; maybe it was just some … misunderstanding or another. She's obviously a little-" she motions at her head in the universal 'crazy' sign "-so maybe she can't even help it."

Chimera is still drifting in between states of conciousness and unconciousness. What a trip her first visit to this dimension has been so far, atleast the parts that she does remember. While there isn't any significant motion out of Chimera, tendrils of green kinetic energy trail of her hands where her 'friends' once formed. But, the tendrils are only is existance for mere moments before disappearing.

If the criminal thinks he could get away, this would be his opportune time to try run. Dealing with the cops would be a pleasent experience when compared to having to deal with a crazy dragon lady, let alone Cloak and Dagger.

"Fine…" A bit reluctantly, Cloak scoops the lady up and starts carrying her down the alley. "We'll give her to the pigs, but it seems like a waste." He walks past Dagger, and heads toward the waiting cop car. The rookie cop doesn't seem to know whether to be relieved or pissed off. Over his shoulder Cloak calls out. "Put your hair up or something, people are going to think I've been beating you."

As for the drug dealer, today is apparently his lucky day. It's way to cold outside for them to be looking around for answers. The Mystery of The Crazy Dragon Lady Who Randomly Hates Dumpsters will have to be solved another day.

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