2010 12 21 Holiday Approach

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Holiday Approach

Wolverine, Invisible Woman, M & Cobalt

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Barney's NY, NY

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Logan and Sue track down Monet, Robert follows


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While typically it is perilous to imply that Weapon-X has some greater understanding of the local mall than your average hard drinking one hundred and fifty year-old former secret agent there are days which his almost paranoid familiarization with the locales he's visited comes in handy…

..and between Kitty and Jubilee he's been to the Manhattan Mall, lots.

~Logan, I've located her position. She's on the second floor. Eastern wing. I'm pulling up a map of the mall. It looks like she's at J12 th—~

"Barney's." Logan says cutting Xavier off and looking to Susan, "She's at Barney's." Then reaching for the side of his head, "I've got it from here, Chuck." He says before pulling the headset from his ear and sticking it into the pocket of his jacket.

Dressed in his typical out-and-about attire he forces his way into the holiday crowd and begins to lead the way. Like he knows exactly where he's going.

Susan Storm glances sidelong at Logan as he plows through the holiday shopping crowds. She insisted on accompanying him for two reasons: Monet already knows her and hopefully will agree to talk peacefully. But if not, Sue knows she can contain whatever might happen far better than Logan could. No offense, Logan.

Monet is, meanwhile, commanding the attention of several Barney's employees. One is fetching dresses, and another is on Handbag duty, all while the third is showing and fitting her with shoes. She's got one foot in a Louboutin and another in a Balmain, and she's quite frankly sneering at both of them. "These are better suited for an elderly woman, don't you think? Do I LOOK like I'm about to sip martinis on the lanai in a floral kaftan?"

Logan enters the department store through its upper floor where the vast array of glass cases and made-up smiling women hock lipstick and apply perfumes to women of varying ages and descriptions. He slows his movement, but never stops, then eyes narrowing to a glare as they shift from figure to figure in an attempt to locate their quarry.

It takes him only a few seconds to positively identify the fact that she's not there and in that time he's walked into the varying make-up counters and gruffly rebuked several attempts for he and his 'wife' to /smell this/ or /try that/.

"Not here.." He says, "Let's go, dear.."

He presses forward then and again and like the expert tracker he is they're next over near the shoes and the handbags. His ears perk at the accent of a French sophisticate and takes position nearby but not in clear view, "Over there.." He nods, "Go work yer celebrity magic."

Susan Storm follows Logan with an expression of increasing amusement at the various department store employees. Honestly, at least ONE of them should recognize her and know that Logan is… wait, that'd be worse. Nevermind. They reach shoe department and she glares at the X-Man briefly. Celebrity status, pfeh. Though that does give her an idea on how to approach the girl without raising too much suspicion…

Sue steps away from Logan and into the shoe section proper as if idly browsing. She pauses to look at a particularly ridiculous pair of high heeled shoes, careful to not let her initial reaction show on her face. Someone SERIOUSLY wants $900 for this patent leather torture device? Geez.

Monet is dashing commission hopes left and right - "No, that color doesn't go with my skin." "That's from /three/ seasons ago. I'm /16/, not /stupid/." "My mother wouldn't be buried with that clutch, that's hideous — and so is that one." For every single item added to her rack, four more are sent back with withering scorn. "Oh, that's lovely. … No, I'm not buying that here. I'll call the designer myself. Put it back."

Logan lurks nearby. It's probably quite creepy were anyone to notice.

Susan Storm tries to waylay one of the skittering salespeople, knowing that anyone as 'diva' (in the bad way) as Monet will know INSTANTLY if someone is trying to divert attention away from her. "Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you. Would you perhaps have this in a size seven?" She holds up a tasteful, businesslike, mid-heel leather shoe — something she might actually wear if she were honestly here to purchase.

And it doesn't take long for Monet to notice, either. Looking over her rack, she's ABOUT to tell the retreating salesperson to bring something else - eye's narrow. "Hmph." She picks on the one standing sentry instead, then, putting the off shoes in his hands. "Take these back. Bring me the the gold Louboutins. The ones with the studs. Size 6. /6./" Because clearly he's gotten it wrong before. Once he's gone, and since the others are scattered - and the one Sue nabbed is moving quick to take care of -her- now - Monet remarks idly, just loudly enough for Sue to hear, "Wouldn't you be more comfortable at Macy's?"

Wolverine continues lurking.

Susan Storm turns to raise an eyebrow at Monet. "Well, hello again to you too."

"Not that what you chose isn't perfectly serviceable, of course, I just question the wisdom of your buying something like that here. Don't you generally have more of a Chico's kind of day?" Then, turning to actually look at her, Monet gives Sue an entirely phony smile. "Hello." And then it's gone, and she turns her head ever so slightly in Wolverine's direction. "I can smell your cheap booze and stale cigars from here."

Susan Storm is SO tempted to catch that brat in a force field and squeeze some manners into her. Or, snark back at her — she HAS been dressed by Versace for a dinner party at the White House, you know. But that would be stooping to her level. So instead, she goes for the high road and maintains her manners. This is the way PROPER civilized people behave. Take note. "We were actually hoping to have a word with you, Miss St. Croix."

Logan emerges from his less-than-concealed position. His gruff unshaven features glare sourly at the women who shuffle in and out at the girls bidding before focusing directly upon Monet. Short, hairy, and smelling of booze and stale cigars he swaggers directly into the thick of things his attention drifting from Monet to the bag one of her 'keepers' bears.

"Ya'd be better off with Celine Boston." He intones roughly, "/Her/ husband would go with Prada or Louis Vuitton 'cause its somethin' he's heard of.." He gives Sue a mildly cutting look before looking to Monet again, "..class ain't cost. It's havin' what they don't know they want."

Then rolling his shoulders he looks to the employees, "You gals are due a break." He nods as Sue speaks, "We're gonna need a moment." He says.

Monet folds her arms primly. She doesn't acknowledge the 'help' once it's been summarily dismissed. They're free, they're free! Run awaaaaaaay! Monet gives Wolverine a -look-… but she doesn't push him. Whether it's the 'vibe' he gives off psychically or something in his body language, she doesn't turn her snark back on him. And since he's with /her/, Monet at least ATTEMPTS to look pleasant; With her arms still folded, she bats her eyelashes and then puts the phony smile back on. "By all means, Mrs. Richards. How may I help you?"

Susan Storm is momentarily distracted as the one employee she 'stole' brings the shoes to her. Accepting the box graciously, she tells the saleslady, "May I have a few moments? Thank you so much." She steps over toward Monet a bit. "We were wondering if you'd heard about the YouTube noise about that mess the other evening. Your name and face are all over it."

Well, Robert has no idea how to track down Monet, but what he does have, is access to Sue. He was watching when she left, and began practicing the art of shadowing and following people. Of course, both she and Logan -probably- knew he was back there, but he is under the impression that he's being all sneaky and subtle. No harm in letting him think he's doing okay right? Besides, Logan couldn't -help- but recognize his scent. Of course, there's that Irish Spring bodywash to add to it too! Anyhow, at the mall, he got there a bit after the other two and was wandering the main halls before catching sight of folks inside Barney's out of the corner of his eye. And soooo, he steps up to a cellphone shop kiosk type thing and starts inspecting the various models of phone there as he does his best to keep watch on things inside Barney's. Yeah, he -thinks- he's doing good, and he's doing much better than the other night but.. there's just no foolin' Logan, let alone Susan…. not for Robert.

Logan seems inclined to let Susan do the talking first his attention lingering momentarily after the sales lady before drifting back to Monet. He nods distractedly to Susan's words as if more occupied with some other thing even turning away for a moment.

"No security fer the ambassador's daughter." He asserts aloud turning back to Monet, "None the other night either. If ya were in a habit of runnin' away I figure there would be an Avengers bulletin but their ain't."

"I've heard, yes. And received approximately 10,000 new fans on my 'public figure' page on Facebook." Monet continues on the defensive, looking from Sue to Wolverine. "I haven't needed a bodyguard for two years. I'm perfectly capable of handling myself, as you're both clearly aware."

Susan Storm sets the shoe box delicately on a handy chair. "Against the usual kinds of paparazzi and stalkers, maybe. But after the display the other night, several concerned parties are worried that you'll have a whole new caliber of people after you. And they won't just be wanting photos or autographs."

They'll be people like Nick Fury and his cronies… you know, Robert! Yeah, he's kinda harmless, but he could really be more of a precursor to other things to come. He leaves the cellphone kiosk and peeks into the store once more before trying to duck back away from the doorway. Yeah, subtle as a kick in the face!

"Yup, but that wasn't my point." Logan returns coolly letting Susan have her say, "It's that no one else seems ta think ya do. Maybe yer dad, the Ambassador, knows his little precious little girl's a homo-/superior/ who doesn't need to worry about some kidnappers."

"But now..?" He gives a crass shit-eating smile, "..the whole world knows she's just some filthy mutie and trust me when I tell ya that, 'round here, liftin' a car don't mean squat when the racists and the powered terrorists get involved. In America lynchin' folks who can fly has become a proud tradition that ya just may get to endure."

Glancing away again he looks down the way to the nerdy figure that is bobbing up and down for a better view of Sue Storm and company. At this distance its hard to say if he knows who it is, given that he's never seen Robert, but when he looks back its to Sue.

Monet is about to answer Wolverine, probably with something clipped and snide - but instead, she follows his glance instead of rising to his bait. Who is he looking at… Monet's eyes narrow afresh. "/Him/ again?" She gives Sue an accusatory look, "Your little forcefield-projecting protege followed me. Again." And then she shoots Logan a /look/ because she KNOWS saying that only helps him make his point. She raises a finger - "He started following me /before/ I threw the car."

Susan Storm sighs as Robert inadvertently makes their jobs more difficult. "We now know why, miss St.Croix. Look, it's just as simple as this: you're now more than publicly known as a mutant, and that automatically puts you in danger. No matter how well you think you can take care of yourself, I promise you, it won't be enough. We're trying to help you make sure that you CAN continue to take care of yourself."

Seeing those dark eyes looking -right- back at him, Robert ducks back behind cover quickly. He -tries- to convince himself that he didn't get spotted. But that's one hard sell… especially with those pretty eyes… he shakes his head… those eyes staring right at him. Well, if he was spotted…. he steps out from behind cover and lifts a hand in a bit of a wave as he starts to approach. He's -trying- to be all casual but… well he's nervous as hell.

Short as he may be, Logan's presence and demeanor can make him seem far larger than he actually is. With broad arms that fold across his chest he gives Monet sour look which then transfers directly to Robert with a hard thousand-yard stare, "Yer not doin' too good a job of keepin' yer identity a secret, kid." He says only because he knows that'll sting, "Yer handler know ya've blown yer cover?"

"I appreciate your concern, Mrs. Richards - I do." Monet even seems to mean it, because her tone actually LACKS the dagger's edge everything else she tends to say does. "But I'm not going to be unprepared. I've already been approached - and accepted - an offer from Dr. Valerie Cooper of the Commission on Superhuman Activities. I've been asked to join X-Factor; and considering their recent troubles with press, they need someone of my caliber and skill working with them."

There is a certain amount of sting in Logan's words, but Robert came here for a reason. When it comes down to it, he may not be a master spy, but he -is- smart. And he put two and two together. Logan's arrival right after the incident with Monet, and then the whole fact that it all came out while he was there and he seemed to be particularly curious about the incident. So when Susan and Logan left -together-, Robert followed with the express purpose of trying to follow them to Monet. Not to spy on her but… he takes a breath and lets it out slowly. "Ms. St Croix…" he says softly, "I came here today because I owe you an apology, and I wanted to give it in person…." he begins, basically waiting for -permission- from Monet to continue.

Logan's hard look glare to Robert transforms as Monet reveals the information about X-Factor. His features twist with brief contempt for something unsaid and then, as Sue looks to him, he returns her questioning look with one of his own and then shrugs as if to say 'news to me'.

He keeps silent though as Robert is making his appeal.

Monet just turns and gives this wide-eyed LOOK at Robert. It's practically mild horror. She manages not to sneer at him, though, and sort of waves her hand a bit. "If you -must-."

Susan Storm HAD been prepared to scold Robert after this was all over, but he's proven himself (again) to be more mature than she's given him credit for up to this point. She gives him the chance that he's asking of Monet to apologize. It would be wrong of her to stop him. Logan's 'news to me' glance is not what she was hoping for, but she's not surprised. It's news to HER, too.

"Okay look, I was trying to save my own backside in a moment of panic and was doing what I was told I had to do to accomplish that. It didn't make what I did right at all, but I just wanted to throw that out there as a sort of an explanation. I just found out earlier that day that some of my designs had been used not just for criminal acts but…" He chokes up for a half sec before adding, "For terrorist killings… indiscriminate killings internationally, and was trying to find a way to prove that I had nothing to do with it since I didn't have anything to do with it, and…" He takes a breath and shakes his head, "Okay, I'm going on and on when what I should be saying is… it was wrong to accept that task, and to try to spy on you and put you in that situation. All I know is that SHIELD was interested in you… I think Mister Fury was interested in offering you a position with them and I was the guy he wanted to use to see how -you- reacted, and how I did in the field…. so for what it's worth, you have my most sincere apology, and I'll leave right now if you ask me to… never to bother you again."

Logan doesn't seem impressed by Robert's explanation but it wasn't intended for him. His face darkens just slightly. Lots of people interested in her. Including Xavier who may've already taken a peek in her head but at the very least sized her up with Cerebro. Nostrils flare.

To her credit, Monet listens to the whole thing. Her expression goes from horrified, to intrigued, and then circles around to mildly dismissive. She just looks at Robert for a few moments - eyes narrowing almost speculatively for a few moments. "Obviously if you're smart enough to manage all that and get through the day without weeping uncontrollably or cringing unnecessarily… I suppose you aren't /completely/ inept, though I reserve the right to reassess my judgment upon evidence to the contrary." It's not exactly 'apology accepted', but it's probably almost as close as she gets.

Logan hangs out only long enough to seem cool (like the Fonz) and then departs to verify this X-Factor stuff. He never gets a chance to impress Monet with the fact he speaks French.

"Thanks, I think?" asks Robert as he reaches a hand up to rub the back of his neck. He shrugs his shoulders and presses his luck after darting a quick glance towards Wolverine. His eyes go back to Monet and he says, "Maybe you'll let me buy you a cup of coffee or tea if you prefer… as a continuing apology?"

That, Monet has NO TROUBLE shooting down. "I'm underaged. Please stop yourself before you ask me out on a date." She notices that Sue and Logan have sort of pulled themselves aside - probably to fact check or whatever, and she's not going to wait around. "Can I get someone to ring this all up, or did I make you all suffer for nothing here?" she barks out to the nearby clerks.

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