2010 12 20 News Viral Video

On YouTube, spreading through Facebook and Twitter, is about a minute and a half of sort of shaky cell-phone footage of a fight with the Rhino in Midtown Manhattan. Rhino is shouting, "I'll SQUASH you Spider! I swear it!" and flinging a police car at Spider-Man. Who then does some exceptionally awesome twisty acrobatic thing around and /through/ it and landing all super-cool with a Keanu-worthy "Woah!" before it gets caught in mid-air by a… really ragged-looking teenaged heiress and European tabloid-fodder Monet St. Croix, daughter of the French Ambassador. Who then lands and throws the car /at/ the Rhino.

Being as how it wasn't even rumored that the girl had superpowers and is now going toe-to-toe with the likes of Rhino alongside Spider-Man makes for all kinds of questionable and potentially salacious press. Included in the comments below the video are also rumors that the Invisible Woman or her non-union mutant equivalent or something was there too — the video's blurb copping to as much, mentioning that all three of them were pretty f'ing awesome bringing down the 'Incredible Bulk', as someone claims to have overheard Spidey saying.

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