2010 12 20 Contributing To The Delinquency

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Contributing to the Delinquency

Monet and Havok

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X-Factor Base

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Monet arrives and Havok welcomes.


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Havok is found lounging within the living area of X-Factor's new base. It's more like a modern multi level home than a secret base. It's settled just outside the beltway and on government owned property.

Laid back within the recliner, Havok is found wearing his uniform - ready for action - but holding a beer bottle in his left hand and the remove in his right. The flat screen mounted on the wall displays three channels of news and one channel of 'Dancing With the Stars'. Only one news channel projects any noise but he seems to alter between the four channels in sequence listening to each for a short time.

The mid afternoon sun shines through slightly polarized windows that face westward.

"And THIS is the living area, and your team leader. Alex Summers, Monet St. Croix. Monet, Alex. Have fun."

Val Cooper's had a very long flight - never mind that it was less than an hour in a private plane, it was LONG, and she seems expressly relieved to be handing off the newest member of the team. Because then she's -gone-.

Monet, for what it's worth, cranks up the Miss Manners routine - nodding politely when introduced, then stepping towards where Havok is reclining. "Mister Summers, a pleasure to" and now she's noticing the beer in his hand and the reality show on one of the screens and the hint of a sneer is born and dies in her expression as she makes herself continue "to make your acquaintance. Dr. Cooper's told me a great deal about the team, I'm honored to have been selected."

Catching wind of the new arrivals within the room, Alex will look over, notice the approach of Monet and the rapid departure of Cooper. He'll initially present with a curious grin but it'll be interrupted by Monet's words. Pushing off on the remote, he'll sit the bottle to the side, remote will be dropped as he stands from the recliner, "Hey. Ditto. But call me Alex." he glances for bags and whatnot as he was made aware that the new girl would arrive soon.

Monet is literally silent for a moment. What's running through her brain is anyone's guess. "…If that's what you prefer, certainly." She even tries it out, though she manages to make it sound oddly clipped and formal as she does, "Alex." She even purses her lips a little afterward, like it tasted funny or something. "I'm glad to see there's a well-appointed headquarters. The United States government certainly provides well enough for it's mutant employees."

"Oh this place is great, except for the dinky Danger Room." which he states 'dink danger room' a little louder, perhaps calling back to the fleeing Cooper. But it's more in jest than annoyance. Then back to the moment, "So, this is the living room, the kitchen is over there. Dining room behind it. Down that hallway is offices, library, and we've got private rooms upstairs and the base stuff under ground. Feel free to take any empty room you want. Get yourself settled in and then we'll talk about stuff. Cool?"

Monet nods once, and then disappears upstairs for a while. Certainly long enough for Alex to finish his beer, at the very least. Maybe even catch the results of DWTS. Eventually she returns, talking quietly into her smartphone — what sounds like notation for later — stopping as she rejoins Alex in the living area. "A little smaller than I'm accustomed to, but once I have my things sent over I'm certain it will suffice. What would you like to discuss?"

Upon her return, she'll find the living area quiet and Alex within the kitchen making queso within a crock pot. Her arrival and addressing of him gathers his attention. He turns and says, "Hey." in a casual greeting which is quickly followed by, "So I was reading your powers, says you're pretty much a brick. Right?"

Monet blinks a little. "I would hardly classify it as simply as that. Though, while crudely stated, I suppose that would be my most obvious asset on a battlefield." She sounds mildly miffed, almost straining to remain polite. 'Pretty much a brick' indeed. "I'm aware that X-Factor has another member of vast physical strength, the aptly named 'Strong Guy'? Surely my physical prowess wasn't the only reason for my having been approached."

"Well, a flying brick. Which is something that makes you stand out because as it stands, only Lorna can fly. And don't get me wrong, Val was the one that picked you. I'm sure she had other reasons. I'm just tactical and working out in my head where you'd be in a battle situation. So far Strong Guy has an unmeasurable amount of strength that has served us well. But many times it would have been nice to have another brick to cover our weak points."

"I'm also fast, can sense other mutants, and a telepath," Monet says a bit tersely. She's left out 'Genius', but that'll probably rear it's head eventually. "There are many areas where I'd be tactically useful."

Wholly unaware of those traits, Alex says in a surprised tone, "Oh!. Well then, that really does put a spin on it." then he states more to himself than to her - as it came up in conversation a few days back, "And we finally got a 'path. Sweet."

Apparently appeased, Monet's expression smooths back down from pinched into placid. Leaning a bit on the counter, she tries to peek into the crock pot to see what's going on with that. And then she looks dubious.

Pico + Queso + random spices = Chilli Con Queso ah-la Havok. He moves to the side and pulls the corn chips down from a pantry. He still ponders the whole variety of Monet and says, "That's pretty amazing that you got such a diverse smattering of powers. I feel like Charlie Brown during Halloween, 'All I got was this rock.'."

"The ability to convert ambient cosmic and solar radiation into superheated plasma rays you can project at will is certainly more impressive than a rock," Monet says coolly. She's still staring into the crock pot. And now… corn chips? "Is that meant to be edible?"

"Depends on what you mean by edible. I like spicy, some don't." Havok answers while pulling out a large bowl for the chips and another for the salsa.

"So I see," Monet says quietly. She still looks perplexed by the whole thing, like she's never quite seen something like it. Though she DOES reach forward to pick up a single corn chip and eyeball it, before looking once more towards the 'dip.'

Alex doesn't deny her the pleasures of the queso. But while she chips and dips he'll be filling a bowl with the chips and then will begin working on dipping the queso into a seperate bowl. "Did Val brief you on team membership?"

Monet doesn't put much dip on her chip, tasting it a bit before deciding it's not poisonous and eating the whole thing. Ever appropriate, she finishes chewing and swallowing to open her mouth to answer — except apparently exposing her spice-attacked tongue to air angers it. Her eyes actually start to water a bit, and she blinks rapidly - closing her mouth again and trying to keep her composure as she answers, "Somewhat?"

Alex smiles, seeing the reaction, "Little too hot for ya?" he asks before turning to the fridge, opening and pulling out two beers. "This'll help."

Monet blinks, and not just because she's busy with zomg spice. "Mister Summers, I'm /sixteen/," she states - all mannerly again. Thank goodness she didn't have a larger helping of salsa, she might have actually -accepted-.

"Look, I'm not trying to contribute to the delinquency of a minor. Heck, the drinking age of your country is probably when the kid can put his hand flat on the bar… either way, I was just trying to help with the salsa. So, no harm, no foul." Alex states while twisting the top off his own bottle and setting the offered one on the counter.

"While that's true, Alex," Monet corrects herself internally before speaking again, "I am a member of a team sponsored by the United States Government, of which I am currently a 'Resident Alien', and underage by the standards of its law. It's hardly appropriate for my team leader to be contributing to the delinquency of a minor."

With a brief sigh, Alex sits down his bottle, turns to the fridge, exchanges the other bottle for a soda. Offering the soda, he takes the tone that Wolverine may one day offer, "Here ya go, kid. Have a pop."

To which the girl gives a prim, "Thank you." Mind, the spice-crisis is over so she doesn't exactly get all grabby, but Monet doesn't waste a lot of time opening the soda and taking a nice long drink. "We've digressed. Was there anything specific regarding the team you wished to discuss?"

"We've got dossiers on everyone, team information. Basically stuff like powers, skill sets, weaknesses. Things we are all required to learn. Most of us have been doing this for a really long time so it's second nature to work together. You and Strong Guy have been less exposed to power usage in a team format - from what I can tell - and will need to get in more practice. If I were Scott, you'd be in the danger room every day for like 4 hours. But we'll do what we can, when we can."

"I read the dossiers on the plane," Monet admits, though doesn't further explain. "The 'Danger Room' is your training facility, I take it? Quaint moniker, is it meant to intimidate or simply to express the fact that you all train in such a way as to explicitly penalize foolish mistakes in a setting as potentially unforgiving as we may face in the field?"

"Yeah, the Danger Room is dangerous. But really, it's nothing like the one at the X-Men's place. It's really just a room with pitfalls, spring traps, a few interactive projectiles, fire, ice, water…stuff that helps you train for what ever environment. But it's also where we can open up our powers and try to do damage. It's really durable."

"Logical, considering the combined abilities of the roster." Monet pauses a moment, then amends, "With the exception of Mr. Madrox - though I'm sure the ability to multiply himself is helpful /some/how."

"Yeah, sometimes I think he's the most useful on the team. I don't know how he does it, but he's really good at takin' down the bad guy." Alex notes putting the lid back onto the crock pot and then lifting both bowls in one hand and his beer in the other, "Now, wanna watch 'West Side Story' with me?" he asks as he starts moving toward the living area.

It takes a moment, but Monet /does/ actually smile. It's a small one, but it… it might actually be genuine. She doesn't verbally accept, but she does go along with him to the living room. "Are you a Shark or a Jet?"

"Jet. Only because I'm white and got an attitude - or so everyone else says. I think I'm pretty normal." Alex answers while moving back to the recliner. There's a end table between the recliner and a sofa, where the chips/queso bowls will go (between them) and he'll take a seat. The BR disk is already loaded, he just presses play after turning on the flatscreen.

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