2010 12 20 Coming At A Problem From Two Directions

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Coming at a Problem from Two Directions

Black Widow and Wolverine

IC Date:
December 20, 2010


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Natasha and Logan catch up some.


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-=Above Midtown, New York City=-

A news helicopter slides through the airspace its mounted camera focused upon the scene below.

-=Television, Across New York City=-

"This is Chuck Scarborough and we're live with the 4 New York News Copter who is following the daring armored car chase through mid-town."

The image goes to a live feed. A BRINKS armored car careens through the city streets with New York's finest in pursuit. From high above it looks like one toy truck followed by several toy police cars and motorcycles.

-=Mid-Town, New York=-

The roar of police sirens deafens pedestrians as cars pull up onto the sidewalk to avoid contact with the armored car which bears down upon them. Three police cars and two motorcycles have been following the car for fifteen minutes. Up until now there has been no violence..

Inside someone panics and the rear most gun port slides open and emits the muzzle of an automatic rifle. A spray of bullets fly into the streets striking police cars and causing pedestrians to scatter.

A half mile ahead a motorcycle slows at the sound of gunfire and makes a slow U-Turn in the intersection ahead. Gunning the engine there the rider takes a path towards the violence.

When the alert about the chase reached the mansion, and then was relayed to those Avengers on duty and in the city, Black Widow was already out and running a patrol. It took a slight turn from where she was already heading, but then as details are continuously fed through her comm she's closing in on the armored vehicle.

Of course, once she's nearer the sirens and gunshots are a dead giveaway. Natasha listens carefully to gauge speed and direction, and adjusts with the plan to intercept the car. It's likely she'll intercept the motorcycle at about the same time. She's at rooftop level at the moment, but prepares to descend suddenly with the help of her grapnel. With a little of the luck she doesn't really believe in, she'll be able to land on top of the armored car.

A second spray of bullets scatters about the street. That muzzle disappears and then a shotgun barrel emerges.


A slug catches one of the mounted officers and he loses control his own momentum countered by gravity to send him rolling head-over-heals down the middle of the street.

The police cars lessen their pursuit and weave as far to the exterior of the street as traffic will allow.


Taking one hand off the handle bars of his chopper the motorcycle rider gives a strong movement at the strap beneath his chin. His next movement sends the helmet bouncing down the street as he looks high towards the helicopter and gives a curse that is lost to the sound of sirens and gunfire.

With a twist of the throttle and a movement at the clutch he takes off with a roaring squeal of engine and tires. He drives directly at the armored car in a fool's game of chicken. The armored cars mass will crush the bike like tinfoil.

As she bears down on the position where it all seems to be coming to a head, Natasha switches frequencies to the police band. "This is Black Widow, on-scene Midtown. Expect me to land shortly." Always good to let the cops know when she's going to drop in. They really don't love surprises, and heroes have been shot that way in the past.

She comes into sight of it all, quickly taking in what's going on. The game of chicken isn't missed of course, and she frowns though doesn't slow. That frown becomes more of a brief show of surprise when the helmet comes off and her sharp eyesight tells her she isn't the only hero on the scene even if she might be the only one acknowledged as such by most of the world. At least it means she doesn't have to worry about him getting killed when the car rams through the bike.

Ready to descend, Natasha sends her line into another building to let her swing out and downward. Ideally, she'll land on the top of the car. If not, she'll adjust the plan as she goes. At least with the armored car, she's far less likely to be shot through the roof. That's always nice.

-=Cab, Armored Car=-

Sweaty hands fight to control the momentum of the massive vehicle fevered looks thrown between the path ahead and the rear-view mirrors. As the police slow and separate the pounding in his chest is touched by a tingling sensation as emotion fights adrenaline, "They're backing off!" He practically squeals, "They're backing off!"

The man at his side can afford a greater look behind and gives a confident nod, "Yeah, they are, but they're still with us."

"SHIT!" The driver gives a panicked yell.

His passenger turns just in time to see that they're practically on top of the motorcycle that powers straight at them, "Hit him!" He reaches to grab the wheel to steady their course before the panicked driver sends them off into a parked car.

They don't hear the sound of someone landing above.


A figure descends from the heavens line in hand. She lands flawlessly on top of the armored car.

The motorcycle drives directly for the armored car which bobbles in the street as if unsure as to whether it should divert or proceed on course. At the moment of no return it stays on strong. Just as the motorcycle is about to strike the rider shifts to stand and he jumps high.

The armored car tears through the motorcycle twisting it beneath its wheels and throwing it out the back. There is a moment where the rider hangs suspended even with the snub-nosed hood and that moment comes just as the widow lands.


The armored car runs right into him but he's not thrown aside. The tempered glass that composes front window shatters when he hits it and thus the truck's own momentum inside the cab. There's a spray of blood onto the passenger window, the car veers sharply, and then a head strikes the other window.

After a moment the vehicle starts to slow..

Knowing what's about to happen, Natasha is ready for the impact when it comes. She's also ready to not be the only person involved in this, but of those that could possibly involve themselves she's sure he won't get in her way. Quite the opposite, it's nice to have another real professional involved.

The soles of her boots and one glove keeping her attached to the top of the vehicle, Black Widow goes for simple and direct. Using the small opening to allow them to fire out, she aims her sting to go right back in. With that enclosed space, she's pretty sure no one in the back will be in good shape once all that electricity goes through them. It's not enough to kill, of course. She's one of the good guys. They're likely to be very singed though, unless there are any paranormals inside. Sure, she might catch Logan too, but he'll be fine.

-=Interior, Armored Compartment=-

Those within share in the heady relief of seeing the police pursuit slow. Then there's an impact that throws them to the perimeter walls and a sense that the car is slowing.

One of the goons rushes to the front wall and opens the viewport between the compartment and the cab, "Earl wha—" Three spikes burst through the back of his skull and he hangs suspended upon for a moment before the spikes slide backward sending him to the ground.

That's the last thing they remember before they're convulsing on the floor.


The door to the cab flies open, Logan falls out of the truck and onto the pavement looking uncharacteristically dazed. With a grim shake of his head he pulls himself to his feet and cuts a snarling look to the side of the vehicle and noting the woman there he gives an appreciative grunt.

"Lucky for them you showed up.." He says roughly and slopes around the side vehicle and to its rear obviously intent on opening the doors.

Black Widow stays attached to the car easily until it comes to a full and complete stop. When Logan rolls on out and looks her way, there's a two-fingered salute offered his way and then she's leaping off and lands on the ground gracefully. Of course, now that it's apparently been handled the police are approaching again.

Natasha's to the back doors quickly to open them carefully and make sure no one's awake in there. She sighs though, seeing blood. "Logan…" she says with some frustration. Not that she can really finish that sentence. She can't pretend not to know what he does.

Logan is beaten to the punch and thus slows as Widow opens the doors open to reveal four incapacitated thugs, an incapacitated prisoner, and one man who is missing a sizable portion of his head.

Claws slide back into his hands their exit wounds sealing as he meets her frustrated look with a narrowed glare, "Better them than them.." He jerks his head backward towards the police cars which are halting rapidly to his rear, "..go count how many people wound up shot and tell me if it wasn't worth it.." The corner of his mouth pulls into a confident smirk not even bothering to rehash their bloody history together.

"You gonna handle the statements for me? I think I'm still a special deputy on paper.." Avenger, that is, "..and I'm supposed ta be layin' low." Real low. Without waiting for your answer he jogs towards the sidewalk.

The police, more intent upon the vehicle and thugs, don't immediately try to detain him for their own attempt to ascertain what's going on. Now that Widow couldn't force the issue.

Black Widow levels a look at Logan. "We both know you're more than capable of making sure it's neither." she notes, arguing his assertion. On the other hand, her expression makes it obvious she knows it's a pointless arguement. There's briefly a look that says she might follow him, but then there's a glance towards the police and she shakes her head. She really does have to stay and deal with the paperwork side. There's another look shot at him though, and she calls over "Lay low nearby." Her tone says there will be some words. "Don't make me hunt you down."

Just at the sidewalk he pauses as she says the last bit. You can tell just by looking at the back of his head that he really has something he'd like to say to that but the encroaching police cause him to move again and he pushes into a nearby deli as if he never heard you.

Later, the proprietor sure saw him if only because everyone in the deli had gone to the front window when the whole thing occurred. Between that and the helicopter someone could well make his part in it known.

Anyway, the deli man says he pushed right through the kitchen and at the back door. There's a crudely scratched mark on the rear alley wall. Two symbols. It's Russian for 'up'.

Logan's up there now a cigar between his teeth sitting in some plastic lawn chair that someone left up there.

Black Widow hates the paperwork part of the job, but it's necessary. It's especially necessary now that she's been left in charge of the team by Steve's departure. She gets it all done as quickly as possible, of course. She's not one for a lot of extra chatter, especially when there's other places she wants to be. When she can finally leave it all in their hands, she follows after Logan and up to where he waits.

"What no barbecue?" she asks, watching him lounge on the chair. Nevermind that it's December and way too cold for grilling. "I was hoping for a couple steaks. Maybe a beer or two." It's not like she's personally bothered by killing the bad guys. That would be incredibly hypocritical of her. She just has rules she has to follow.

Logan grins while leering at her over the cigar. Reaching he pulls it from his mouth the index and middle fingers of his right hand and exhales an acrid cloud of smoke, "If I'd have known I'd be entertainin' I'd have gotten some.." He admits with a calm bravado before standing with a grunt.

He approaches with a casual swagger having to tilt his gaze upward a bit as he nears to keep his eyes on hers, "Let Cap know he'll be gettin' a bill for the bike." Collateral damage for the actions of a 'Special Deputy Avenger' and all, "So what's shakin', Natasha? I'd expect Spidey but you.." His eyes narrow, "Heat go out in the pool?" He chides.

Black Widow notes "A good host is already prepared. You could have at least put out some finger sandwiches and a nice tea service." Because that's what everyone expects of Wolverine, right? She smiles at him though, at least until Cap is mentioned. Then, her expression falters. "The bill will have to come to me, Logan. Steve left." The furrowing of her forehead says a lot about her dismay over that.

"Left?" Logan fires back with enough intensity that its clear he's surprised, "Why?" His face knots itself then and he sticks the cigar back between his teeth.

"Left." Natasha echoes. "The team let him down, when they were off-planet. They killed someone very guilty, but also a prisoner. He isn't sure he can be around them after it." She doesn't bother trying to explain. He's known Steve long enough, to know what angers him.

Logan gives a low thoughtful sound while chewing on the tip of his cigar. He studies Natasha for a moment with his cold blue-eyed gaze. "Must've been a big deal." He says without asking for all the details, "One of y'all gets killed while he's tryin' ta figure it out.." He grunts then exhaling a gray plume of smoke.

"So America cuts and runs leaving the Russians to hold the line.." He gives a cynical smile there and you get the sense that he's gonna hang onto that one just in case he runs across Steve before it all gets figured out, "..you spoken to Fury recently?" He changes topics like that gauging her response.

Black Widow shakes her head. "If we need him, he'll be there. You know he can't not answer a call." she replies. "He just won't be back to the mansion until he figures it all out. Dale was the one who did it, after a vote was against killing it, but Tony, Sersi, Hercules, Thor, Vision and Simon were on board." Her lips purse then, and she shakes her head. "Not very, no. Should I?"

"Dunno.." Logan replies pulling the remains of the cigar from his mouth and casting it across the rooftop in a trail of sparks and smoke, "He's suddenly watchin' some things he doesn't normally pay as much attention to as he'd have ya believe." The last bit of smoke is blown from the corner of his mouth, "Not sure what the reason is but I ain't asked him either. Also wondered whether he was tryin' ta get his fingers in yer pie." What with Steve begin gone, "Guess not."

"Thor and Herc." He says toughtfully, "Figured their immortal code of ethics would've weighed a bit differently on that." A shrug, "What about you, darlin', what do you think?"

Black Widow mms quietly, though his comment about her pie gets a faint smirk. "Steve and I have been friends too long for that sort of thing." she replies. "Besides, I think I've been involved with enough heroes for a while." Not that she's gone through as many as some costumed women. Some have really made the rounds. At least her relationships have mostly lasted more than a month or two.

She considers, then answers him with "Personally? You know I have no problem removing the source of a problem." There's an understatement. She's killed a LOT of people and never thought twice about it. "But as an Avenger I have a duty not to kill. I take that very seriously."

Logan gives a nod there seemingly accepting that answer. There's a brief silence then perhaps unwilling to throw his own morality on top of yours. "Lemme know if ya need anything." He then offers, "Ever since Dallas the heat's kinda died down. I think everyone's still tryin' ta figure out what the hell's goin' on since there." He shrugs, "If somethin' rears its head ya know how to contact me."

"Thanks, Logan." Natasha replies. "I appreciate that. We're just trying to get our house in order some, before trying to expand the team again. We can't work with others well, until we're comfortable working with each other again." She mmms then, and says "No one ever really knows what the hell is going on with you and yours. Occasionally we try, and it just gives us headaches."

"Good." Logan gives a low appreciative grunt, "That's the way we like it." He puts himself in with them easily there not even attempting to play himself as an outsider.

"It's time I took off." He says, "I got somethin' that still needs sortin' out before it gets too late." A pause and then a slow smile, "I don't suppose ya got a Quinjet or somethin' I could borrow till.." He sniffs, "Nah, nevermind, I'll just grab a taxi." He starts walking and brushes past her towards the roof access before pausing again, "Unless ya wanna call the Harley shop and let'um know I'm takin' care of?"

Black Widow just looks at him. "Taxi." she agrees. "It would be hard to explain approving a purchase like that, when you sacrificed the last one so you could kill someone." The Avengers can be so picky that way. "Keep in touch, okay? I've got your back if you need it." she says then with sincerity.

Logan nods then, "Yup." He says, "See ya 'round, darlin'." Then opening the roof access he disappears within.

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