2010 12 18 Midtown Madness

Log Title:
Midtown Madness

Nick Fury, Cobalt, Monet, Invisible Woman, Spider-Man, Rhino (emitted by Cobalt)

IC Date:
December 18, 2010

Midtown Manhattan, NYC

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Spy-Games turns into a Confrontation


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So, things have altered a bit in the last several days for Robert. He's out much later than he normally is. His routine has broken up recently, and the bruises are mostly healed and he's drinking a double espresso to help keep himself awake at such a late hour. A yawn opens his face up before he takes another sip of his drink. No costume right now, no powers. Just casual dress on the streets of New York. Another guy out on the streets late on a Saturday night. His smartphone (a replacement with a few new bells and whistles) in his hand, he taps the screen and changes the display while standing on the corner. He was told that he might expect the presence of someone he should be on the lookout for here. Of course the damnable boss didn't tell him -who- he was expecting. So he's supposed to figure it out all by himself. Of course, with the activities that some others on the streets like to partake in when no costumed do-gooders appear to be around… he could be in between a rock and a hard place so to speak.

Susan Storm is walking home from having gone to watch a movie — hey, when Reed and Johnny are out of town and Ben's got buddies over to watch sports, she'll use just about any excuse to get away. Is IS fairly late in the evening, but she's not concerned about anyone attempting untoward behavior. Midtown is a safer area than others even though it's far from perfect. She stops at an intersection to wait for the crosswalk indicator across the street from Robert.

Late night on a Saturday? A walk in the park for the Ambassador's Daughter, ESPECIALLY in Midtown Manhattan. She and a gaggle of other Rich Young Things are basically flitting up and down Fifth Avenue - shopping, posing for obnoxious pictures on the steps of the Public Library, harassing tourists, that sort of thing. Monet St. Croix eventually breaks off from the pack, smiling and waving goodbye before turning around and just looking utterly disgusted and disdainful. She's in the process of rolling her eyes when she stops at the corner near Sue — then is the first one into the crosswalk the instant the light changes.

Nick Fury sits on a fire escape several stories above the busy city street. He puffs on his trademark cigar, and holds a very sophisticated set of binoculars up to his eyes. At first he follows Robert, watching his every move. It's then that he notices Monet and Sue. Sue could be a problem, he may have to deal with her on his own. For now though, he keeps his perch. It's better to let it play out for now, and move if need be. He speaks into his communication device, which feeds directly into Robert's bluetooth. "The target's dead ahead."

Hey, isn't that…. right. Robert ducks his head a bit and aims his phone across the street. The display shows him a vid-display of folks crossing the street. That's Sue Storm, and at this point, Rob's not really sure if she'd understand the changes his life kinda went through of late. As such, he's trying not to draw her attention but the self-absorbed disdainful looking young lady who steps out into the crosswalk first has his attention… and that of the camera in the phone. It's recording now, and a text bubble comes up on the screen to relate Nick's words to him in text format. A sigh and Robert taps an acknowledgment. . o o O O (I hope it's this girl here, and not Ms. Storm….) He thinks for a couple of reasons. He wouldn't want to upset -any- of the FF, let alone the one who's indulged him and been nice to him. And then there's the fact that he'd rather avoid drawing her attention at all if he could. But for now, he just records Monet crossing the street and sips his coffee as he waits for her to choose a direction and then moves to start following her. He's really trying to be subtle! But he's about as smooth as sandpaper…

Susan Storm walks across the street after the expensively dressed young lady (she's no slob herself, but that's beside the point) and checks her pocket for her house key. As she reaches the other side of the street she notices a young man standing there holding a phone and she slows a bit, trying to get a better look at him. The expensively dressed young lady hasn't garnered any special attention because … well, honestly she's not all that remarkable.

Monet stops at a street kiosk to look over shows currently playing over on Broadway, but doesn't appear to see anything to her liking. And then she stops to look over someone selling watercolors — except when she leaves THERE, the guy is crying. And then she's moving quickly into a large mass of people just getting out of some show or another, losing herself in the crowd.

Nick Fury curses under his breath as Monet mingles in with the crowd. Then, speaking into the comm once again he growls, "You're gonna lose her kid. Quit screwin' around, or the deal's off." He watches as Sue seems to be taking interest in Robert and possibly making the mission all the harder for Robert. This isn't really Nick's concern though, Robert needs to learn to work under pressure and imperfect situations, after all.

So, the girl doesn't notice her amateurish shadow, who in turn has kinda tuned out Sue Storm who has noticed him. It's like a daisy chain of spy vs spy craziness. The phone is tucked away and Robert pauses to look at a newspaper vending machine when the mark looks at the broadway thing, and as she makes the watercolor vendor cry, he's muttering under his breath and turning to look back the way he came. Real smooth there. The thing is… that brings his eyes right to Sue and those eyes widen a bit. "ohcrap." he subvocalizes. Then he smiles and waves to Sue, "Hey there, how'd Reed like those formulae I put together for'im?" he asks with a bit of a tight voice. It's been a couple weeks since he did that work for the internship but he had a different paying freelance job offer come along and took the opportunity before they cut him off due to… well, a rather squirrely eyepatch dude.

Robert looks back over his shoulder and narrows his eyes… lost her.. oh wait no there she is.

Robert may just keep an eye on Monet as she moves around the edges of the gradually dispersing crowd. In fact, as he narrows his eyes to make sure he still has her in view - she's in the process of GLARING at HIM, then disappearing around a corner.

Susan Storm smiles and waves hello to Robert approaching him now that she's sure it IS Robert, though he seems … a bit twitchy. "Yes, he was very appreciative of them last time he checked in." That means that Reed is still out of town. "If you have time to come by again, there is always more number crunching to be done… is everything okay?" Yes, she's picked up on his distraction but doesn't know to look for the expensively dressed young lady.

"Right, numbers. Tell you what, I'll.." and that's what Rob's saying when he notices the returned glare. Oh *censored!*. "Um Sue, lemme call you tomorrow. I… I think I left my iron on." Not only does that sound like as much of a lie as when Kirk said to Khan, 'Genesis? What's that?' but that guy's not worn an ironed shirt in at least four years. But that said, he turns to start stalking towards the alleyway and he's not thinking in the least bit about how Monet could be lying in wait to ambush him. He just wants to get this done so Fury doesn't turn'im into a battering ram/doorknocker again. After all, that wasn't much fun the first time, and it'll likely be even less tha next time. It's that, oh and the little thing like being set up to do jailtime for something that wasn't even his fault!

And laying in ambush she is - once out of sight, Monet has flown up several stories and quietly stares down into the alley below from where she perches on one of the narrow ledges on the brick building. Waiting… waiting…

Susan Storm blinks at Robert as he makes a truly lame excuse and flees. Okay, there's definitely something wrong and now she's worrying about the kid. The moment he's moved away she disappears from view then uses a force field to follow Robert from above the heads of the general pedestrian population. It's easier to follow him closely this way without getting bumped into. And if there IS anything bad going on, she is sure she can help.

Well, the whole… invisibility trick is quite handy for the spy types. Then there's Rob who is just walking into the alleyway and looking left and right obviously. Now.. where…. oh don't tell me she managed to duck around another corner! He sighs and shakes his head. Left hand goes to his ear where the earbug is located and he mutters into it under his breath. "I've lost the target. She spotted me and ducked into this alley and now… well she's gone." That's a really low mutter, but anyone with extraordinary senses should have little trouble picking it out. He never once thinks to look -up-. As any really well trained operative might. Hell, he doesn't even have any credentials yet… and he's doing so poorly at this… about the only thing he's done well is make himself a target and likely upset the super duper girl there.

The hell? Who the heck is this girl, and what's this about Robert following her? Sue manages to squelch her kneejerk reaction and doesn't slap a force field around Miss Thang… she wants to know what's going on. And she might have some serious questions for Robert after this.

Of course, Rob wasn't ready for the girl to land behind him. Or for that matter, he wasn't ready when his eyes caught sight of movement above her. He looked up just in time for Monet to land behind him. Her voice jars him from that upward stare and he stumbles a foot or two forward before whirling about. Of course, he whirls a bit too far and ends up falling on his butt as his hands raise towards the girl and a translucent blue-white wall appears between the two of them, "Hey, how… you… I was… what?" he asks as he sits there, his backside sore.

Monet's jaw squares. "Don't play stupid - granted, I'm not certain you ARE playing." Hands still fists, she steps up towards the force-field, almost like she's ready to burst right through it. "Since I crossed Fifth. You've been FOLLOWING me, I'm not NAIVE." She even gives the energy shield a light 'tap' with her fist - not using her full strength, probably just gauging whether or not she CAN break through it. "Who's set you after me? What do you WANT?"

Okay, that's quite enough. Sue reappears, hovering about eight feet above both young people. "Do I need to separate you two?" She sounds … displeased. Goes well with her crossed arms and one foot tapping nothing in mid-air.

"Um, I… you… who -are- you?" ask Robert, not really -trying- to put her on the defensive, but it might just do that a bit. Who knows… The shield is strong.. very strong. Of course, that's when Sue appears. Rob looks up and curses inwardly, "I think I got the separated part handled." he mutters as he shakes his head. Tightlipped time now, he just stands up and brushes his backside off before looking back to Monet. He glares at Monet, and then sighs as he gestures and the energy field fades away, "Look.." he says, "I just… I was just doin' what I was told."

"Told to follow someone who's name you don't even know? Well, that's just BRILLIANT isn't it?" Monet snaps coolly. It's only once she's said her piece that the young woman acknowledges Sue's presence. "I'm the aggrieved party here - I'm underage in this country, and this man has been stalking me for blocks. I thought I'd lose him while you chatted him up, but he persisted! I certainly have the right to know what he thought he was doing!"

There's a mutter there… 'F… Sh…' though that's just at first. Rob looks up again and meets Sue's gaze for a moment. It's obvious that he looks up to her, almost like a mentor figure. "Okay look." he starts and then his voice goes into speedchat mode. "Looks like I did something I didn't do and some of my older designs are being used by international terrorists and it looks like I supplied'em even though I didn't and SHIELD thought I -was- doing it and I wasn't and Mister Fury told me that I needed to help him if I wanted to prove my willingness to do the right thing while he investigates my claims of innocence and he told me that I should start learning how to do recon and told me the target'd be crossing the street and then you were right there with'er and I -had- to do this or I think Mister Fury'lllock me up -after- he beats on me." Yeah, that was one giant run on sentence and Rob takes a deep breath after it.

Monet's eyes narrow at Sue, but she doesn't talk back to the woman. Yet. Her attention goes right back to Robert as he begins spilling his guts all over the place in the figurative sense. She just blinks, quietly. "You are, quite possibly, the most inept spy EVER." Monet then folds her arms primly, looking upwards and slightly to her right for no other reason than punctuation.

Susan Storm looks positively stormy after Robert's rambling explanation. "You're telling me that /Nick Fury/ put you up to this?" She mutters something faintly to herself then speaks up again. She's also very careful to NOT use Robert's name in front of this young lady. "Go back to the Baxter and wait for me there. I'll talk to Fury about this." She then looks at Monet again. "Would you rather have had someone you DIDN'T notice following you?"

"I'm -not- a spy.." mutters Robert before Susan speaks up. But then he just wilts and slumps his shoulders, "Yes ma'am." he murmurs before turning to kinda sullenly wander off. Though he -does- pause and offer, "For what it's worth, I'm sorry. I just don't want to go to jail for something I didn't do." And then he turns back away and keeps walking like a kid who's dog just got shot.

"Perhaps you should question wether or not the actions you've taken will land you in jail instead," Monet retorts before looking back at Sue. Her hands go from folded across her chest to resting on her hips, and an eyebrow goes right up. "I'd rather not be followed /at all./ I've committed no crime here, you've no reason to use such accusatory tones with /me./ You've got the criminal, such as it is. Perhaps you should take it up with this 'Nick Fury.'"

Susan Storm is SO not taking rich brat attitude from this girl. "Oh, I fully intend to. Though I can't help but wonder WHY Fury would have any interest in you in the first place." She also doesn't say why she thinks that, and she's keeping her tone neutral so as to not let on that doesn't think very highly of this spoiled socialite so far. She then turns to follow Robert out of the alley. Monet can take that last comment however she wants. Sue hasn't ever really cared what one person might think of her.

And Rob turns the corner. Yeah, this is bad. First rule about being a spy, don't talk about being a spy. Wait, he's not a spy! He doesn't wanna be a spy, but, they get to play with cool gadgets, and he might clear his name and go to exotic places, hang out with spandex clad women who… oh right he's just a geek with weird powers, what is -he- going to do that'll make him anything other than the next wannabe hero? Such are the flow of the thoughts in his head before he vanishes from Monet's sight and around that corner.

"I'm sure he has his reasons," Monet says calmly, and with a small, smug smile. But she doesn't otherwise try to remain engaged with the two, her expression becoming a faintly annoyed but otherwise emotionless mask as she walks ever so slowly out of the alley - making sure to give the retreating pair a nice, wide berth.

And as things start to break up, as people are heading their separate ways, and as a certain beloved and beset upon webslinger swings his way about town, there's a rumble and an explosion of rock, mortar, as a loud voice can be heard, "Okay! I got it! Now where do I take it?!" Only one person here might actually -recognize- that voice. A webslinger on high might hear the voice and… waitasec, is that a certain giant gray skinned guy with a horn on his head?

Yeah, Rhino has smashed his way out of a building nearby while a radio attached to his ear gives him the next step. In his hand is what appears to be one of those silvered briefcase things. You know, the ones the military uses that are bulletproof and such? Yeah… this is right across the street behind Monet and of course… Rob is already down in the subway while Sue and Monet view the muscled monstrosity….

It's high above Midtown in the city of New York that people at times travel. It tends to be the social elite of the world, with their personal helicopters flitting between office building and airport, fluttering off to this business deal or that. Well, society's elite and at times Spider-Man.

Slicing through the air, a blue and red blur, the webslinger flickers across a yawning chasm of skyscrapers. He lands with a light thip-thap pat-pat upon the side of the building, probably sending the Quarterly Earning's Meeting within into a bit of a tizzy at his sudden appearance behind their powerpoint presentation.

. o O ( Man, been so darn quiet lately. I hate to admit it, maybe Eddie's making a difference. If he keeps it up I could be out of a job. )

Of course that's at the moment when a curious blue light's flickering gleams off the side of his mask's eyepiece. He snaps his head around and cocks his eyebrows. There's no hesitation, he seizes upon that even slim chance it might be something interesting.

"Ooh, strange blue light. Could be nothing, but if my hunch is correct! I might be able to get sneakers for half off in the footwear aisle!" And with that he lets go of the side of the building, dropping dropping dropping… /THWIP!/ A webline snares the side of a building's flagpole and lets him turn that momentum into speed!

Speed that he's going to need to get to what now is no longer just a strange light but loud rumbling… and a loud voice.

Susan Storm has just stepped out of the alley were Monet confronted Robert when she hears the rumbling sound. With a gasp of surprise and an almost instinctive reaction, there's about seven or eight faint shimmers scattered across the area directly within Sue's line of sight as small isolated force fields appear to keep pedestrians from being struck by debris, or drivers from running into each other or … stuff like that. They're all gone almost as quickly as they appeared, like soap bubbles stopping things then popping again.

Monet, meanwhile, is only JUST behind Sue when the Rhino bursts onto the scene. And while the more experienced heroine is busy keeping pedestrians safe, Monet only gives an immense, teenaged put-upon sigh before she starts literally rolling her sleeves up and taking off the jewelry on her hands and putting it in her pockets.

And what does the Rhino do? He listens to that radio on his ear for a moment and then nods, "right, gotcha." he offers before turning to start stalking away. Though the flickering forcefields protecting the pedestrians. "What the heck?" he asks as he sees those things flicker, stop debris, and then pop. "That's weird… " A pause and he scowls before saying way too loud into his radio, "No, I'm not getting distracted! Say that again and I'll crush you rather than give you -this-." and the brainiac known as Rhino shakes the briefcase in his hand as if to demonstrate what he's not going to give to the mysterious employer…. as if the guy can see what's going on. He sighs and shakes his head once more before starting to walk at first, and then trot before sirens wail and a police car turns a corner at just the wrong time.

This puts it square in the path of Rhino who grins and lowers his head as he goes from a trot to a full charge…. right towards the car.

Suddenly, a flash of movement flickers past between the two ladies and the mountainous grey mass of manflesh, Rhino. There's a /THWIP/ /THWIP/ of sound as twin webshooters send a glommy mass of webbing straight at the big man's head even as the Wallcrawler lands sideways and attaches to a tall green lamppost.

"Heya Rhino, long time no see. What was it, like an armored car last week?" The voice of the ever-lovable Spider-Man lifts out to offer his kind words to his enemy and on-lookers alike. "Seeing you so often, you're gonna make me dig deep into my repertoire of fat jokes aren't you?"

Susan Storm breathes a quick sigh of relief that she managed to stop the worst of the potential collisions, then — Monet all but forgotten — she uses a force field to again hover about eight feet up off of the sidewalk so she can see goings on better… oh crap, that grey-clothed person is charging that police car! She flings one hand out toward the police car, and another of those brief soap bubble shimmers appear about a foot in front of the squad car… and maintains that distance if the vehicle is still moving. At the same time, a second, six-inch-tall shimmer appears directly in front of the Rhino's feet in an attempt to trip him and stop his forward momentum.

Once all her belongings are relocated to places they're less likely to get damaged, Monet is also hovering. But where Sue and Spidey try to distract and yank the Rhino into tripping and falling, the airborne heiress rushes towards the immense figure, arms and fists extended, looking to land blows on him like the proverbial ton of bricks.

Well, the shield about the police cruiser is one thing, but the one at his feet. That's going to be problematic likely for both Rhino -and- Susan. The Rhino is strong… -really- strong, and sure the shield will hold but tripping up the Rhino is difficult to do. He's not exactly agile, and is not Cain Marko but stopping him once he gets moving is difficult at best. He -does- stumble though and were it not for that, he might've had a chance at bursting the shield on the car. As it is, his body tumbles and slams into the force field without a focused impact and even so it's a -hard- impact.

And just then, the flurry of blows rains down upon him from the teenaged heroine. "Spider-Man!" he exclaims… "Shut your mouth! I hate any joke you tell, just cuz you told it!" And as the punches are beating on his armored hide, he stumbles to his feet, borne back by the force of those punches before he swipes a backhand to try to rid himself of the flying menace. "Get offa me!" he exclaims as he does so.

The tripping field pops as soon as it completes its task, but Sue puts a concerted effort into maintaining the field protecting the police car. And she winces at Rhino slamming into it as if he'd hit her instead of that field. That hurt. Shields at 50, captain, they cannae take another hit!

"Oh hey, Sue." Spider-Man's surprised by the sudden and timely aid of the two other heroes. So much so that he doesn't even crack a joke in the span of several heartbeats. "Who's the Jonas Brothers fan beating on Rhino?" Okay, he's not surprised anymore.

He takes the opportunity while the Rhino is distracted to /leap/ to the side, getting into position against the side of a building. It's just the proper angle so he can fire both weblines and _snare_ that briefcase he's swinging around so wildly. With a loud grunt of exertion he strains and /pulls/ the briefcase free of the large man's grasp.

*WHAP!* "OOF!" Monet takes the Rhino's backhand in full force, and goes up … up… and away. Though not SO far away — there's a distinct mortar-y crunching sound as she impacts against one of the taller buildings, then an extremely undignified series of yelps and scrabbles as the girl goes tumbling her way to the ground.

After the backhand, Rhino feels pretty satisfied with himself. He grunts in laughter and turns back towards the police car. "Now, where was I?" he asks, "And when did police cars get shields?" That's when he starts to punch at the shields with his full strength…one punch, two punches… and then he realizes, "Hey, where'd…. " and immediately he looks around for Spider-Man, only that webhead could be so annoying as to have gotten the prize away, "Hey! I need that!" he calls out, "Give it back or I'll start really hurtin' folks!"

Susan Storm winces at each new punch thrown at the shield, but even though it shimmers blue at the site of each impact, it has yet to let Rhino touch the police car. And then, she notices Monet falling. Her other hand reaches for the young lady, and a shimmery blue soap bubble snares Monet before she makes it all the way back to the sidewalk at 32 feet per second. Keeping her hand upraised and 'holding' the teen, she turns her eyes back to Rhino, hoping that Spider-Man has distracted the behemoth enough for her to be able to drop that stressed force field. 'Cause really, much more and she's gonna get a nose bleed and a migraine and someone will have to answer to Ben for it.

Monet starts to collect her wits inside Sue's bubble, rubbing her jaw and looking rumpled, hair messed up, clothes scuffed, but otherwise… not unconscious or bleeding or anything. Mostly just seethingly irritated. « I'm unharmed, you can let me go, » the girl sends via brainwaves to Sue. « Nonetheless, thank you. » Of course, while still inside the bubble, anybody looking up at her will see her rolling her shoulders and cracking her knuckles and otherwise psyching herself up to go and return the favor to the Rhino.

"Oh is that it?" Spider-Man slings the briefcase over his shoulder, adhering it to his back for the moment with a smidge of webbing. "Big tough Rhino's going to smack around some bystanders, not try and actually win a fight for once with the guy who always kicks his tail from here to Riker's. Well your briefcase is right here, tough guy. Come get it." He /leaps/ off the building to carom off a parked car and slingshot himself around the base of a lamppost, firing himself like a spiderhuman projectile right at Rhino's noggin both feet first.

Were he smarter, Rhino might actually stick to his guns and use the hero's desire to protect others against them, but Rhino… Rhino just reaches for the police car. By now, the officers are out of the car and trying to get out of the forcefield. This is made easier as Rhino grunts with his own exertion, pushing his muscles to go beyond themselves and the shield finally pops. This makes it easier for the cops to scamper away but gives Rhino a grip on said car. A car that he twists and heaves to swing up and throw right into the path of the foot-led webslinger on his way in for … well for whatever. "I'll squash you Spider! I swear it!" he exclaims as he does this, the car flying at high speed with enough force to crash through four or five buildings here.

Susan Storm actually cries out faintly, both hands going to her head as Rhino smashes through the force field protecting the police car. The rather rude way the force field dropped is abrupt enough to make her lose concentration on ALL of the fields she had activated. This releases Monet as requested, but also leaves Sue falling from about ten feet in the air to the sidewalk below. It's not a long fall, but certainly enough to bruise and possibly sprain something.

It's in these moments, these specific horrifying moments fraught with danger that Spider-Man's senses seem to slow down. Time falls to a subtle blur as the world coalesces into a bare instant freezing into a universe of potentiality. So many thoughts must flicker through his awareness, so many options. But all he is aware of is what he _must_ do.

To Peter Parker it is a rush of hurried motion. To the world without it is a crazed crashing coincidence of motion and chaos that ends in a cacophony of sound. A security camera running at speed catches it all, and only days later will they be able to figure out what exactly happened.

As the car hurled straight at Spider-Man, he twisted in mid-air, one hand thrusting forwards splay-fingered and a webline firing to /slam/ a small ball of webbing into the right rear tirewell. It gives the vehicle just enough spin in that instant for Spider-Man's trajectory to take him /through/ the front windshield… /through/ the passenger-side window, twisting and turning only to land in a skidding three-point stance upon the asphalt… right at Rhino's feet.


Catch Sue, or catch the car… it's choices choices, but not really - Sue's a hero with powers and therefore getting hurt is part and parcel of beating up bad-guys. The buildings, however, are at LEAST %97.5 human-populated. So once Spidey does his mid-air ballet around the thrown vehicle, Monet is in place to catch it - though it's certainly not comfortable, as it's mass and acceleration meet her lesser mass and greater acceleration. There's sort of a loud metallic *WUNCH!* - but she manages it AND stays airborne, though now spilling motor oil is added to her list of indignities.

Coming in for a slow landing just outside the immediate combat zone, Monet hefts the car overhead as she's landing herself. VISIBLY displeased. People around can probably sense what she's thinking of doing next.

And with all of that, Rhino fully expects (for some delusional reason) to see the car smashing Spider-Man against the distant building. He actually pauses and stares and when the car stops in mid-air, he asks aloud, "How did that twerp do -that-?" And that's when the car is carried downward and then lifted. "Huh? That girl!" he exclaims and then it hits him. The little mutter at his feet… that Whoa… he looks down and growls, "SPIDER!" he says as if it were a curse word.

With that, he roars at the top of his lungs and proceeds to try to smash every bit of the pavement about him, and hopefully Spider-Man with it. Of course, he's a lumbering brute and his blows are easier to dodge than a thrown car. "Once I squash you! I'll choke the life out of that girl!" Of course, the falling Susan is denied his oaths and invectives… perhaps he just really noticed her much less than the others.

Susan Storm wouldn't begrudge Monet for choosing protecting civilians over her, if she knew that that's what the kid actually did. She doesn't pick up on it, though, as she hits the sidewalk in a rather undignified sprawl… okay, some days it SUCKS being a hero type. And some days people REALLY piss her off. Yes, Rhino, that means you. She doesn't even bother rising to her feet. She simply GLARES at the villain as she pushes herself to sit up, and a shimmering soap bubble appears around Rhino's head like an old school diving bell.

As soon as he sees those huge fists rising up to do the smashy-smashy, Spider-Man's moving. He twists cleanly, executing a picture perfect backflip and snaring a grip on the side of Rhino's costume, letting him catapult himself up… around, and land upon the big man's back!

For once he's not cracking wise, perhaps hoping that in the craziness with debris bouncing around and the sudden onslaught of the Invisible Woman old Juggernaut Lite might not notice him pointing both webshooters at the big man's feet… and firing away.

Monet has visibly had enough. She's been swatted, slammed into a building, slipped DOWN said building, rather awesomely caught a car but now has grease and oil all over her RIPPED clothes… AND her hair is messed up. Cranky face, cranky face, cranky face. Of course, now Spidey and Sue are setting up the Big Guy again - but instead of trying to land a bunch of light hits on Rhino, Monet steps -through- the rain of debris with her teeth gritted to aim one solid, nasty haymaker at the criminal's chest.

Fists pound on the ground over and over, Rhino thinking that he'll catch the Spider somewhere down there. He's shouting and cursing now, but this is kept PG by the forcefield about his head. Nobody can hear his voice at this point since the airtight field keeps all sound inside. He has no idea that his air supply has just been cut off, and I'm not talking about the weird-hair 80's band…. this is reality and a dwindling breath. Feet webbed together, he stops pounding and yells something that he hears but nobody else does.

He tries to take a step to one side and ends up stumbling over the webbing and lurching forward and ending up almost leaning into Monet's punch. The solar plexus is still the solar plexus, and as that haymaker lands, all the air is expelled from his lungs and there are bits of spittle on the force field. That's when his eyes notice the field at all and he scowls. More growling happens inside the field before he tries to inhale…. then blinks and ends up on his back. Trying to breathe and failing. The combination of forces was enough… and his eyes slip shut when he passes out.

Susan Storm has an easy enough time maintaining that one small force field bubble around Rhino's head, but is still taking an internal inventory of her injuries so doesn't really catch when the villain finally passes out. Doesn't help that she can't see anymore past the small huddle of people converging on her location to see if she's okay. Too long without oxygen, though, and she'll kill Rhino. And that would be Very Bad (tm).

Doing his part, Spidey continues to cover Rhino with webbing. Lots and lots of webbing. Lots and lots and lots of webbing. So much so that he'll probably have to break out his spare casings just to get back home. He eventually, finally, finishes with the work of covering Rhino in lots and lots and oh my so much webbing, that he pauses with his fists on his hips and says. "And there. Now, once again, Spider-Man Stands Alone Triumphant." Though he does shoot a small wink over towards Sue, since she at times even gets his sense of humor.

Monet is still making cranky-face, though now for entirely different reasons - and the way her eyes are sort of squinched up, it might ACTUALLY be 'In Pain' face. She brings her punching fist close back to her chest, cradling it with the other hand, then takes a very long breath and starts to shake her hand as though that might get rid of the pain. To her credit, though, she doesn't VOICE the 'OOWWwwwww.' After a few moments of that, though, SHE notices the force field is still up - slopped around as it is by webbing. "Unless it's your intent for him to remain unconscious permanently, I believe his current level of oxygen deprivation to be entirely sufficient."

Susan Storm is helped to her feet by some of the well-meaning bystanders, and yeah, she actually managed twist an ankle and probably have some impressive looking bruises on one thigh … hopefully she can hide them from Ben. She steps past the bystanders to see what's happened, and the moment she realizes Rhino is already down she releases the force field bubble from around his head.

Look, a Rhino-kabob. Yep, he's out folks. Lift one eyelid and it'll read OUT, and the other will read COLD. Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has -left- the building. And poor whipped puppy dog Robert, he missed his chance to help the -real- heroes do something useful because he was too busy doing as he was told and heading back to the Baxter Building. Yeah, fun times eh? Anyhow Mandroids are starting to show up on the scene, loaded for bear….

Next time on Marvel Teamup, Spider-Man teams up with.. J. Jonah Jameson! No really!

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