2010 12 14 Recruitment

Log Title:: Recruitment

Characters:: Monet and Val Cooper (emitted by Havok)

IC Date:: 12/14/2010

St. Croix Brownstone, NYC

Brief log summary::
Val stops by to make Monet an offer.


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During the course of the late afternoon, Monet will find that her front door has been approached and the doorbell rung. On the other side of the door stands a well dressed (business modest) blond woman in some amazing shoes. Under her left arm is a leather fold that would hold important papers and the such. She could be recognized as the face of X-Factor, a new (within a 2 weeks to a month) government run mutant super hero team that's been in the news more often than not.

Once the butler - or the bodyguard, it's sort of hard to tell which by the way the guy is built - lets Val in, it's only a few moments before the 'Lady of the House' makes her own appearance. Giving the guy a brief nod, the chicly-dressed teenager looks up at her guest.

Monet even smiles, though it's a completely formal and succinctly polite one. "Good afternoon, Agent Cooper. My father is attending to some duties at the United Nations. Is there something -I- may help you with?"

With a nod, Val recognizes that the girl has done her homework and already knows who she's addressing. "Actually Monet, I'm here to speak with you. Would you have a moment?" is presented in a professional and directed tone.

Monet's very carefully measured response - which is to indicate to a room off the Foyer, "Of course. Do come in. Would you like anything to drink? Coffee, perhaps, or tea?" belies whatever she might actually be feeling regarding the Agent's presence. As she begins to make herself comfortable in a chair, she crosses her legs neatly and folds her hands in her lap while she waits for Val, her face a never-cracking mask of placidity.

"Tea, please." Val answers as she will follow and move with Monet into the seating area. She will regard and then take a position across from the youth, sitting in a proper fashion with her binder in her lap.

"Forgive my bluntness. But. It's come to my attention that you're gifted with abilities. Abilities that would be useful to our cause. Not only that, but from your dossier, you've tact and etiquette, something that my team lacks. And when I say team, I mean X-Factor - which brings me to my point. Perhaps you're interested in becoming a super heroine."

"With X-Factor?" Monet's lips turn up at the corners, even as she signals the waiting/looming butler to scoot - presumably to go get tea ready. Once he's out of the room, Monet's eyebrow goes right up. "Weren't they involved in the destruction of the Washington Monument? Why should I involve myself even tacitly with a group of 'super heroes' who can't protect a stationary symbol of national importance?" It's definitely raised as a challenge, rather than a dismissal - with the way her dark eyes sparkle as she waits the agent's response.

A little embarrassed, Cooper forces a smile and presents with an excuse, "It wasn't truly the team's fault, Slab was working for Mister Sinister who orchestrated the Monument's destruction to make it appear that it was the direct result of X-Factor's doing. But you're right, the team did get off to a rocky start even though they've done their best to do the right thing. So yes, your talents, youth, and presence would serve to benefit the team."

Monet's small smile definitely doesn't disappear, and takes on an unmistakably smug cast. "Of course they would." She raises a hand to take a teacup from the tray almost as soon as the butler arrives with it, "Serve Agent Cooper and then leave us, please." And once that's done, Monet rests her cup and saucer in her hands. "The question remains, Agent Cooper, as to how this arrangement would benefit me. Your team gets an unmistakably capable new member — what do I get in return?"

"A chance to do the right thing and help the image of mutants all over the globe. Surely you're aware that mutants, geecees (genetically challenged - a new term made up by Guido, Homo Superior) get a bad rap all over. It is the hope of the Department of Superhuman Affairs and of X-Factor that we can smooth over relations, give Mutants a better image, and elevate them to something more than oppressed second class citizens. You have the opportunity to 'make a difference'." She pauses after her really great speech and then says, "Oh, and you get medical, dental, and six figures a year." as comic relief since she knows that Monet needs nothing of those.

Monet listens attentively and quietly, moving only to have some of her tea, until Val finishes speaking. She even taps her fingers lightly and rhythmically on the saucer for a moment or two afterwards - the only tell in her otherwise 'I Am Totally Neutral' countenance.

"There will be some details to iron out with my father, Agent Cooper — and there's the matter of my continuing education — barring undesirable outcomes with either situation, I accept your offer."

After taking a sip, then setting the cup/saucer to the side, Cooper replies, "Excellent. And I quite understand the details with your father. I wanted to make sure it was well received with you prior to speaking with him. Even if you are a minor, you still have right of decision."

"Of course I do. It was by my insistence that my father got himself reassigned to America in the first place," Monet says crisply. "I'm sure the two of you won't have any trouble working out the content of the agreement, especially after I tell him I've already accepted." She smiles again, though, adding, "But, taken in the spirit with which I'm sure you meant it, your concern is touching."

Seeing that she's accomplished her goals Val stands and says, "Then I shall be on my way. I thank you for your time and will make an appointment with your father."

Monet gives a small nod, though she herself doesn't stand. "It's been illuminating, Agent Cooper. Becker will show you out." At which, the butler-ish guy appears again at the entrance to the sitting room, holding the door open for Val.

Val departs.


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