2010 12 12 Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner

Log Title:
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

The Thing, Susan Storm, Nick Fury

IC Date:
Dec 12, 2010

Baxter Building

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As The Invisible Woman and Thing prepare to sit down for a meal, an unexpected visitor knocks on their door.


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It's early evening, and Sue has made a point of taking time to hang out with Ben while Reed and Johnny are busy elsewhere. She's coerced Ben into showing up for dinner, and she actually cooked. She's not a BAD cook, she just rarely has a chance to practice.

Somewhere in his heart of hearts, Ben knows that he kinda of takes advantage of how Sue plays 'Den Mother' to them all. But he also can't bring himself to disappoint her by not showing up for a a home cooked meal. I mean yes she has all the culinary skills of a former model, for obvious reasons, but really. Sometimes it's just the effort that someone cooked it for you that makes it taste better. "Hey Suzie!" Ben says as he lumbers from the hall way, The faint echo of his footfalls heralding his arrival before he's actually seen. "That smells great. I can't wait to dig in. Lemme just sign for this package that the lobby says is coming up!" And that said he stops at the elevator and waits for it to open. Secretly he is hoping these will be the blu-rays he ordered of Amazon.com.

The doors to the elevator slide open with a slight hiss. Nope, no blu-rays here, just a grumpy, grumpy Nick Fury. A slight grin crosses his face if only for a nano-second as he detects an attempted hide of excitement turned to disappointment on Ben's face. "You look happy to see me, Grimm," he says in a gravely voice, tossing a small package from Amazon at the large hero. "Catch."
Susan Storm smiles at Ben as he walks by, carrying a casserole dish to the table. "Okay, Ben. Is it the DVDs I ordered from Amazon?" She sets the casserole in front of one place setting, then heads back to the kitchen area.

The Thing is surprisingly deft for such a big guy. He manages to catch the small amazon package. Gentle enough to not crush it even and says, "Yeah Suze… and looks like we've got another for dinner." He turns back to Fury and says, "And How can I possibly not be just burstin' with joy to see ya' Fury. It's not like every time I see yah you're about to ask me to do something dangerous and stupid." A pause and a beat, "Can I getcha a beer?" He turns and heads towards the kitchenette then. Apparently read for a cold when eve if Nick is not, "Now you just sit Suze, I'll get the drinks."

Nick Fury pauses momentarily, actually pondering the beer for a moment. "You know I'm always up for a cold one, Ben." He steps off of the elevator, taking in the environment around him, and noting only two places set at the table laid out before him. "Not here for you, this time Ben," he calls out after Thing. "Or you Susan," he adds on, knowing full well that she's listening in on the conversation. "I was hoping to find that big brained husband of yours," he continues as he reaches into one of the numerous pouches on his uniform and withdrawling a cigar. Putting the oversized cigar in his mouth but not yet lighting it he says, "Looks like I'm not going to find him, though. Am I?"

Susan Storm chuckles at Ben, trusting him to not bring her a beer as well. She carries a basket of rolls (very nicely golden brown, thankyouverymuch) to the table and smiles when she sees Nick Fury. "Oh, hi there. Ben didn't say someone was on their way up."

Susan Storm ohs as he mentions Reed. "You're right, he's not here. He didn't say when he'd be back, either." She sets the rolls on the table. "Do you want to join us? I can set another place really quickly."

Ben returns. And he is bearing the every hospitable gift of Beer. He holds his hand out to Fury, a long neck dangling between his fingers, the bottle cap wedged in the cracks of the stone plates the cover his body. Held tight it now that Nick could pop the bottle cap as he claims his drink. His other hand holds a big glass of Iced Tea which he sets down in front of Susie's spot. "Yeah Fury, I'm afraid Reed's be /way/ into studyin' the Negative Zone recently… To be honest I ain't to sure I understand what he's trying to study there. Annihlus is a jack-hole, and we clobber him when he shows up. See that covers everything impornt. NEXT DIMESION!." He clears his throat, "Sorry got carried away. You got any idea what he's studying Susie?"

Nick Fury gladly accepts the beer from Ben, popping the cap and pulling the long-neck away in one smooth motion. You can tell he's done this before. He nods his approval to Ben, and tips the bottle up in a silent "cheers" motion. He returns his gaze to Susan, and holds his hand up in a respectful decline. "Wouldn't want to be a bother. I know how much this big lummox eats, and the last thing I wanna do is get between him and a meal," he says in a rather out of character light-hearted manner.

Susan Storm shakes her head no at Ben as she chuckles at Nick's comment upon declining the offer to join them. "I'm starting to get the hang of cooking enough for Ben. You'd think I'd have mastered it years ago." She takes her seat then answers Ben about what Reed's studying. "He told me, but it didn't make any sense at all. I even looked up a few words in the dictionary, and I still couldn't make sense of it."

"So what where you hoping to talk with Reed 'bout?" Ben asks as he leans into the center of the table and starts to score out a nice big slab of casserole. "Ahh this smells better than my aunt petunia's shepherd's pie."

Nick Fury takes a swig of his beer. "Would it surprise you if I said his country was depending on him?" Again with the light heartedness. Being around Grimm tends to bring it out of the old soldier. Something about grumpy men getting together, it almost crosses out their grumpiness. He twiddles the cigar in his mouth a bit, as if anxious to light it, but refraining. "I thought he might be of help in my current situation," he adds before another swig of the beer. "But as usual, he's off doing his own big brain stuff, leaving us mere mortals here to fend for ourselves."

Susan Storm serves herself a modest helping of the casserole, fully expecting the rest to go to Ben. "What IS going on, Mr. Fury? Is it something that requires immediate attention?" And she has most definitely noticed that surly Nick and grumpy Ben both become almost cheery when they hang out. And she's glad of it. "Because Ben and I at least could possibly lend a hand if needed."

Half of Ben's casserole is already gone. "Yef Nifk." Ben says as he chews, "We can klibber anyfing that is bofferin' yaf." He suddenly stops and looks between Nick and Susan, suddenly a bit embarrassed, "Sorry… It's good."

Nick Fury snorts at Ben's mouthful of an offer. "Well, I need anything "klibbered" you'll be the first I call, Grimm." Looking to Sue, he adds, "But unless the two of you have been taking night classes in nanotechnology and other Reed Richards type stuff…," he fades off, leaving the sentence unfinished. With one last, exceedingly large gulp, he downs the last of his beer. "Anyways, I've taken up enough of your time for one night. Next time you see Reed, just tell him Fury's looking for him," he bows his head slightly towards Sue. "Ben, let me know when you want to loose all your money again, and I'll try and teach you how a real man plays poker."

Susan Storm is so accustomed to Ben's (and Johnny's) table manners she doesn't even bat an eyelash. However, Nick's words do get her attention. "Nanotechnology? Oh, that is bad. I'll call around, see if any of our contacts might be able to pitch in and help." At the mention of poker she just smiles amusedly. She usually avoids those poker games like the plague.

"There ain't no skill in having your punk Dugan rig my rumpus room with cameras so youc an see everyone's hand you cheatin' bum." OF course… Ben has never proved this.. but he maintains that is what happened to this day. He looks to Sue and says, "I'm going over to help some of the Jr. Avengers train tomorrow, maybe I can see if Pym is around. He's way into that nanotech stuff." Of course.. Ben also thinks the man's a bit of a loon, but the brilliant often are. "It was good to see you and not get shot at Nick."

Nick Fury turns and heads for the elevator. Having waited to light his cigar out of respect for Sue, Fury lights up just before he reaches the elevator. After all, he's Nick Fury and he has a "I Can Do Whatever I Want And Get Away With It" badge, and likes to make sure everyone knows it. He throws a cursory wave over his shoulder as he presses the elevator call button. "There's always next time, Ben," he jokes. Then in a more gentlemanly tone he adds a simple, "Susan." The doors slide open before him, and just as soon as he thrust himself upon their dinner, he's gone.

Susan Storm smiles after Nick as he departs, then turns to look at Ben. "If you plan on hosting the poker game again, you're going to be the one cleaning up. Capice?" She sounds serious, but her expression makes it clear she's only joking.

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