2010 12 12 Can You Hear Me Now

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Can you hear me now?

Rahne and Karma

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DC and NYC

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Rahne and Karma speak over the phone


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It has been several days since her chance encounter with Havok, in the Village, and from that meeting Xi'an received a card with X-Factor's phone number upon it. Every so often the Vietnamese woman will find the card within her purse, take it out, and stare at it for a few seconds, before it's tucked back into its hiding place within her purse.

Today is no different as Xi'an once again takes the card out and eyes the telephone number, mentally weighing the pros and cons of calling it. She would love to call and see what has happened to her friends and former teammates, but on the other hand she'd hate to have to explain herself. Truly she would.

Still as curiosity has often killed the cat Xi'an can't help but open her cellphone and dial the main number to X-Factor's headquarters.

** Ring Ring Ring **

Hopefully Havok will be the one to answer straight away so Xi'an will not have to go through any number of X-Factor secretaries.

Havok is not, however, the one to pick up. Neither is Polaris, Strong Guy, Multiple Man or Quicksilver. They all seem to be doing other things right this minute. "Is anyone gaunae get tha'?" Wolfsbane calls out, frowning as she sits up on the sofa she's watching TV from, muting the thing. Ring Ring. "Hello? Anyone else here?" Ring Ring. "I guess no'."

Sighing the sigh of someone completely put upon by having to interrupt the movie playing, she hops to her feet and heads over to grab one of the phones, picking up. "X-Factor. Wolfsbane," she answers, a hint of annoyance creeping in at being bothered.

As the call continues to ring Xi'an can't help but ponder whether she should just hang up. Perhaps no one is home? Perhaps this is a sign from above that she shouldn't have called? But before she can take the cellphone from her ear, and tap the disconnect button the call is answered.

And when the call is answered Xi'an can't help but gape on her end of the line. She was all but prepared to start the conversation off with a polite enough 'bonjour' that is, until an all but familiar accented voice greets her from the other end. She wasn't expecting Rahne to answer. In fact, she wasn't even aware that Rahne was part of X-Factor. Havok hadn't mentioned a thing about Rahne being part of the team.

So great is XI'an's surprise and shock that she can't help but let the dead air hang longer than a few heartbeats, but finally, clutching her cellphone tightly now she says, "Rahne?" Even more hesitantly she adds, "Mon amie, my friend, is that you?"

And now she'd know. Rahne eyes the phone - specifically eyes it - and begins, "If this is a prank, I'll have ye know we can.." That's when the other voice is finally heard, cutting her off. "Shan?" Pause. "Aye..'tis me, Rahne." Her tone changes immediately, some disbelief in there at first. "Where've ye /been?/"

Still somewhat shellshocked Xi'an can't help but take a minute or two to gather her thoughts, before she offers an answer to Rahne's question, "I have been away.", Xi'an replies a bit lamely. Both know she's been away for quite some time now.

"I did not realize you were part of X-Factor. I - M'sieu Havok gave me a card with X-Factor's phone number on it, I was calling - " Words fail her for a moment, but then, "Comment etes-vous? How have you been, Rahne? I have missed you all so much."

Wolfsbane runs a hand through her hair and adjusts her grip on the phone's receiver, glancing around the empty room. "Away..I suppose I understand," she answers, a frown froming before it goes away. She's more excited than anything else, not sure what all to say just yet. "Ah, sae tha's how ye came tae be callin' us. Ye're all right? No' in need o' us for somethin'?" come the questions, then she gives an answer that doesn't cover a whole lot. "I've been..well, I'm still here."

"M'siue Havok said I could call when I spoke to him last. I called to see how everyone was doing. It has been so long since I've seen anyone." Xi'an begins, as she shifts her cellphone from one ear to the other, and then, "Rahne, I - " It seems this conversation could possibly be full of starts and stops, perhaps for both of them, as Xi'an hurriedly continues, " - Je suis desole. I am so sorry. I - " Didn't mean to leave the team in a lurch? Didn't mean to just leave a note when she left so abruptly? It's all left unsaid for the moment.

Realizing Rahne asked how she was as well, Xi'an finally adds, "I am, also, as well as can be expected." Her answer about as forthcoming as Rahne's own answer, " How is everyone else? Robert, Samuel, Amara - " Everyone.

It's liable to be as awkward as it's been so far, Rahne quiet again for a few seconds. "Oh, so ye met Alex already," she answers and her tone takes on a faintly dreamy quality to it for just a moment. "Ye dinna have t'apologize. I'm sure ye've had things keepin' ye busy. I've seen Sam recently, but th' others..I think we've all drifted apart."

"Oui, yes, we have met. He seems to be a very nice man." Replies Karma, and at Rahne's tone of voice Xi'an can't help but tilt her head slightly to the side, however, before she can remark upon it the fate of the New Mutants team is revealed. Xi'an can't help but exclaim somewhat sadly, "Non! The New Mutants are no more?" At the mention of recently seeing Sam, Xi'an asks, "So Samuel is not with X-Factor alongside you? I am surprised. I had thought our bonds were stronger than that. I had thought everyone would still be here." That everything would be the same, as when she left it.

But then realizing how ironic that may be coming from her, Xi'an falls silent again for a few minutes.

"Perhaps soon we could all see each other. I would like to see you, and Samuel, Douglas, Illyana, and everyone. Do you know where everyone all went?"

"Och, he is," Rahne answers as far as Alex is concerned, then she bites her lip and listens further. "Sam's in a group called X-Force noo. They're run by Cable an' a lot o' people would like talkin' t'them. Th' rest..he said 'Berto's doin' business things noo, but I'm no' sure where th' others are any more. Doug is..gone," she murmurs, very quiet.

At the mention of X-Force, Cable and Samuel, Xi'an can't help but frown slightly. She has been gone far too long, it's quite apparent, but there's not much she can do about it but make amends somehow.

It's however at the mention of Doug being gone, that Xi'an asks reflexively, "Gone?" Xi'an's not a fool she understands what Rahne means by the tone of her voice, "Sacre Mere, I am so sorry Rahne. I had - I had not heard. I had heard about the demons that had attacked New York City, but I had not heard about Douglas." She hesitates for a second then asks, "Has it been long since he passed?"

Yes, many things have happened since the time Xi'an left. Some good, some pretty bad. Rahne looks elsewhere as if avoiding someone's gaze, though she remains the only one on her side of the line. "'tis been..long enough. He saved muh life when someone shot a' me an'..tha's all I really want tae say right noo, if ye please." Not a memory she ever likes having to think about, though she already thinks about it a lot. "Thank ye, though. Just..a lot o' things have changed."

"Oui, I understand." Xi'an says quietly, her voice sounding even more repressed than it normally is. "Forgive me for bringing up horrid memories."

"It seems so much has change, as you say, and I have missed it all." Glancing around her hotel room Xi'an is at a loss for words for a moment, but eventually she asks cautiously, "Perhaps we could meet? And invite Samuel as well? I cannot say how much longer I will be in the States, but it would be nice to see you both before I leave. I could even make the trip to Washington, D.C., if it helps."

Wolfsbane isn't even bringing up Genosha right now, though for all she knows Xi'an may have seen news about it previously. "I'd no' say ye've missed some o' it, but I know what ye mean," she answers before shifting in place on her end. "DC or New York City, I think one o' those could work. Ye'd probably have tae find an' ask Sam, though. They're no' easy tae track doon. An' why are ye leavin' again?"

Xi'an had seen some of the Genosha conflict, but honestly, it wasn't as much as it could have been. Her search for her siblings has had her head in the sand, so to speak. For Rahne's part in the conflict it is probably a sure bet that Xi'an did not see much of it, if any at all.

At the mention of tracking Sam down, Xi'an makes a thoughtful noise, "I see. I will try to track Samuel down then." The second part of Rahne's question causes Shan to pause, before she answers, "I am still looking for Leong and Nga. They are still missing."

Wolfsbane is sticking to the basics right now, careful not to reveal too much about her own situation. At this point she's hesitant to share too much, even with an old friend. "Do ye have any leads? I'm sure we could help if there's a way," she offers.

Yes, Shan is doing much the same thing, giving as few clues as she can so Rahne doesn't realize who Xi'an is working for. Hedging slightly, she states, "Non, not precisely, but I hope to have leads soon." At the offer of help, Xi'an's voice warms, "Merci, Rahne. I appreciate the offer of assistance. Perhaps when we meet we can talk about it, oui? Is there anything I can do to help you? Or M'sieu Havok? Has he had any luck with Arclight?"

Ah, the art of keeping secrets or avoiding revealing information you aren't comfortable giving. Rahne admits, "No' tha' I've heard, but I've no spoken tae him about it lately. An' maybe we'll see what we can figure oot if we do meet. I hope ye can find them soon."

Secrets are what keeps families together, truly.

"As do I, Rahne." Xi'an replies in full heartfelt agreement, "I can only pray they are well when I find them."

There is one last awkward silence from Xi'an and then she says, "I should be going, mon amie. We will speak soon, non? I will call you when I have tracked down Samuel and hopefully we will be able to gather together soon."

"If they're no', I'll help ye make whoever harmed them pay," Rahne answers, and there's just enough of a tone in her voice that makes her sound very serious about it. "An' just let me know. It'd be nice tae see ye again. 'Bye." Click.

At Rahne's tone of voice Xi'an's eyebrows rise upwards toward her hairline, obviously surprised to hear such an aggressive tone in her former teammate's voice. Still, Xi'an is grateful for Rahne offering that somewhat blood thirsty sounding help, "Merci, Rahne. I truly appreciate it. It will also be nice to see you as well. Bonsuir, my friend, I hope to call you soon."

Once Rahne has disconnected the call, Xi'an will close her cellphone with a faint click before eyeing it. It's hard to say what goes through her mind at that instant but eventually she'll tuck the phone away and turn towards packing her suitcases, but, it's with a much lighter heart than previously.

The End!

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