2010 12 11 News Crime Ring Busted

Today, New York law-enforcement broke a big case. New York City police followed a tip given to them early Saturday morning and arrested a dozen men in connection with a gun-running ring, as well as other illegal activities. Amongst the criminals Sgt. Blume arrested was Pat Walker, known European arms-dealer and owner of the gun-running boat. Sgt. Blume also confiscated a tugboat at New York harbor and had this to say:

"We consider this a great victory against criminals operating here in New York. These European dandies think they can just waltz on in here with their guns and deal them out to the gangs at will, but that's not gonna happen anymore. Our streets are safe because we're patient watchdogs. I just wanted to thank all the guys who staked out this place. These guys did a great job."

When asked about the tip given to police, Sgt. Blume had no comment, but did say many citizens are "concerned" about illegal activities and are as watchful as police. This paper was present at the arraignment of Pat Walker, where the judge threw the book at him, lecturing him for several minutes about the 100 machine guns, 24 handguns, 12 knives, and 5 rocket launchers found on Walker's boat. Walker had little response, except to say, "It's the Rose, you idiot! The Rose! He doesn't want us 'round here! Friggin moron!"

This paper discovered that Spider-Woman and The Vision were at the capture of the European gun-runners, though police made no mention of that fact when asked. The heroes were rumored to have downed some of the criminals, although sketchy details confirm only that one was wounded and one killed in the confusing gun-battle.

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