2010 12 10 Enter The Dark Spider Man

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Enter the Dark Spider-man

Ms. Marvel, Dagger, and Venom

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New York City

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Dagger and Ms. Marvel foil a Hostage Situation, with the help of a mysterious Dark Spider-man.


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Midtown is the busy area of town. Carol's been out and about and though she doesn't keep her identity secret, when she's in civies it's not exactly like folks point and scream about her. She isn't the sort of hero who draws fans and such. In fact, her most heroic act to day has been leaving a decent tip for the server at the restaurant she is currently departing. It's a little italian joint run by someone who she met on the 'job' and she likes to frequent the place when she can.
And so with traffic mounting and people heading home from work she steps out onto the crowded sidewalk while looking down at her smartphone and planning the rest of her evening in her head. Not exactly paying close attention to her surroundings though!

On the other side of the coin is Dagger, who neither bothers with a mask nor with going casual all that often. She's always on the job, which means she does stand out from time to time when she's down among the crowds. Right now, though, she's claimed a ledge of some sort and is leaning out, lips pursed, brow furrowed, and her ever-present shadow … missing? Odd. The white-clad young woman makes a face after a moment and starts to make her way up to the rooftop proper. The air's better up there … and so's the view, for that matter.

A text message pops up on her phone, and Carol sighs, reaching up with one hand to adjust the ballcap on her head while her thumb activates the text reply option. She turns and starts meandering through the foottraffic as she does that and uses her peripheral vision to handle most of her navigation while her thumb flies through the text message options. Finally the phone goes into a hip pocket of her jeans and she pauses to look around as if wondering… okay how far did I just walk?

The very distinctive sounds of sirens can be heard approaching quickly from up the road, and sure enough three cop cars zoom down the road. What could the emergency be?
Whatever it is, there is a hunched figure, clinging on the walls in the shadows between the buildings the cops pass by, and for a moment there's no movement, before suddenly something shoots out of the alley and clings to a building on the opposing side of the street, and out swings Spider-man, following after them!
It IS Spider-man, isn't it? He's wearing black and white, which he frequently did, but Spidey had been sticking to the red and blue for a while…

"… I swear, if that's-" but it doesn't take /much/ for Dagger to realize the light she feeds out to her partner in crime-fighting is definitely /not/ flowing that way. The preternaturally limber heroine sprints in that direction, doing her absolute best rendition of the rooftop hop that the streetwise heroes seem to be so disturbingly good at. The swinging shape is noted, squinted at with passing confusion … and she continues in that direction, fully intent on trying to catch up with Spidey. "Hey!" is called after, if only to let him know that he has some familiar company tagging along in her own, odd way. </re>

Well, one might think 'there's something you don't see every day'.. but this is New York City. Spider-Man -is- something folks see every day. Carol just raises her brows and inclines her head as she spies the motion on up ahead. No point in making a beeline through the air and causing more disturbance but… there's not much fear of getting hurt in her mind.
So Carol starts making her way through the crowd to get a better look at what's going on. So it's an unhurried and curious heroine that moves closer. Of course, the yell out by Dagger may get drowned out in the sounds of sirens, horns, and other of the New York soundtrack. For the moment, it's observation time.

The black clad Spider-man keeps swinging after the cop cars, but he does turn his head as he thinks he heard something, and sure enough he sees Dagger. He considers for a moment, before calling back, "Hey!" Thwip. "Just following the cops!" Thwip. "How about we chat later?"

"O- okay?" She looks briefly befuddled — maybe it's just the tone or he just doesn't 'sound' right. In either case, Dagger shrugs it off and continues after; she might not be able to keep pace with the web-slinger, but she isn't too shabby on her own. Even so … a lone dagger of light is manifested after she hops to another roof and sent after her darker half. The direction it chooses is peripherally noted, but there are bigger concerns at the moment — like, oh, cops. And sirens. And nefariousness.

There's a bit more bulk to this Spider-Man than usual too. Carol's worked with the guy once or twice. But in this city, who hasn't?! Of course, the situation up ahead could be serious and she pulls her phone out of her pocket so it doesn't get molecularly rearranged along with her clothes. Turning a corner, she ducks into a typical New York alleyway… not so much to protect any identity, as to just avoid making a scene in the middle of tha crowd. She sets the phone on a brick-made ledge and then a yellow flare of energy flows from her feet up to her head and she's in costume. Picking up the phone again, she surges into the air and tucks said phone into the top of one boot. Hey, it has a pocket designed just for the high tech device so why not use it?! She'll be cresting the rooftops in moments, to get a good look at what's going on.

The bigger, black clad, differently sounding Spider-man keeps swinging, there will be time to talk to Dagger once the crisis is put to rest. It doesn't take long at the swinging speed to reach the scene, where the cop cars, as well a bunch of others, and a SWAT team are positioned in front of a bank.
Spider-man winds up landing on a building on the opposing side and perches there for a while, taking the time to assess the situation, and to wait for Dagger to catch up. Another sign that this was probably not the same man that they were familiar with was his body movements. Everything was different.
When Dagger gets close, Spider-man says, "Looks like a hostage situation in there… None of our 'friends' though, but still armed. We're going to need to stealth in and take them out quick and hard." He doesn't talk like Spidey either.

Approach is inevitable at this point, with Dagger claiming a spot next to 'the Spidey that isn't'. Naive as she might usually be, some sense of wariness is already bubbling to the surface of her thoughts even if it doesn't /quite/ crack her expression. If anything, it makes the look of mild concern seem all the more genuine, in case her tone doesn't. "Right. Um. Are you- did something happen or … I mean, I know it's been a while since the last time we hung out like this, but-" making baseless accusations is definitely more Cloak's schtick. She's just apprehensive. And, right! Hostages! One thought seems to make her smile, but a glance back erases that smile from her face. "Anyway, uh. How do you propose we do /that/, anyway? I kinda stick out like a sore thumb." Not that he doesn't, but he's … technically stealth-y. At night.

The H word is overheard by Ms Marvel … H word being 'Hostages'. Everything else becomes secondary at this point. She drifts up and over the two of you before angling down towards the police. As she does that, she murmurs with her crisp and decisive military bearing. "I will give them something to watch out front. That should give you two plenty of time to sneak in and do your thing." And then she angles right for the still setting up police lines.

Spider-man turns his head when Ms. Marvel approaches, once again not expecting another of heroine to show up, but nodding as using Ms. Marvel as a distraction sounds like the best approach. "Thanks." He turns his attention to the bank on the opposing side, and says, "Let's go." With that, he crawls up to the roof of the building for the moment once at the top traverse over to the bank from the roofs, trying not to call too much attention to himself or Dagger in his approach, though at necessary points her offers to swing across with her hanging on, "Come on." Once on the bank building, he waits for the distraction so that he can crawl in, with Dagger in tow.

"Good luck, War- Marvel." She totally didn't forget. Honest. A quick salute is tossed off to the other heroine and then she's sprint-leap-flipping along … until she has to be swung across here and there. She makes some noises of understanding to Spider-Man — he's in the lead by default — but something is definitely Not Right here, the kind of bad vibes that warrant being a proper … concept. Or something. Once on the building, she's forced to wait as dark Spidey does, crouched low and waiting.

And Ms Marvel just smirks as she hears Dagger … remember correctly. She offers a smirk back over her shoulder before she lands and says to the officers, "Okay, can I be of any help?" and in that red and blue outfit of her own, she's quite the spectacle out front, making sure to be in plain sight so that anyone inside might worry about her and/or focus on her. She understands the concept of diversionary tactics, and deception. She goes on talking to the officer in charge on the scene, getting a sitrep and offering suggestions. She is -not- about to tell them about the two of you as that'd make'em each have a litter of kittens… on the spot.

Spider-man peeks into the building from the window, and keeps an eye on the perps in the bank, and when Ms. Marvel starts acting, the bank robbers, four of them, start to freak out a little, becoming noisy and worrying about the presence of a super, with one of them screaming, "I expected Spider-man, not that Warbird chick!" Someone didn't check the memo.

As they start freaking, Spider-man gestures to Dagger to be ready and hang on to him, as he climbs into the window and wall-crawls up the walls of the inside of the bank, before making it to the ceiling. He gives Dagger a gesture to the hostages, implying that he'll deal with the robbers. And with this, he waits for the lot of them to be paying more attention to the outside than the inside.

Awkward. That's this whole thing in a nutshell. Hanging onto 'Spider-Man the Black' just makes it worse, somehow. Even so, Dagger puts up with it to a point — teamwork and all that. But then there's that gesture and her nose wrinkles just a bit, a glance given in the direction of the robbers before her gaze slips to the hostages. While she says nothing, the /look/ she gives him is 'are you /serious/?' She's not amused. Or pleased. Or liable to listen, for that matter. But that'll just have to wait until the moment is right for her to drop off her wall-clinging carrier-spider.

And out front, Carol's making a show of things. She gestures to the commander's radio and asks, "Can you connect me to the phone inside?" .. After a few moments, she nods and waits for them to answer the ringing communications device. Another distraction to get them focused on something other than watching their own backs. She starts pacing back and forth like she's getting impatient out there in plain sight. Skintight… yeah, distractions 'R us.

That'll do it.
The hostage takers have diverted their attentions to very distracting woman's…. Eyes, yes, though not THAT long. Just long enough for the Dark Spider-man do drop towards the ground, while shooting out webs to the hands of the further-most apart robber's hands, webbing them up, while landing in between the two centermost, and leaps back up to his feet with double uppercuts to the both of them.

As he drops, Dagger flips away and lands lightly on the ground. "Look away," is said to the hostages nearest her in warning. The circle around her eye flares abruptly and a corona of light manifests around her as a quartet of daggers is formed. She /is/ technically protecting the hostages … with a blinding barrier. Kind of. While Spider-Man goes through the motions of webbing and punching, she tosses her daggers out to seek all four of the miscreants. Even if they're effectively incapacitated, it can't hurt to make sure they /really/ think about what they did … can it? Namely, by freezing the blood in their veins, among other things, but, hey. Still, there's the off-chance someone unintended winds up in the way of one before it hits.

-Feeling- that energy build up inside, Ms Marvel turns towards the building and is prepared to enter if she must to save hostages. When the light flares out through the windows, she says to the cops, "Cover me!" and does just that. It's one of those… just in case things. She actually takes the time to open the door before stepping inside and streaking towards the source of that energy. She's fully prepared to simply interpose her body between hostages and harm if need be at this point…

The Spider-man's spider-senses tingle right as the daggers fly, and he ducks in time to dodge it. The thugs do not. Well, most don't. The lead hostage taker has instead pulled one hostage right in front of him, a security guard, who takes the dagger instead. The criminal points his pistol at the guard's head, and screams at Dagger and Spider-man, "Don't yous move!! I'll blow his brains out, Spider-man! He's dead if yous move!"

Spider-man at first seems hesitant to let the hostage taker go, before straightening up and raising his hands in surrender. Why? Because he can see Ms. Marvel dashing in. "See, we surrender. Now let him go."

The hostages should be fine for now, though Dagger's luminous aura subsides just a bit now that the worst of the threat is over. She, too, can see Ms. Marvel on the move and she, too, can play along. Her hands wind up at her hips, brows lifted almost expectantly as the mook lays down his demand. "Okay, okay. We give. I'm practically a white flag of surrender," is quipped lightly, one corner of her mouth quirked. She's also a nice beacon, what with the continued glowing and all.

White flag of surrender, with a distractingly cut bodysuit down almost low enough for… oh right. That's the viewpoint of the terrified criminal. Rather than quipping herself, Carol just floats over closer, moving slower now to keep the element of surprise. Her whole goal is to simply get close enough to reach around and grab the gun. The way she does it is by placing her hand over the end of it and curling the fingers in from there. If the thing goes off, it'll hit her hand and not the hostage. Then she squeezes to crush the barrel either way, "Sorry, did you have a permit for that?" she finally asks as she stands there holding the weapon.

The robber goes wide eyed as his gun is crushed, and lets out a scream as he reaches to his side for another gun, letting the hostage go by accident, and only barely gets his hand on the grip when the black clad Spider-man rushes in and slams his fist right into hostage taker's temple, sending him flying and knocking him out cold. That's when Spider-man lets loose his first actual quip, "Here I thought my suit was distracting."

With that, takes the time to drag the bunch of bank robbers/hostage takers, into a group, and starts wrapping them up with webbing. "Thanks for the help, ladies… Let's hand these punks over to the police, shall we?" Also of note is the webbing, it's not the usual spider-web. There was only one person in New York with the unusual webbing of this particular variety.

While Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man finally get the last bit under control, Dagger purses her lips and taps a finger against them with an air of over-exaggerated thoughtfulness. It's the quipping, the webbing, and something else entirely that has her commenting, "You know, I'm surprised you haven't said anything about Cloak not being here. Should I to hit you with a dagger for old time's sake?" A glance is given to the other heroine, as if seeking some kind of confirmation — not for /those/ details, precisely, but just because things seem horribly, horribly 'off'.

"I might think it was strange… if this was in fact Spider-Man." offers Ms Marvel as she steps forward and helps the hostage stay on his feet. "You're going to be alright. Everyone's going to be okay!" she adds that second part a bit louder and starts making the rounds to check on the hostages and get them gathered together to walk out front.

Spider-man is probably blinking under the mask at the moment, but he addresses Dagger first, "I'm sure Cloak has pressing matters as much as we did. He'll get back for you soon." Then pausing as Ms. Marvel questions his identity, to which he replies with a spread arm gesture, "You've found me out! I guess there's not point in hiding the fact." He folds his arms across the white spider insignia on his chest as he says, "I am the new Spider-man. I've taken it upon myself to give New York the Spider-man they need now that he has passed."

"Ri-ight," Dagger glances askance to Ms. Marvel, and then to the 'new' Spider-Man with a look of distrust that seems ill-fitted to her face. Of course, the explanation seems to give her some pause, distrust sliding into uncertainty for a moment. "I /guess/ that kind of makes sense. Maybe." Another look to Ms. Marvel, then back to Spider-Man. Her light flares again and she points firmly at the dark Spider-Man. It's almost ominous, really. "But, if that's who you're /going/ to be? Then I'll have to hit you with a dagger anyway. Sorry, but it's part of the deal."

"Right, new Spider-Man… wait what?" asks Ms Marvel as she whirls and starts to stalk towards the black-suited spider-dude. Her hands clench up and she inclines her head to one side, "What do you mean… passed?" she asks, her voice virtually oozing icicles as she asks that question. Yeah, she's in stern mode and since -she- hasn't heard of the death of Spider-Man, she's figuring that it's one of two things. Either a) That's just a horrible joke, or b) This guy killed'im and hasn't told anyone.

Spider-man is now -completely- confused by their responses, taking a step backwards and raising an arm up almost protectively, and he almost isn't sure which of the ladies to be more careful about, but he responds to Ms. Marvel since she's got the scary face on, and is much closer, "Spider-man is dead, isn't he? He went after Venom months ago and never came back to New York. Venom must have killed him…"
At this point he shakes his head, "Wait, you mean he's -not-?" The eyes of his mask almost seem animated as he asks this.

"You know, I /think/ I'd have seen something in the papers if he did die," and maybe there was and she missed it, but it's not like Dagger's had time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a paper in a long time. If ever. "If Venom killed him? Then he's in for a /world/ of hurt." Daggers form, the usual quartet, and rest at hand. Ready to be thrown, but not yet flung as yet. Just hanging there like scintillating shards of silver, radiant with their own light. "And not just because Spider-Man owes me." She could be joking. Most likely, she's not.

"Either he's alive, or he has an identical twin the world never knew about." offers Ms. Marvel. "I worked with'im last month actually, so I can pretty much guarantee that he didn't die on his carribean cruise or whatever." she offers as she places hands on her hips. "But yes, the lady has a point… if he -is- dead, then there'll be hell to pay."

The Dark Spider-man finds himself taking another step backward, totally dumbfounded by the news that without thinking his hands raise up, and he thrips a pair of webs, aiming for the eyes of both Ms. Marvel and Dagger, trying to blind them, and web slings himself out of the building through the window he came in from.

"H- hey!" Too late. The normally quick Dagger is caught off-guard. Faceful of web? Check. Confused? Check. Angry? Check that twice. The daggers are flung split seconds later — but she doesn't need to /see/ to make them do their thing. Those daggers will follow him for a while if he can't divert them or 'trick' them into hitting something else. If they hit? All the better.

Carol's quick, but she had no idea that was coming. If she still had access to her old Seventh Sense, she might've been able to defend against it. But as it stands, by the time she reaches her hands to her face, she's already radiating so much energy from her body in a close range effect that the webbing is mostly disintegrated. However, the momentary distraction is enough that this new Spider-Man is gone when she gets the webbing into her gloved hands. So turning towards the window, she narrows her eyes and says, "Well, now -that- is something y'don't see every day." in her trademark Boston accent.

Spider-Man's senses go off, warning him about the daggers chasing after him, while he's slinging himself out of the window, and grabs the bottom of the window frame to flip himself over, causing the daggers to jam into the wall just where his fingers were leaving. Talk about close.

Spider-man doesn't stop moving, though, instead proceeding to swing across the city to a safe spot in the shadows, and finally comes to a halt. It is here that he says aloud, "We killed him…" His voice and another speaking at the same time, as the mask comes to life and withdraws from his face, revealing Eddie Brock, "WE KILLED HIM! We were supposed to take his place!" Before shaking his head, as Eddies speaks by himself, "No… There's got to be an explanation… It's an impostor, it's got to be! I'll expose him! Then we'll have the truth!"

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