2010 12 09 Sparkly Confrontations

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Sparkly Confrontations

Dazzler and Havok

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Guido's Condo, Washington DC

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Dazzler comes looking for Guido, finds Havok. She has Amnesia.


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Disco superstar Alison Blaire has become more aware of the value of being seen and not being seen. Being seen with Hercules: good publicity. Being seen wandering around DC without a clear purpose in mind: neutral at best. So she's dressed incognito, to pay a call on Guido. It's been months since they've seen each other, and she's been working solidly the whole time. She reaches out to ring the bell.

Inside, hearing the call of the front door - which he's not accustomed to - Alex Summers realizes that no one else is here so by default he must answer the door. He mutters something about how people normally just walk in and rarely ever knock or ring bells, must be delivery.

Opening the door, Alex reveals himself to be wearing sneakers, blue jeans, his X-Factor blue/yellow uniform shirt with his hair all sorts of disheveled. "Can I…" is his initial statement, a query of sorts before his eyes rest on that which stands in the threshold.

Alison raises an eyebrow behind her dark glasses. Even though she's toned it down a bit, she's still obviously glowing. It's one of those things that just can't be gotten around when you process sound as light energy. "I don't know," she replies with a little bit of a grin. "Can you?" If recognition has dawned, she doesn't show it.

The voice, the glow, the frame and of course the familiarity bring it all together as Alex brings it all together in his mind which is displayed upon his face in a broad smile and wide eyes. "Alison!" is expressed as he is pleased to see his long lost team-mate.

"That's right!" Alison replies. She still doesn't quite place Alex in her memories. Considering how comparatively recent most of them were, it's perhaps unsurprising. "So…did Guido tell you about me, or are you a groupie?" She says it in the nicest possible way.

"Get in here." Alex says in a playful yet intentional tone as he steps back and processes her questions. "You still have no memory of anything before the Seige?." which is a rhetorical question. And he answers it, "Of course you don't, otherwise you'd remember who I was… Girl, we go waaay back."

Alison slowly removes her sunglasses, folding them up to slide them in her coat pocket. At least it's the season to be bundled up and in long coats. She still looks striking, even if she's dressed to be unexceptional. "Do we?" She glances up and down the hallway, then steps carefully in the room, keeping her eyes on Alex. "Oh! Wait, we do? Were we best friends forever? I have a little amnesia, I'm afraid. Did we…oh! Oh wait!" She brightens up. "I remember now! We used to go rate guys at the coffee bar! Right?"

As she seemingly started remembering Alex's hopes are suddenly dashed. He lowers his head and places palm to forehead with a slight shake and chuckle. Upon looking back up he moves to the side to push the door shut as he replies, "No Ali. We were teammates.. X-Men. Along with Psylocke, Colossus, Madelyne (giving pause to thoughts of that conundrum), Wolverine, and Longshot - your … boyfriendish kinda guy."

Alison's eyebrow raises again, and she puts a hand on her hip. "X-Men, huh? I remember them…well. I remember some of them. I don't remember you, though. Sorry." She then turns to look around the place. "Is Guido here? I was in town for a gig, I thought I'd stop by. I mean…oh, are you two…involved?" She turns back, eyes widening a little dramatically. "I mean, I can totally go, I should really be rehearsing anyway!"

Alex replies, "Girl, just because my favorite movie is /West Side Story/ doesn't mean I'm gay. And no, Guido aren't involved. We're both members of X-Factor… it's a new super hero team. Come on inside, he'll be back pretty quick and I totally need to call the Professor. He needs to know you're safe but with Amnesia - he can totally fix it."

"Huh? Now wait a minute!" Alison holds up a hand like a whipcrack. "I've never heard a straight man use the word 'girl' to start more than one sentence where they were directly addressing a person! Though I suppose it would be more suspicious if I weren't a woman," she adds to herself, in a lower voice. "Anyway, I'm not cool with you calling *anyone* and telling them where I am. This is an incognito visit…not some excuse for a get together!"

Alex disregards her 'girl' retort and starts moving into the living area. A blue/yellow leatherish coat is seen draped over the back of a chair and he closes upon it. Fishing into the side pocket he pulls out a silver device (headset) and tucks it around his ear while he continues talking, "Alison, it's for your own safety. Unless the Seige made the world forget you're a mutant, then you probably need to know all about yourself and your past. The Reavers are probably still looking for payback and Mister Sinister just showed back up on the radar. His Nasty Boys and the MLF have been big trouble and in this case, what you don't know /can/ hurt you." he taps on the headset to get an open line.

Alison raises her hand and shoots a brief pulse laser at the headset. It's nothing that can really harm Alex, but it's certainly something that can mess with the electronics. "And I'm *warning* you," she continues. "I'm not one of these froo-froo nothing girls who talks a big game. I said no, and I mean it." A frown is on her face; she clearly means business.

A typical hyperbole reaction comes from the pew-pew and the destruction of the headset from the side of Alex's head, "What the hell! Alison, chill.", Pieces fall from his ear into his hand, "Dammit. Now look. You know you have amnesia; you want it fixed, right?"

"Listen to yourself for a minute. All right?" Alison takes a step back. "I come to visit my friend. I don't know who you are, but you're here and claiming to know me. You toss out a bunch of words that might or might not have something to do with me. Then you get on the horn to some mysterious 'professor' who can 'fix' my amnesia? What am I supposed to think? I didn't survive this long by being that gullible."

In reflection, Alex pauses a moment and then says, "Ok, yeah it sounds nuts. So here, let's start over." He walks around the sofa and grabs the morning paper from three days ago. The Headline reads, "X-Factor Destroys Washington Monument!". He pulls another paper - Daily Bugle, the headline reads, "Havok of X-Factor stops Terrorist". Crossing the room he presents the papers. The first has a photo of X-Factor engaged with Slab - focusing on Guido in hand to hand combat with some big thug and the rest of the team giving support (also dressed in like clothing). The other paper photo shows Alex (in costume but face still exposed) standing alongside Karma and the Terrorist/Marauder Arclight (who is taken into custody).

Alex relays, "Ok, here, we're the good guys. Here's your boy Guido right alongside the rest of the team."

Any scanning for details will reveal that X-Factor works for the US Government as a mutant super hero team.

Alison keeps her distance. She looks at the papers and lets her eyes scan the headlines and the words below, glancing back to Alex every so often, as if expecting him to do something untoward. "That," she counters, "remains to be seen. I might not remember you or the X-Men very well, but I remember enough about Project Pegasus and that kind of nonsense to know better than to trust you." Folding her arms over her chest, she directs her steely gaze at Alex's face. "Tell Guido I stopped by, I guess. And tell him that next time, he can drop by to see me. Alone."

Realizing that this situation is about to escalate to something more confrontational - which would probably destroy the condo, Alex surrenders and says, "Fine. He knows where you're staying?" to make sure he'll be able to find her when he finds Guido.

"He can find out." Alison backs out to the door and pulls it open, then hurries out into the hallway, pulling it firmly shut behind her and running hastily away. It's so frustrating. She has to put her shades back on, and hurrying away will only draw attention to her. But it's better than the danger she fears being in, even if it might be unfounded.

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