2010 12 08 Where Are We Going

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Where Are We Going

Cannonball Wolfsbane

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Dec 08, 2010

Washington, DC

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Sam appologies to Rahne following their last encounter


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If everything worked, the note found its way to her; mysterious at worst, comfortable at best. An invitation to the Mall, to meet in front of the National Air and Space Museum. It offered sincerity in an apology perhaps and urgency in wanting to meet and was not signed by any known person. Rather a reference to Kentucky may have been made and it was left at that, short but sweet.
At the mall itself, Sam got there well before the designated time and was incognito. That is, if dressing like he stepped off the buss from Kentucky was incognito. Then again, here amongst the museums, anything went. Still, carhart over jeans and wolverine boats (the sort iron workers wear, tan to match his jacket), looked more country than anything else around here. Instead of a stocking cap or something to actual insulate against cold weather, he wore something closer to a john deer cap, not quite tractor chic, it was red and bill was rounded to cover his eyes. He found a good bench to sit on, looking up at the rocket ship like piece that was the only adornment outside the museum itself, waiting and taking time occasional to glance back and forth as if waiting for someone. His bench was father from the main thoroughfare and closer to trees of the central mall, as if being around the park was probably better than being out in the open anyways.

It didn't take much to figure out who sent the note. It may have had to pass a few hands before reaching her, but when Wolfsbane read it, saw the references others wouldn't have understood, and checked the scent on the paper, she knew. At first she had half a mind - no, more than half a mind to ignore it based on some of the other things going on lately, but she decided it couldn't hurt to see what was up especially if an apology was offered.
Arriving near the Air and Space Museum, Rahne's dressed in streetclothes suitable for the weather, though in her case she doesn't need as many layers as others. Still, there's a light coat over a sleeved blouse, jeans and sneakers as well. Finding him is the easy part, so she slips up behind him quietly and whispers close to an ear, "Am I tae assume ye're no' here tae carry me off like th' last time, Sam Guthrie?" Her tone is a combination of amused yet wary.

Still looking off in the distance, Sam shakes his head at first, "Ah've half a mind ta do jus' that y'know." Serious faced, but he doesn't move from where he sits, "But Ah really owe ya an apology fer that. Doesn' change the way Ah feel about the situation 'n all, but Ah act'ed a little harshly then. Its … Its not the way ya act around friends." Finally he turns, trying for a warm grin on his friend, "Ah'm more worried about losin' ya as a friend ya know … s'like yer changing … Ah mean, we both are … but … we're going in different directions or something." Then, he feels he's talking to much, so he thrusts his hands inthe pockets of his coat and looks forwards again.

Wolfsbane frowns at first, moving to stand a few feet off to the side of the bench. She's looking fairly human today, at least when you factor in the wolfish features that don't go away. "Aye Sam, ye did owe me an apology t'be quite honest, but maybe I acted a wee bit impulsively a' th' same time." She shrugs, crossing her arms in front of her. "I know a lot's changed over th' past few months, an' as much as I wish things could go back t'how they were when we were students, they're a lot harsher now. We've had tae adapt t'it just t'survive." She takes and lets out a slow breath, glancing down at the disappeared hands and how he eyes forward rather than her. "I miss everyone dearly but right noo X-Factor's muh home an' I dinna see tha' changin' a' this point."

Watching and then standing himself, Sam remains near the middle of the bench, but is turned to face her instead. Listening quietly he nods as she explains her view. Hands still deep in his carhart, he shrugs at tall that. "Ah jus' don' get it though … Ah mean, back when Skids and Boom-Boom came to be with us, it was for that sense of freedom ya know, we got to be us. And here ya are now, with X-Factor." Its the voice of Sam that says he's flustered simply because he doesn't understand and can't really voice anything. "Its not mah place, but don'cha jus' once want some a' that freedom again? Sure, things 're harsher now, but, we can still be ourselves 'n all." A chuckle even, "Ah mean, look, Tabitha even got us new uniforms, we're all decked out 'n new threads and all, jus' like shoppin' and stuff right …"

This is one of those things that gives Rahne reason to pause and run a hand through her hair, coming to a point near the space between her eyes. "I..'tis complicated, Sam, an' t'be truthful I'm no' a hundred percent sure o' th' whole thing right noo but this is where I belong noo. I never really did like workin' f'r Cable as it is, but maybe he had a point about some stuff. I can see it a wee bit better noo." She takes to pacing, shoving hands in the pockets of her coat. "We're doin' good things, Sam. Aye, 'tis a government job but we're helpin' people an' we dinna have t'sneak about like ye do. But please tell me yuir threads there are no' what Tabitha helped design f'r ye." Faint smile, but she does come off as a little uncertain about everything.

Taking a few steps closer as she paces, he listens and watches, her movements, pondering her words. A smile is there as Sam hears her discuss both sides of the coin on the table. Finally though he offers up, "Don' tell me, ya don' like mah clothes either." As if to protest why he choose them for himself, "They're comfortable, an fit jus' right. Ah ain' got nothin' ridin' up between mah legs or holdin' mah arms down in this." Yes, flannel should be everyman fashion in his eyes, just like lumberjacks aren't just from Canada. Still, "Ah can' change yer mind Rahne, sounds like ya got it made up. Jus', ya know, don' forget about us. Ah mean, sure we ain' all there like we used to be, but a few of us are. 'Berto's run off Ah'm sure you know, to be a business man like his dad was. But, we'll, Ah guess that's about it." A step closer still to her, "Ah'm jus' sayin' sorry for almost kidnappin' ya the other day is all. Take as ya like it." For some reason, hands in pockets, he almost instinctively moves one to block his stomach, or he seems to dip a shoulder slightly at least.

In the back of her mind Rahne's still suspicious on some level, and the fact she'd even be toward Sam to begin with would be cause for concern. "I didnae make a judgment on yuir clothes, Sam. Just sayin' they're no' much o' a uniform, is all. Yuir choice, just like muh choice wi' X-Factor." How little she really knows, there. "I accept yuir apology though. I've just had a lot o' things goin' on an' I'm tryin' tae come tae terms wi' them. I've seen an' done some things I canna take back." She won't meet his eyes right now. The news about Roberto goes unanswered.

Recoiling from his near flinching, Sam grins at first, "This isn' mah uniform, jus' some regular duds ta go out'in. Ah mean, purple in goggles in all that is easy t'recognize, right? This is jus' plain runnin' around clothes." A step closer still, he's at the end of the bench, but stops, giving her room to pace and reflect in for the now. "Ah'm sure we've all done stuff we regret, look at me, its why Ah'm here right? Pick anyone who taught us, they'd'a say somethin' like, its not the mistake we made, its what we do with that mistake to prevent it from happen'n again right? Ah can't take back bein' a jerk, but Ah can try to understand you wantin' ta be with X-factor right?" A grin even, trying to understand even if he doesn't have a clue what she's talking about.

Wolfsbane rolls her eyes. "I knew tha's no' yuir uniform. I was bein' funny." Or trying to. The seriousness quickly comes back, though. "Sam, I'm talkin' about more than just th' team I'm a part o' noo. We had a mission." She doesn't specify the when, but it must have been recent enough with it still weighing on her. "I killed a man, an' I'm gaunae burn for it, but even knowin' tha' 'tis hard no' tae see me doin' th' same thing again. His sister helped me an' he got angry an' killed her, then I did th' same tae him. I lost control, Sam, but I tell muhself he deserved it in a way." Still not looking at him, nope. No more than brief glances. "Promise me ye'll keep this between us?" she adds as an afterthought.

On the one hand, its the killing of a man, on the other its a close friend, perhaps one of his closest (longest) friendships. Sam nods his head, he won't tell anyone. "Ah don' know what's right or wrong Rahne," he confesses in hearing that, "Jus, ya did what ya felt ya had to do." Then he offers up, "Still, sounds like there was reason. Ah mean, Ah was nearly killed by Feral in training and we're supposed ta be on the same side right?" He leans in closer, offering a friendly hug just the same, its what friends do, or so Sam thinks. "Ah'd rather a hundred times have ya at mah back than her, jus' so yah know, Ah don' think yer gonna burn fer it."

"I've seen th' files on her," Wolfsbane answers a little darkly, like she doesn't think very highly of the feline mutant. "An' ye know what th' Bible says about killin', but when I saw what he did tae her just for helpin' rescue me..I could tell he didnae mean what he did but I couldnae see past muh own rage." That has really not been like her. Even when she was going to hunt down and kill the ones responsible for Larry Bodine's suicide, the others talked her out of it. "Genosha hurt me bad, an' I fear somethin' in me broke," she admits, returning the hug without much conviction to it.

"Don't forget th'bible also had that psalm 'bout killin' the children' a Babylon," says Sam, as if he's heard about it plenty of times from those always trying to argue against the bible every time he's tried to argue the pros of it. Still he knows the commandments just the same and gives another squeeze to the girl. "If yer broke, jus don' forget the parts about forgivin' Rahne. Ah don' know where we go from here, Ah don' know where Cable's future places us. He says somethin' about me havin' ta be alive in the 23rd century or somethin' - but Ah'm takin' one day at a time. Jus, you do the same right. N' don't forget, ya still have friends, even if we're, you know, fugitives …" Then he takes a step back, apology said, they should both return to their outfits before too long.

Wolfsbane mmhmms, though based on her body language she's not too sure about the reassurances about the Bible. The killing was just one part, but what she keeps to herself was how it felt the moment she did it: good. The thing about the 23rd century gives her pause. "Is he daft? How are ye gaunae live tha' long?" An absent nod follows to the rest and, "Aye, ye an' th' riff raff ye hang oot wi' these days." Thin smile this time.

There is a slight chuckle at Cable being daft, Sam's wondered the same himself actually. "Ah think so, too many hits to his head as a mercenary or somethin' … he says Ah'm immortal, Ah ain' buyin' it. That ain' in the bible either, no matter what he says." Then he looks closer to ready to go and, "Besides, someone has to hang with that riff raff, keep them in line … if Ah wasn' there, 'magine how much worse they'd be right?" A chuckle. Another step and he looks ready to just blast out of the mall. Pausing once more to look back at Rahne, holding for any parting words perhaps.

"I..never knew him tae be a liar, an' if he's tryin' noo I dinna think he's verra good a' it," Wolfsbane decides with a shake of her head. Still, how could that even be possible? There's another little smile as he talks of keeping the others in line, but today probably hasn't done a whole lot to discourage Sam's suspicions from the last time around. "I'd best go check in wi' Alex," she murmurs. See? "An' I know ye'll do yuir best wi' them but if I ever hear o' Feral harmin' one hair on yuir head I'll show her what her guts look like." She just might.

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