2010 12 08 Robbery X2

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Robbery x2

Wasp and Speed Demon

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Gramercy Park

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Wasp stops Speed Demon


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Just 15 minutes ago alarms of the Park Bank alerted police of a bank heist. They arrived on the scene in time enough to prevent the robbers from escaping. However, it's turned into a stand-off and hostage situation.

As it stands, police have surrounded the bank, blocked traffic on the street, and stand guard about the parameter. They've made their phone calls, the robbers have given their demands, and the police are stalling, waiting for the moment to strike.

Many onlookers stand outside the police line watching the action. The bank itself is a 4 level brick building. The windows in the front are standard old style business windows and the building itself is from the 40s. The front entrance has three doors. A revoling one and two shutter types.

Janet Van Dyne is walking to her office this morning. Sure, this is New York City and she could afford the cab fare but why? It's not snowing and it's above freezing even as winter draws close so why not walk and enjoy the brisk morning. She tilts her head as she nears the park and the standoff scene. Maybe work will have to wait a little longer. She makes her way toward the nearest crowd control offers, "Officer, I'm Janet van Dyne, Wasp of the Avengers. Where is the Officer in Charge?" She shows her Avengers ID badge, idly wondering to herself why they didn't actually have secret decoder rings. It'd be more fashionable. Especially if they were finished in platinum and yellow diamonds.. hmmm..

He points to a man in the center of the action standing near the command vehicle, "You're looking for Lt. Richmond, ma'am." he states as he lifts the plastic perimeter tape to allow her passage.

But before she can cross the tape, another individual rushes onto the scene - at super speed. He stops right in front of the Lt and says, "Never fear officer, the Speed Demon is here. I'll put to rest these nefarious criminal threats and save the citizens therein." But before the Lt can speak, the Speed Demon is again zipped away toward the bank's entrance and within.

Speed Demon is well known in Avengers circles as a member of the Sinister Squadron. A team created by the Grandmaster as the answer to the Squadron Supreme (an otherworld heroic team which is currently trapped in this world and residing at Project PEGASUS while searching for the means to get home). He was wearing his standard purple/blue and yellow costume and wearing a yellow backpack.

Janet Van Dyne nods and steps under the tape and then blinks as the other encounter happens. She frowns and walks briskly toward the Lt. "… It looks like you're going to need my help more now than I realized, Lieutenant.." She shows her ID, "I'll help any way I can - probably best by stopping Speed Demon because, whatever he says, I doubt he's really here to help."

The Lt is put off by the approach of the Speed Demon, and even moreso when he doesn't get to get a word in. But as Jan approaches and comments, his expression is pleased but turns grim as she lays out the details. "I'll take any help you can offer. We've got at least 20 hostages and we believe 4 assailants inside. Now that meta is gonna throw a wrench into the works. What do you propose we do?"

Janet Van Dyne sighs, "Well without knowing what is going on inside, I can't advise much more than keep everyone back. I'll go in and figure out what Speed Demon is up to and try to keep things from getting worse. Here… tune a spare radio to this frequency and I can update you with my earbud." She then shrinks, her clothes phasing into her Wasp uniform. Hovering now at 6 inches tall in front of the officer she winks, "Off I go!" and she heads for the bank, shrinking down to three inches as she flies.

In route to the front doors of the bank, about half way there, the Wasp will see the Speed Demon blur past her and skid to a stop in front of the Lt. Speed Demon's expression and demenor is cheerful as he says, "Officer, the building has been secured. The evil doers subdued, tied together, and your men are free to enter the building."

The Lt. seems relieved by the words, but still cautious, "You were able to.." he interrupted by the Speed Demon who says, "Yes, no one was injured. The hostages should be coming out…" and he turns and people (hostages) start pouring out of the bank.

Wasp comes to a stop and hovers about ten feet of the ground, watching as the hostages all emerge. She frowns. There's something clearly going on but at the moment nothing she can act on. So she watches.

The Speed Demon, all smiles, handwaves to the emerging hostages and says, "There you are, officer. A job well done. Now, if you don't mind. This /hero/ will be taking his leave."

Jan, if paying attention, will possibly notice that his yellow backpack is full. When he arrived on the scene, it was empty.

The Lt says, "Appreciate the good work." to the Speed Demon who is about to turn and depart.

Wasp narrows her eyes, "His backpack! Check his backpack! It's full now!" She can't necessarily attack him right now without public proof… but she begins to fly back toward him quickly.

The Speed Demon hears the disembodied voice, not spying the Wasp, his expression turns to surprise as he looks about for the target and replies, "Sorry, gotta go!" then he turns on his heel and starts to speed away giving Jan a clear shot. She does have cause in consideration of villain apprehension. He is a wanted criminal. But the police aren't as familiar with him as an individual hero, the Avengers surely are. And she can fire upon him all day if she likes.

Wasp frowns and immediately fires her Wasp Stings in an attempt to stun and stop Speed Demon as she flies closer, trying to intercept him before he goes ballistic and leaves the scene.

History has proven time and again that the bioelectric nature of the Wasp Sting has a greater effect on creatures with heightened senses, increased neurological function, and hyper speed or hyper metabolism powers. The Speed Demon is blindsided by the attack just as he was picking up speed to zoom out of the area. He goes down, tumbles and his backpack spills its contents. Stacks of 100 dollar bills are cast onto the street.

Police realize quickly what's going on and they rush in. Speed Demon himself lays face down, drooling from the Wasp Sting, dazzed and confused. He'll feel it more tomorrow.

News crews captured the entire scene on camera as did every video phone in the area. The scene will unfold millions of times across the internet and over the airwaves.

The Lt, seeing the events and the reveal commends Wasp, "Good catch."

Wasp is still bothered by all of this but flies over to the Lieutenant. "Thanks. Something doesn't add up in all of this to me.. we need to try and review the bank's security video if it exists.. Maybe he thought he could bluff his way in and out.. but we need to find those original robbers and see what he did while he was in there… I hope I'm just being paranoid but better to be too careful than not.."

The Lt nods. Seconds after another officer rushes up, "We've apprehended the robbers. They were tied up just as that super speed guy said."

And in a few more moments, after the Lt relays Wasp's suggestions, things are confirmed that the Speed Demon was attempting to use the robbery as a cover, steal the cash, and be played out as the hero of the scene.

Wasp still seems bothered by it all but for the moment doesn't press the issue. She'll report it to the Avengers. IF there's something else going on, the Police probably won't need to handle it anyway, it'll be Avengers or SHIELD level.

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