2010 12 08 News Speed Demon Foiled Wasp Wins

11:34am, Gramercy Park, Manhattan - Police answered the silent alarm at the Park Bank before the robbers could escape. This event then turned into a hostage situation and the robbers were making demands.

However, before things could turn sour the villain known as the Speed Demon (Formerly Whizzer of the Sinister Squadron) arrived on the scene proclaiming that he was there to render aid. Rushing into the bank, the would be hero subdued the criminals and returned to the police line where he exclaimed that he had taken care of the situation.

This all seemed clear cut. Except, it was his unlucky day. Also at the scene was the diminutive Wasp of the Avengers. She spotted that the backpack he was wearing had been empty when he arrived on the scene and then suddenly full. While making his escape, the Wasp zapped the villain and sent him into a tumble which scattered the stacks of 100 dollar bills all over the street. The Speed Demon was quickly apprehended.

Ultimately, had the Wasp not been there, the Speed Demon would have made a clear get-away and probably be marked as the hero of the day. Instead, like every other super villain, he was tossed into jail to serve his time alongside the original robbers.

<Video of this incident (especially the zapping of Speed Demon) is seen on Me-Tube and every other video URL on the internet, as well as on the local news.

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