2010 12 06 The Smell Of Havok

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The Smell of Havok

Wolfsbane and Havok

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X-Factor HQ

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Havok returns from interrogating Arclight


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Havok, in costume and apparently annoyed enters the living area through a side entrance. Just coming from the garage, Havok was gone all night - according to Val he was involved with the interrogation of Arclight (whom he captured yesterday with the help of Karma).

His eyes are bloodshot, hair not so perfect, and uniform in need of a wash. His keys are in his hand and he seems like he's about to throw them at something as he moves with intent (toward the kitchen).

Wolfsbane's kept to herself a lot lately, especially after the events in Trans-Sabal, the encounter with Cannonball and whatever it was exactly that happened with Dr. Tucker's research data. There's been a lot on her mind, not much of it good. For most of the day she's been holed up watching television, no signs of Guido, Jamie, Lorna or Pietro about so far. Arms around her legs, knees drawn in close, she hasn't even changed out of her sleepwear that consisted of a black tank top and shorts. Upon hearing someone coming in she glances up then mutes the TV and springs from the couch in one motion, following. "Alex? Ye look a mess. Are ye all right?" she asks, sounding concerned.

Alex glances her way, his pace slowed, "Rahne." he says in greeting or recognition which is then followed by a sarcastic, "I'm great."

He tosses the keys to his jeep upon the bar, they slide some and he rounds the bar into the open kitchen. He can still be seen as he moves toward the fridge.

"Well, ye dinna look great from what I can see," Rahne answers, pointing out without picking up on the sarcasm, "Ye look like ye came oot on th' wrong end o' a pair o' shears, yuir uniform smells like ye rolled in somethin' an'.." Frowning, she stops and adds, "Sorry, Alex. I was just worried for ye, is all. Ye were oot all night as far as I could tell." Her hands fidget together as she watches him.

Opening the fridge, he takes a bottle (beer) and twists open the lid as he turns shutting the door with his elbow. After taking a drink, he moves back toward the bar eyes falling upon Rahne. "So Sinister is alive and we've got no leads. Spent all freaking night with Arclight - didn't get a damn thing out of her except that she and Sinny went their seperate ways a while back."

Wolfsbane's expression clouds over as she listens. "Tha' man is nothin' but trouble if ye ask me, muckin' about an' all," she lets him know, head tilting slightly at him as he studies her. She hasn't spoken a word to him about the bedroom incident, acting like it never happened. Same with a couple other odd things lately, like she's trying to forget about them. "We'll find him an' nail him tae th' wall."

Another drink is taken as she speaks and the intent in Havok's eyes is clear, "Oh yeah we will. That son of a bitch has jacked with us long enough." then another drink is taken. He's intent on the distraction and too focused to notice much beyond his current predilection.

The time of the day is not much later than the mid morning hours. And he does smell of yesterday's laundry.

Wolfsbane nods her head in slow agreement, making a fist for a few seconds before releasing it to plant her hands on the counter-top. "I could draw up a bath for ye, let ye have a good soak," she murmurs, glancing toward him briefly. No mention of Lorna, whom she's apparently smoothed a few things out with recently.

Taking a moment to sniff his own shoulder and upper sleeve, Havok realizes that he does smell and denies the offer by saying, "Nah, but I'm totally taking a 3 hour shower." then as he sits the bottle down on the counter he recovers from his own smell with a pull on his nose with the free hand. Then glancing around as he starts to move around the bar, "Where is every-body?"

Guido is probably off with Dazzler and Lila. Multiple Man is probably doing multiple things - still getting over the death and reflection. Lorna may be avoiding Havok because of yesterday's reasons and thinking that he's avoiding her because of the very same. And QS is probably waiting in line somewhere being so pissed off at the world for being slow.

"All right," Rahne answers, biting her lower lip for a moment before adding hastily, "Oh, ye know..probably enjoyin' a day tae themselves after all th' stuff that's been happenin' lately. I'm just glad ye made it back safely, though." Of course she is, and as she moves closer to get some water from the fridge, the back of her hand brushes against one of his.

Havok won't even notice the intended proximity or the contact. He thinks little of such hints or movements. He's a guy. Instead, he reflects on the other's 'break time' and nods. He inhales and exhales a sigh then says, "I'm gonna shower. I'll be around. Maybe we can break in that /danger-room/." said with a tone of sarcasm - as it's nothing like the true 'danger room' that they all grew to love and hate at Xaviers.

"Ye mean tha' silly knock-off o' th' one we're used tae?" Rahne replies, saying no more about the brush. Was it intentional? Accidental? She then looks back toward the couch, or at least the direction. "I'll be over there, watchin' th' shows." Right now, it's a lot better than thinking about recent events, three of them weighing heavily on her mind.

Havok has no mind of such reflections, perhaps when he's in the shower he'll realize what she's talking about. But for now, he fades up the stairs and to his room.

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