2010 11 30 Conflict In Greenwich

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Conflict in Greenwich

Havok and Karma

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Greenwich Village

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A super battle between Havok and Arclight draws Karma to the scene.


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Greenwich Village, or just "The Village" or "Greenwich" is the hot spot for all the trendy of the city. It's here that NYU and other artistic type colleges call home. In addition, it still has a thriving beatnik crowd which often clashes with the hipster and preppy cultures.

In the Village you can often find a street performer, a sidewalk cafe, and all sorts of going's on in the various parks therein. One such going on isn't always to the public favor.

It all starts off with a FOOOOOOM! from inside a wooded, but open park. A man who has recently become public under the name of Havok - member of the brand new government team called X-Factor - is seen blasting a woman wearing a metallic silver body suit while sporting purple hair. She's blasted backwards into a tree but seems unscathed by the plasma assault.

[OOC] Havok says, "http://www.comicvine.com/arclight/29-13369/"

After her rather morose conversation with the Black Widow, Xi'an has found herself in the Village, attempting to lose herself in simple window shopping and people watching. It's as she's just paused to watch a street artist apply chalk to a sidewalk that the sounds of explosions start.

Turning her gaze away from the vivid outline of a landscape, Xi'an can't help but look towards the sounds of the explosions.

For the most part the civilians around the area of course, react in a somewhat predictable manner, the ones who've seen violence are quick to start running away while the younger crowds start to pull out cellphones, possibly to take a video of the action.

Xi'an doesn't run away but she doesn't go racing in yet either, instead she trots towards the open wooded area cautiously, and when she sees the energy discharge she can't help but state, "Mon Dieu!"

In a retributive fashion, Arclight pushes herself from the tree and clasping both hands together above her head, she states loudly, "You're gonna have to do better than that, Havok!" then slams both down into the ground beneath her feet. A shockwave of energy and debris is sent the dozen or so yards casting Havok into the air. His feet raise above his head and he subsequently comes down onto his back with a "OOOFFF" noise escaping his lungs.

Several witnesses pull out there cellphones and start the small cameras into action. This public fight will most likely find it's way on some news program, or website, or for that matter a news blog, thanks to the information super highway and technology of today.

Xi'an for her part is still far enough away that she only feels a few minor shockwaves from Arclight's attack. While at first she looks terribly indecisive on what she should do, the vibrations from the other woman seems to jostle Xi'an out of her reverie, and as Havok is lifted up and tossed back to the ground Xi'an moves.

Now Xi'an's running and as she approaches she unleashes her powers toward the purple haired woman. With the release of the psionic energy, Xi'an can't help but fling a hand outward as she yells, "Stop!" While it doesn't help per se to complete the task of possession, it sometimes allows Karma to focus her powers more effectively with those physical movements and words.

Arclight turns to see the approach of the newcomer. Instinctively she releases another shockwave. It is conveyed by the air (so a pressure wave) and not as powerful as something using a thicker medium or when she uses both hands. But still enough energy to be damaging.

In addition to this, Sinister had equipped all of his Marauders with some psychic resistance which will only serve to slow Karma's attack down, but not resist it what so ever.

Meanwhile, Havok rolls to his side and starts to rise. He watches the exchange of the newcomer and thinks he recognizes the girl, he yells, "Stay back! She's dangerous!"

Arclight adds, "You bet I am."

It's about the same time Havok possibly recognizes Karma, that Karma does much the same thing. She was too far away before but now with her being closer, recognition is definitely there. "M'sieu - !" She begins, but before she can finish that thought Havok offers his warning and Arclight releases her attack. While the warning wasn't enough to get her out of complete harms way, it's enough for Xi'an to throw herself to the side so that she's only hit partially. There's still enough force to send her flying off to the side, and rolling end over end a few times, but at least she's not dead.

The attempt at psionic possession has also stopped for now, as the attack shattered Xi'an's concentration.

Rolling onto her back the former New Mutant groans, "Sacre Mere." It's definitely going to take her a moment to regain her sensibilities before she can attack the other woman again.

Havok, back on his feet and the dirt falling off his pretty new blue and yellow uniform with jacket, decides on a new assault. Instead of blasting her directly he focuses on the ground just a few feet in front of her. Releasing another bolt of plasma, the area becomes much brighter and noiser with another FOOOM! and a subsequent explosion casting dirt and debris into Arclight's face.

"Give it up Arclight!" Havok yells a split second after the blast, "Just tell me where Sinister is and I'll go easy on you."

Realizing she can't stay down for long, Xi'an rolls to her knees and kneels there for a few seconds, before she regains her composure. Her gaze darts between Havok and Arclight, and with a pained frown she focuses on the purple-haired Marauder. As soon as Havok releases his latest bolt of plasma towards the other woman, Xi'an likewise renews her attack. Perhaps with the distraction of Havok and his plasma bolts, it will allow Xi'an to slip in unnoticed.

She once again reaches out with her psionic powers to try and rest control of Arclight's body away from herself, to push her mind into submission. Mr. Sinisters' tinkering with this Marauder's mind does indeed slow her down, but that doesn't stop Xi'an from putting all her power behind the attack. "Stop! You must stop!"

From the defensive stance to reflect all the dirt in her face, Arclight freezes. She does indeed stop. Dirt falls all around her and she'll need a good shampooing. Havok too pauses and starts to put 2 and 2 together as he glances to the familiar girl and then back to the statuesque Arclight, then back to the familiar girl whom he then recognizes, "Karma?" he says as his offensive stance fades and he starts closing the distance between Arclight and himself thinking that Karma has her brain well in hand.

Brows furrowed, it's quite clear that Xi'an is concentrating, but since all she really needs to do is keep Arclight still and in one place, it's not a terribly strained possession. Once she has the purple-haired woman fully under control, Xi'an starts to rise to her feet as well. Keeping her hold on Arclight firm, Xi'an transfers her gaze from the Marauder to Havok, and offers a brief nod, "Oui, M'sieu Havok. It is I." Though she has not gone by that name in quite a few months now. "I was nearby when I heard the fighting. It seemed prudent to end it as quick as we could, yes? The park could have easily been destroyed."

Stepping closer to the two, she adds, "You are well, yes?"

Pleased that she stepped in when she did, Havok replies taking his gaze from Arclight's peculiar stance, "I'm great… Is she…" then he questions, "Hey, can you make her tell me what I want to know?" He then begins to brush the dirt off his own shoulders.

Now that the danger has passed, or at least it has been paused for the time being, Xi'an can't help but glance over her shoulder. She's mostly looking at the gawkers before her attention shifts back towards Havok, when he asks his questions. She looks apologetic, but she states, "Je suis desole - I am sorry, M'sieu Havok, I cannot do that per se. I am not a true telepath like the Professor. I can move their bodies around, speak in their voice, and even use their powers - but they themselves are repressed." She holds out her hands in apology, "I can even force her to sleep so you can restrain her, but that is truly it."

Looking over Arclight's body, Havok assesses the situation. He says to Karma, "How long can you hold her?" and then he taps his communicator so he can relay information back to HQ, "Val, I'm standing here with Karma. She's got Arclight subdued but we need extraction. We've got about…" and he pauses to allow Karma to fill in the time limit.

Eventually getting tired of how keeping Arclight in her defensive pose, Karma rearranges the purple-haired woman's body to a more natural standing position, with her arms down. Clasping her hands behind her back, Xi'an offers Havok a faint smile at his question, "As long as you do not require me to hold her over twenty-four hours, I will be fine. After that I must let her go, or harm will come to me. Where will you take her?"

Havok smiles as Karma responds, "Dude.." escapes his lips in awe of the control Karma has. Then he's pulled back to reality as the female voice on the other end of the com interrupts asking, "Havok, how long?"

"We've got plenty of time. Just get the containment unit here as soon as you can."

The com's voice replies, "They are 10 minutes out."

Havok closes, "Roger that, Havok out."

Then he turns his full attention to Karma, "Hey, so how have you been?"

A quizzical look crosses over Xi'an's features at Havok's 'dude', but, after a moment she realizes that he meant that in a good way, not a bad way. Just to be sure Xi'an darts a quick look at Arclight to confirm the situation is still well in hand.

Glancing back to Havok she can't help but watch the switch between Havok the 'leader' and Havok the regular guy, as she responds to his comlink and then turns back to Xi'an. At his question Xi'an can't help but stiffen slightly, "I am well enough, merci." She states hesitantly, and then asks quickly, hoping to deflect any other possible personal questions, "And you?"

Police start to approach as the action has died down and things look well in hand. But before they enter earshot Havok answers Karma's question, "I've been great. I'm all legit now. So you back at the mansion? Or you slummin in the Village?" querying her proximity to Xaviers (sure 45 miles away) or if she's not associated.

Turning slightly Xi'an will once again look toward the gawkers, and now, the police as well. A faint frown twitches across her features - this is not what she had meant to do, while in the Village today. In fact she was trying to get away from further complications to her life. Shaking her head slightly at her own internal thoughts the mutant turns back towards Havok. His question is enough to startle a quick rapid couple of blinks, though truly she shouldn't have been surprised, since it's only a natural question but Xi'an still is. "Uh. Non, I am only visiting New York." She fidgets slightly her hands now being clasped in front of her, the knuckles standing out in relief thanks to her tight grip, "It is a brief visit sadly. Do you think we should move elsewhere? Will the police not stop us?"

While she understands Havok and his new team are indeed legit, she still has that uneasiness around police and government officials.

After her response and then taking note of the approaching police, Havok says to Karma, "I got this." and will walk to greet them. In his approach he will pull some ID badge (like the FBI would flash), shows it to the police and handles the business at hand in a competent and professional manner. Then they separate and Havok returns, "I love working for the Fed."

While Havok is off smoothing over the possibly ruffled feathers of the police, Xi'an is content to stand quietly, while keeping an eye on Arclight, and on Havok and the police. There's an internal struggle as to whether she should ask Havok for any possible details of her former teammates. Does she want to know? Does she not? Does she want Havok to say something to her former teammates? There's the crux of it, at least for Xi'an. For them to find out what's happened with her, and her siblings - Still news of them would be very welcomed…

When Havok returns and mentions his love for working for the Feds, Xi'an offers a quick smile, before she opens her mouth to possibly start a barrage of questions. "M'seiu Havok - I was wondering - " And that's about all she gets to state before the sound of an approaching helicopter interrupts her question. Glancing upward she points toward the approaching air vehicle, "Look, they are here."

"Rock." Havok says and once Arclight is taken by the military/special ops Havok gives Karma a card and says, "Thanks for your help, and like, call if you need anything." then he waves out to be taken away by the military transport.

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